Tuesday, 10 April 2018

What next? Ban SPORKS?..................from Rico

Elections have consequences, but precedent to that the lunacy of "liberalism-progressivism" [read: uncontrolled immigration] have a serious deleterious effect upon those elections.
Witness the incandescent stupidity of the reigning Mayor of London...gun-controlled London...Sadiq Khan who has now made London knife-controlled.
What next you moron?
- Banning SPORKS?
I would suggest banning Muslims instead.
- Muslim-controlled London sounds about right.

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Anonymous said...

Banning Sporks - you are way behind me - 20 years ago I conducted a poll of muslims to determine what they did when they went in a KFC restuarant and were given Sporks to eat with. The problem being"pork" in the name.

The answers I recall were that KFC is not really a good muslim restuarant.


We are taught that a clean hand is always better to eat with than any utensil.

no one told me i was crazy for asking about a plastic utensil

and I learned a great deal about Islam