Monday, 26 March 2018

Wall? Move over, Hadrian.................from Rico

IF what I am hearing from multiple 'sources' is indeed true, then Trump's "WALL" is now fully-funded.
- Move it on over Hadrian, the big dog just moved in.
Understand that the $1.3 trillion dollar Funding Bill that Congress 'thought' they had snookered Trump with, and that Trump did sign, allows Trump complete discretion how that money is spent.
- And, Trump does NOT have to spend all of that $1.3 trillion...he's a savvy businessman, not a smarmy politician.
Obama set the precedent, and now Trump has made it his own.
- Call it MAGA - The Art of the Deal!
This IS (in any way a Clinton can define "is") a brilliant side-step maneuver out-flanking the open-borders crapweasels in Congress, both R and D.
- Feel the WALL and stop clutching your pearls.

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