Monday, 25 June 2018

The "Age of No Bias" is presented to us courtesy of the Socialist Hippie Morons from the "Age of Aquarius" with a liberal dose of self-medication obviously at work.
America has been reassured by the DOJ Inspector General that there was NO BIAS withing the FBI.
- Not regarding the classified Hillary e-mails/illegal server,
- And certainly NOT concerning the Hillary-funded Russian "Pee Dossier", or
- Or the Mueller investigation of a Libtard fantasy,
- Not even any BIAS favoring Hillary over Trump.
Whew! What a fucking relief!
Even better, there is NO BIAS on the part of the MSM either!
And to further drive home the point, in uber-librul and progressive Commiefornia, there is NO BIAS nor RACISM either.
- As California "goes" so goes the nation, right?

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