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You can BUY, but you cannot SELL...................from Rico

Distracted by the Greek Tragedy the MSM and FTV liars are bombarding them with, most Americans are unaware of Puerto Rico or China as very serious threats to their economy, as intended.
While they are not looking, or hearing, economics today is rhyming with that old Eagles song "Hotel California" where "...you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave..."
- Have you heard of China's pension selling ban? Selling is prohibited. This is an attempt to stop the Chinese equity market 'bleeding' that has seen values drop roughly 30% in the last thirty days.
If you have a retirement account in the US, you'd better wake up and smell the coffee.
When it hits the fan...and it will...the USG will stop at NOTHING to ensure its survival and the survival of its 'business partners' the TBTF banks They will get a mulligan for screwing up, but the 'little people' won't.
- The seizure and/or forfeiture of retirement asset funds is one of the last financial resources available to it.
The CIA, Pentagon, and Homeland Security have been gaming economic collapse, and blocking the sale of retirement funds in the event of a financial collapse IS one of the strategies being gamed.
- Of course, there will be collateral damage to the retired and would-be retired who, like their Chinese cousins, will only be able to helplessly watch their retirement accounts being 'stolen' right before their very eyes.
At least everyone can take comfort in the knowledge that government can manage your personal finances better than you can, and that they really care about you as an individual.............

American Debt...................

Greece, anyone ….???????


Cautious Optimism: "A Great Pushback Is Awakening"...................from Dan Friedman

[Who knows? There may yet be enough sane people in this country and in Europe to turn the situation around. At least one great historian thinks there’s a chance. (Me? Not so much.) df]

Hear What the Rainbow and Confederate Flags Share in Common | ZoNation

Do the Rainbow and Confederate flags share something in common? Zo asks whether the gay rights movement might be intolerant towards Christians.

The Greek People - Aristotle's Lazy Children Can't Do Simple Mathematics.............from Daniel Thomas

Although the Greek 'No' referendum result is welcome among those freedom loving people across Europe who want to see the anti-democratic European Union tyranny consigned to the dustbin of history, it doesn't excuse the shameful behaviour of the Greek people and their criminal political leaders.

It's hard to imagine that the country which produced history's most noted mathematicians has produced a nation of people that are unable to understand the most basic of mathematical concepts. Either that or they have produced a nation of people so lacking in principle they are happy to enjoy an unaffordable standard of living paid for by the sweat and toil of others.

Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras dates from 571 BC,  his legacy and theorem are with us to this day. The same can be said of Aristotle who blessed us with his genius from 384 BC, Euclid from 300 BC and Archimedes from 287 BC. Democritus gave us his atomic theory of the universe back in in 460 BC.

Looking at the situation in Greece today it's difficult to comprehend that the children of Pythagoras, Aristotle et al, are unable to grasp the simplest of concepts. 'When a nation spends more than it earns, it racks up debt, when that debt becomes unsustainable the country goes bankrupt'. What could possibly be simpler?

For reasons that defy logic the Greek people ignored the legacy of Pythagoras and allowed themselves to be seduced by three generations of the left wing Papandreou family who formed and controlled the Panhellenic Socialist  Movement known to the world as PASOK.

Georgios Papandreou started the spendthrift ball rolling back in the 1960's; this was continued by his son Andreas, reaching a disastrous grand finale with his American born grandson Georgios Junior, known as George. Regardless of the arithmetic George went on to spent Greece into bankruptcy.

This culminated in a bloodless coup by EU bureaucrats who suspended Greek democracy, ousted him from power and installed their own troika of unelected technocrats.

One can possibly be forgiven for thinking that the promise of 'free stuff' paid for by someone else had a numbing effect on the collective Greek mind but it's stretching credulity too far by suggesting that George Papandreou, and subsequent Greek politicians, were unaware that they were spending Greece into bankruptcy.

Being a student of the London School of Economics and Harvard University, Papandreou must have known that he was bankrupting Greece and sentencing his own people to perdition for generations to come. Had this been an individual or a business it would be a criminal act with the perpetrators punished accordingly but as we know, politicians are above the law and they take care of their own.

