Monday, 22 December 2014

And suddenly overnight...............from Rico

Financial "panic" can (and will) happen suddenly overnight.

Belarus is having an inflation panic.
- Suddenly.
- Overnight.

Bank run. People.
- The people are scrambling to save their savings by turning now-worthless BYR (belarus rubles) into physical assets, emptying bank accounts first and then store shelves.

Capital controls. Government.
- The government is also scrambling blocking online stores and websites, halting FX trading, and announcing a 30% tax on foreign currency purchases.

No plan?
- Neither the people nor the government apparently had a "plan" for this event, but not to 'worry'...neither does the FED, ECB, or BOJ.

Plan in one hand, or HOPE in the other.
- The prudent mariner would be better served by having a "plan" for the day after, and not trusting in the government to save them. And no, HOPE is not a plan..........

Late News.....................

Wicked Mobs, Cop Killers, and the Attorney General

Ernesto de la Fé and the Trial of Fidel Castro

The Coming Obama End Run for Gun Control

A Nation at War with Itself, Crying out for Leadership

Israel, the Obsession

Obamacare's Christmas surprise

Warning of Post-Sony Cyber Attacks on U.S. Grid Underscored by Penetration of South Korean Nuclear Plants’ Computers

Zimbabwean President Mugabe dismisses more government officials

China pledges to help Russia overcome economic hardships

ISIS sneaks behind US-backed Kurdish victories in Iraq to retake Baiji refinery city

In Wake of NY Shooting, Left Abandons ‘Climate of Hate’

I'm from the....................from Rico

I'm from the [insert one of the following...(a) Government, (b) Democratic (C) party, (c) Republicratic (S) party, (d) ALL of the above...] and I am NOT here to help!

The unjust "justice" and unequal "equality" spouted by the Communists infesting Washington and both political parties is based upon a perverted and failed notion of 'equality of outcome.'
- Impoverish everyone equally, and Socialist nirvana can be achieved.

There is a price to pay for admission to their sick dystopian utopia, however.
- The opportunity to start from the same place, and the freedom to succeed or fail needs to be sacrificed and subordinated to the self-selected Komissars.

JHP.....................from Rico

This year Ralphie needs to forget all about his Daisy "Red Ryder" BB gun.

Jacketed. Hollow. Points.

Preferably in .45 ACP........

Control...................from Rico

For the control freaks among us it's ALL about control.

IF enough of the sheeple figure things out for themselves, it's game over.
- Hence the 'push' to create a generation of "Children of the (Common) Core."

The question is whether one 'submits' to this artificial control, or says "lan astaslem" I will not submit."

Jihadis Check In But Don't Check Out.................from Dan Friedman

[Sorry folks, didn’t you get the memo? No do-overs, mulligans, second thoughts or second chances allowed in the Islamic world. df]
Activist says he verified the killings in the Syrian city of Raqqa

The Worst Cop - Wild Bill

Cop haters listen up. The worst cop in the department just might save your life.

Happy Holidays, Marines!

Commandant of the Marine Corps General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., and his wife, Mrs. Dunford, send their holiday greetings to Marines and their families.

Some Monday Rule 5

Can't get enough of the good stuff!

Carmen Electra photo B5KgAriIAAEmyZO_zpsec67b3fd.jpg
See, "Carmen Electra Displays Her Curves at Hollywood Club While Pole Dance Performing New Single."

Also, the necessary encore, "Kate Upton Restored."

More, "Kelly Brook Bikini Shoot for New Look and Old Hard Happy Feelings," andd "The Dudes Are Sending Their Rule 5 Posts, So What the Heck?"

Plus, flashback to "Chantell Rule 5,"

More babe blogging on the way!

Bedtime Totty................

De Basio, Sharpton And Dead Cops - We Reap What We Sow...........From Daniel Thomas

As America comes to terms with the summary execution of two police officers at the hands of a killer who was incited by a government that deliberately stirs up race hatred in pursuit of their political ends, the people themselves have to accept a share of the blame.

Anyone who doesn't understand the race baiting politics of the 'Reverend' Al Sharpton are either not paying attention or ignoring them on purpose because they share his agenda.

Because this race pimp is a self appointed leader of a community which consists mainly of gullible people not known for their intellectual capacity, he lacks official legitimacy. The malign influence he has over his flock however is immense.

