Sunday 23 June 2024

Homeless situation hopefully ending soon. Sadly fundraiser still much needed for another week or so...........

 Sadly I am still homeless or though there might be a place coming up in a few weeks. It is ridiculous that I mainly sleep in my car while illegal immigrants get hotel rooms.

I have my cancer operation coming (where they are going to remove a large section of my bowel/colon) on July 1st and then 3 months recovery time. Until then I will effectively unemployed just to make things even more tricky.

Anyone who would like to make a small donation it will be gratefully received as it is essential that I have somewhere to stay until my op. Sleeping in my car is not good for my health right now. It costs around £70 per night for a room.

The donate button is in the sidebar for anyone wishing to help. I will be eternally grateful for any support I receive.

Thank you for all your continued support. It has literally been a life saver.  Theo

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't complete donation, unable to fill in zip and security code. Software glitch? Will try again tomorrow