Monday, 18 March 2019

D is for Dysfunctional Democrats, and Benghazi................from Rico

The treasonous dumpster fire that was "Benghazi" continues to smolder.
- Two key figures are 'protected ones' and this is part of the reason America will likely 'see' Barry's actual birth certificate before they ever get the truth about Benghazi. One is a notorious drunk, the other a known druggie, both Democrats.
Reasonable and rational people know there's something 'fishy' about the Benghazi debacle...and Barry the Imposter President along with his Grifter SecState Hildebeast.
- Neither of these two is fully 'functional' (or sane) when at their best, now consider what some very well-placed RUMINT on the streets of the District of Criminals has to say about 'The Night of Benghazi"...
1. Hillary was drunk, and Barry had a nose full of 'blow' that night.
2. Both were 'missing in action' and incapacitated to the point of being AWOL.

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