Saturday, 24 December 2016

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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Victoria’s Secret Paris Fragrance Commercial.....................

Cartoon Round Up....

What Price Jewish Unity?........................from Dan Friedman

[As I’ve written often, American Jewish liberals (i.e. the vast majority) are heading in one direction while Israel is moving in another. What’s more, the gap is growing wider and deeper between the two sides. Can’t say I’m the only one to point this is out, but I admit, I’m in rarified air when I assert this trend is good for the Jewish people and Israel. Heresy or the obvious?!
Many good rabbis that I admire and pay heed to emphasize the need for unity in Jewish ranks. In theory, I believe that too. But I also see merit in encouraging the Erev Rav to just fade away and leave us alone. The good news is, they’re doing it already, and without our help and without raising our hands against them. df]
By Isi Leibler

Just. Go. Away....................from Rico

Hillary was fond of telling anyone who would listen just how "sick and tired" she was of, well....whatever it was that day.
Well, Comrade Madam Hillary, WE are all "sick and tired" of your sorry ass.
Just. go. away.

History Sure Has a Sense of Humor...................from Dan Friedman

[Thought we could all use a joke on a grey afternoon in NYC. Are you seated? After five years of brutal fighting, a country in ruins and about 300,000 people killed, it looks like we’ve come full circle in Syria. The tyrant Assad will get what he wanted from the start - undisputed rule of his motherland, Syria.
Of course, this wouldn’t have happened were it not for Putin willingness to fill the vacuum Obama left behind by his cowardice and indecision. df]

Not "Faithless" but in "Bad Faith"................from Rico

You may have heard about "the faithless elector" who publicly says he'll vote against the will of the voters and will 'vote' for Hillary in the Electoral College instead.
He "just so happens" to be another "Leftist Progressive" [read: Communist] caught out in a FRAUD, just like everything involving 'closet' Communists [read: Leftist Progressives] is. 
[Back story: Remember the Bay Area Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist agitator and Black Nationalist "Van Jones" who Barry appointed as a Green Jobs Czar, but who hastily resigned after his true identity and antics were publicly exposed?
- Born Anthony Kapei Jones, he's a long-time associate and friend of both Barry and the Clinton Global Initiative.
- Aside: What IS it with Communists and their assumed/fake names? The Red mayor of NYC Bill DeBlasio is on his sixth or seventh assumed name, and Barry Soetoro is using the alias Barack Hussein Obama. Are they trying to 'hide' their identities, or just that unhappy with who they themselves are?]
Busted! Our "faithless" elector is linked to none other than Van Jones!
I would use another F-WORD for these two, and FRIEND ain't one of them..............

Day 7 - Abbey Clancy by Liz Collins (LOVE Advent 2016)

Nancy Pelosi Poo Poo's Ben Carson - ZoLoft

Nancy Pelosi says Ben Carson is "disturbingly unqualified" to be the Director of HUD. No. What's disturbing is a her telling a person who grew up in an urban development and grew out of the cycle that keeps people there that he's not qualified for the job.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Day 6 - Stella Maxwell by Phil Poynter (LOVE Advent 2016)

Zoe Duchesne Soaks Up The Sun In Chile | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Cartoon Round Up....

2020 Visions

I'm Going There..................from Rico

In the wake of that YUUUUGE "Bronx cheer" otherwise known as 8 Nov 2016, I'm "going there."
- I see NO reason NOT to celebrate that event for at least the next four years!
OK, here goes:
- If Obama had a Son, he'd look just like Ryan.
- If Ryan had a Mom, she'd look just like Pelosi.
- The ONLY cabinet picks Hillary will EVER make are for her liquor cabinet.


There is some news. I hope you are sitting down. Brace yourself. THE GOVERNMENT OF ITALY HAS BEEN CHANGED. The big question is: is this the Big One?

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Gigi Hadid's Sexiest Moments From Tahiti | Irresistibles | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Jay Leno Gets Behind The Wheel Of A 20,000 HP Monster - Jay Leno’s Garage

87 feet long, 182 tons and 20,000 horsepower. Jay Leno drives the Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC)

Cartoon Round Up....

Downwind of Hillary. Again...........................from Rico

Something's rotten in the State of Pennsylvania.
- This smells "fishy" enough to make a blind man tip his hat and say "good morning, Hillary" while walking past a fish market.
Yeah, this is "right up there" in the statistically improbable realm, just like "winning" those six consecutive coin tosses in Iowa was.
- For "progressives" read: stinks to high heaven; voter fraud.
Of the 20,736 absentee ballots in PA, 18,467 were for Clinton.
- Yeah. Sure. Riiiiiight.
We don't even need to 'look' at the mysterious 41,120 more votes cast in the Presidential race there than were cast for the Senate race. That's pretty Hillaryous all by itself.
- For "progressives" read: stinks to high heaven; voter fraud.

