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Eighteen-Year-Old Tea-Party Hottie Lyda Loudon Dating Actor Nearly 40-Years Her Senior!

Well, I can see why the dude wanted to go out with the little hottie.

Lyda Loudon photo Photo2525201_zps94695a31.jpg
See, "Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon's 18-Year-Old Daughter Lyda Loudon Dating 57-Year Old 'Ray Donovan' Star Steven Bauer."

Barely legal, heh.

Monday Rule 5 Bazongas with Bonus Comic-Con Bodacious Ta-Tas and Celebrity Totty

Well, I'm behind on my Rule 5 bazonga roundups, so I didn't want to disappoint!

 photo 393760b6-44a2-446f-a206-d10705b97b5d_zpsa3d7f7d9.jpg
Some celebrity-totty at Comic-Con (not to mention some regular bodacious breasts as well).

Here: "Monday Comic-Con and Bazonga #Rule5."

Some REALLY big breast action at the links.

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Isreal's "Disproportionate" Self-Defense

A target in Gaza is hit
By Alan Caruba

On Sunday, July 27, Eleanor Cliff, a member of The McLaughlin Group panel, referred to Israel’s “disproportionate” response to the thousands of rockets and missiles that Hamas has been firing at its citizens for months, if not years.
This is a common criticism of Israel, but it is far easier to make if you are living safely somewhere other than Israel and not being awakened by alarm sirens at 5 A.M. with just a little time to make it to a bomb shelter.

Ms. Cliff was hardly alone. In Great Britain, the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, in contrast to Prime Minister David Cameron, also declared Israel’s response to Hamas as a “disproportionate form of collective punishment” on the citizens of Gaza.
On July 26 The Times of Israel reported that “Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched in London and Paris on Saturday, calling out against Israel’s military operation in the Hamas-controlled Palestinian enclave.

In London, the second Saturday in a row, the protest was estimated to have drawn more than 10,000 participants. “Demonstrators held placards reading ‘Stop Israeli State Terror’. ‘Freedom for Palestine’ and ‘Gaza—End the Siege.’ They also chanted ‘Shame on you David Cameron’ as they filed past the British prime minister’s Downing Street office.” By contrast, Paris cracked down on pro-Palestinian demonstrations and, along with Germany and Italy, denounced expressions of anti-Semitism.

No doubt the expressions of support were welcome in Israel, but when it strikes back against its enemies it tends to run out of friends rather swiftly. In Scandinavia, Denmark, Finland and Norway backed the Palestinians but the European Union did condemn the rocket attacks by Hamas, as well as its use of human shields.

Departing from President Obama’s pro-forma statement on Israel’s right to defend itself, South American nations condemned Israel in tune with their general acceptance of the view that Israel is an aggressor and occupier despite the fact that in relinquished control of Gaza to the Palestinians in 2005. Joining in the chorus of condemnations were Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

The hypocrisy of those who raise the issue of “proportionate response” is breathtaking.
Consider Israel’s history. In 1948 prior to and following its declaration of independence, Israel fought several Arab armies. In 1949 armistice agreements established lines between Israel and its neighbors. In the 1950s and 60s the Israelis had to respond to constant Fedayeen—Arab guerillas--incursions from Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. In June 1967 Israel fought the Six-Day War with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, with troops contributed by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Algeria. When it was over, Israel had increased its landmass and are now called “occupiers” for having defended itself and won!

From 1967 to 1970, Israel fought a war of attrition as the Egyptians, aided by Jordan, Syria, and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, sought to recapture the Sinai. In October 1973, the Israelis fought the Yom Kippur War against Egypt and Syria. It began with a surprise attack on one of the holiest days of the Jewish calendar.

Are you getting tired of reading about the many wars waged against Israel?
Well, let’s just include the Palestinian insurgency in South Lebanon (1971-1982); the 1982 Lebanon War in 1982; the South Lebanon conflict (1982-2000); the first Intifada (1987-1993); the second Intifada (2000-2005); the 2006 Lebanon War; the Gaza War (December 2008 to January 2009); and Operation Pillar of Defense against the Gaza Strip in November 2012.  Which brings us to Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

One might assume that after being continually defeated, the Arabs would conclude that peace is a good option, but that is not the mentality that Israelis have been dealing with for the past 66 years and earlier when the first Zionists moved there to escape the anti-Semitism they encountered in Europe.

