Friday, 20 October 2017

How Convenient. How Coincidental..................from Rico

- Oh yes. Very much so.
- Not one bit. Not by a long shot.
This is a very old shtik to those who remember The Three Stooge's "Hey! Look at the grouse!"
But, still 'works' and so it has remained in the MSM and Democrats (C) playbook for exactly that reason.
The MSM is stubbornly NOT reporting the details of 'Uranium One' precisely because it implicates so very many of their sacred cows in Russian collusion, criminal conspiracy, fraud, bribery, kick backs, money laundering, and high treason.
- Yes, I'm talking about national institutions and national  Democratic (C) leaders.
- Say you're not surprised.
So we get the contrived and manufactured istraction aka "Condolence Gate" aired 24/7 by the MSM in service to its comrades, led by a bizarre  Congresswoman (a Democrat) in a cowboy hat who is even crazier than that other crazy-ass Congresswoman Maxine (also a Democrat) to distract the misinformed, uninformed, and mentally challenged.
- "Hey! Look at the squirrel!"

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Mark Matis said...

Uranium One also plays into the Malheur event and the murder of Lavoie Finicum by an FBI agent, who then lied about his actions:


But never fear. I am certain that we will get nothing but the truth from the LVMPD, the BATFE, and the FBI about Las Vegas...