Friday, 23 March 2018

American Politicians Resplendent...................from Rico

The Uniparty [Dem's and GOPe] 'establishment never fails to disappoint by actually doing anything for the voters, and protecting their real constituent$ who own them...and that sin't you, Sparky!
Case in point, their $1.3 trillion, 2,232 page, steaming pile of shit...I mean "spending bill" which would fund Schumer's Tunnel, Sanctuary Cities, and Planned Parenthood...and for a Border Wall.
C'mon. Get serious.
- Anytime Schumer is smiling, you can be ga-ron-teed that the Average American has just been fucked in the ass.
Sen. Kennedy has called this monstrosity "a Great Dane-sized whizz down the leg of every taxpayer" and Rep. Goser rightly explained it as "we're kicking our base in the teeth."
BUILD THE WALL and put these "Make Mexico Great Again" clowns on the other side of it.
- Following the example of Saudi Crown Prince Salman and confiscating the ill-gotten loot/bribes Congress has collected from $pecial intere$tS suggests itself, as does a clawback of every taxpayer dime and benefit received from the taxpayers that they just ass-raped.

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Mark Matis said...

Gonna have to kill the pigs first, before you can touch Congress.