One might also assume that, if Canada and Mexico had been making war and firing rockets and missiles into the U.S. for that amount of time, we might conclude that a “proportional” response did not work very well.

Israel’s leaders initially embraced a policy of strategic deterrence in which disproportionate force was utilized to reduce the potential for further attacks. This was the policy between 1948 and 1993. After it signed the Oslo Accords in 1993, its leaders shifted to a policy of restraint, but it didn’t work. In the Middle East restraint is interpreted as weakness. Between September 1993 and September 1998, terrorists based in the West Bank or Gaza struck Israel more than ninety times, killing 279 Israelis.

In 2005 then-Prime Minister Ariel Sharon struck upon a bold plan to provide the Palestinians with territory of its own adjacent to Israel. He ordered some eight thousand or more Israelis out of the Gaza Strip and turned it over to the Palestinian Authority, Fatah.
Not long after, Hamas was elected the ruling party in Gaza and drove out Fatah. A proxy of Iran, Fatah began to receive missiles and build miles of tunnels on both its Israeli and Egyptian borders, the former to attack Israel and the latter to smuggle weapons and other items. Now both Israel and Egypt are destroying those tunnels.

Commentator Andrew McCarthy said it best: "Hamas did not suddenly become a terrorist organization after it was elected. Hamas was elected because it was a jihadist organization. It was elected because, by its own declaration, Hamas connects Palestinians to something they find attractive: the global Islamic-supremacist movement. Palestinians widely reject Israel’s right to exist.

They regard not just Gaza, Judea and Samaria but all of Israel as 'occupied Palestine.' Even those Palestinians who purport to accept the 'two-state solution' see it as a way-station on the march to a one-state solution in which the Jewish state eventually ceases to be. Palestinians chose Hamas precisely because Hamas was seen as more dedicated than Fatah to the achievement of that goal-not to mention, more brutally competent."

Those who talk of Israel’s “disproportionate” response to Hamas, in the context of its long history of having been under attack by neighboring nations and the so-called Palestinians, sound like the babbling idiots that they are.

The Israelis want peace. The only way they will obtain it is to make waging war against them too painful to sustain.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

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Great Britain Surrenders Without A Shot Being Fired - November 2014...............From Daniel Thomas

Known as the Compiegne or Foch Railcar, students of history will recognize it as the one Adolf Hitler used in an act of humiliation to house the signing of the French surrender during World War II. Its the same railcar that the French used to house the German surrender after World War I.
The French surrender in June 1940 saw the formation of Vichy France whereby a puppet government led by Marshal Petain and Pierre Laval, assisted by various other traitors and collaborators, was set up to rule on behalf of their German masters.

On November 1st 2014 the insidious Nice and Lisbon Treaties come into effect in Great Britain after which forty three crucial areas of legislative authority will be surrendered from the democratically elected representatives of the people to the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable bureaucrats of the EU.

These areas include:

Border controls

Immigration, Asylum

Criminal Law

Foreign Affairs



and most notable, the ability for member states to withdraw from the Union.
(See full list and opinions here and here)

British politicians under the guise of various treaties have surrendered so much sovereignty already that seventy five percent of British laws come from the EU, reducing the Westminster Parliament to a rubber stamp. The surrendering of what remains will effectively end Great Britain's status as an independent sovereign state and with it over a thousand years of history.

It is undeniable that the current EU is dominated by Germany, assisted by a craven France and an unholy alliance of Great Britain's historical enemies. Anyone watching the proceedings of the EU cannot fail to notice the animosity and vitriol directed at some of Great Britain's representatives. This can be confirmed by the voting record which has read twenty six to zero against Great Britain in the past.

These historical enemies would like nothing more than to see a once great Britain reduced to a vassal state or a minor province paying tribute to a United States of Europe which is controlled by a German-French axis.

