Sunday, 9 December 2012

Doubling-d​own on dumb....................from Rico

Huzzah! The Bureau of labor Statistics (renamed BS from BLS) 'unemployment rate' drops according to their November 2012 report. Not so fast.
- Adding 146K jobs while dropping 542K people from the workforce is nothing to cheer about.
- In fact, in 2012 the labor force increased by 1.3 million, while those NOT in the labor force increased by 2.3 million.

American "progressivism" has 'almost' achieved 2006 levels of employment. Now THAT'S "forward" for you (as long as you conveniently forget it's nearly 2013 now).
- And what about the 'success' of Food Stamp enrollment? So what if 1-in-3 'boomers' has no savings to their name and has to work past retirement age (IF they still have a job)?

America's politicians are merely a reflection of what America has become.
- The voters (real/living and imaginary/dead) doubled-down on dumb in this last election. They doubled-down on socialism....ideas so good they have to be made mandatory.

So, skipping forward to 2016, plan on Comrade Hillary playing Honey BooBoo to Comrade Barry's Snooki.
- Introducing your NEXT faux-President.....

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