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Fast and Furious back in the news! (Video)...from TPC

Fast and Furious may be back on the front burner to join Ebola and ISIS as active examples of Obama administration corruption, scandal and incompetence!


Tired of listening to Progressives tell you that the Second Amendment only allows people in militias to keep and bear arms? Or that the Founders would have never intended the Second Amendment to apply to modern weapons? In his latest FIREWALL Bill recounts a remarkable conversation about the precise wording of the Second Amendment, and sums up why the document says what it means and means what it says

Ebola in NYC is no longer just a hypothetical possibility!...from TPC

Flashback to October 19th and one more example of Obama administration failure!

The CDC released a report titled 'Surveillance and Preparedness for Ebola Virus Disease — New York City, 2014' but, at least for this New Yorker, it appears to be more of the same reaction rather than proaction!

What would happen if there was an outbreak here?

Read more at LI here.

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Frank understood long before most did.......................from Rico

That great Italian-American and musician was also a 'thinker' (something that precluded his ever holding elected office) and he was 'on' to something many years and/or decades before some 'got it'.....and before about the 52% who still do NOT 'get it.'

America's founding fathers over two centuries ago understood the hard truth, but it has been lost and obfuscated by the "progressives" that infest the media complex, education, Hollywood, and the "beltway" (aka D.C. - the District of Criminals).

What is it?
- The Federal government is THE greatest threat to the American way of life today.

Bleeding parasites the lot of 'em!

Red Friday Totty................

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Let's go for a walk...................from Rico

If this .gif does NOT capture what it is like when the words "let's go for a walk" are said, then something is horribly amiss...

Louie-the-dog is exactly like this..........

Overnight News.............

Microsoft co-founder Allen to give $100M to fight Ebola

Britain's smallest home sells for £275,000

CDC lost its Ebola gamble

Dem Rep. Jared Polis Is Fired Up For The Colorado “Erection”

Alabama man gets $1,000 in police settlement​, his lawyers get $459,000

Sphinx's Missing Head Found Within Tomb

Starving Liberians: We'll Break Ebola Quarantine

Why Twitter Is Paying For Your Cell Phone Number

Weather Service stops receiving satellite data, issues notice about forecast quality

Notre Dame Professor Hits School President After Pro-Gay Policy

Mooch Touts Dem Sen. Mark Udall As A “Fifth-Generation Coloradan” – One Problem, His GOP Opponent Is The Fifth-Generation Coloradan

Ingraham: Scott Brown Gets It

US Military rescues ISIS sex slaves..............

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Sgt. at Arms Ovation in Canadian Parliament................

The ovation given to Canadian Sgt. at Arms Kevin Vickers the day after he stopped a shooter in the parliament building

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Palate Cleanser with Kelly Brook

Here, "Kelly Brook 2015 Calendar (PHOTOS)."

Pretty classy calendar (with tits to die for, as always).

BONUS: "Here's Some Kelly Brook to Hold You Over ..." (Hourglass figure. So freakin' tasty.)

Some U.S. Hospitals Weigh Withholding Care to Ebola Patients

Democrats love death panels, so it'll be no surprise when Ebola patients are denied treatment.

Here, "Ebola Death Panels?"

Behati Prinsloo Gets Tight for Victoria’s Secret

A nice babe.

And very tight!

See, "Behati Prinsloo Luscious Lingerie Shoot for Victoria's Secret October 2014."

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Andrew Klavan: Just Say No To Emma Watson and Feminism..................

In which our gentlemanly host, Andrew Klavan, says no to Emma Watson and the dreadful lies of feminism

Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?................

To call someone a racist is a serious charge. A racist is someone who believes that one person is superior (or inferior) to another person simply based on their skin color. It’s a belief that is both foolish and stupid. But conservatives are accused by progressives of being racist on an almost daily basis. Is it a fair accusation? Or, is it just political posturing? And, if it is political posturing, what does it say about the people making the charge? Derryck Green of Project 21 has some provocative answers

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Pic Dump................

Free Fire Zone ISIS Military Prowess...................

