Tuesday, 19 December 2017

CHANGE...on being 'trans-financial'....................from Rico

Maybe the 'Lefty' Progtards and Libturds are right? Freedom IS Slavery, Ignorance IS Strength, and War IS Peace...plus Up IS Down, Wrong IS Right, ergo "trans-racial" Rachel Dolezal IS Black and Liz Warren IS Indian, and "trans-truthful" Hillary IS Honest.
- Just playing devil's advocate here, bear with me.
For example, I used to think you are the SEX you were as born. An objective biological FACT based upon XY and XX chromosomes.
- This way of thinking argues that "trans-genderism" is a mental disorder, a delusion. [think: "trans-sexuals" Bradley Manning, Bruce Jenner, Michael Obama] 
Yet we are constantly told by the MSM and the Halls of Macadamia that SEX is an 'expression' of gender, and how you act-dress and cut your hair. I'm OK with the idea of personal choice...if you want to act like the opposite SEX, fine. I do not care.
- Just don't tell me that a 'choice' between sodomy and a Bobbit-ectomy is normal and not a delusional mental condition. Snip, nip, and tuck won't produce sperm or eggs. End of discussion.
Maybe I should CHANGE the way I think. 'Let's play pretend' can be much more FUN than dealing with cold, objective, reality. It IS tempting, especially when looking at my financial statement, to engage in comforting delusion....in fact, I have concluded that I'm "trans-financial": a rich person trapped in a poor person's body. Yeah, sounds good, eh?
- So, I need to have a 'free' [read: taxpayer-paid] cash transplant so I can live the way I 'feel' and self-identify.
Nahhhhh! Like that's ever going to happen here on planet reality...it's about as likely and realistic as the other examples we discussed above.

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