Saturday, 12 April 2014

Disarming the Warriors..................

We are defanging our military. What's more, is that we are taking away their basic human rights to defend themselves, their Second Amendment rights to bear arms in their own self-defense, while asking them to volunteer to defend us. Moreover, we are choosing time and time again to deny them the mental health and veterans' benefits, while giving more money to entitlements for other communities. Meanwhile, shootings on bases have occurred now multiple times, and 22 people in our armed services commit suicide daily. This is unacceptable--hear why in this Afterburner with Bill Whittle.


Anonymous said...

And another video hitting it on the button. Mr. Whittle is the best of showing us the TRUTH.
Something or somethings very bad will happen when obummer gets out of office.
Just like when the clittons got out of office and we had Sept. 11, 2001 happen because of the rulings of the clittons during the last 8 years of the 90th decade of the 20th century.
Its going to be a very bumpy ride for all of us for the next 10 years.

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