Papandreou is also the leader of Socialist International, an organisation of global socialists who are dedicated to imposing the same disastrous policies that ruined Greece onto all countries around the world. Instead of a conviction and a prison sentence for the millions of lives he has destroyed, Papandreou is feted among the global elite as some kind of elder statesman and given appointments lecturing at prestigious educational establishments such as Harvard University and the School of Public Affairs, Columbia University, New York.

This modern Greek tragedy should serve as lesson to those nations that are being seduced by government propaganda that politicians can mandate equality of outcome and give away lots of 'free stuff' by simply redistributing wealth via taxing the so called 'rich' then when they run out of other peoples money, borrowing more from abroad.

The mathematical principles passed down by Pythagoras, Aristotle, Euclid and their historical counterparts are eternal verities which are as applicable today as they have always been and people should not be seduced into thinking otherwise.

In case the theories of the ancient mathematicians are too difficult for the the politicians and the Greek people to understand I consider it my public duty to help.

There is no such thing as 'free stuff', be it health care, education, early retirement, food stamps, welfare benefits or anything else; it all has to be paid for by someone. If it's borrowed money it will have to be paid back with interest. Living within ones means is morally right for individuals, businesses and governments alike. Expecting others to pick up the tab for an unaffordable lifestyle is parasitic and shameful in the extreme.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Spend Some Time at the Beach With Playboy's Miss July 2015 Kayla Rae Reid

Watch: "Playboy's Miss July Kayla Rae Reid (VIDEO)."

'Dang that's a thing of beauty, an exclamation point of American dominance...'

What a match!

You gotta love soccer, especially women's soccer!

Here: "Carli Lloyd's 50-Yard Goal (VIDEO)."

Playboy Bunnies Strip Down for Freedom

Can't get enough of the patriotic women!

Here: "Freedom Playmates Rule 5."

Financial Troika: Greece, China And Puerto Rico!...from TPC

Do Americans, waking-up to the fact that Greece has voted NO to its creditors demands, also understand the risks posed by China and Puerto Rico? 

Likely not!

Read more about it at LI here.

Making Tracks...............


Netanyahu: What's happening in Iran talks is a breakdown, not a breakthrough

I see the greek default in a slightly different light ..... it's just history, repeating itself ..... very predictably .....

Turkey Prefers Islamic State to Kurdish State

When Palestinians Die in Jail

Britain's Political Extremists

One of the Great 4th of July Speeches

A Move Toward an Openly Gay Secretary of the Army?

Video of black race rioters brutally beating white man at July 4 gathering taken down by YouTube

7 dead, 40 wounded in Chicago over the weekend

Egyptian army backed by Apaches kills 63 Islamists in broad area between Sheikh Zuwaid and Rafah

New acoustic detection system to make Russian Navy’s 4th-gen stealth subs even quieter

Angela's Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe

Game Changers? Chinese Submarines in the Indian Ocean

Differences......................from Rico

I used the 4th to reflect upon what America 'once was' and what it is now becoming.
- Just like the political parties of Truman and Ike are no longer what they 'once were' but now resemble the Bolsheviks and Mensheviks of the early Communist Party instead.
So when I ran across this [the 'difference between' attachment] it resonated that what college degrees 'used to' mean, and what they mean today are indeed VERY different critters.
- For quite some time now the standing joke has been "Q: How do you get a Liberal Arts graduate off your porch? A: Pay for the pizza."
And while a HS diploma 'was' THE journeyman's card allowing complete participation in the American dream, it sure isn't anymore. Not by a long shot for today's kids. Under a social welfare regime of really crappy education and 'free' EBT handouts, well....good luck keeping them off your porch.
- This isn't the nation we once knew, and here is one of the reasons why.....

