Thursday, 2 December 2021

Maxwell Trial Travesty.........................Wild Bill

Democrat [C] Genius! ................from Rico

 O'Biden's putative Transportation Secretary Pete Buttplug is being touted as a possible replacement for JoeBama by the Democrats [C].

This is simply genius! This guy is more out of touch with reality than any other Democrat, or even Poopin' Joe is.


As the Regime pursues the delusional fantasy that sunshine and wind can run a nation while purposely destroying the fossil fuel industry, Pete laid a real gem on us the other day suggesting that we'd never have to worry about the price of gas ever again if we would just buy EV's that we cannot afford [conveniently ignoring the unreliability of their 'plans' to provide electricity for them].


Yep! that the Donk's consider this guy the pick of the litter says a lot about their 'talent pool' being so shallow you can walk through it and not get your ankles wet.

Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Posobiec: The Lady Epstein Trial BEGINS...............

$mash & Grab Looting .....................from Rico

 Publius said it best in 50BC "Debt is the slavery of the free."

- Look at the skyrocketing public debt [attached]. The treasuries have been looted of our money (governments have no money they didn't first take from us).

- We have not only been impoverished, but enslaved.

- What hasn't been outright skimmed-off by graft, has certainly gone to enriching the 'vaccine makers' from public funds for 'vaccines' that neither work as promised (stopping transmission of the 'rona and preventing the 'rona) nor provide any public health benefit...unless you consider culling/killing "useless eaters" a benefit as Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates openly do.


Now step back from our almost now worthless fiat money experiment and look at Gold vs the Dollar, pound, and Yen since 1900.

- Guess what comes next?

Jawohl und Sick Heil!!! ......................from Rico

 Ignoring the synchronized hysterical hype from the ever-truthful media along with the 'science' from the ever-correct Herr Doktor Ich Bin Science and fellow Covigarchs, consider this:

- The Omicron variant 'discovered' last week, will have a 'booster' available next week. Sure. Right. If you say so. Jawohl, und Sick Heil!


Omicron is the cover story for the death injections and the excuse to continue them.

- Last year was the Beta test for the lethality of the 'vaccinations.'

- Post-Omicron injections will be tweaked and are the coup de gras...and the adverse effects will be blamed on Omicron.



Take the 'booster.' If you have side effects (including death) it's from the variant, not the 'booster.' Take the 'booster.' It'll be fine.

2022 World Cup ................from Rico

 While the pitch for the 2022 World Cup will be considerably changed from the athletes dropping like flies this year, Pfizer is rumoured to have bravely stepped up as sponsor.

Cartoon Round Up....


Tuesday, 30 November 2021

This is BAD ................from Rico

 OMICRON is a mild flu virus. Contagious, not dangerous, and it conveys lasting natural immunity.

- All BAD if you are a Globalist, Pharma, Power-drunk politician, and Media purveyor of fear porn. 


So let's make things worse by doing stupid things! Because Omicron:

- CDC guidance is now 'boosters' for everyone over 18; dose intervals halved from six to three months.


That will be healthy!

'Climate' aka Weather ....................from Rico

 Climate fear porn = PROPAGANDA.

- A scam designed to move money from your pockets to someone else's pocket. Cui bono?

On day one..............from Rico

 res ipsa loquitor...

Cartoon Round Up....


Monday, 29 November 2021

Bella Thorn Fills Out Her String Bikini

She's gained a few pounds and looks, well, more womanly. Wonderfully squeezable. 

A sweet babe. 


More fulsome and squeezable tits too.


2 Things Never Again! ...................from Rico

 Thanks to the FED and Inflation, you'll never see a Corvette convertible for under $4-grand ever again.


And while we're on the topic of never again, try shovelling SNOW!

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Going sideways? ...................from Rico

 Our friends at PHE (former Public Health England, now UKHSA) tell us the doubly-vaxxed over age 30 are 286% more likely to die of 'covid' after reinfection than the unvaxxed are.


Given the current death numbers for the vaxxed vs unvaxxed, this could go sideways for the vaxxed...if it has not already started to do so.


Ask your doctor about this:

"Vaccines do NOT lose their effectiveness. The natural immune system DOES lose effectiveness in the vaxxed."


It's not as we're being told...

- The scarefest must be kept going to $ell more 'jabs' (boo$ters, and boo$ters not invented yet) and to continue undermining natural immunity.

Sunday, 21 November 2021

Sunday, 14 November 2021