Jim Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, discusses the military capabilities of the ISIS terror group. They have won a number of battles and taken over large amounts of territory, but how good are they as an actual Army?

Late News................

Israel's Security and Unintended Consequences

Football Coach Fired Because Eating Watermelon Is Racist

Black Mob Violence on Campus: Soft Targets Everywhere

GOOD GUY WITH A GUN SAVED LIVES: Sergeant-At-Arms Walks Like A Boss, Gun In Hand, Just After He Killed The Muslim Terrorist

Decorated soldier from 'Black Hawk Down' battle in Somalia dies at 52

Records show Obama lied to Congress about released illegal immigrants

Top Meteorolog​ist: Climate Change 'Nothing but a Lie'

Late-break​ing scandal could cost GOP expected South Dakota Senate seat

America’s October Worries

Chilling free speech: Fed's passion to monitor us has become insatiable

Loyola University Chicago to Host Annual Drag Show

Unrest, instability, intifada — whatever its name, it’s in Hamas’s interest

Save the fishes! Drill offshore

Suspected Boko Haram militants kidnap 25 girls from Nigerian town

North Korea Bans All Tourism Over Ebola Concerns

Ottawa shooting: Isil-inspired lone-wolf attacks are a threat everywhere in the West

Parting shot: No fond farewell for 82nd paratroopers in Afghanistan

The Zombie System: How Capitalism Has Gone Off the Rails

Obama has awakened the sleeping giant – American women

Prime Minister Stephen Harper Doesn’t hide behind other names for Terrorism

Reports: Infant Murdered by Hamas Militant in Israel was an American

Notorious police killer to be released

Special report: America's perpetual state of emergency

VA Promotes Pittsburgh Official Who Hid Deadly Legionnaire’s Outbreak

WHO says Ebola outbreak continues to spread in West Africa

Thigh bone reveals timing of human-Nean​derthal sex

Faces of OUR Freedom: High Speed Experience 2014...............

Faces of our Freedom or (FOOF!) is a program administered by the Boot Campaign to show gratitude to our military heroes and their families through unforgettable experiences, and to raise awareness within the community about the need for continued support

Jabotinsky​'s "Idiots"................from Dan Friedman

(Reuters) - A daughter of the leader of Hamas in Gaza was admitted to an Israeli hospital for emergency medical treatment this month after she suffered complications from a routine procedure, two sources familiar with the case said.
Reports named the driver as Abdel Rahman Al-Shaludi, saying he was a Hamas supporter who had recently been released from prison.
--Vladimir Jabotinsky, 1923

After Two World Wars EU Bureaucrats Finally Govern Great Britain...........From Daniel Thomas

When EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barrosso appeared on prime time television and proceeded to shred Prime Minister David Cameron's agenda to pieces, it left the viewer in no doubt who governs Great Britain. It also left the viewer in no doubt that David Cameron, by continuing to talk about repatriating powers, including border control, is either in denial or totally deluded in his desperate attempt to cling on to power.
(Interview here)

A disciple of Chairman Mao, Jose Manuel Barrosso is one in a long line of EU bureaucrats who have so little regard for Great Britain that they feel confident enough to lecture David Cameron and the British people on what their future policies will be.

Apart from the usual suspects from the 'progressive' left, together with the Liberal Democrats and the rest of the self loathing community, the British people are almost unanimous in their opposition to open border mass immigration and the access of economic migrants to their taxpayer funded welfare benefits. This includes access to housing, education and health care which are now strained to the point of collapse.

As a self confessed Europhile and a committed supporter of the federal superstate project, David Cameron studiously ignored the wishes of the British people until the rise of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) threatened to derail the project, throwing Cameron out of office in the process.

He has continued to surrender British sovereignty to Brussels and despite solemn promises to the people, he has failed to curb mass immigration. On the contrary, to comply with EU diktats immigration is increasing year on year equivalent to a city the size of Strasbourg.

In a desperate attempt to cling on to office, Cameron is reduced to making promises he knows he can't keep with regard to curbing mass immigration and restricting access to the taxpayers welfare system.