Whenever and wherever there is an opportunity to divide and stir up hatred based on skin colour he is usually the first on the scene.

If the devil had a son he would look like Al Sharpton.

It is therefore a sad indictment of elected political leaders that they choose to align themselves with people like Sharpton knowing the divisiveness and hatred they peddle. They do this, not only to ingratiate themselves with his community in the hope of harvesting their votes, but because they actually share his agenda.

The people of New York elected Bill de Blasio as their Mayor knowing full well about his communist sympathies and his political alliances with race pimps like the 'Reverend' Sharpton. As a consequence they must share some of the blame for deaths of these two brave officers.

New York's first, and hopefully last, openly Marxist Mayor shares with Sharpton the anti-police philosophy that is inherent in this perverted creed.

This was recently demonstrated firstly by the admission that de Basio taught his own mixed race son to distrust New York police officers, and secondly by his condoning of an anti-police march by Sharpton which shut down some New York streets and closed the Brooklyn Bridge.

The chanting of the ignorant, deliberately aroused rabble should be replayed to these two cop haters for the rest of the miserable lives.

                                                      What do we want?

                                                      Dead cops

                                                      When do we want them?


(Watch the disgusting spectacle here)

In light of the incitement to hatred against white people and the police, and the rabble rousing by race baiters like Sharpton,  it's no wonder that some idiot would do the inevitable and kill some policemen.

As Mayor, de Blasio will have known about Sharpton and his modus operandi  he should have taken control of the demonstration containing it to a certain area. He also should have had Sharpton arrested under inciting racial hatred laws, the minute he started his rabble rousing.

He is after all supposed to be representing the interests of all New Yorkers not just the professional, agenda driven rent-a-mob.

Mayor de Blasio was elected by the people of New York despite his unwavering support for the brutal Sandinista terrorist organisation that butchered its way to power in Nicaragua, and his support for America's implacable blood drenched enemy, Fidel Castro.

(See de Basio's communist pedigree here, here and here)

The people of New York by choosing an agenda driven communist as their Mayor has resulted in the deaths of two policemen who were doing their duty on behalf of the community. They can atone for this aberration by instigating the recall of de Basio and by being more discerning in their future choice of Mayor.

More from American Thinker

The Mellow Jihadi

The Daily Beast

May officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu Rest in Peace.

Teatime Totty.................

Flashback 2012: Has a race war already begun?...from TPC

For anyone who thinks that race baiting and an agenda of racial divisiveness on the part of Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and now NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is a new thing, here are some examples from 2012 and 2013 showing that it definitely is not!

Cartoon Round Up....


Gangbangers Unbound

Son of Slain Cop Pens Heartfelt Tribute to Dad

Iraqi Kurds, Yazidis fight Islamic State for strategic town of Sinjar

China’s Big Diplomacy Shift

North Korea threatens to attack White House over hacking claims

New York gunman to bystanders: 'Watch what I'm going to do'

French offer boxed cure for anti-Semitism

Civil rights movement distances itself from ‘insanity of lone gunman’ who killed two NYPD officers

EU Gives Hamas Green Light to Attack Israel

Sweden's Christmas Present: New Laws Curbing Free Speech

Snoopy vs. The Red Baron (Snoopy's Christmas)..................

H/T Doverthere

Bloody Hands

Monday Mopsies................

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Executive shake-up ay Sony Pictures...............from Rico

There has been a reorganization, a shake-up, of the executives at Sony Pictures.

The nutless wonders have been replaced by Kim of the NORKS, and Al of the Tawana.

Barry, boy-commissar, has blessed and celebrated this unholy union by smoking some serious dope with brutha Al, inducting him as an honorary member of the Choom Gang.
- They were both too loaded to comment or answer if any reach-arounds were given during the festivities...

NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting - Servin' Up the Second Amendment

Good food, friendly service and a huge helping of freedom — that’s what they’re dishing up at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. “It’s not about politics, it’s a way of life,” says one of the servers, who can be seen with a Ruger Blackhawk .357 strapped on her hip. But she’s not alone, customers carry too and owner Lauren Boebert wouldn’t have it any other way. “We’re certainly able to protect ourselves,” she says.

H/T Pete H

Bedtime Totty...................

Late News..............

