Saturday, 30 July 2016

Olympics Star McKayla Maroney is Social Media Bikini Sensation (PHOTOS)

She was just 16 for the London summer games.

Now she's all grown up and posting bodacious bikini breast shots to Twitter and Instagram.


Here, "Gymnastics Star McKayla Maroney Sizzles on Social Media in Smokin' Hot Busty Shots on Social Media."

Those are some pert breasts.

I think she's angling for some fashion model cover shots, heh.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Kendall Jenner Declares Her Support for Free the Nipple Campaign

She's got great nips!

Here, "'I'm cool with my breasts!' - Kendall Jenner for Love Magazine, Plus, Sheer Breast Pokies to Help Free the Nipple Movement."

Heroes and Patriots for Business!...from TPC

Heroes To Heroes Foundation is embarking on a new mission to raise money in order to fulfill our ultimate mission!

Helping the American patriots who served our country and are now suffering with PTSD, moral injury or traumatic brain injury!

You can help us while at the same time helping your business!

If you run a business, are involved in business development or perhaps have media exposure where you can help us promote our project, this is it…


When: 6 weeks from September 29, 2016 - November 13, 2016

Who Benefits: Heroes To Heroes Foundation

The ShowHouse Lineup: 21 Interior Designers are signed and will be ready to go when the ShowHouse kicks off with a Gala the night of September 28, 2016!

ShowHouse Visitor Demographics: Historically the visitor demographic are women ages 35-64 with a household income above $150,000.

What Businesses Would Benefit From Participating: Read Heroes and Patriots for Business! here.

Have any questions after reading the article? Just let me know! (


Cartoon Round Up....


The Democrats’ Hack Attack

Islamist Terrorism, European Denial

Au Revoir, France; You Lost Without a Fight

When a War Went Worldwide 75 Years Ago

Germany: "No Change to Open-Door Migration Policy"

The Day the Bernie Dream Died

Mom was right....................from Rico

What's with that 'hole'.....?
- NO, I am not channeling my inner Billy Clinton.
- YES, I refer to Hillary, and I am not being sexist. I am honestly concerned.
I'm not the only one to have 'noticed' what appears to be a 'hole' in Hillary's tongue from a photo last night in Philly at the DNC.
- I dunno, but THAT does not look 'good' to me.
Genuinely worried, I sought the opinion of some expert friends:
- My Dr friend said that was exactly where you would trepan a politician. In the tongue.
- A Nurse friend said that would be where an enema hose would be inserted in the case of Hillary.
- A Bernie supporter said that was where Hillary's asshole was.
- A politician friend said that's where ALL politicians assholes are, explaining why they talk shit all the time.
- A military friend thought it might have been caused by Bosnian sniper fire.
- The Marquis suggested [deleted] butt plug.
I think they are all wrong, and Mom was right!
- If you LIE you will get a sore on your tongue.

Fact Checking Bill & Hill (Not For the Squeamish)........................from Dan Friedman

[For mature audiences only. df]

Barry does the backstroke....................from Rico

They're not just swimming in human crap at the Olympics in Rio, they are too at the DNC in Philly.
I promise NOT to go off on a tangent about how the DNC turned-off the lights above the Bernie protesters, OR the recent news that uniformed police officers were banned from the convention floor.
- That is how the fascists of the DNC do things these days.
How about I instead mention that during his nomination speech for Hillary, O-bastard referred to himself 119 times?
- Yeah, that's a ringing endorsement for her if ever there was one.
Makes me wonder how many times he can refer to himself during the MONTH of October, when he intends to take the month 'off" (golf excepted) to campaign for Hillary.
- When was the last time a sitting President did that, I wonder? Never, I think. Apart from breaking the law against federal employees politically campaigning (breaking the law doesn't bother Barry or Hillary one smidgeon), that news is itself HISTORIC.