It would appear that every time he makes a promise to the British people there's an EU bureaucrat waiting at the ready to chastise him, letting him know who governs Great Britain in the process.

Who would have guessed that a British Prime Minister would be humiliated on prime time television by an unelected Portuguese bureaucrat?

David Cameron's humiliation doesn't end there. In the recent past he has been publicly put down by a number of foreign bureaucrats including Cecilia Malmstron from Sweden, Ollie Rhen from Finland, Mark Rutte from Holland, Laszio Andor from Hungary and even a chap named Aligurdius Ballevioius from Lithuania.
(Reding slap down here)

Barrosso's replacement as the unelected President Europe, Jean-Claude Junker, is an even bigger humiliation for David Cameron. Having suffered a defeat over Junker's appointment, this Euro federalist fanatic has promised to make immigration into Great Britain even easier - he has listed this as a prime aspiration of his tenure in office.
(Junker's appointment here, immigration slap down here)

However powerful these bureaucrats are, they are mere cheerleaders for the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She has told Cameron in no uncertain terms, and on many occasions, that 'ever closer union' and mass immigration are not negotiable now or in the future. It is accepted, even by Junker and his army of bureaucrats, that when it comes to the direction of the EU, what Merkel says goes.

If David Cameron is serious about repatriating powers from the EU bureaucrats back to the people, then it would make sense to have a moratorium on surrendering any further sovereignty until the re-negotiation and referendum are complete. It would also make sense to have a similar moratorium on any further immigration into Great Britain.

The fact is that David Cameron hails from a remote elite who's only experience in the world outside of exclusive educational establishments and privilege was four years as a PR executive for a now failed television company. This has left him bereft of the skills necessary to stand up to the hardened agenda driven, career bureaucrats such as Merkel and Junker.

Embarrassingly they are in the habit of treating him like an errant schoolboy whenever he articulates the wishes of the people he represents.

A week truly is a long time in politics. After ignoring the increasingly desperate pleas of the long suffering British people for years, Barrosso's latest public slap down has provoked Cameron to make statements that he himself claimed were racist just a few days ago.

After publicly declaring his fealty to the European Union and its ruling bureaucrats, including Barrosso, Cameron has now declared that the British people are his only boss.
(Cameron's declaration here)

If this is true then the decades long nightmare is finally over for the British people. They demand that David Cameron implements the following without delay:

a) A referendum on Great Britain's membership of the European Union.

b) No further implementation of the Lisbon Treat due on 1st November which effectively ends the supremacy of the UK Parliament.
(See the story here)

c) A suspension of all but emergency foreign aid.

d) Using the precedent set by other EU members, the deportation of foreign criminals together with illegal immigrants and those who's asylum requests have been refused.

e) the freedom to conclude trade deals with members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

f) The supremacy of British law over all other laws including sharia.

This list is not exclusive but is a start for Cameron to demonstrate that his final acceptance of his subservience to the will of the British people is genuine and not just another of his cast iron guarantees.

(A previous post on Cameron subservience here)

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News Flash re Ebola..................

More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died of Ebola.

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Always an excuse to play it............

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The Islamic Madness Persists


By Alan Caruba

The lull in the coverage of all things Islamic was broken by two terrorist attacks in Canada, a reminder that so long as the world does not unite to destroy the Islamic State, we shall all remain vulnerable. A “lone wolf” terrorist can kill you just as dead as one in a terrorist organization, particularly one encouraging these attacks.

While the media’s herd mentality continues to report about Ebola in West Africa and gears up for massive coverage of the forthcoming November 4 midterm elections, the Middle East remains in a low state of boil, never failing to produce bombings, skirmishes, and the usual inhumanities we associate with Islam.

Americans pay attention to the Middle East only when blood is flowing and at the present time the only element generating that is the Islamic State (ISIS) which continues to attack Kobani in northern Syria and assault the Yazidis and other targets in Iraq. The U.S., Britain and France are bombing ISIS forces, largely to protect and assist the Kurdish Peshmerga forces, the only fighting force of any consequence.