Obama, Devil's Advocate For Iran...................from Dan Friedman

[This comes directly from Omri Ceren of TIP (The Israel Project), an invaluable source for learning what’s behind the news. It appears the Obama Admiration has become the PR firm for Iran. df]

Dan Friedman
FP article is as brutal an evaluation as you're likely to read of the administration's all-out PR campaign against skeptics of its Iran diplomacy. The PR strategy is an extension of the administration playing Iran's lawyer whenever the Iranians violate their obligations: in addition to spinning away the message, administration spokespeople have become somewhat notorious for going after the messengers. Adults in Washington have taken notice:
James Jeffrey, a career diplomat and former ambassador during the Obama administration, said he has been put off by what he considers the highhanded tone and contradictory explanations from the White House. “It’s this arrogant, you-just-don’t-know attitude that is taken by the administration,” Jeffrey told Foreign Policy. In their zeal to defend what has already been agreed under an April framework accord, U.S. officials have sometimes gone out of their way to defend Iran, insisting Tehran is abiding by its promises, Jeffrey said... David Albright, a physicist who leads the Institute for Science and International Security and who has been tracking Iran’s nuclear program for years, said he has been unfairly labeled by the administration as an opponent of an accord. He complained that a “war room” mentality has taken hold inside the White House and warned against taking a black-and-white view of the tentative deal emerging from the talks in Vienna.
The White House's pushback is that they have to act this way because they're on the side of the angels. The piece quotes Marie Harf saying "When there’s wrong information out there, the administration believes we need to push back and we need to push back hard."
But the U.S. negotiating team has a communications problem that stems from a substantive problem. The "arrogant, you-just-don't-know attitude" that Jeffrey flagged for FP is difficult to sell when they keep failing. They demand to be deferred to as if they're supremely competent diplomats and expertly informed analysts. Meanwhile the Iranians are running circles around them, and the last few times they've tried to publicly cover for Iranian cheating they've made demonstrably false claims and then tried to gaslight journalists about what words mean.
Take the controversy over Iran cheating on its JPOA stockpile obligations, which is the hook that the FP uses as its lede. On June 2 the NYT's David Sanger and William Broad published what should have been a mostly uncontroversial A6 article assessing that Iran would not meet its JPOA commitment to convert all enriched uranium gas (UF6) in excess of 7,650kg into uranium dioxide (UO2) by June 30. The State Department responded with a week-long campaign - complete with a Twitter storm from then-spokeswoman Marie Harf attacking Sanger by name - insisting that yes the Iranians would meet that obligation.
Problem 1. During the entire week of attacks, it's very likely that State's people just didn't understand the argument. They thought it was about Iran getting under the 7,650kg baseline, when in fact it was about getting under that cap by turning the gas into uranium dioxide. Harf stood at the podium for four consecutive days and basically told journalists that only idiots would be concerned about Iran not meeting the obligation, without understanding what the obligation was. On the final Friday of that week it was finally explained to her that the debate was over oxidation, and she responded that Iran had been oxidizing at various rates over the previous 6 months. Reuters journalist Arshad Mohammed then had to read her a think tank report - directly off his cell phone - informing her that actually the Iranians had stopped oxidizing their UF6 in November 2014. Her response was that she'd look into that.
Problem 2. The Iranians did not meet the oxidation requirement. When it was confirmed this week that they had fallen short - as was mathematically inevitable by the beginning of June - the administration pivoted to declaring that the requirement was never about dioxide at all, and you'd have to be an idiot for thinking otherwise. A senior official told reporters a few days ago that it's crystal clear that was never the requirement, and that critics simply didn't understand the JPOA. The claim is impossible to sustain - it was always about dioxide - but things have actually become a bit surreal here in Vienna. The public will never find out the full extent of what's being said and how it's being said, because ground rules and journalistic niceties mean that many conversations can't be published. But even from the outside looking in - just by reading between the lines of what top reporters are writing - you can tell that lots of people are frustrated by the U.S. negotiating team's weird combination of condescending confidence and being wrong all the time.
Often administration officials come off as not-even-minimally self aware, in the sense that they just don't know how badly they're getting beat on the public argument. The FP piece quotes a former administration official dismissing Congressional critics as partisan hacks:
But one former Obama administration official said no amount of engagement with Congress will ever win over entrenched opponents of a deal in Republican ranks. “When have you last seen a bipartisan consensus on anything?” said the former official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.
The answer, of course, is that a few months ago the Senate voted 98-1 and the House voted 400-25 to rebuke the President on his Iran diplomacy and to demand that Congress get a vote in evaluating a final deal.

