Monday, 7 May 2018

Flynn back IN....................from Rico

Here's another example of a victim of the vindictive war of lies being waged by the Left against Trump's supporters...Gen Flynn.
The General was an early and vocal supporter of Trump, marking him as a target for character assassination by those lacking character...Democrats (C).
- He would have been perfect on the National Security Council, meaning he really had to go, since national defense and effectiveness are diametrically opposed the their position on such matters (preferring as they do to select the sick, lame, lazy, and testicular-challenged).
Surprise. It turns out that Comey, McCabe, and the FBI apparatchiks that remained 'with Her' conspired & colluded, and set the guy up.
- Their plan was fuck Trump, they had to fuck Flynn.
Defending himself from the unlimited wallet of the DOJ-FBI assault cost Flynn his family home.
- Right along with Adm Jackson, Gen Flynn is another good man who Trump should consider bringing back into his administration...if either of them would have anything to do with government after their experience being on the wrong end of the Deep State.
Finally, where do these good men go to get their reputations back, now that the scumbag socialist supporters of Barry & Hillary have thoroughly smeared them?

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