Going to Hillary in a Handbasket

Defeating the Never Trumpers! - Wild Bill

Bill know exactly how to stop the Never Trump Trolls from poisoning this election.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Oh My! Emily Ratajkowski Gets Booty Spanked and Fondled in Video She Posted to Snapchat

Well, I know we've been enjoying a lot of Ms. Emily, but this has got to be the topper!

Here, "Cheeky Emily Ratajkowski Gets Booty Grabbed and Spanked in Playful X-Rated Video Posted to Snapchat (NSFW). "

She has a freakin' fine tight ass.

Just wow, man.

Unbelievable Snapchat rear-view tasty treats!

And who is the secret booty grabber at the video, heh?!!

Hollande And The EU Leaders Are Guilty But They Will Not Be Punished............from Daniel Thomas

Despite heavy censorship by the government-media propaganda machine they cannot suppress the bloody disaster that is being visited upon the innocent people of Europe by blood thirsty Muslim terrorists who were invited from their desert hell holes to deliberately flood the continent in order to further the political agenda of the European ruling elite.

The European political elite are so fanatically dedicated to their project to ethnically cleanse Judeo-Christian culture from the continent they will tolerate and excuse violent assault, mass rape and the cold blooded murder of its citizens including the beheading of an elderly priest performing a morning Mass. (See here)

This latest horrific killing comes hot on the heels of the Nice massacre by a Muslim immigrant from Tunisia who murdered eighty-four people and injured over three hundred more, including children, in the name of Allah, as commanded by his prophet Mohammad and as written in his holy book, the Koran.

The far-left socialist President of France, Francois Hollande, along with the rest of the European political elite, knew this was going to happen and they know further massacres of innocents will continue to take place in the future until they actually take positive action to stop it.

Read the article here

Cartoon Round Up....


Jihadis: Who Are Their Targets?

Turkey: Marry Your Rapist

Strangers Come Forward to Help 4-Year-Old Whose Prosthetic Leg Was Stolen at Beach

At Davidson College - a top-ranked elite N.C. school - only six percent of professors are Republican

Trump and the Politics of Moral Outrage

Islamic Caliphate Rising: France Must Act

Turkey: Good News, Bad News

The Problem With Afghanistan's Counterinsurgency


Steve Green gives Bill and Scott a list of Democratic National Convention keywords that require so much drinking that not even Steve Green would attempt it.

Give that man a cigar!.......................from Rico

It is a testament to the gullibility (at best) or willful ignorance (at worst) that THE very last white male in America (a disbarred serial rapist and perjurer) who should have stood before the DNC in Philly and claim to have "admired and respected" Hillarhoid while having shtupped everything with a pulse and without a y-chromosome before-during-after his Presidency using interns as his personal cigar humidors....was Billy BJ.
And the womyn of the N.O.W. generation appeared to have enthusiastically sucked it up, even if no one else did.

It's Official! Dems Are Now the Trojan Horse of the Hard Left....................from Dan Friedman

[A new flag dominated the scene at the Democratic convention, and it wasn't Old Glory. If crooked Hillary wins, a lot of stinking garbage will follow her into the White House. df]

America's Darwin Award - Wild Bill

Electing Hillary would make the USA eligible for a "Darwin Award" for killing itself in the stupidest way possible.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Emily Ratajkowski's Super-Hot Ultra-Sexy 'Naked Ambition' for Harper's Bazaar (NSFW)

She's completely nude.

This is utterly amazing.

God's gift, that's for sure. You can't take your eyes off of her.

Here, "Emily Ratajkowski Poses Totally Nude for Harper's Bazaar's August Issue."

Check it out. She's naked on horseback, man.

It's so hot!

Don't click this link if you're sitting in your office cubicle!

That's r-a-a-a-c-i-s-t....................from Rico

But ONLY in an 'election''s NOT racist when the Democrats (C) and the DNC require proper ID from their delegates.

Hellooooo Ms Robinson...................

After all the drama that incurred  the past 48 hours within our advocacy group, I figure it is time for me to get out the "big guns."  I didn't want to do it, but I am going to run this by you and see how you feel.  If you do not want to run it, I totally understand.  If you run it, surise me with the title.  I like the last one you came up with.