Even if Obama Wins an Iran Nuclear Deal in Vienna, Can He Sell It at Home?

Day of Rectuming

Liberty Up In Smoke? Hear Why Smoking Bans Are Dangerous to Your Freedom

Hawaii has banned smoking for everyone under 21. This includes all the servicemen stationed in Hawaii, many of whom smoke. If you are old enough to die for your country, shouldn't you also be old enough to smoke? Find out as John Phillips, Scott Ott, and Stephen Kruiser discusss.

Cartoon Round Up....


Racy Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Leaves little to the Imagination in Stunning Braless Sheer Lingerie Dress in Paris

Holy carumba!

Here: "Stunning Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Braless Sheer Lingerie-Style Dress at Versace Show in Paris."

Nice nips!

Maine 4th of July Reveler Tries to Launch Freworks Off the Top of His Head, Dies Instantly

"Darwin Award Winner, 2015."

Here: "Devon Staples, 22-Year-Old Reveler from Maine, Dies After Launching Fireworks Mortar Tube on His Head."

Greeks Vote No!...from TPC

Now that it appears that the Greek people have voted NO to the bailout terms of its creditors, what happens next?

Read about it at LI here.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Greece Defies European Union with Stunning 61 Percent 'No' Vote

They're still counting ballots, but it's a done deal. The voters gave the big FU to the European Union.

Greece Crisis photo 20150704_BLP502_0_zpsv1zsnfm3.jpg

Now keep your eye out for rioting and violence. It's not yet midnight in Athens.

It's going to be a rough night!

Better hold your euros (or your Drachmas) tight, to say nothing of your lovely blonde Greek hotties!

They're about to start issuing Drachmas!

Here: "Greece 'No' Voters Reject EU Bailout Deal, Begin Celebrations with Lead of 61 Percent."

More, "Live Updates on Greece Referendum."

Plus, "Angela Merkel's Leadership Has Failed in the Greece Crisis."

Expect updates throughout the day, plus lots of hot blonde totties!

26 Hot Alyssa Miller Photos Worth Pledging Your Allegiance To!

Some 4th of July leftovers!


Here: "26 Alyssa Miller Bikini Hot Shots!"

Cartoon Round Up....

Ban it, the Democrats cry!...............from Rico

'Funny' how it's Democrats leading the charge to expunge the Confederate battle flag.
- The venerable and honorable 'Southern Cross" reminds them of States and individuals standing for their rights and freedoms in the face of an overbearing and oppressive Federal regime that would deny and deprive them of both, so of course that pisses them off.
- And let's not forget which political party had a vested interest in suppressing black rights and freedom and used the KKK to that purpose, and reminding anyone of that scares the piss out of them.
Instead, it's past time that Democrats were banned!
- Sen. and KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd could not be reached for comment.

Greek Referendum Begins

I don't know. I'm expecting a yes vote, which ain't gonna be good for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Here: "Voting Begins in Greece Referendum."

BONUS: "Greek Crisis: EU Warns of Armageddon If Voters Reject Terms."

Meet Stella Maxwell, Miley Cyrus’s Model Girlfriend

Can you believe that? And Miley Cyrus ain't even a lesbian?!!

I thought gays were all "born that way"?

I don't think these people care, except to make a spectacle of deviance. Sheesh.

Here: "Miley Cyrus Makes Out with Victoria's Secret Model Stella Maxwell."

At least that Stella lady's a smokin' hottie.

Freedom Festival at Point Loma Naval Base, San Diego

This is great!