Virtually unreported are the 18 million Muslim refugees throughout out the Middle East. The U.N. reports that these and internally displaced persons reflect the turmoil in Afghanistan, Iraq. Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. To grasp this, think about what either the U.S. or Europe would be like with a comparable number of refugees.

As David P. Goldman, a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and Wax Family Writing Fellow at the Middle East Forum, noted October 20 on the Forum website, “That is cause for desperation: unprecedented numbers of people have been torn from traditional society and driven from their homes, many with little but the clothes on their backs.”

“There are millions of young men in the Muslim world sitting in refugee camps with nothing to do, nowhere to go back to, and nothing to look forward to…never has an extremist movement had so many frustrated and footloose young men in its prospective recruitment pool.”

So what does John Kerry, our Secretary of State, think is the greatest problem in the Middle East? While discussing the ISIS coalition with Middle East leaders, Kerry expressed the opinion a week ago that the Israeli-Palestine situation was the real problem. Apparently he is unaware that there is no Palestinian state and never has been. The one on the West Bank exists thanks to Israeli support and the one in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, provoked Israeli defense measures by rocketing it for months.

Prof. Efraim Inbar, director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies and a Shillman/Ginsberg fellow at the Middle East Forum, has a quite different point of view. “In reality, however, the novelty of the Islamic State, as well as the magnitude of the threat it poses, are greatly exaggerated.”

Noting that many of the Arab states have “failed to modernize and deliver basic services” Prof. Inbar has little anticipation that ISIS could do that either. Moreover “Much of the fragmented Arab world will be busy dealing with its domestic problems for decades, minimizing the possibility that it will turn into a formidable enemy for Israel or the West.”

What has seemed to escape Kerry’s and the President’s attention is the threat of a nuclear armed Iran. The negotiations to encourage Iran to step back from its efforts to create the warheads for its missiles do not appear to promise a favorable outcome. Iran managed to get some sanctions lifted and that was likely why Iran entered into them. They don’t care what the West or the rest of the Middle East wants.

Neither Israel, nor Saudi Arabia are as na├»ve as the U.S. In March, Richard Silverstein, writing in Tikun Olam, reported that “the level of intense cooperation between Israel and Saudi Arabia in targeting Iran has become clear. Saudi Arabia isn’t just coordinating its own intelligence efforts with Israel. It’s actually financing a good deal of Israel’s very expensive campaign against Iran.” A recent explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility suggests that the campaign is still quite active.

Noting “airtight military censorship in Israel”, Silverstein pointed out that information about the Israeli-Saudi relationship would not have been reported in an Israeli daily newspaper, Maariv, if both governments did not want Iran and the U.S. to know. In effect, the Saudis have replaced the U.S. as a source of support given President Obama’s barely concealed dislike of Israel.

“But Israel,” wrote Silverstein, “isn’t going to war tomorrow.” Israel will watch the outcome of the U.S.-Iran negotiations and determine what action to take or not at that point. Meanwhile, it will keep the pressure on Iran with its covert program.

At some point the news media will begin to pay more attention to the Middle East. It will not get much cooperation, however, from ISIS because the Islamic State has made it clear that only journalists that obey its rules and write what it wants will live very long.

The “religion of peace”, Islam, has not produced much peace in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world for the last 1,400 years. 
© Alan Caruba, 2014

Ukip Calypso.................

.....just to piss off the lefties!!

Jeanne Robertson - "Don't Trick or Treat Without the Right Costume"................

Gillespie-Warner: The Clash of the Establishments

November 4th is almost upon us, and unlike some election cycles many of the races this year are not yet won; the race here in Virginia between incumbent Democrat Mark Warner and challenger Ed Gillespie is one of them. For the benefit of those not in Virginia, Warner has been ads that amount to pointing out that Ed Gillespie was one of Washington’s highest paid lobbyists, and accusing him of wanting people to put their Social Security benefits at risk. Gillespie has refrained from responding to those ads, choosing instead to point out that Warner has voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time, and that he supports Obamacare. More recently Gillespie ads have attacked Warner for talking to a Virginia lawmaker about a job for his daughter, a scandal that may be a game changer.   (continue reading)

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Driving and Regressive Taxation...from TPC

Thoughts and opinions concerning the real reason for school zone speed cameras on Long Island and across New York State!