No nation that has over seventy five percent of its laws made by a foreign entity and who is about to surrender control of the forty three critical areas linked above, can call itself an independent, sovereign nation. It is, in effect, the death of the democratically governed nation state and the birth of a authoritarian tyranny governed by appointed bureaucrats.

This excersise in nation building has been well planned and built without the consent of the subject peoples. Consultation and referendums have been routinely denied and where they have been held due to constitutional requirements, unfavourable results have been ignored with the project progressing regardless.

The political class are well aware that the EU has been a complete and utter disaster for the British people with an ever increasing number wanting an exit. It was with this in mind that the then British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, in an act of cowardice that wouldn't have been amiss in the railway car at Compiegne, sent his Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, to sign the initial surrender document known as the Lisbon Treaty.

When he thought the heat had died down and the twenty four hour news cycle had moved on, Gordon Brown, who is renown for his cowardice in the face of adversity, snook into Brussels like a thief in the night to add his signature to the surrender document.

 General Charles Huntzinger signs the surrender document aboard the rail car at Compiegne 

Prime Minister Gordon Brown signs the Lisbon Treaty surrender document in a broom cupboard somewhere in Brussels.

It should be noted that a beaming Gordon Brown being photographed sitting down to sign the surrender document would have made the ultimate photo opportunity for his enemies. By standing up he is hoping that it will diminish his treachery. It won't of course and history will be his judge. 
To borrow a phrase from President Franklin Roosevelt, November 2014 "is a date that will live in infamy" as it marks the end of Great Britain as an independent sovereign state and it brings to a close over a thousand years of history. This treachery was achieved by lies, deceit and without a shot being fired.

Footnote to this article: It is worth noting that after the liberation of France and the regaining of its status as an independent, sovereign nation, several official and unofficial purges of collaborators took place. Between 1948 and 1952 some six thousand collaborators were executed before liberation and some four thousand after.

One hundred and twenty thousand collaborators were prosecuted with one thousand five hundred death sentences handed down. The leader of the Vichy government Marshal Petain had his death sentence commuted by Charles De Gaulle. The Prime Minister Pierre Laval was not so fortunate, he was put up against a wall and shot.


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How Come Only USA Conservati​ves "Get It?".................from Dan Friedman

NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE          www.nationalreview.com    July 28, 2014
Hamas belongs in Hades.
By Quin Hillyer

Being Single Is Like Looking For A Job............by Matin

Being Single Is Like Looking For A Job Women Make Up Excuses Not To Date Trick Women

In The company of heroes...........................by Dan Gordon

Yesterday I had the great privilege of accompanying Major General ( Ret) Avigdor Kahalani to an artillery battalion, somewhere in the war zone. General Kahalani is one of Israel’s greatest war heroes, a veteran of the Six Day War, The Yom Kippur War and the First Lebanon War. It is not an exaggeration to say that were it not for the actions of Avigdor Kahalani and the men under his command, the Syrians , who had already taken most of the Golan Heights, would have been able to push into Northern Israel, and the fate, not only of the war but, of the State of Israel would have been very much in doubt. Instead, Kahalani and those under his command were instrumental, not only in recapturing the Golan Heights, but pushed deep into Syrian territory until they literally were within artillery range of Damascus. It was a feat almost unheard of in the annals of modern warfare, in which a country recovered from a devastating Pearl Harbor like attack, were confronted with totally new tactics by a well trained, superbly well armed adversary, adjusted to the new realities, counter attacked, and within two and a half weeks were on the outskirts of the attacking force’s capital. Quite simply, General Kahalani and others like him, saved Israel. At the end of his military career, General Kahalani entered politics, was elected to Israel’s Parliament, served as an inner circle cabinet minister, and participated in some of the Israeli government’s most critical debates and decisions. After retiring from the political arena Kahalani became the Chairmen of AWIS, the Association for the Welfare of Israel’s soldiers.

It was in that capacity that he went out to meet with the soldiers serving,  under fire, in the field. For those young soldiers it was a chance to meet a living legend, as close as Israel has to Patton or MacArthur. I thought he was going to give them a sort of pep talk, though their spirits didn’t need any rallying.