MIKE LEE: How Illegal Aliens Will Receive Fast Track to Citizenship Under Obama’s Executive Amnesty

'Beyond redemption': Social media explodes in joy at cop killings

Open Season on Cops

Obama Goes Two for Two

The week the dam broke in Russia and ended Putin's dreams

The End of Tolerance? Anti-Muslim Movement Rattles Germany

Kurdish fighters push into Iraqi town of Sinjar

Driver shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ hits crowd of pedestrians in France

I wonder if, and how much, of this....................from Rico

I wonder IF, and if so, just HOW MUCH of this story will be told in the "Minneapolis Star" (aka The Red Star), the official newspaper of record for the Minnesota DFL Party?*
* For those who don't know, it wasn't enough for Minnesotans to merely have a Democratic (C) had to be the Democratic Farmer Labor party, which is actually a better "fit" for the People's Democratic Republic of Minnesota. But I digress.....

Mall of America, THE largest mall in the US, which is located there, was shutdown by "protestors" Saturday 12-20. Merry Christmas.

HINT: They were NOT protesting the 'revenge' execution-murder of two NYPD cops by a BLACK MUSLIM ACTIVIST named Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley who sold 'kill George Zimmerman' t-shirts, and whose Facebook page quoted the Qu'ran verse 8:60 commanding believers to "Strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah."
- Oh yeah, he also self-identified as an Arabic speaker...something not very common for a typical gang-banger.

Religion of peace? Well aloha snackbar and pork be upon them!

Tom Lehrer - Hanukkah in Santa Monica

H/T Shelly

The Limits of Control................from Rico

Control freaks > Communists is NO leap of logic...

'The Walking Dead' Is a Great Advertisement for the Second Amendment.................

PJTV Member Maxsmodels asks whether TV shows like "The Walking Dead" are promoting gun rights and the Second Amendment. Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle think so. Hear why as they discuss the popular AMC television program about a global zombie apocalypse. Are television writers and producers realizing that there is little money in promoting their own values? Are we about to witness a new found respect in Hollywood for the Bill of Rights and conservative viewpoints? Hear the answers.

What's Up With Jesse Jackson?

I am almost afraid to even bring up this subject because, frankly I don’t want to mess up a good thing, but I have noticed something quite curious. With all of the race related stories in the news lately, where is Jesse Jackson? I know, very few people will complain about his absence, but race pimps being what they are it just isn’t like him let Al Sharpton have all the publicity. Something about this just doesn’t add up. Now, I am not going to attempt to guess exactly what the deal is, but there are a few things I have to wonder about.          (continue reading

At some point patriotism needs to kick in and leaders need to lead!...from TPC

How much damage does the United States need to endure, some of it permanent, before our 'leaders' in Washington take a stand and put nation first and politics second. 

Unfortunately for we regular 'folks' it would appear the answer is an unlimited amount!

Teatime Totty.................

The Cold War Cuban Detritus


By Alan Caruba

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 the Cold War that had existed between it and the U.S. since the end of World War Two came to an end, but there was ditritus, loose ends like Cuba and it has taken until now for an end to the diplomatic obstacles whose roots reach back to the Eisenhower administration. In 1960 it had approved a CIA plan to arm and train a group of Cuban refugees to overthrow the Castro regime.

The Cuban dictator, Flugencio Batista, fled Havana on January 1, 1959 and Fidel Castro and his rebels entered the capital a week later on January 8. One sees the world through the prism of one’s own life and, that event was six months prior to my graduating from the University of Miami.

Among my friends in college were young men who were the children of well-to-do Cubans, so I was more aware of what was occurring than most my age when Castro took over. In 1960 I was inducted into the army and it was big news when the Bay of Pigs invasion occurred on April 14, 1961. President Kennedy had moved ahead on the CIA plan, but it was a failure and it was followed by the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962. The nation was literally on the edge of nuclear confrontation.

In the lead up to that the Second Infantry Division of which my unit was a part ceased its training mission and converted to one of battle readiness. In my case, however, I had already been discharged in April 1962. Kennedy declared a blockage of Cuba which had installed the Soviet missiles. Wisely, the Soviet Premier Nikita Krushchev agreed to remove them.
Cuba was and is the classic Soviet-style Communist regime. During the 1970s Fidel Castro dispatched troops to Soviet-supported wars in Africa. Cuba’s economy was always lean and its workers make about twenty dollars a month in U.S. dollars. In 1962 Cuba was suspended from the Organization of American States (OAS) that imposed sanctions against Cuba, but 1975 the OAS lifted its sanctions with the approval of sixteen member states and the U.S. but the U.S. has maintained its own sanctions from the days of the missile crisis.

