Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Fake News, Real Skidmarks....................from Rico

I'll come back to the latest FAKE crisis & news (children of illegal immigrants being separated from their parents) at the end of this, but let's take a tour of some REAL skidmarks left by the MSM and their comrades in The Democrat (C) party first:
- Recall how much media time was dedicated to  the theory (and how much money and time was wasted on the investigation of a unicorn fart) that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary "It Was MY Turn" Clinton? Eighteen-plus months downstream, there is still no evidence or proof...only a nasty skidmark on America.
- For comic relief, the gun-grabbing Lefturds placed David Hogg front and center. He left a tiny skidmark, but seems to have gone away.
- How about the false 'dossier' about peeing Russian hookers, paid for by the Clinton campaign, and aided by Comey and his FBI cronies? That's a 'shart' skidmark deservedly being ignored now.
- Then, there is the XXX movie star and stripper, Porny Daniels. She and her attorney cum ambulance chaser have likewise faded from public view, leaving another skidmark in their wake.
All of this hype, sturm and drang has served to distract attention away from (and suck available media time away from) minor things like Wiener's laptop, the Pakistani computer crooks that handled Democrat computers in Congress and sent secrets to Pakistan, the whitewash of the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play and Hillary's illegal bathroom private e-mail system and grossly negligent mishandling of highly classified government intelligence. All incredibly smelly skidmarks upon the Republic.
- It's a bonus that the DOJ-FBI election-tampering and whitewash/coverup of their profound Hillary love isn't discussed at all. Oh, did I forget to mention their stonewalling Congressional oversight? By now, the massive skidmarks are wider and longer than the interstate system.
So, concluding with the narrative 'it's bad to separate children from their illegal parents and pretend parents at the border' being endlessly parroted today.
- Remember Elian Gonzalez being ripped from his family in gunpoint...and being sent back to Communist Cuba by Democrats? [Yeah, Eric dickHolder made his bones and got his street creds with that operation.]
Today's Democrats are all walking, talking, living skidmarks.

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