I’ve been in the Israel Defense Forces for forty years,  and I’ve never seen morale so high, and never seen the country so united behind it’s soldiers. The other day I was in a restaurant at a crossroad just before the Gaza border. It’s sort of the last place to get a good meal before you hit the border into no man’s land. I was hungry as your basic honey badger, and had ordered a huge meal, knowing it would probably be the only chance I’d have to eat that day. When I went to pay the bill the waitress said it had already been taken care of.

“ Somebody bought me lunch? “ I asked , wanting to thank my benefactor.

“ No “ she said, “ Somebody picked up the bill for every soldier here.” There were easily fifty soldiers eating lunch there.” It happens like that every day, now” she said and smiled.

I’ve had total strangers take me in, offer me a bathrobe while they washed my uniform, feed me, literally offer me their beds to sleep in and their bathrooms to shower in. Amazing… amazing.

So the troops didn’t need a pep talk.

But what Kahalani told them, I found extraordinary.

 He spoke quietly.

So quietly the young soldiers leaned forward to catch ever word and when he spoke it was with a conviction that came straight from his heart and went straight into the herts of all of those who heard him.

“ We never taught you to hate.” He said, “

Not this army, not the Israel Defense Forces. We never taught you to hate. And there are armies in the world who do that. And I don’t know, maybe it works to a degree, maybe by hating the enemy, you are a fiercer fighter. I don’t know. But we never taught you that. And I’ll tell you why. If we teach you to hate, you can’t undo that. You’ll come back from the war and  it won’t be the “ enemy”, it will be your brother in law, or your neighbor or your former friend. Once you teach people to hate, they’ll find someone to hate. So we never taught you that” .

Suddenly he was speaking, not like a General but like a loving father to his much loved sons and daughters.

” We never taught you that. You know why you’re here. It’s not to hate anybody. It’s to defend your people, your homes and your families. Each of you has to feel as if the whole fate of the whole people of Israel is on you shoulders. Each of you holds that fate in your hands. But it’s not about hatred. And now you’ve inherited that tradition from my generation, and you’ll be the ones to continue it. But those who inherit have a responsibility. I know you won’t disappoint me.”

That was the pep talk from Israel’s Patton during a cruel and vicious war that was forced upon us by an equally cruel and vicious adversary, Hamas.
The pep talk was , Don’t hate.Do what you need to do to defend your homes, your families and your people. But don’t hate.

To the Palestinian people of Gaza : We don’t hate you. We don’t wish you ill. We want only to live in peace side by side with you. When you come out of wherever you’ve been able to take refuge , ask yourself why Hamas never built you any shelters to protect you. They’re great at digging tunnels after all. They’ve dug them under our border , intending to murder as many of our civilians as possible; our women and children, gathered in agricultural village dining halls. Not soldiers, not warriors, but our women and children and old people.

So they’re good at building tunnels.

Why didn’t they build any for you to take shelter in?

Then look at your neighborhoods, which are destroyed now because they housed the entrance points to those tunnels, not next to your homes but IN your homes!

 They were turned your homes and neighborhoods into rocket launching sites and weapons storage depots. Not by accident, but to make you vulnerable, to insure, in fact , that you would be in harm’s way no matter how many warnings Israel issued before it attacked. Ask why Hamas told you to ignore those warnings and that it was your duty to stay in those neighborhoods which they had turned into military targets.

Ask yourself why Hamas didn’t accept the Egyptian Cease fire proposal which would have prevented the ground invasion and all the subsequent death and destruction.

 It wasn’t a Zionist plot.

It was an Egyptian proposal, endorsed by the Arab League and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. AND ISRAEL ACCEPTED IT IMMEDIATELY AND UNCONDITIONALLY!!

It was Hamas which rejected it by launching a massive rocket attack, followed up by four separate terrorist tunnel attacks aimed not at our soldiers but at our women and children, who were meant to be murdered, maimed and taken hostage, dragged back through those tunnels into Gaza, so Khaled Mashal could declare a Divine Victory ,from a five star hotel in Qatar while you eat the dust of Gaza.

Look at your neighborhoods.

How’s Hamas’s Holy War working out for you?