Ms. Mari Robinson is a guest speaker at the Code Blue Conference in Galveston, Texas which will be held in October. She wanted her investigators to have a Concealed Handgun License and requested Texas Governor Greg Abbott to allow her investigators not to be held accountable in case they shot someone by mistake. Does Ms.Robinson think doctors in Texas are so dangerous that she fears for her investigators lives? Does this woman think she is in Dodge City where she can enter doctors' offices without warrants and possibly do a "shoot em up" scenario and get away with it under tort reform which covers all the crap the few bad doctors in Texas are allowed to get away with and give the others a bad name? I was so friggin outraged when I read that PDF file I almost lost my lunch, and not in a good way. Now why in hell is a woman like that invited to a convention that will be filled with victims and loved ones of those who died? Why? Does any sane person think this piece of work will answer questions honestly when presented to her from victims who are at the conference? Ms. Mari Robinson has been the Director of the Texas Medical Board which is the most corrupt piece of sh*t in Texas since 2001. Am I the only one losing my rabid ass mind here, and has the world gone mad inviting a woman who is a part of the many reasons Texans are maimed or died, because the Texas Medical Board which is the first line of defense in getting rid of crappy doctors, failed to do their job?

Texas: Med Board lets DEA sneak peeks at patient records

H/T Cilla M

Carl’s Jr. | Bacon 3-Way Burger “Fantasty” Director's Cut

Cartoon Round Up....

Black Lives Matter PROTEST Blocks Road IN Nebraska!!

H/T Nebraska Bob

Truman-JFK-Humphrey........................from Rico

Truman, JFK, and Humphrey were all good men. They were all Democrats, as America "used to" understand Democrats.
- This was when the deciding factor, no matter what party the President (Truman, Eisenhower, JFK) was affiliated with, was simply this: "What is best for America?"
With the passage of time, no matter what party the President (Nixon, Clinton) was affiliated with, the deciding factor became: "What'$ in it for me and my cronies?"
Now America is in the sorrowful state that the deciding factor, no matter what party the President (Bush or Obama) claims to be affiliated with is: "Will this further the 'globalist' one-world Communist agenda? Screw America!"
Many are hoping that Trump's destruction of the RINO'S and limousine liberals of the GOP may actually change, or if not change at least delay, an evil 'agenda' bent on destroying human freedom and individual liberty.
- We'll see.
So far it's clear that the Democrats (C) have moved so far to the LEFT that (a) Truman, JFK, or Humphrey would never make it to the DNC CONvention, much less be viable candidates for pResident, and (b) the 'choice' is between Bernie and Hillary, a fkng Communist and a fkng venal Globalist respectively.
- Case in point, the North Korean flag at the DNC.
- This is no longer the Democratic party I used to know, but if you go to the website of the CP-USA* you can 'read' a platform that is identical to that of the Democrats (C) of today. No, sadly, I am NOT making this up. 
*Communist Party - USA

H/T Rico

Conventional Wisdumb

Bridges NOT Walls?.................from Rico

If you've been trying to make sense of the raging dumpster fire known as the DNC convention in Philly, and suspect the slogan "stronger together" is actually "stranger together" maybe THIS will help:
Day 1.
- Donald Trump is the enemy, but in 61 speeches ISIS is not mentioned ONCE.
- There are NO American flags, but plenty of Soviet Union and Palestinian flags.
- The DNC, taking it's lead from Hillary (we build bridges NOT walls), built a Wall around the convention site to protect itself from undocumented delegates; the Wall around the podium is to protect them from their own delegates who are becoming familiar with the recently leaked DNC e-mails.
Those pesky DNC e-mails reveal the DNC leadership is filled with bigots, racists, and gay-bashers. Here is a small 'sample' for you:
- refers to Latino voters as "taco bowl outreach"
- uses gay slur, calls gay donor "high maintenance"
- feeding CNN questions that they want to be asked
- makes fun of an African-American woman's name
- sends interns to disrupt Trump rallies
- had moles working inside Bernie's campaign
- attacked Bernie's Jewishness, planned to use it against him
- planned to reward donors with federal appointments (pay to play)
Now it ALL makes perfect sense!
- The DNC already knew what shitbirds they really are, and prepared their "walls" in advance just-in-case the proverbial cat got let out of the bag and they were 'caught-out' for the hypocritical scum they are. Again.
What jackasses!