Read at LI here.

Cartoon Round Up....


Michael Brown Official Autopsy Results Are In And The Race-Baiters Ain’t Gonna Like It

Camel maker Reynolds halts workplace smoking

A Reader Recounts More Stories Of Immigrants Who Don't Believe In Germs

U.S. misinforme​d Congress, public on immigrant release

Here Are Some Robots We Could Use To Fight Ebola in Africa

Obama may not care if the Dems lose the Senate

China wants closer military ties with Iran

How Seapower Can Win Hearts and Minds

Al-Qaeda Declares War on China, Too

Brave as lions but poorly led – the British heroes of Helmand

German U-boat wreck discovered off North Carolina coast

Battle for Kobani: As the World Watches, Turkey Looks Away

Amnesty for 34 Million Illegal Aliens

Democrats Fed Up With Obama's Inept, Embarrassing White House

American Voter Guide 2014 (Video 1)............

Thursday Totty...............

Overnight News..............

Columbia Papa John's employee shot, killed during robbery

The United States of Emergency

Korea's Fastest Internet Will Leave America in the Dust

5 House races may predict political tide

Terror attacks in Canada warn of things to come

Koch-linke​d PAC raises more than $20 million

Officials propose making 'South Florida' 51st state

Notre Dame to hold 'Gay in Christ' conference

Lower oil prices push Russia toward recession

Al Sharpton On Terror Attack In Canada: “What’s The Latest Tonight In Iowa?”

Chinese Salafism and the Saudi Connection

40% of U.S. web users harassed online

The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit.............

As the official airline of Middle-earth, Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate the third and final film in The Hobbit Trilogy - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Starring Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson; we're thrilled to unveil The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made

Chewie Breaks Up Hollywood Brawl Between Batgirl and Mr. Incredible

Chewbacca --- and Freddie Krueger! --- break up the brawl.

Watch, "Video: Batgirl, Mr. Incredible Knockdown Fight in Hollywood."

Sylvie Meis Lingerie Shoot Smokin' Dutch Delights

Nice, "Fabulous Dutch Hottie Sylvie Meis Lingerie Shoot for Hunkemoller Dessous."

Rant about race more telling than author thought

When Rebecca Carroll penned her piece for The New Republic entitled "I'm a Black Journalist. I'm Quitting Because I'm Tired of Newsroom Racism", she probably felt like she was exposing the inherent racism in American media. To be honest, she did to an extent. For many conservatives and libertarians, Carroll's words were about as shocking as a headline reading "The Sky is Blue".

However, Carroll also revealed a flip side to the issue of race discussion that she's probably unaware of.    (continue reading)

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Late News............

Dept. of justice .... the office of expropriation ....

Blackwater guards found guilty in Iraq shootings

The Politics of Victimhood by VDH

EU Tyranny: New Law against Democratically Dismantling EU from Within

Palestinian Statehood?

Does Kerry Think that 18 Million Muslim Refugees Are Irrelevant to ISIS?

Huge, honkin’ gold nugget hits the market in S.F.

Canadian soldier shot at Ottawa War Memorial; shots fired on Parliament Hill

UK man faked coma for 2 years to avoid court

His Chickens are Coming Home to Roost !

How Ayn Rand Captured The Magic Of American Life

Why Did the Police Need Snipers at a New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival?

Sorry, Aryans: The "Miss Hitler" Pageant Has Been Canceled

Is ACORN behind violent unrest in Ferguson?

Seattle's best-paid employee sues over treatment following fire department scandal

Nothing better to do: Obama Defense Department to fight global warming

Ron Klain’s Unpromising First Day of Work

The UN’s got the money, the UN’s got the water

Nazi submarine wreck found off coast of U.S. likely contains remains of 45 German soldiers

Thomas Friedman is a Joke...............from Dan Friedman, October 17, 2014

Teatime Totty...............

The US Economy: Trick or Treat?...from TPC

17 statistics about the current state of the US economy and Americans in general you are likely not aware of!

Read at LI here.