Are your lives better?

Do your children have a better future?

Do they have ANY future but suffering?

 Hamas and their ilk have been trying to drive us into the sea for over a hundred years now.

How’s that working out for you?

Look at your lives and look at ours.

Despite not knowing one day of peace, our cities are beautiful, our women are gorgeous, our men handsome, our children, the apple of our eyes, our industry flourishes, our start up nation is the envy of the world. Our sense of personal happiness , though we have been constant victims of terrorist attacks and war, is amongst the highest of any people on earth. We live longer, have more college graduates, more computers more scientific papers published, more artists , musicians, scientists and entrepreneurs per capita than almost any place on earth. Our cows produce more milk than any other dairy cattle. Our agriculture exists almost entirely on reclaimed water and no country on earth does more with desalinized water than Israel. Draughts which would destroy another country have no affect on us. And we’ve done all that despite Hamas and their ilk’s stated plans to destroy us

. You’ve  gone to war against us three times in the last five years.

You’ve initiated each one and we’ve begged you before each , not to launch more rockets at us.

But each time you were promised a new divine victory.

The rockets would be the sword that would defeat us.

 We invented Iron Dome.

The tunnels would be Hamas’s “ surprise” that would “open the gates of hell to us”

We’re inside those tunnels right now. Blowing them up.

And who has paid the bitterest price?


Is it worth it? Are you getting something out of all this?

Here’s an idea. You’ve tried war three times in five years? Try something new.

Try peace.

You don’t even have to call it peace. .

Just stop trying to kill us and prepare to be amazed at how good your lives will become..

But what about the siege?

The so called “ siege” which is nothing more than a sanction regime, was put in place BECAUSE YOU KEEP TRYING TO KILL US!

So stop.

You’re smart people. You’re industrious people. Stop trying to kill us and  you won’t need to be a martyr to get into Paradise. You’ll have Paradise on earth. You can become the Singapore of the Middle East. You have beautiful beaches that can be developed for tourism. You’re on the Mediteranean for Goodness sake! You are creative and hard working and talented. Put those talents to use at trying to improve your lives instead of trying to end ours.

You will become the gateway between Europe and the Middle East. There are donors lined up and waiting to offer you a Marshal Plan that will make your lives sweet. The plan that Khaled Mashal has for you, however, leads only to death.

You don’t even have to love us.

You don’t even have to like us.

In fact you can continue to hate us, if that gives you some sort of emotional comfort. It won’t bother us. Knock yourselves out. Just stop trying to kill us

When Hamas tells you it’s a Holy War tell them to read the Quran. The Sura of The Children of Israel; Sura 17:104, “ And we said to the Children of Israel, Dwell securely in the Promised Land, and when the last warning comes,  we will gather you together in a mingled crowd”


How much more mingled can we get? We’ve been gathered together , not just according to our prophecy, but to yours!

We come from every corner of the earth, because for two thousand years every Jew on Earth, who celebrates Passover of Yom Kippur, be they black white, brown or any of the rainbow hues the make up our people, says, “ Next Year in Jerusalem”.

So read THAT part of the Quran when they tell you to strap a suicide belt onto your son or daughter..

And for all your supporters and enablers, for those who march to end the death and destruction, if you really care about the Palestinians of Gaza, as you claim to, just tell them to try to stop trying to kill us.

Give it a decade.

Try it.

We’re not going anywhere. You won’t defeat us. You won’t destroy us. You won;t cast us into such despair that we leave the land we’ve yearned for , worked for , sweated and bled for  for two thousand years. We won’t withdraw from the Middle East. Because we live here. Our religion wasn’t born in Poland. It was born here. Our language wasn’t born in Russia or America or France or Ethiopia or Yemen or Morocco. It was born here. And I promise you, we won’t become war weary. We can’t afford to.

Just stop trying to kill us.

Because  we don’t hate you. We don’t teach our children or our soldiers to hate you. The words of our national anthem sum up the only thing we want; Lihiot am chofshi bi artzeinu, Eretz Zion, Yerushalayim ..” To be a free people. in our land. The land of Zion, Jerusalem.” Just like it says in the Quran.

