Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Late News..............

It would appear that christopher dorner has been killed ....

State of the Union: 2010-2013 What a Debacle!

For Obama's 2nd term, grayer hair and a more combative tone

"Ex" vs. "Former." There is a difference

Iran Tells Iraq's Kurds: Don't Think about Independen​ce or Closer Ties with Turkey

The Super Bowl Farmers by Victor Davis Hanson

Utah Resident Forced to Forfeit Gun Used to Stop Home Invasion

Consumer group wants limits on added sugars in beverages

Three conservati​ve justices absent themselves from SOTU

Second-Rat​e Appointmen​ts From A Third-Rate President

World's 'Ugliest Woman' buried 153 years later

Republican​s to grill Treasury Secretary nominee

Maldives ex-president barricades himself inside Indian embassy in police stand-off

Swiss outrage as beloved aerobatic Patrouille are cut from air force

Military forces from Italy, Qatar in Libyan port ahead of revolution anniversary

An Afghan Scam - Billions lost to waste, fraud, and possible purchase of Iranian oil

Another Problem for the F-35

The Horsemeat scandal is now Europe wide with more twists than a crime novel

Obama’s SOTU Address: How to Make the Immigration Crisis Worse

Obama Preempts Rubio SOTU Response

Jarrett Admits: No Talks with GOP This Year on Sequester

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