Friday, 23 February 2018

Haley Kalil Sexy Belize Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

Watch, "Tasty Uncovered: Haley Kalil is Dream Come True in This Sextastic Belize Photo Shoot."

TAX Refund? That's a problem....................from Rico

It's "tax season" again, and I know a few people who are eagerly looking forward to their tax it's a gift or a present or something positive.
I never understood that mentality. After all, it's YOUR own money that you are getting back...why did you not keep it to begin with?
A "tax refund" means that you [read: happy tax payer] made an interest-free loan to the Government [read: happy tax spender] by overpaying your taxes.
- You lost the use of that money, earned no interest on that money, and get to 'eat' whatever value that money lost to inflation.
As is often said: "Great play, Shakespeare!"
It's smarter to try for 'neutral tax buoyancy' instead (neither underpaying nor overpaying, but zero-ing out) during the year, and at worst writing a very small check at the end of the year.
You will never hear a Democrat saying what Ronaldus Maximus often said (because it's the truth):
"The problem isn't that you're not taxed enough, but that government spends too much."

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More guns=fewer homicides, fewer guns = more homicides..................from Rico

The facts do NOT 'fit' the scripted narrative, nor do they further the Left's politicians and the MSM (already known liars) will lie and exaggerate.
Look at the attached chart and decide for yourself.
Only a moron [read: a politician or a journalist] could conclude anything other than this:
- more guns = fewer homicides
- fewer guns = more homicides

Good idea.................

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Barbara Palvin Topless Photos


Sunday, 18 February 2018

Vindicating Sen McCarthy..................from Rico

This cartoonist captures the very essence of the Hillary-DNC fake dossier and the FBI's fascination with it. For that matter, the delusional mentality of our Leftist frenemies:
          Shiny thing + no substance = Leftist fantasy
And somewhere, J. Edgar is not just face-palming, but wondering how the FBI turned into the Keystone Cops under openly bi-sexual Barry when they did so very well under his own closet-cross dressing?
Meanwhile, the Democrats (C) and the Left are busily (and unwittingly) vindicating Joe McCarthy.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Democrats are criminals..................from Rico

The DemocRATS (C) have a terrible "fixation" on their beloved "Dreamers" and "illegal immigrants" which is rooted solidly in their hatred of America and lust for a wider voting base to "fundamentally change" the nation [read: control it themselves] as quickly as they can.
- Q: When was the last time they did anything positive for the country?
- A: Not since JFK.
What has happened in Sweden (and Rhodesia, or South Africa) is nothing short of cultural genocide by these evil Marxists.
- Illegals are criminals.
- So are Democrats

The AR-15: Americans' Best Defense Against Terror and Crime....................

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Gun Control? You're Killing Me, Lefties...................from Rico

Americans would be better served by NOT listening to their Political Prostitutes and the MSM pond scum...they LIE...and reflect upon Ronald Reagan's words:
    "We must reject the idea that every time a law's   broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker."
TWO COUNTIES in the US account for 51% of the murders in the US. That is out of 3,050 counties.
- If you "guessed" LA and Chicago, you'd be right. Both heavily gun-controlled...and Democrat controlled.
- And, while 54% of ALL counties in the US had NO murders, it seems to be the 'Democrats way' aka the 'Chicago way' to punish the other 3,048 counties for the failures of two counties.
- The 2016 Clinton Archipeligo from 2016 almost matches the US murder map. Mucho murders in Blue areas, no murders in Red areas. Gee, who knew? More legal guns = fewer murders. What a novel concept.
Gun control? Yeah, how about some common-sense gun control, just like they have in Chicago!
- Building a WALL around Chiraq (and maybe some of the other Democrat-created shitholes) would 'solve' the gun control problem, but so would allowing honest and law-abiding  citizens to have their Constitutional Freedom to defend their lives and property [For Democrats read: 2nd Amendment] would too, and at no cost.
There is no such thing as the "common sense gun control" fairy tale the Democrats peddle. Democrats have no common sense.
- "Democrat control" is a much better idea.........

Sanctimony And Hypocrisy From Europe After Florida Shooting.................D.Thomas

The shooting deaths of pupils at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida is another tragedy in a long list of tragedies that have befallen innocent Americans as they go about their daily lives.

After such a horrific incident it is right and proper that vigorous debate takes place to find the causes of the tragedy and to discuss possible solutions to prevent further tragedies in the future.

That is obviously too grown up for so-called ‘progressives’ and their fellow travellers on the left who didn’t waste a minute politicising the incident to push their anti-gun agenda and those from the deep state who used the tragedy in their ongoing effort to tarnish President Trump and remove him from office.

What is truly absurd about this tragedy is the sanctimonious outpourings of some British people and their fellow hypocrites in Europe.

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Cartoon Round Up....

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Kate Upton Is A Masterpiece In These Unique Swimsuits.................

Cartoon Round Up....

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Diversity is strength, slavery is freedom...................from Rico

The ever-reliable MSM has been reporting that the Parkland, FL "shooter" is a Trump supporter.
- The usual assholes have already called for gun control.
In point of fact, the "shooter" was a registered Democrat in FL, who had habituated Syrian rebel internet sites and bomb-building sites.
- Just more "diversity" and "cultural enrichment"...why build the Wall?

And the "winner" is...................from Rico

Gee, this is tough. There are so many incandescently stupid members of Congress, the competition for "who's the dumbest?" is pretty stiff.
- Spoiled for choice...

There... I fixed them...

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