Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Can You Say "Decisive Victory" in Hebrew?.......................from Dan Friedman

...apparently not.
Israel is the only place where they still believe you can be a little bit pregnant.
There the old debate is going on about whether to deliver a message or deliver a crushing blow to the terror state in Gaza. If past performance - going back to 1948 - is any guide, the Israelis will opt for “quiet” and Hamas will live to fight another day - which they surely will with much more potent weapons. Here’s what Netanyahu had to say about that earlier today: “We are acting with determination and assertively to return the quiet...” Sort of tips his hand, doesn’t it?
And now look at the picture below. That’s the leftist crowd at the Ha’aretz “peace conference” in Tel Aviv yesterday responding to warnings of incoming from Gaza and running for their lives.

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