Wednesday, 15 August 2018

NFL. No, just NO..........from Rico

Watch the NFL?

- You have got to be shitting me.


Not any more.

- No, just NO.


If one wanted to be 'knee' deep in shit and watch men prance about in skirts like girls, San Francisco is the place to be.

- And be sure to wear some flowers in your hair...

Socialism is a Scam...from Rico

This reminded me of a photo I saw not long ago of the Socialist dictator of Venezuela, Maduro, sporting a nice Rolex watch.

- Socialism makes everyone equally poor...except the 'leaders' running the scam.

You get my drift.........

Sorry couldn't find better pic for comparison........

MN: You have GOT to be shitting me.........from Rico

America, do you realize what you are up against?

- Minnesotans, have you absolutely no.fucking.clue?


MN Sen and Deputy Chair of the DNC Keith X. Ellison has won his primary contest to be Minnesota's AG despitebeing a woman-abusing, Muslim, Democrat (C)...or perhaps because?

- Oh, did I fail to mention he is also a Marxist Communist? Pardon me. That makes my question infra rhetorical.


Elections have consequences, and the 2018 mid-terms are no exception to this rule.

- Voters. Do you want America to become Venezuela? Minnesota to become Somalia?


#MeToo and the entire Democrat (C) political hierarchy were, for a change, silent......

About that First Amendment.........from Rico

The MSM has changed from being the "press" to "suppress" and has been accompanied by the digital censorship imposed by 'social media' (you know who they are).

- They have decided they should control what you see, say, and hear...for your own good, of course.


Here's a clue for you self-selected masters of information to 'collectively' consider:

- If your 'standards' are to stifle dissenting opinion and silence your opposition, your standards suck.

- Whether you are burning books, or electronic bytes, you are a fascist and anti-civilization/anti-freedom, you suck.

H/T Doverthere

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Cartoon Round Up....

Well and Truly Strzok'ed............from Rico

Gee, is the only consequence for election tampering and sedition/treason against the US and the Presidency firing?

- It should be firing squad, instead of waiting to see whether he goes to CNN or MSNBC.


I wonder if he gets to keep his security clearance like those other traitors Brennan and Clapper?

Diversity is Strength - Sweden.........from Rico

It is not just Canada, but Sweden that has discovered that "diversity is strength"...

- And the EU 'paradise' is lost.


Social Democrats want this for YOU.

- Remember and VOTE in 2018! 

Projection..........from Rico

WHO controls the fake news?


WHY is AntiFa allowed to incite violence, wear masks, make threats, use/carry weapons, and cause physical harm to others who oppose them?


WHAT does it tell you that when it is the Left that condones the violence?


[Projection: look up the definition for yourself]

H/T Doverthere

Voting Democrat in 2018? Why?.........from Rico

Thinking of voting Democrat (C) in the 2018 mid-terms?

- Why? Are you fucking stoopid?


Consider this:

- Democrat (C), Deputy Chair of the DNC, is Keith X. Ellison, from MN's 5th Congressional district. He is a radical Muslim leftist, and a BFF of Louis Farrakhan.


He is also a wanna-be AntiFa boy.

- Yeah, the AntiFa that just called for the overthrow of the US.



- Cocksuckers.


In other news: The last Minnesota Democrat (DFL) that was worth a shit, Hubert H. Humphrey, is rotating at high rpm's in his grave.

H/T Doverthere

Not For Long.........from Rico

Hey, NFL...stupid has consequences!

- Learn from the Democrats (C)...#WalkAway isn't just for them, but for you too.

H/T Doverthere

Monday, 13 August 2018

Hottie Blanca Blanco's Nipples Pop Out of Her Swimsuit

Here, "Blanca Blanco Nipple Pop."

Well, hey, nice nips. (*Shrugs.*)

Ask...........from Rico

Assuming the flouride and the 24/7 MSM indoctrination/brainwashing hasn't yet 'taken' then you must ask.

- Why is this trivial shit considered "news?"


