Wednesday, 17 January 2018

UN Global Forum On Migration and Development- A Correction and Apology............from Daniel Thomas

Apropos a previous article on the death of the evil monster Peter Sutherland, the father of globalism and the architect of the immigration disaster that has engulfed Europe. (See here)

Included in the article was the fact that Sutherland was delegated by the UN to lead the Global Forum on Migration and Development. A taxpayer funded talking shop supposedly formed to help nations understand the link between migration and development.

The narrative that the UN/EU is trying to create with this forum is that mass migration from the backward, undeveloped world is essential for continued growth and development in the already developed world.

My contention in the article was that this is false and that there is no link between mass migration and development. I argued that the opposite was true, the mass immigration we see today in Europe, the United States and the rest of the Judaeo-Christian world is a demographic, cultural and economic disaster for the people.

(This excludes the big business fat cats who get an endless supply of cheap labour but I digress)

As a result of this mass migration the working and middle classes have seen their living standards decrease and their lives blighted by violent crime, rape and mass murder as their countries are turned into replicas of the third world basket cases the migrants left behind.

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