Monday, 1 January 2018

You broke my heart, Ayatollah......................from Rico

The protests in Iran are going on their 4th or 5th day, and the MSM is largely ignoring them...except for CNN which is parroting Islamic State propaganda.
Meanwhile, (reminiscent of the scene from "The Godfather, Part 2" where Batista suddenly abdicates and his followers flee Havana) live flight radar indicates a flurry of aircraft leaving Iran with no 'call sign, origin, destination' as protests rage nationwide.
- Exodus? Has the SHTF?
We will see, but the Islamic regime of the Ayatollah may be going the way of Fredo.
- And Batista.

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jwenting said...

Checked it out on fr24. Looks like all the aircraft without callsign are reported by the same ground station. Every other aircraft reported by any other ground station over Iran has a callsign.
These aircraft are all over Iran, going into and out of various cities.

Most likely something is wrong with that one ground station. Occam's Razor puts that as more likely than a concerted effort to evacuate certain people.