Friday, 19 February 2016

Southern texting............................from Rico

Up front I have to disclose that I do not text.
It's far too easy to be 'misconstrued' in person when speaking face-to-face, and easier yet to be 'taken the wrong way' when writing/e-mailing.
- Now truncate the process and magnify the opportunities for mis-communication with texting using abbreviations.
Multiple languages only increase the potential for confusion.
- If I texted CY (which is abbreviated Russian for "chlo yobut") how many would understand that I was saying WTF and not something else? 
Nope. No thankee.
That said, I am familiar with some of the .txt brevity codes which have made their way into modern parlance....say ROFLMAO and such (no, you do NOT want to know what I first thought that might refer to).
Here is a long-overdue "Southern texting" decoder ring for you, and it's pretty funny IDCWYA (I don't care who yaw'l are).

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