Suffice to say Cuba has a long history of human rights abuses. It represses any political dissent and life for Cubans is devoid of free speech, free association, privacy, and due process of law; rights which Americans and others in free nations take for granted.

For some 53 years, the U.S has had no direct diplomatic relations with Cuba and when President Obama made the announcement that he was moving to normalize relations it was big news. It had been preceded by 18 months of secret negotiations about which, reportedly, no member of Congress was informed about. While it infuriated the Cuban-American communities most people, inside and outside of government agreed it was time, if not overdue, for this action.

There will be much speculation that normalization will be good news for the Cuban people and one can surely hope so, but until the brothers, Fidel and Raul—declared the new president in 2008 when Fidel resigned—are dead, the likelihood for any real improvement in their lives is distant.

In a similar fashion, many American business and agricultural interests are no doubt making plans to become a part of the Cuban economy, but they had better proceed with care. Cuba is still Communist in most respects despite Raul Castro’s efforts to portray himself as a reformer and Cuba a place where foreign business are welcome and can thrive. In 2012 he relaxed property rights, expanded land leases, and licensed businesses from pizza joints to private gyms.

In reality, Raul Castro has, as reported in McClean’s magazine in 2012, “scared off more joint ventures than he has attracted, jeopardizing the investment Cuba needs to succeed. Spanish oil giant Repsol quit the country. Canada’s Pizza Nova, which had six Cuban locations, packed its bags, as did Telecom Italia.” In one case after another, those who hoped to do business in Cuba were disappointed. In 2013 a British company, one of the biggest and most important business partners of Castro’s military and a key investor in the tourism industry was suddenly confiscated and its principals were imprisoned.

One dramatic example is Stephen Purvis, a British architect who, since 2000 had developed tourism projects, factories and docks through his company that was financed by private European backers. After living in Cuba for ten years with his family and investing heavily in it, he was rewarded by being imprisoned after being accused of spying. He would spend 16 months in Cuban jails until being able to flee. Everything his company owned was confiscated. He has since warned others against doing business with the Castros.

Since 1959, more than one million Cubans, about ten percent of the population, have fled Cuba, many of whom found a new home in America. When that many people wanted to leave, it tells you something is terribly wrong with life in Cuba. The tentative steps toward normalization after all this time are necessary, but the American government should proceed with care in the years ahead.

© Alan Caruba

Figured Them Out Yet?.................from Rico

Let's connect a few dots.

The TV personality "reverend" Al Sharpton is now calling for Congress to take "immediate action" to do something about a problem that has been completely manufactured and totally fabricated.
- Yeah, THAT Al who is a frequent visitor and advisor to the Communist-controlled White House (Red Shed) and is also the unofficial Vice Mayor to DeBlasio of Communist-controlled NYC.

There is an obvious AGENDA here.

The "riots" (Ferguson, NYC, et al) that were instigated, aided, and abetted by the DOJ under notable racist bigot Eric dickHolder as directed by notable racist bigot Barry dickSmoker by the race-baiter/race-pimp industry operated by the likes of Tawana Al and Je$$e to 'prove' how evil and racist the police are merely a STRATEGY towards a goal.

The GOAL? More control. A nationalized federalized POLICE force. CONTROL of the police.

Far-fetched? The fed's have already nationalized and taken control of the US healthcare system (a huge portion of the national economy), why not the soon-to-no-longer-be the local police too?

A word of caution to the thin blue your ass and cover your six Barney Fife. Especially the Sheriff's who are, for now, the supreme policing authority in America's counties. The Commie rump-rangers are coming after us all...........

Video of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's protesters chanting for 'dead cops'...from TPC

The video in this article shows the piece of crap protesters that were chanting for 'dead cops' and who sadly got their wish yesterday as two NYC cops were murdered execution-style as they sat in their car.

American Mythology - Wild Bill

How will historians look back on liberal America? Bill has some thoughts

Cartoon Round Up....