Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Bikini Pics of Phoebe Price

Here, "Humungous Ta-Tas: Phoebe Price on the Beach and Body Boarding With Nipple Slip of the Day."

All-American tits.

Flashback: #LucyPinder in Sexy Lingerie

Here, "Big Breasted Lucy Pinder in Sexy Lingerie and Topless Pics."

She's always been one of the very hottest page three girls, with milk cannon boobs unmatched for their beauty.

Bella Thorne Total Nude for GQ Mexico

She's still pretty tasty, dang.

Here, "Bella Thorne Strips Down for GQ Mexico (PHOTOS)."

Re: Comments etc....

A couple of weeks ago my laptop died so am running this off my mobile. Sadly the app is limited so cannot access comments so apologies to anyone who has commented and not seen them published. If anyone would like to contribute to a new laptop it would be seriously appreciated, please hit the donate button in the sidebar.

We have a huge amount of work to do to defeat those who want to destroy our way of life so let's take the battle to them, with your help I can get back to fighting the good fight.

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Deo Vindice...........from Rico

Tragic and pathetic.

- Ignorant, intolerant, vandals (called 'protestors' by the complicit MSM) destroyed 'Silent Sam' at UNC Chapel Hill last night.


America's Left has much in common with the Islamists who destroyed the Buddhist statues at Bamayan, Afghanistan.


Can't reason well enough to articulate an idea, or express a logical reason 'why' but disagree with something anyway? Because...well, uh #because!

- Destroy it, like the ignorant savages you are.


There is a war, and it has always been with humanity. And it's "on" right now.

- Civilization vs. Beastiality.


Two words for you ignoranuses:

Deo Vindice


Cartoon Round Up....

The Three Sombreros.........

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Monday, 20 August 2018

Name the Ocean..........

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H/T Doverthere

Cartoon Round Up....

Free Socialist Beer..........from Rico

Democrats (C) aka Socialist Democrats would have you believe there is FREE BEER and a FREE LUNCH at the end of their rainbow.

- While there never has been, and never will be, a free lunch...these idiots are all too real.


Go ahead, vote for them in the 2018 mid-term elections.

- The "free" stuff you get will be worth exactly what you paid for it...

Venezuelan Socialist BBQ..........from Rico

Before Socialism 'enriched' Venezuela, a US college campus favorite was called the "Venezuelan Hot Dog" which involved a variety of condiments on the dawg (mayo, mustard, catsup, shredded cabbage, crumbled potato crisps).


Thanks to the wondrous 'magic' of Socialism, a Venezuelan BBQ today IS the family dog, since the grocery store shelves are empty.


I have no respect, or sympathy, for anyone stupid enough to voluntarily embrace Socialism.

- It's like Darwin said: "I warned you fuckers."



Sunday, 19 August 2018

Venezuela - Currency Failure Event........from Rico

Venezuela is hosting a "currency failure event" Monday in honor of Socialism and Socialist equality.

- Yay! Everyone can be equally poor!


America's Democratic Socialists would have preferred it if Venezuela's Democratic Socialist Maduro could have somehow delayed doing this until after the US 2018 mid-term elections.

- Let's see if they can somehow 'spin' this as a reason to vote Democrat anyway in November, shall we?


Monday morning, tomorrow, Venezuela is introducing a 'new' currency (the 'Sovereign Bolivar') to replace their 'old' currency (the 'Bolivar').

- The official exchange rate will be $1USD to 6 million Bolivars. [read: a 95% devaluation].


Of course, being good Democratic Socialists, both TAXES and PRICES will be officially hiked too.

- Yeah, this should 'fix' Venezuela's raging case of inflation, which has surpassed even the Weimar Republic with their Chavismo-inspired 108,596% inflation rate.


Make no mistake about this:

1. Fiat currency hyperinflation destroys the wealth of any holders of that fiat currency.

- In Weimar, only hard assets (mainly real estate and bullion) held any value during hyperinflation; it's the same in Venezuela today.

2. This is exactly what the intersection of ignorant, incompetent, and incapable [read: Socialism] accomplishes every single time it's tried.

AMF NFL, Hello RUGBY..........from Rico

"Progressives" fuck up everything they touch.

 - Say "AMF" to the NFL...


Rugby should have a YUGE new audience now!

Minnesota WTF?...........from Rico

Not for the first time do I wonder "what is wrong with you Minnesota?"

- WTF?


Keith X. Ellison?

- Lifelong Communist, Black racist, BFF of nation of Islam's Louie Farrakhan...but nominally a Democrat, so it's OK.


Your romance with Islam?

- Are you competing with Michigan to become the first state Caliphate or something? But as long as it's called something 'Democratic' it's OK.


Go ahead, make that living unfunny joke Al Franken your next Governor why don't you?

- He's a Democrat too, so it's OK.


I tell 'ya, that lutefisk has gone 'off'.....ufff da!!

- Yah, shure, you betcha.

Cartoon Round Up....


VOTE: This is what the Democrats have on offer for 2018.........from Rico

This is pretty much all the Democrats (C) have on offer for 2018.

- They are unconstrained by the laws of economics, and want to 'free' Americans from that horrible, awful, terrible, restrictive Constitution thingy.


Progressive....just another word for severely retarded.

Right after..........from Rico

This NFL clown can tell me all about how swell Islam is right after he says how his FGM* 'procedure' went, and not until then.

- Dumbass!


*Female circumcision aka clitorectomy.

ESPN goes full 'tard..........from Rico

Nothing says "we be smart" than the Mensa-level move by Disney-owned ESPN to stop broadcasting the National Anthem anymore on Monday night football.

- I guess the forty-pound "progressive" brains forgot that TV sets have an on/off switch and remotes have channel selectors on them. Just ask CNN how that works.


If there was anyone left still watching the National Felons League, the good news is you now have your Monday nights free to do something else.

- Meh! Shouldermapads...

Saturday, 18 August 2018

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Who 'owns' American TeeVee?........from Rico

There are three huge 'owners' of American TV.

- Three.


Disney $17.2 billion

NBC $16.9 billion

CBS $14.1 billion


If you rely upon them for your "news" than you are both uninformed and misinformed.

- Surprised when they all seem to speak with the same voice, say the same things? It's not called "programming" for no good reason...

Good doggie.........from Rico

You just might be a "progressive" if your dog pisses on you, and not the hydrant.


Good doggie!

H/T Doverthere