Monday, 23 September 2019

Bean Burrito's and Taco's for ALL my Climate Shithead Friends...................from Rico

It was quite a few years ago when the lovely and talented songstress Sheryl Crow and her pal Mrs. Larry David were lecturing Americans to 'only use one square/sheet of toilet paper' at a sitting, to 'save the planet' or some such ludicrous thing.
- This is merely to illustrate that the bat-shit crazy in Hollyweird and among the collective Left has been around for a long time now.
As this smug, well-intended, Climate Change protester demonstrates recently with her equally clever-yet-clueless sign [attached].
- Use less paper? Oh for fuck's sake! We need to encourage positive things, like paper products that derive from renewable...not just sustainable...things like TREES (which also create oxygen for us to breath from that -gasp- eeeevil carbon dioxide via a process called photosynthesis).
The next time I'm dealing with the aftermath of a bean burrito or a hot taco session, one square/sheet of toilet paper ain't gonna 'git 'er done I ga.ron.tee you, 'ya dumbasses!

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Cartoon Round Up....

The Climate Commie Con...............from Rico

It's not really all that hard to figure out, but many haven't yet.
- Climate (insert the whine du jour) is a Communist CON.
Seriously, only Leftards are disingenuous [read: stupid, clueless] enough to try and make WEATHER their Trojan Horse for Socialist control of the masses.
- C'mon!
Connect some dots:
- Antifa (anti fascist) is openly Communist.
- Look at Democracy being blamed for a flaming world on this Climate Schnook's protest sign.
- Here is St Greta of the Climate Change Cult in her anti fascist shirt. [Do you think her much-publicized meeting* with that Communist twinkletoes Barry Soetoro was coincidental?]
*You had to be quick, but the aired video of their meeting showed a large Socialist 'raised fist' decorating Barry's wall. That's a clue even the 'clueless' should not have missed.
Buy WHY NOT listen to the Lefties who so obviously are smarter than you are (just ask 'em, they'll tell 'ya)?
- You know the ones who want to BAN RIFLES because they cause deaths, while defending ABORTION as a right. yeah, those shmendricks. [attached germane]

H/T Liz B

Never coming back, and can't go back...................from Rico

Wow, just wow!
Back when I was a boy in the 1960's, anything with wheels and a motor was 'cool' but the "Honda 50" (aptly-named, they were 49cc) motorbikes popularized by the beach Boys was IT. Electric starter, 4-stroke. Everyone wanted one. [see attached: they were mostly red-and-white]
- I did too, but I was 'lucky' to have a 100cc Italian bike, 2-stroker with only a kick-start (yeah, the oil constantly fouled the plug). But I digress...
Nostalgia bites hard!
- I just 'discovered' a running, complete, maintained, decent condition, pair of 1971 Honda C-70's, along with a virtually identical 1980. They are exact duplicates of the "50's" sold in the 1960's, fairings and all, just re-branded "70's" (although still 49cc). 
I almost bought one of 'em on the spot! But...on reflection, despite a very reasonable/affordable 'asking' price, and a strong nostalgic 'itch' to add to my toy collection, I had to ask myself WTF would I really do with a 50-year-old motorbike (besides replacing old worn parts and performing a lot of maintenance)? Would I really ride it?
- Sure, one of these would look awfully nice in the living room, but would make a lousy coffee table.
I can buy a new 'classic look' motorcycle with fewer headaches, more reliability, plus greater cc that I would actually enjoy riding worry-free...and thus ride.
Sigh. I think I'll "pass" on making a deal, but with admittedly with some regret.
...50 years was a long time ago; it's never coming back, and I can never go back.


Oktoberfest has begun..................from Rico

Good news!
Munich's Oktoberfest has now begun.
- For Americans: Yes, it starts in September...but seriously, would you 'wait' until next month for tasty schnickengruben's and some of the world's best beer if you had a choice?
Pro tip: Not for light-weights, the Enzian (Bavarian moonshine) is well worth sampling!

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Page 3 Model Rhian Sugden Total Nude Photos Leaked


You don't get to see this babe's muff in the tabloids.

See, "Leaked: All-Nude Photos of Big-Breasted Rhian Sugden."

She's looking good!

'Climate Scam' Unmasked...............from Rico

"Never let a good crisis go to waste, even if you have to completely make the crisis up."
                       Leftist aka Democrat Playbook
'Climate Change' the Democrat party, is just another Leftist scam* and both are merely Socialism in Drag.
The current climate hysteria has NOTHING to do with the climate and everything to do with suckering the naive, gullible, and stupid into accepting Leftist control. 
When you unmask Al Gore's recent replacement, Greta of the Climate Cult, you find the usual Leftist culprits up to their same filthy tricks.
- Like Marxism/Communism itself, this has been a multi-dimensional long-con that's virtually identical to a 'Masoyashi Scheme' [read: a sophisticated Ponzi scheme]...
*Think: Complete frauds like Trayvon, Feguson, Charlottesville ad nauseum (it's a long list of Leftist-$ponsored BS).

The 'other' 51................from Rico

I do not speak of the FakeBook "fool's follies" of Area 51, but the other 51...
- The low tonite here just below the 37th parallel will be 51.
It's that time of year, and Florida beckons...

Adventures with the New York Times.................from Rico

The New York Times has long past 'fundamentally transformed' from being a barely adequate liner for the bottom of bird cages, to a shoddy version of toilet paper.
- Each passing day is now an adventure in ass-wiping as they 'struggle' to plumb embarrassing new depths...

Friday, 20 September 2019

Precious Metals: Different Day, Same old Shit.............from Rico

This is something you never see in a 'free market*' but only in 'managed markets' [read: rigged, fixed].
Rest assured that is has NOTHING to do with Friday's 'Quad Witching' [read: the simultaneous expiry of index futures contracts, index options, stock options, and single stock futures].
- Nope. Nothing to see here, now move along... 
*Free Markets in America have been extinct as car door ashtrays and journalism for quite some time now.

Pic Dump.............


Out of the mouth of babes..................from Rico

Drool. That's what comes out of the mouths of babes.
Green St. Greta is just the latest 'prop' being used by those who would (a) destroy civilization, and (b) privately enrich themselves, by (c) convincing utter utter fools that somehow 'going green' will save the planet from the manufactured an imaginary boogeyman CLIMATE CHANGE [read: wealth redistribution + totalitarian control].
Einsten was correct when he opine that there were two 'infinites'...the universe and human stupidity, and that he wasn't entirely sure about the universe.

Vote Democrat 2020! What could possibly go wrong?................from Rico

How is it that virtually ALL of the Democrat (C) 2020 aspirants are liars, fakes, criminals and Communists?
- Simple, that is the "talent pool" they have to draw from these days, and all of the above are prerequisites for these career, professional, morons.
So, while they try to 'sell' the collective wisdom of ignorance to voters (h/t H.L. Mencken), bear in min what they have on 'offer'...
- Higher Taxes
- More Government
- Less Freedom
                            and not least
- like the petty criminal, soy-boy and life-long bum BETO...taking your guns [read: Constitutional rights].
Sure, you can 'trust' any and all of them, so remember to Vote Democrat 2020!
             What could possibly go wrong?