NRA News Commentators Episode 81: “Chicago” With Colion Noir

Colion Noir examines the high rate of violent crime that is terrorizing Chicago and the need for action to help neutralize it.

Tune in to www.NRANews.com/Commentators for more episodes.

NRA News Commentators Episode 80: “Power Structures” With Dom Raso

Dom Raso explains how antagonizing rank-and-file workers for policies they are only enforcing is counterproductive.

Tune in to www.NRANews.com/Commentators for more episodes.

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Amazing Aragón......................

A tilt-shift film by Joerg Daiber shot Aragón, Spain.

Political Humor: 7 Hillary Posters...from TPC

Seven political posters pointing out how four years of Hillary after eight years of Obama would be something that the country might not survive!

Cartoon Round Up....


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Netanyahu’s dilemma: Back Obama’s save Hamas policy, or fight for its downfall with Egypt and Saudis

Know Your Military Colonists

The Spirit of Israel - Wild Bill

Danielle, an Israeli girl asks Bill why Americans stand with Israel.

Another great Obama bumper sticker...from TPC

Barack Obama is the worst US President very possibly of all time but, because of that fact, he is a great source of political humor.

The downside for the country is that in return for being such a great humor source he is very possibly the worst US President of all time who is leading the country in the exact wrong direction!

See it at The Political Commentator here.

Bibi's Questionab​le Leadership...........................from Dan Friedman

The see-what-good-guys-we-are-and-how-evil-Hamas-is ceasefire strategy hasn’t had the desired results, in fact it is backfiring badly. Every moment Bibi vacillates produces the opposite effect. It allows the “international community” to marshal its forces and increase the “pressure” on Netanyahu, Israel and the Jews. Every second of hesitation from Netanyahu sets the stage for a weak, skewed diplomatic solution to what is a strategic military problem, and the return to the status quo ante.
But with Israel enjoying the upper hand (for now), the real question is why is Netanyahu willing to squander it?

Uncle Ream Us

Hardball..................by Dan Friedman

Many good people in Israel have told me that Obama is holding a gun to Israel’s head. Specifically, BHO is threatening Netanyahu to withhold the resupply of arms and munitions Israel has depleted trying to destroy the demons in Gaza. It’s a tough spot to be in but Israelis need to understand that the last two years of Obama’s presidency will sink or swim on the results of this November’s election, and Americans overwhelmingly are squarely in Israel’s camp.

As usual, daylight is the answer. Israel should counter BHO’s “pressure” by “leaking” details of his threats to Israel. At this late date, there’s no use pretending Obama is not an antagonist. The time to exploit his vulnerabilities is now.

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Hottest -- Naughtiest! -- Instagram Babes This Summer!

Man, are they allowed to even do that on Instagram?!!

This is hot!

You gotta love the naughty summer hotties.

'Unreal' Photos from the Scene of Malaysia Airlines Ukraine Crash

Well, it'd be "unreal" if it was bodies crashing through your ceiling.

And dead bodies in the wheat field, still strapped into their seats.

Definitely a trip. Thank goodness they finally removed the dead and sent them home to their families for burial.

Here: "PHOTOS: Bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Shot Down Over Torez, Ukraine."

The Fan Cost Index and the price of a day at the stadium!...from TPC

The Fan Cost Index shows the price for a family of four to enjoy a basic day at the various professional sports stadiums around the country.

For MLB, the most expensive day at a game is at Fenway coming in at a cool $350!

The rest of the league can be seen in the chart in the article at LI here.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Last Hora in Paris?..........................from Dan Friedman

[I do not always agree with this guy and I'm always suspicious of anything produced by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Still, this is worth reading, if only to remind us that Jew-hatred always lies just beneath the surface, and the reconstitution of Israel in 1948 is the only guarantee Jews now have that we won’t repeat our tragic past. Who knows? Maybe some of our own Jewish boulevardiers in the USA will get the message too. df]

July 26, 2014
by Elliott Abrams

Here’s the situation in Paris:

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Late News.................

Obama's 2nd term travails: A lame duck before his time?