When the fake news is presenting what they say is "news" to you [think: Porny Daniels, and now Omarosa] what are they NOT telling anyone?

- Look for what you are notbeing told, and ignore what you are being told.


They are stupid.

- You are not.

Cartoon Round Up....

Fake News and the Horse They Rode In On

About that 'Blue Wave'........from Rico

Don't be 'surprised' when that much-promoted by the Leftards 'Blue Wave' this coming November turns out to be just like this...[attached].

- Not that they're trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, or anything like that...just be aware that the self-licking fudgecicle being peddled is not fudge.

Laundering truth........from Rico

This goes far beyond the RICO statute.


The media aka MSM has been laundering the truth.

- The media has been exposed as merged with DOJ/FBI corruption. They were witting, willing, and voluntary participants.


Buzzfeed, the Washington (com)Post, and NYT all had the SECRET unredacted FISA warrant applications for over a year.

- Say again: For over a year.


James Wolfe 'leaked' to them 17 Mar 2017.

- Since then, the MSM has kept the facts hidden and has falsely reported ever since.


Fake news anybody?

- Criminals.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Waste not, want not...from Rico

It is not too much for a gentleman to ask, not at all.

- It's quite reasonable, actually.


Like W.C. Fields once famously remarked on how he went broke: "I spent half my money on liquor and women, the other half I wasted..."

- Every day a holiday, and every meal a feast.

Voter Fraud vs Voter ID........from Rico

Voter Fraud, unlike "Russiagate" it's real.

- Has been for a long time. [Whistle the song "Chicago" with me now, Democrats].


In Ohio's 12th Congressional District:

- There are 170 registered voters over 116 years old.

- 124 of them are 218 years old.

*72 of them [aka "dead"] voted in 2016.


How many in the rest of Ohio?

- And in other states?


It's not rocket science, and it's not racist.

- It's a simple "fix" and could be done nation-wide in the US before the 2018 mid-term elections.


No valid ID = No Vote.

- Try and vote in Mexico without a valid ID. Some places in the world require several forms of ID.


America is the only country on earth where you can die and still vote (so long as you vote Democrat).

Cartoon Round Up....

Minnesota: Svenskarnasdag with Goats.........from Rico

This is what the Socialists meant by "fundamental transformation"...


I have watched with equal amounts of amazement, horror, shock, and sorrow as Sweden voluntarily committed cultural suicide.

- What gives? They are not stupid people by any means.


Socialism taken to the extreme has killed Sweden forever.


Now Minnesota? [For those who do not know, Minnesota used to be largely populated by Swedes and Norwegians, who were convinced that 'diversity' was somehow 'good'...but without any evidence or facts presented to support the allegation...and now has become a mirror-image of the failed African state Somalia, and may well become a failed US state itself.]


Think I exaggerate? Consider this headline: Minnesotan Democrat Candidate for Congress Divorces Her Brother.

- Now read that once again. WTF?


Those wild and crazy Lutheran kids, I tell 'ya!

- What gives? They are not stupid people by any means.

- What happened? Did all the lutefisk go bad? Were the lingonberries somehow tainted? Was the coffee at the Lutheran brunch spiked with LSD?


Socialism taken to the extreme threatens to kill Minnesota forever.

- Svenskarnasdag with goats just won't be the same...

Dawn of the Digital Dark Age........from Rico

Witness the dawn of the Digital Dark Age.

- A handful of "social media" giants (you know who they are) now have near-complete control over many aspects of most peoples modern existence.


These cultural terrorists have brought you an Orwellian dystopia where the self-selected 'elites' of Silicon Valley and the Swamp will decide what you need to see, and what you don't, seizing unilaterally virtuasl digital control over free speech and a free society.

- Disagree, and you will be deleted. Terminated. Just ask Alex Jones. He won't be the last...


But these "thought police" are doing it for your own good, deplorables!


PS - Now think about 'digital money' and the control YOU give up, and the absolute control these trustworthy, altruisitic, your benevolent "masters" would gain.

- Still think it's a good idea?