Monday 6 July 2020

2020 - A Time For Choosing.....................from Rico

Things were BETTER in America before Communism...
Sen Joe McCarthy was correct about the USG being riddled with Communists (especially the State Dept), but (a) he was too early with his warning, and (b) we didn't listen to him.
- Now the Cancer of Communism has spread throughout the American body, and unless it is surgically removed it will prove fatal to the Republic.
Enjoy these Days of Trump.
- They will either be the turning point, or a speed bump on the road to Communist Hell. Yeah, I know we hear it every election year, BUT this year...2020...IS important, it's a last chance and a turning-point.
The Democrats, MSM, Antifa, BLM, and many corporations are now openly Marxist and working towards the end of America.
- Databases, like tracers, work in boh directions and I truly hope these traitors are ALL going into the Big Database!
We are at war with the most dangerous enemy mankind has ever faced in the long climb from the primordial slime to the stars, and if we lose this war we also lose our Freedoms as intended by our Founding Fathers.
I strongly suspect that the next 5 months of 2020 are going to be bad, and recommend becoming friends with Hoppe's gun oil....

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