Thursday, 8 January 2015

"Sad People Don't Fight"...................from Dan Friedman

[This was forwarded to me by a comrade-in-arms and righteous gentile. df]
Charlie Hebdo: sad people don't fight
by Don
An old friend, a linguist who follows the original-language versions of the European press, asked me if I was saddened at the terror attack on Charlie Hebdo in France yesterday. My response:
Hello X,
Not just saddened, angry.
The world press made it clear they want us sad. Sad people don't fight. Mad people do.
I am mad.
Mad because no attempt has been made for years to vet new immigrants in Europe, many of whom are "clandestine" and most are Muslims who despise Western ways. As in the US, the authorities there no longer seriously enforce immigration laws. Now while it is true that the folks at Charlie Hebdo were really  brave and told the truth about Islam, the press that celebrates their martyrdom is anything but brave. The French press doesn't dare call them Muslims when they burn cars, referring to them instead as "jeunes." But the fact that young people burn cars is immaterial. It makes people sad, whereas Muslims burning cars would make people mad. Mad at the people who imported these "refugees," knowing they wouldn't fit in and would despise their hosts.
When Muslims misbehave in England, journalists call them "Asians." Yet you can spend years in China, for example, and never see violent riots in the streets. In fact, most rioters in the UK are Pakistanis, but that is too specific a word and might cause people to get angry because they know most Pakis there are Muslims, imported by the UK and EU oligarchs against the will of the people, who have no say in their "democratic" government.
"Democracy" has a fresh new definition throughout the West. In Ukraine, our oligarchs told us that an armed mutiny and the slaughter of police officers in a duly elected government was democracy in action. In Holland, over 50% of the Dutch agree with Geert Wilders that there needs to be a moratorium on immigration of Moroccans because these people are vastly over-represented in violent crime and rape statistics and in welfare receipt. But the "democratic" government says this majority supporting Geert is undemocratic. "Democracy," you see, is not what the people want but what the elites think they should want. They also call him a far right winger and say he is racist, thereby establishing a false association with Hitler, and yet, Wilders is one of the only pols in Europe who unabashedly support Israel even as the elites suggest Israel is solely responsible for all the violence in the Middle East.
Take a look at the European response to terror: protest marches, slogans, placards, candles. You'd think they were celebrating a holiday or someone's birthday.
The car burners and killers are paying no attention. They're cleaning their machine guns and making bombs. They know the elites have got their back.
You wonder why I'm mad and not just sad? French Jews have been targeted by these same Muslim terror groups in the past and no one went into the street to protest.
I urge everyone to take a good close look at what is happening to Jews all over Europe. They have been leaving in droves. You can hate Christians all you want but good Christians protect the Jews! If you don't believe me, see the historical movie "The White Rose". Now let me ask you this. Do you know anyone like Sofie Scholl today? Where are they? Who is standing up to the Musli-coddling Jew-hating bullies in France, the UK, Ukraine, the USA? Why "good" people there are applauding the hate, even joining in, as if Jews in Yarmulkes were slicing throats in Palestine and shouting "G-d be praised" while holding the severed heads aloft.
We thought it all ended with Hitler in his bunker. Yet a few days ago a group of Neonazis marched in Kiev in a kind of mad seance to return the spirit of Bandera, a Nazi who helped Hitler kill Jews and others in Ukraine. That is the sad part. These were the people the US and the EU supported at the Maidan. That is the mad part. Our esteemed Senator McCain did a photo-op with famous fascist Oleh Tyrahnybok, whom the Simon Wiesenthal Centre calls one of the 10 most dangerous anti-Semites in the world! Did any of you notice or care? Merkel, the modern day successor of Chancellor Hitler, sent her foreign minister to meet with Oleh.
Jews aren't just themselves. They are the canary in the coal mine. What happens to them happens to the rest of us sooner or later.
What in hell is happening to us anyway? When I was in Germany, I constantly saw articles in periodicals discussing Vergangenheitsbewältigung -- dealing with the past. And the general impression was that anti-Semitism was under control and Nazism would never return in Germany. But remember how cozy Hitler was with the Grand Mufti? In case you don't, it's reported here.
The Mufti sent Hitler 20,000 fighters to help kill Serbs, Jews and Roma in Yugoslavia. (The US government carried on the tradition win the Kosovo War).
Meanwhile, the West's only response to yesterday's massacres is to clearly let terrorists everywhere know that all they have to fear is marches and placards and politicians repeating the catechistic words "we condemn these actions." None will step up to the plate and recommend a moratorium on immigration from terror exporting countries.
It is going to get nasty before it gets better. Just mouthing "Je suis Charlie Hebdo" won't make one French person safer tonight. It is eerily reminiscent of the "bring back our girls" protest over the massive Boko Haram kidnappings. No one has seen any of those girls since then, except in photos wearing black garb and seated obediently before their rapist kidnappers. And Boko Haram keeps on attacking because the major world powers, which had the guns and wherewithal to go after the bad guys, didn't. The outrage was all a diversion and a diversion is only a preparation for the next, bolder, attack.
And then the placards will get bigger, more candles will be lit, more of the politicians responsible for the importation of these killers, will be faux outraged and the slogans will get more clever.
And the police and troops will obediently stand down as usual.
Because you're not mad. You're sad,
And sad people don't fight.

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