Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Badly Needed: A Conservative Pep Talk......................from Dan Friedman

[Stay focused American patriots. Too much is at stake to take our eye off the ball at this point. df]
(CNS News) – Mark Levin, a staunch defender of conservatism and the Constitution, told South Carolinians Thursday night that the next election is “a choice between liberty and tyranny.”
“It’s time for all conservatives to come home now and do the right thing. And if you’re a conservative, you know what the right thing is. And you know what I mean.”
Levin, speaking at a conservative convention, said the outcome of the election cannot be left to “commentators on TV.”
“We’re here today to make it crystal clear…that we are proud, true, unapologetic conservatives. We are not going to take a backseat to anyone, any group, or any political party.
“From this place forward, we will demonstrate the will, the strength, and the wisdom of our movement. And we declare here and now that it will be our solemn mission to wrench this great Republic from the iron grip of the statists in both parties and their surrogates…in the federal courts and in the federal bureaucracy.
“We are not anarchists. We are Constitutionalists. We do not seek to fundamentally transform our country. We seek to take our country back from those who fundamentally screwed it up.”
Leftists govern by  mob rule and imperial fiat, he warned: “When they win elections, they claim a mandate from the people. When they lose elections, they rule through unelected branches of government. And too often this tyranny is acquiesced to  – confused as the inevitable decline of the republic. I say nuts!”
Levin said conservatives must remember their history — beginning with their descent from the eroes of the American Revolution. “We are the children and the grandchildren of the heroes who defeated Hitler and Tojo and Mussolini. We are the fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters of the heroes who are fighting the Islamic genocidal murderers from one  hellhole to the next.
“What were these patriots fighting for?” he asked. “Food stamps? The department of education?”
“From the Revolution to today, they were and are fighting for liberty. For the Constitution. For the Republic.”
Levin said conservative principles, beliefs and values are the antidote to tyranny. “And if anyone is confused about what we conservatives mean by our principles, beliefs and values, they can consult the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.”
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