Toast-The Status Quo Strikes Back......................from Rico

The Italian referendum vote means the EU and the Euro are effectively toast.
- The results prompted an entirely rational flight to safety in the Gold market.
- It also prompted an entirely irrational bit of vengeance from the Status Quo, who monkey-f**ked the spot price downward in two huge $3.5 billion notional Gold dumps [read: nonexistent Gold].
These are the wild thrashings of a dying beast...
- Many who manage to stand clear of these death throes will be enjoying some tasty 'beast pate' on their toast.

Kerry Resurrects the Dead....................from Dan Friedman

[When you run out of ideas, especially ones that have spit in your allies' face for 30 years, naturally your first instinct is to polish it off and put it in a new bottle. So if you think Obama and Kerry, at this late date, have abandoned the discredited meme that the key to peace in the Middle East rests on a "settlement" between "Palestine" and Israel, then you haven't been paying attention. " No progress without it."
Now I'm a guy who loves oldies as much as anybody. But if the same hard-metal tune keeps screaming inside your head, to the exclusion of all others, you should shut off the radio and consult the nearest psychiatrist. They have drugs for that.
OK, we get a new president (and SOS) in about a month who has a chance to avoid the same mistake, and put a stop to repeating it. Keep an eye on Trump to see if he delivers or if he asks Israel to be good guys and give suicide another try. It will tell us all we need to know about Donald Trump and his promises. df]
Here’s Kerry at the recent Saban Forum, a high-profile event run by billionaire Jewish liberal, Haim Saban:
“Let me tell you,” he warned,
“I want to make that very clear to all of you,” he emphasized. “The Arab world is in a very different place now. There will be no advance and separate peace with the Arab world without the Palestinian process and without the Palestinian peace. Everybody needs to understand that. That is a hard reality.
“There is a basic choice that has to be made by Israel. Are there going to be continued settlements.. or is there going to be separate and the creation of two states?”

Pizza, Pasta, and Nasty Pederasty - ZoLoft

Could Podesta be the Pizza man in the midst of #Pizzagate? Between the Clintons, the Obama's, and their eccentric satanic friends may be kids being exploited. But never mind understanding that kids could very well be pimped as a pizza delivery. Sally wants to understand how Trump won.

Day 5 - Kendall Jenner by Hype Williams (LOVE Advent 2016)

Monday, 5 December 2016

1966 Munch Mammouth - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay gives an in-depth look at the 1966 Munch Mammoth designed and built by one of Germany's best motorcycle tuners Friedel Munch.

Cartoon Round Up....

What Are You Waiting Fir?!

America's Gun Packing Ladies - Wild Bill

Want to keep the 2nd Amendment? Keep America's shooting ladies happy.
Bill salutes Volusia Top Gun's ladies shooting program...and reminds Jan Morgan of a challenge.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Day 3 - Rita Ora by Sean Frank (LOVE Advent 2016)

Cartoon Round Up....


She has the stink of death about her ....

Self-Censorship: Free Society vs. Fear Society

What America Needs Is a Good Dose of Bob Barr at Justice!

Attack of the Pfft People

Israel’s constitutional identity crisis

Gun Control: Hawglegs and Hawgwash

Millennials Are Leaving the Country, But Not for the Reason You Think

"Nothing to do with Islam"?


H/T Doverthere

Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years”

H/T Bob C

Ellison: ADLGets Cold Feet, Schumer All In...................from Dan Friedman

[Count me disappointed. The ADL had a bullet in the chamber and was about to shoot itself between the eyes. They were this close to blowing their cover as a “pro-Jewish group.” And I was ready to cheer them on too. Instead, someone (Soros?) whispered in their ears, they took a deep breath and decided to live to betray another day.
Of course, it’s still possible the Soros front group could have it both ways. Ellison is a favorite of the lump of feces that is now the Democratic party. And that great Jewish pimp, Chuck Schumer, is still in his camp giving Soros Jewish credibility. So brother Ellison could still snatch the brass ring. Then the quislings at the ADL will have a ready-made alibi: “We tried to stop him, but brother Ellison proved be too popular in the rank and file.” df]

In response, Rep. Keith Ellison said the quote the ADL referenced was taken out of context. | Getty

What a Cruel Joke...................from Rico

This goes beyond the definition of a cruel joke, and a bad one at that.
Today's BS from the BLS falsely claiming a 4.6% unemployment rate...conveniently LOWER than it was back in 2007 just before Barry turned the White House into the Red Shed in obviously concocted to preserve his "legacy."
- Channeling my inner Lewis Black here: "You have GOT to be SH*TTING me!"
The new record high of 95.1 million workers out of work, a dismal number not seen since 1975-78, doesn't come close to enumerating just how bad Barry's job-killing and economy-killing regime has actually been.
- Add the bogus 4.6% unemployed to the not-in-labor-force number, and you get 102.5 million Americans out of work. [read: unemployed, numbnuts]
How is THAT for a "recount" you Marxist assholes?
- I guess an ounce of pretension really IS worth a pound of manure..........


Benghazi. Emails. Even leaving her supporters out in the cold on election night while she smashed things and hit people... Just when you think she cannot sink any lower, she finds a way.