Detroit not alone in shutting off water for unpaid bills

Report: Black box indicates missile hit Flight 17

The vacant presidency

UK Deputy PM wants Russia stripped of World Cup

British embassy convoy attacked in Libya's Tripoli

Splits emerging in Putin's Russia as oligarchs locked in power struggle with Kremlin hardliners

Hamas Propaganda War Being Waged on World's Main Street

Kirchner continues to manipulate Argentine emotions: Risks escalating conflict over the Falklands

Fast food workers vow civil disobedien​ce

WI Police Chief Pleads No Contest In Bizarre Feud With Tea Party Leader

Why Does America Tolerate Indian Immigrant Medical Fraud?

'She was a hero': Arlington Heights woman drowns saving 3 kids

The humanitari​an Pause - Again...................................by Dan Gordon

When I was a little kid  my brother, of blessed memory, who was six years older than me, took inordinate pleasure giving me what were then called “ Noogies” He was unmerciful and unrelenting in his “ Noogie “ attacks on my head. I would beg him to stop and he would say “ No”.

I would ask him, beg him, really to stop, “ Just for a little while”

And after a bit more Noogiing, if he was feeling merciful, after a while, he would stop .

Looking back on it , that is what I would call, in retrospect a “ Humanitarian Pause” .

I was suffering, asked him to stop , and for a while he would.

It didn’t mean the unending war between older and younger sibling had ended. It was a pause, asked for and granted and honored.

IWe didn’t need the UN or the EU or any other international body to monitor it. I asked for mercy and he gave it. He would say something like “ I’ll count to thirty” and for those thirty seconds, The Humanitarian Pause was in effect and sacrosanct.

Thus when I next heard the phrase over a half century later, in 2009, to be exact , Hamas , once again claimed the mantle of victimhood while carrying out unceasing rocket attacks against Israel. Their people were suffering genocide, they shouted to one and all, and their amen corner of sympathizers, apologists , enablers , and many people who simply saw suffering, and without understanding the context, joined the chorus and said , “ Yes, end the suffering now” . Never mind that all that Hamas had to do to end the suffering was to stop trying to kill us. That fact seemed, and seems until this day, too difficult to grasp for some.

“ We need medicine, “ they cried plaintively, “ And baby formula, and food and water and blankets. We are dying ! They are murdering us! This is genocide. They are doing to the Palestinians worse than what the Nazis did to the Jews!"

Let us just put a pin in that part for a moment., shall we? If the Nazis had treated the Jews the way Israel treats the Palestinians , there would be six million more Jews in the world today and all their descendants . The total number of Palestinians killed by Israel since 2000, is , by most estimates, somewhere between six and eight thousand people. That includes the figures from the second Intifada , the 2009, 2012 and present conflict combined .
That’s not genocide. That’s less than have been killed in Syria, in the last several months. But people only seem to care about Moslem Arabs being killed when it is in a war with Jews. Then it’s genocide.

To get back to 2009, Hamas, claiming that Israel was committing innumerable war crimes , and was also depriving them of humanitarian aide. Thus the idea of “ A Humanitarian Pause” was born.

Every day between 1:00 and 3:00 pm , if I recall correctly, Israel would unilaterally cease fire, and open the border crossing at Kerem Shalom,  in order to allow hundreds of truck loads of humanitarian aide to flow unhindered into Gaza  to relieve the suffering of the civilian population.

And every afternoon at 1:00 PM Hamas would begin shelling the Kerem Shalom Crossing with mortar fire and rocket attacks, to prevent the transfer of humanitarian aide to their own people, in order to say that the Jews were withholding humanitarian aide!

I told that to an unbelieving BBC crew and offered to take them there so they could witness it first hand. But first I told them to make sure they had their running shoes on because mortars give no warning. They just fall and explode and if you’re in the wrong place they kill you. I brought them down at 12:30 and they set up their cameras, ready to film the convoy of trucks on the Israeli side of the border as they crossed into Gaza. I pointed out the bomb shelter to them. They scoffed knowingly. Precisely at 1:00 Israel ceased its fire, opened the Kerem Shalom crossing and as the first of the trucks began moving forward, Hamas launched a mortar and rocket attack against the crossing point. I pointed to the shelter and they took off running. Fastest Brits I have ever seen since watching Chariots of Fire..

