Tuesday 14 November 2023

KNOW ..................from Rico

 It's more than the trite dictum "know thyself" but rather knowing "who you are, where you are, and whether 'that's not me or for me" into the bargain.


Take the "bucket lists" that some create in order to cross-off items before they cross over. I have an "anti-bucket list" that I can add to before meeting the ferryman.


For example:

- Don't have a bucket list.

- Don't do anything that bores you stiff or leaves you dumber just because others want you to.

- Avoid:

the pointless and repetitive, like politics and/or sports


everything called 'smart'

EV's and 'new' cars

fake or plant-based 'meat' and tofu

malls, airports, the ballet and opera

tech that makes you work for it but doesn't work for you

anything and everything the UN, WEF, and Bill Gates says is a 'good idea'


...a work in progress to be continued.

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