Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Sunday Best.................

Diseases from Afghanistan

Why floating nuclear power plants might actually be a good idea

Iran deploying troops, tanks to border with Iraq's Kurdistan

The grounds for standing your ground

Army Declares Bankruptcy​, Appoints Navy Admiral As Emergency Manager

FAA Warns Americans: Don't Shoot Our Drones!

CDC lightning strike study: God smites 79 percent fewer men than he did in the 1960s

Act of kindness by father, son takes fatal turn in West Akron; suspect arrested

Good Samaritan Gets Beaten

The huge BCT overhaul

The Next Detroit? Rahm’s Chicago Bond Rating Downgraded

You’re Probably Not as Conservati​ve as You Think

Tunisian jihadist calls for clerics, youth to fight in Syria

Winter Park woman getting Zimmerman death threats

Obama Signals Civil Rights Charges Unlikely

Obama on the Golf Course


Barack Obama as Trayvon Martin: A Case of Deadly Deliberate Mistaken Identity

U.S. promised Israel’s pre-1967 borders as basis for peace negotiations, Palestinian officials say

Gun shy? Britain blocks military hardware exports to Egypt

Refugees not welcome: Australians protest crackdown on asylum seekers

Violence unveiled: Paris clashes sparked after police stop Muslim woman

'Prolific Partner': German Intelligence Used NSA Spy Program

From brains to planes, 3-D printing opens world of possibilities for military

'Malta is small, we cannot cope with these migrants'

Syria civil war could last 'multiple years' if Islamist rebels not checked says top Pentagon intelligence official

Patients are badly treated by politicians in the US and Britain

Towards a Calmer Curriculum on Climate: some human impact possible on global warming, but too small to identify with assurance

Barack Obama and the City of Detroit

Portland Moonbats Set Tree Hugging Record

Shou​ld “History of Racism” Mitigate Presumptio​n of Innocence and Reasonable Doubt?

Military notes: Air Force boost no help for Blues

F-35 program welcomes new members

and finally.............

Fun with cucumbers

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