Later when I went into Gaza myself, the paratroopers I was with were stopped by an Palestinian farmer. “ Why don’t you kill them all?!” he demanded.


“Hamas!” he said. He pointed to a field from which Hamas launched dozens of rocket attacks against Israel. The field had once been his , he said, He grew sun flowers, and it supported his family with honor. Hamas came and took it over and now it only sprouted rockets.” How do I feed my children with rockets? “ he demanded.

Through a translator I asked about the humanitarian aide, because some of it had gotten through each day despite the shellings. He told us that Hamas took all the goods, jacked up the prices , and then SOLD the goods to the populace.

So last night, at the urging of the UN, Israel extended  by four hours, what was supposed to be a twelve hour “ Humanitarian Pause” for the feast of Id al Fatir, the end of Ramadan ,and to allow people to stock up on goods. Hamas rejected the extension and opened up with a rocket and mortar barrage. DESPITE that, at the urging of the international community, Israel agreed to extend the Humanitarian Pause for another 24 hours. Israel would not fire a single shot , but would continue blowing up the terrorist tunnels during the next 24 hours, in order to provide a period of relief for the civilian population.

Hamas answered that gesture with another series of rocket and mortar attacks.

A number of those mortar rounds fell in the civilian farming community where I had spent shabbat. In a previous article I described Rachel and Menashe, who had opened their home up to the soldiers as had the entire village because those soldiers, they knew, “ would , and well may, lay down their lives,” in order to protect them.

And last night that is exactly what happened, to one of the boys who only two days ago celebrated the Sabbath with us. A mortar round landed, seriously wounding two of those soldiers who were there protecting that farming village.

I was notified a few hours ago that one of them died of his wounds this morning. His name not yet been released as far as I know. We had celebrated the Peace of Sabbatth only two days ago.

May his memory be a blessing.

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H/T Shelly

What Makes Bibi Run?........................from Dan Friedman

[Frankly, now is the time to judge by results. I don’t care if Netanyahu is pushed or he jumps. df]
Jpost, 07/27/2014
"Israelis want victory," ... "The public has a bitter taste in its mouth from the results of the war so far."


[From wonderful Breslever Rabbi Lazer Brody, a quick lesson on how to separate Hashem’s wheat from His chaff. df]
Lazer Beams, 23 July 2014
By Rabbi Lazer Brody

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Puzzles for Smart People.........................from Shelly

Puzzle One:   Imagine you are a 3 year old to 8 year old child. You are on your own without adults. You are asked to walk from Houston, Texas to Minneapolis, Minnesota on your own with no food or belongings to sustain you. Then you are asked to walk an addition 100 miles past Minnesota.
Could you do it? How long would it take you as a 6 year old? That is the minimum distance these poor, helpless little ones have supposedly walked from Central America to the border of Texas, again, on their own. They didn't get lost.     
And they survived the journey without help (unless you buy in to the notion that a destitute out-of-work family run out of their homes by gangs and living in squalor somehow came up with $8,000 to $10,000 for EACH child to pay a coyote to take them to the border).
Puzzle Two: (See map below) You must start somewhere in the green area. Let's make it easy and start where green meets orange, so that you had the least mileage by not having to cover the whole green area. Just start where the green meets the orange. Blue, of course, is water.
Your task is to figure a route from the green area to the purple area without going into the blue area and while avoiding towns and cities in the orange area.
The black line is the distance from the nearest town to Mexico's southern border that touches the green area to Laredo, Texas, one of the CLOSEST purple towns. 1220 miles across desert and mountains with no equipment or food or help.
If orange had stopped these innocents where orange touches green, problem would not have occurred.  However, what six year old do you know who could walk 1220 miles (minimum), probably more like 1500 miles on their own without dying?  How many days would it take for a 6 year old to walk 1220 miles without help, directions, food, sun protection, etc.?
I don't believe the whole truth is being given to us, folks. Someone created and assisted this, and the media should be figuring out who it is.