Friday, 24 August 2018

One Law for 'them' Another Law for 'everyone else'........from Rico

Shit like this is exactly why Trump handed the establishment's collective ass to them in 2016.

- Two sets of Laws: One for the 'Elites' and another for the 'Deplorables'...


Let's take a trip down Campaign Finance Law Violations today, one that the MSM is taking great care to avoid.


The Obama campaign was fined by the FEC for the largest amount in US history, $375,000 for campaign finance violations. But there was no jail time, and almost no press coverage. Why?

- Because it's OK when Barry's people actually did more than what Cohen was alleged to have done. 


Hillary's campaign moved $150,000 in campaign funds to an LLC for Hillary's personal benefit, and her campaign illegally 'laundered $84,000,000. But there was no fine, no jail time, and no press coverage. Why?

- Because it's OK when Hillary's people did far more than what Cohen is allegedto have done.


Now let's talk about Cohen. I use the term alleged above, because "there's no 'there' there" (to use Peter Strzok's happy turn of phrase) and Mueller handed the case off to the SDNY because there was no Russian collusion.


Cohen's "plea deal" includes an SDNY fabricated count for "campaign finance violation" that the FEC does not support or agree with. Why?

- Because when you are guilty of association with Trump, you are 'guilty' in the court of "Progressive Leftist Opinion" even if you never go to trial for adjudication by a court.

- And when you are 'represented' by the Clinton's personal mob lawyer...Lanny Davis (name ring a bell?)...that's akin to handing Al Capone a baseball bat as a party favor at dinner.

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