Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Uninformed AND Misinformed........................from Rico

Journalism in America, by any objective standard, has been dead...extinct to be precise, for a very long time. Times have 'changed' and the MSM (mainstream media) became the LSM (lamestream media) then FNM (fake news media) and is now completely 'transformed' into the BSM (bull shit media).
- You may think me harsh, but they have worked hard to create an environment where 'expectations' have slid well past LOW, not stopping at NO, to a reasonable expectation of lies and utter BS from them all the time.
Seriously, the last election season established that the media had no journalistic standards or ethics any longer, and were merely the PR arm of the DNC. All pretense at objectivity or credibility was lost by them along the way.
- Who doesn't remember how they pre-printed editions praising Comrade Madam Hillary's election as President in 2016?
But it gets even worse.
- Now we find that the New York Times (once called the Gray Lady and the newspaper of record, but now is a Red Rag) was giving advance notice of 'damaging news' to the Obama administration and State Department when Hillary was SecState so they could prepare deflections and spin to deal with it.
- How many times did that asshole Barry look the public in the eye and say "I heard about [insert topic here] just like you did, I heard it in the news/read it in the paper, why I am as surprised by this as you are."?
From start to finish, they ALL knew full well what they were doing and were wittingly, willfully, and voluntarily lying through their teeth about it.
- Benghazi, the IRS, the DOJ-FBI, Iran Nuke Deal, Paris Climate Accord, Russia-gate, ...well it's just too long a list to put everything here, but you get the idea...literally everything they did they misled, deceived, and lied about blatantly. Incessantly.
The "progressives" have corroded and destroyed everything they have touched, including the media complex.
- Who would have expected CHANGE meant a FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION from Mark Twain's days where "If you don't read the paper, you're uninformed and if you do read the paper, you're misinformed" to our present circumstance where "whether you read it in the paper or saw it on the TV you're uninformed AND misinformed."

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Jay Dee said...

I think the better description is willful ignorance. They are ignorant. They know that they are ignorant but refuse to become educated because it might upset the agenda.