Here: "Military Families Celebrate the 4th of July at Point Loma Naval Base."

Good for them!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Happy Fourth of July from Topless Chelsea Handler!

Oh my goodness, you can't be a patriotic American woman these days unless you're going topless on social media.

And dang, Chelsea Handler's got a magnificent rack!

Watch: "Chelsea Handler Topless Waterskiing for 4th of July (VIDEO)."

Kendall Jenner Patriotic Perky Fourth of July

She's a hot babe --- and very patriotic!

Perky as hell too, lol

Here: "Perky Patriot Kendall Jenner Happy Fourth of July!"

Long legs and perky ta-tas!

Now that's a winning holiday combination!

Chrissy Teigen 'Free the Nipple' Protest

She got censored on Instagram for posting a tasty breast shot, complete with perky nipples.

That's not very patriotic, heh.

See: "In Defense of Chrissy Teigen's 'Free the Nipple' Campaign."

Be sure to click through to spy those perky nipples!

She's got a nice rack, dang!

Emily Ratajkowski Gets Intimate | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

A Banquet of Consequences................from Rico

The "Financial Times" is reporting that Greek banks are preparing to raid deposits.
- Remember Cyprus? That was the template for future 'bail-ins.'
It was a delicious meal with 30+ years worth of courses served by politicians who came around at every election with social program laden carts (welfare, healthcare, unemployment, free food and phones, social security, ad nauseum).
- "Help yourself" they said.
- "All you can eat" they said.
- "It's free" they said, (channeling their inner Bluto Blutarsky from "Animal House" who famously said "....hey, it don't cost nuthin!").
Then the waiter brought over the bill for the "free" meal.
- Taxes couldn't cover it.
- Borrowed money (bonds aka debt) couldn't cover it. In fact, money had to be borrowed just to pay the interest on the borrowed money (like the $1 trillion the US borrowed in 4Q 2014 to cover the interest coming due on their debt.
Greece just pulled a "dine-and-dash" by defaulting and skipping out on the tab, choosing to break some EUro plates instead of washing them in the IMF-ECB kitchens.
- They were the first, but they will not be the last, to face a banquet of consequences.

Celebrating what?....................from Rico

I'm not sure that "celebrating" the 4th of July is the right word to use today.
- Celebrating what? The freedoms we "used to" have? The country we "used to" be?
The founding fathers must be rotating in their graves to see today's "progressives" run amok, and the three independent branches of government they had given the Republic turned into a merged politburo no longer led by a person of George Washington's character and caliber (he refused an offered kingship) representing an independent and self reliant people, but by an ignoranus du jour (who has self-appointed as dicktator) representing the dependent, lazy, stupid, and entitled majority.
Freedom is not free.
Free men are not equal.
Equal men are not free.
Why not grill a hot dog, even if it does smell like freedom's goose being cooked....but that's nothing to celebrate.

Happy Independence Day America - Celebrate Your Greatness With Pride.......from Daniel Thomas

It wasn't long ago in historical terms that the Founding Fathers of America wrote these immortal words on a piece of parchment before signing the Declaration of Independence:

"And for the support of this declaration, with firm Reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor"

The rise of America to be the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth in just two hundred and one years is a testament to the farsightedness of these great men.

The decline of America into its present state began in earnest with the Carter administration in 1977 when American exceptionalism was put into question and its reputation for spreading its good fortune abroad began to be portrayed as arrogance and even imperialism.

The enemies of freedom outside America who worked tirelessly to counter its efforts to spread liberty abroad were now being supplemented by enemies within who were equally determined to degrade America and its influence.

As the American people are finding out to their cost, while they enjoyed the blessing of liberty guaranteed them in their Constitution, these same enemies within have been burrowing away beneath the surface slowly but surely chipping away at the bedrock of their great country.

As a demonstration of how confident the enemies within have become they are erasing the very history that was instrumental in constructing the greatness of America.

