Saturday, 22 October 2016

Bella Thorn Photographed Exposing Tight Abs and Belly Button; Plus Ultra Tiny Daisy Dukes in Los Angeles

She's the "it" girl of the moment.

What a freaky babe.

Here, "Super Sexy Bella Thorn in Tiny Tight Daisy Dukes in Los Angeles (Plus, Bonus Bare Belly Button Nail Salon Private Moments)."

Heh, how'd you like some private moments when Ms. Bella?

Elizabeth Hurley, 51, Flaunts Her Busty Rack and Impeccably Tight Abs in Sexy Selfies on Instagram

This woman's still got it.

Shoot, her tits are busting out of that bikini top.

Here, "Busty New Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Shots on Instagram: Former Estee Lauder Model Boost Tight Abs and Ample Breasts."

HOT RIGHT NOW: Audrey, Sashah and Sparkle

Cartoon Round Up....

Yeah, that'll work out just swell!......................from Rico

The economy is doing just terrific, just listen to the talking heads and teleprompter readers in the MSM, FTV, and the Obama administration who keep telling everyone this ad nauseum.
- And it's TRUE, providing you're not one of the "deplorable, illiterate, losers" er.....the 99% to whom this reality does not apply. 
Comrade Hillary's economic platform is Obama's economic platform. In her own words, she's running as Obama's third term. [read: even more of the same]
- Yeah, that'll work out just swell.
Makes you want to vote for her, does it not?

Lack of Acceptance Speech

Gimme-gimme-gimme...................from Rico

I do not know which is more disappointing for me to "see" or is a greater shame for this former Constitutional Republic which has been failing its founders for decades now.
1. Once American nation believed "I may not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."
- Now we have far too many special snowflakes who are "offended" and need a "safe place" from free speech, or are moved to stifle and silence any dissenting opinion contrary to their own...with some politicians being the most egregious offenders who insist that everyone but them just STFU.
2. Another lost ideal is Patrick Henry's "Give me Liberty or give me death" which has fundamentally transformed into "give me more free shit" or else.
- This is what "democracy" is...the freeloaders deciding how much they will take from the productive at gunpoint.

An "early" Veteran's Day thought..................from Rico

This is not to much to ask for our homeless veterans. They should come first. End of debate.
Instead, they have one day, and the "refugees" have all year. Unsatisfactory and unacceptable.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Cartoon Round Up....



Germans Leaving Germany 'In Droves'

Turkey's Land-Grab Wish List

The Clinton Foundation Colombia Scam

Debate Fact Check: State Dept. Misplaced $6B Under Hillary Clinton

U.S. 'Vetted Moderate' Syrians Defect to Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Obama vs Baghdad on Sunni cleansing of Mosul

Hillary’s Plot Against America

The Coming War with Russia

FIVE GRAPHICS: Why Trump Wins... Big

Happy Trafalgar Day..................

We Need To Catch On & No Later Than 11/8!.........................from Dan Friedman

[Trump missed a chance for a knockout last night when Hillary tried to link him to Wikileaks/Putin. Absurd! But it goes to prove how damaging they’ve been. Shows she’ll do anything and, when threatened, lash out viciously to protect herself. Not much different than a cornered snake. This was a glaring example of her deceit, but Trump’s retort was weak. df]
The Iran deal is the second great wave of nuclear treason of the left. And the full truth is yet to be told.

New Ballot..........

H/T Doverthere

Thursday, 20 October 2016

It's Happy Hour................

Cartoon Round Up....

The Zo Loft : The Hillary Dump by AlfonZo Rachel

Looks like the Hillary Campaign couldn't handle how full of crap it is and dumped it in the streets of Lawrenceville, GA Thanks for sharing!

Hillary & Trump From a Jewish Perspective...................from Dan Friedman

[Most Jews are assimilated liberals and that’s the way they see world. But a true Jewish weltanschauung is much broader and more profound than that. Here’s an authentic rabbi who will demonstrate the difference in about three minutes. df]

Planet Hillaryious.....................from Rico

This is just one small example of why the Obama administration sic'd John Kerry on Ecuador to strong-arm them to make them cut-off Assange's internet access (which Ecuador did).
- Yet the daily "e-mail dumps" by Wikileaks continues despite attempts to silence dissent, opposition, or releasing truth that exposes and embarasses a regime of liars, frauds, and...well, no sugar-coating it here...criminal assholes that deserve prison and/or a firing squad.
This one from a Podesta e-mail..."Hillary doesn't know what planet she's on"...while an obvious "no-shit, Sherlock" for some is an unhappy revelation for Kool-aid drinkers and other "progressives" whose bearings on their hamster wheels are already near failing.
- It is sublimely ironic and Hillaryious in the same telling.

