Thursday, 24 May 2018

Cutting RED Tape.................from Rico

After Barry boy-Marxist's election in 2008 [for lo'fo's: a Democrat] the Democrat party (C) abandoned all pretense of 'standing up for the little guy' and did (a) nothing FOR the 'little guy' while (b) fighting for pole position to suck Wall Street Bank's dick.
- Does anyone remember Too Big To Fail [read: taxpayer dollars to rescue reckless gamblers aka Wall Street Banks]? Well, how about that steaming piece of legislation known as Dodd-Frank [lo'fo's alert: both Democrats] that Congress passed and Barry signed into law? Red tape aptly became RED tape under these big-state progressives.
After years of Democrat policies that crushed Main Street and catered to Wall Street, fast forward to 2018.
- A bill to reform [read: try to unfuck] the 2010 Dodd-Frank stinker passed Congress and will be heading for Trump's desk. [again, for lo'fo's and still 'ready' for Hillaryites: President Trump. Yes, he IS your President too...notwithstanding BJ Billy's definition of what 'is' is.]
A short summary of the bill that just passed is this: Cutting the Red Tape that has been strangling Main Street aka the 'little guy.'
- Unsurprisingly the party 'not for the little guy'...the Democrats almost ALL voted against this effort to repair the damage done by their fellow-Democrats in 2010.
So we have another great reason for Americans to vote for Democrats. We can add it to the list of things they are 'for' (open borders, illegals, save space let's just say anything that is 'against' traditional free America):
- They are FOR red tape, Big Banks, and against the little guy.

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