The history of all countries has its dark moments and America is no different; the majority of the good people of America regardless of race and creed acknowledge this and concede. These historical wrongs have long been put right and the opportunity offered by the American dream is available to all that desire it and are prepared to chase it.

American history and traditions are now under threat with everything from innocent television programs to the names of sport teams being censored or erased.

To end on a positive note, let the enemies within burn the flag and continue their war on America.....but only for today.Tomorrow the fightback should begin.

Today patriots should honor their Founding Fathers by pledging again 'to each other their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor' then celebrate the birth of their great nation with pride and fireworks but without guilt. Enjoy the day but start preparing tomorrow for the battle ahead.

This new battle for independence will not be against a demented British King and his colonial army, but a nameless, faceless enemy dwelling in your midst with malice aforethought.

To the American people, stand tall, America will prevail, have a great day and best wishes from myself and my fellow countrymen.


Cartoon Round Up....


Israel’s populist energy crisis by Caroline Glick

No Trump Apology Tour

The Myth of Slavery!

Islamic State’s Sinai ‘province’ claims responsibility for failed rocket attacks on Israel

The Greeks Invented Mathematics, and Now It’s Bankrupting Them

Dukes of Hazzard—Falls to Flag Hysteria, Anti-South Mob Action!

Israeli policymakers' alarming over-reliance on Egypt to grapple with Hamas and ISIS

Angela's Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe

Russia's Deadliest Sub Will Have a New Home by October

That's no lady, that's................from Rico

That's no lady, that's Hillary.
She's not smart enough to work a fax without Huma's help, but wants to be pResident?
Well, her secretarial skills suck better than she does (so sayeth Bill and Monica), but she sure is one 'killer' of a broad judging from all the dead bodies she leaves in her wake.

H/T Paul B

Krauthammer: Iran Prognosis Very Poor...............................from Dan Friedman

[Overall, Krauthammer should be commended for this powerful, unequivocal piece. But Krauthammer is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist. So why does he describe Obama’s symptoms but stops short of diagnosing his underlying disease? df]
washingtonpost.com, July 2, 2015
Obama will get his “legacy.” Kerry will get his Nobel. And Iran will get the bomb.

By Charles Krauthammer

Liberals Are Taking Liberties with Freedom and the Constitution - ZoNation

Zo tells you why the Democrats are rewriting the Constitution. He reminds viewers that the Democrats rewrote the constitution once before, when they seceded from the Union and formed the Confederacy.

Lindsey Pelas Demonstrates How to Perfectly Celebrate July 4th..............

Kathryn Steinle Murder

Ms. Steinle was a foxy babe.

I mean any murder is sad, but particularly in this case. Her family said she was just the sweetest, most caring...

Here: "Kathryn Steinle, Vibrant 32-Year-Old San Francisco Woman, Murdered by Illegal Alien Suspect Francisco Sanchez."

Also: "Deported 5 Times Previously, Illegal Alien Confesses to Murder of Kathryn Steinle at San Francisco's Pier 14."

Plus, watch this: "KTVU News Crew Attacked at Gunpoint, Cameraman Pistol Whipped While Reporting Live From the Scene of Pier 14 Homicide."

George Takei Apologizes

Recent times have been pretty bizarre. And I don't think the left has peaked quite yet.

Still, George Takei stepped back. Not quite enough and not genuinely so. But he did step back a bit after the massive backlash.

See: "Homosexual Racist George Takei Issues Non-Apology for 'Clown in Blackface' Attack on Justice Clarence Thomas."

And ICYMI, "George Takei Should Stop Gaysplaining Black History to Clarence Thomas."

Early Babe-Blogging for 4th of July!

Had to get this party started!

Here: "Red, White, and Bikinis."

Friday, 3 July 2015

Greek Beer versus Bonds...from TPC

Sunday the Greeks will be holding a vote on whether or not the country wants to stay in the Eurozone (as I write this the outcome is termed to close to call)!

But certainly the story, regardless of whether the vote there is yay or nay, likely does not end there.

Read about it at LI here

It's Still Hot...............

Cartoon Round Up....