Trumped Up Charges..................from Dan Friedman

There are a lot of media types who can't come to grips with the fact that Americans have nothing but contempt for them. Not surprising, since they live in their own geodesic dome and are used to talking to themselves – deciding what or what is not “news”. We've seen their miscalculation and hubris on display since the primary season got under way. Every time the corrupt leftist media attacked Trump, his numbers went up, the applause for him got louder, and he won another state he was supposed to lose. Now that we're in the homestretch, the MSM is in frenzy mode fearing Trump might actually win this time too. In desperation, they're shoveling more crap at us about Trump than ever before. On November 8th, decent and bighearted Americans will decide they don't want to be led around by the nose anymore. Let the popular backlash in all its fury begin today!

Feeling 'safer' vs Being "safer"...there's a difference.....................from Rico

I sure feel "safer" thanks to TSA, which was formerly Thousands Standing Around but has fundamentally transformed and changed into Tits Scrotum Ass.
They are a textbook example of Government (not) making things better, or as I like to say "your tax dollars (not) at work for you."
Despite Americans "feeling" safer, are they "actually" safer? Well, uh...NO.


And somewhere in Argentina, an engineer thinks FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION. Just another example of the top-quality, in-depth analysis you have come to expect from your team of RIGHT ANGLE professionals.

2016 Marine Corps Birthday Message....................

This year is the 241st Marine Corps Birthday. What others wouldn't do, we have done. "You will sweat for each other, you will bleed for each other if you need to, that's what true family is." — Capt. Charles Broun

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Humongous Lindsey Pelas Spreads Her Glorious Rack All Over Instagram

My goodness I thought Instagram censored the hot stuff.

This is freakin' sizzling!

Here, "Humongous Lindsey Pelas and Her Glorious Ta-Tas Rule Instagram."

She's got a glorious rack, and she spread it around, lol.

Emily Ratajkowski Rocks Skimpy Swimsuit as She Plays the Daredevil on Another Idyllic Holiday Vacation

Great photos of this bikini babe.

Here, "Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Peachy Bikini Body on Fabulous Beach Holiday.

Plus, click through for the new topless photo find for Ms. Emily. She's got perfect breasts.

Cartoon Round Up....


The Clinton Record

The Case for Trump

Seven Clinton Policy Priorities That Would Devastate America

Iran Launches War Drills Amid Accusations U.S. Breaking Nuke Deal

Our Neutron Bomb Election

FBI Docs: Secret Service Agents Hated Working for Hillary Clinton, 'Sought Reassignment' Because She Was so 'Contemptuous'

WIKILEAKS: Guess Who OWNED 75,000 Shares in PUTIN Energy Company

Democrats Sorry for Bus Dumping Waste in Georgia

Open Letter to President Obama on Genocide in South Sudan

India Quietly Commissions Deadliest Sub

Split Decision

Unfair, and unbalanced.....................from Rico

The "media" has been the big loser in the 2016 campaign and their viewers the big winners. Exposed for bias, corruption, and abdication of ANY pretense of "journalism" it's hard to miss the former 4th Estate having become the lap poodles of the DNC and whores to the Democratic political establishment.
Now we learn that 96 percent ($19 of every $20 donated campaign dollars) goes to Hillary's 2016 campaign. The "media" is bought-and-paid-for, and fully on board with the efforts to "buy" the White House. They are fools, and not worth listening to.
- I think it was Mark Twain who observed that "it is easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been folled" but Voltaire said it much earlier, and while Twain's remarks are better directed at the 'consumers' who lap-up the media slop they are being fed Voltaire's words hit the mark where our "media" besserwissers are concerned.

Trump Showing Strong Resilience to MSM's Coordinated Attacks.....................from Dan Friedman

[Up off the canvas again! This has been the pattern since the start of the primary season. Hillary and her media cult are so arrogant they haven’t a clue about how much the American people hate them. Let’s drive the point home with a victory for Donald Trump on Nov 8th! df]

Victory in Mosul, Terror Everywhere Else.....................from Dan Friedman

[Funny how things works. Only Trump has talked of strengthening our borders and he is looking smarter everyday. df]

WHY is even more interesting than WHERE......................from Rico

WHERE do they get these losers? What special barrel do they scrape them from the bottom of?
- I refer to the likes of Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, and Hillary just for example (this list is far from comprehensive).
Even more interesting, however, is the question WHY?

H/T Doverthere


A true tale from a country worth defending.