Friday, 27 July 2018

Maskirova - Kabuki - Optics................from Rico

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so."
The scum on top of the swamp is thick, green, and opaque.
- What is happening beneath the surface is not what's being 'seen' [read: reported by the Fake News aka MSM].
The cries from both wings of the UniParty for Jeff Sessions to be 'removed' as AG are echoing in the public domain.
- Why should Sessions be removed? Why not that supercilious twat Rosenstein, and/or the BFF of Whitey Bulgar* Mueller?
Consider a few things, then think about them.
- The "swamp" actually is being drained. This is why they are fighting back so desperately now.
So, Trump very publicly expresses his unhappiness and displeasure at Sessions 'recusal'...a typical Trumpian head-fake perhaps? The man is not bashful about saying "you're fired" is he?
- Would POTUS allow for one moment Sessions to be at the helm of the DOJ, his DOJ, if it was not being run to his satisfaction? [read: behind the TV screen, not on the TV screen]. 
- Do you think Trump would allow Rosenstein to 'hijack' his DOJ unless something was brewing/being done about that behind the curtain?
IF Trump, or Sessions, publicly challenged Rosenstein (or fired Mueller), the Left would demand...and likely get...the removal of Sessions, and they'd try for Trump. That is what they want.
- Trump and Sessions are playing "Indian Bluff" poker with proven liars and practiced snakes in the grass. They cannot show all their cards before it's time, but when they do...WHAMMO!...the Swamp Things won't see it coming and the good guys will clear the table.
Comey, Mueller, and their Capo Obama are all crooked fucks and criminal cocksuckers.
- The attached 48pg .pdf by Louis Gohmert is a fast read. It is full of stuff most people do not know, and are not being told.
What you do NOT see happening has all the earmarks of a RICO-Organized Crime sting/operation.
- A very BIG operation that cannot be done either overnight, or exposed prematurely in the media.
*My past 'chops' include extensive experience 'working' International Organized Crime, mainly the Triads (with some exposure to the Russian Mafia, and less to the Yakuza and America's Crime Families...this last is how I became familiar with "Whitey" and "Mueller" who both get dis-honorable mention in the attached .pdf).
- What I 'smell' in the wind today is larger, and even more corrupt, than the preceding Organized Crime reference.
Advice: Have plenty of popcorn at hand, you do not want to leave your seats when the proverbial actually hits the oscillating blades!


Tamquam said...

You wouldn't care to include a link to that 48 page .pdf, would you? I sounds yummy.

edutcher said...

You nailed it.

Especially the part about Sessions.

TheUsualSuspect said...

"and/or the BFF of Whitey Bulgar* Mueller?"

Mueller was appointed big guy of the FBI just six days before that 9/11 thing happened then he was named to head up the investigation. Can we say "gatekeeper"? He's been investigating the President for over eighteen months and nada, however he wrapped up the 9/11 whitewash in 30 days. Amazing.