Hello Democrats, liberals, progressives and Bernie fans! Turns out that one of your candidates got screwed by media collusion, lies, astroturf protests and good, old-fashioned cheating, depriving you of your voice in this democracy. WELCOME TO OUR WORLD.

Catholic Priest Slaughtered by Islamic Jihadists in Saint-√Čtienne-du-Rouvray, France

Two jihadists slit the throat of an 84-year-old priest celebrating mass. A nun was seriously injured.

One of the attackers had spent time in jail, was on a terror watch-list, and was even wearing an ankle bracelet.

And still, this, "'Shock' in France as 'Soldier' of Islamic State Murders Priest, Takes Nuns Hostage (VIDEO)."

Islamic State hailed its "soldiers" of jihad.

We're almost to one attack a day in Europe alone. It's long been the case that we see daily Islamic attacks around the world.

The sad thing is that people in France are "shocked" that there's now yet another jihadist slaughter of the innocents.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Bernie Babies Bawl at the Democrat National Convention — #DemsInPhilly #DemConvention #CrookedHillary

I've been only watching sporadically, but really, this is something else.

Here, "Bernie Sanders' Supporters Bawling at #DemConvention #DemsInPhilly #CrookedHillary (VIDEO)."

Still more at the link.

Ireland Baldwin Hot Perky Topless


She'a pert and perky little wench!

The daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, and not bad. Not bad at all!

Full-formed pert breasts.

Here, "Ireland Baldwin Goes Busty Full Nude for Treats Magazine."

London's Daily Mail posted her photos with pasties over the nipples, but if you click through you'll see the additional links to the full nude perky breasts.

Hot New Bikini Photos: Emily Ratajkowski Amore & Sorvete Swimwear Campaign

Oh my god she's to die for!

Here, "Emily Ratajkowski Launches Amore & Sorvete Swimwear Campaign."

Her waist is tantalizingly lean, and it's a nice contrast to her hefty upper body rack!

The fact that she's game to go topless is a freakin' gift to mankind as well.

Tasty Hot Jessica Alba Flaunts Freakin' Toned Body in Pineapple String Bikini on Luxury Vcation in Hawaii

She should flaunt it, dang.

This woman is hot!

Here, "Tasty Babe Jessica Alba Flaunts Smokin' Toned Bikini Body During Hawaii Vacation."

Europhile PM Theresa May Cannot Be Trusted To Deliver Brexit................from Daniel Thomas

Business leaders and economists agree that one of the main sources concern that has a negative effect on the financial markets and economic activity is uncertainty. This uncertainty adversely affects economic growth and wealth creation which in turn depresses job creation and potential prosperity for the masses.

What is not uncertain however is the yawning chasm that exists between the political class and the people they govern.

The vast majority of the electorate in Great Britain voted emphatically to leave the corrupt and rapidly disintegrating European Union in favour of regaining their sovereignty and becoming an independent, self governing nation once again.

In spite of this victory all they hear from the government of the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, are limp excuses of why she will not trigger the two year long Brexit process, commonly referred to as Article 50. (Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which is the process for leaving the EU)

One would think that since Mrs. May spent eighteen years working in the banking and financial sectors she would understand the deleterious effect that uncertainty has on economic activity and growth, but like all disciples of the United States of Europe she has sworn fealty to Brussels and consequently finds it difficult, if not impossible, to renege on her oath.

Read the article here


Valerie Jarrett: How Much Control Does She Have Over Obama and Clinton?

Turkey-Russia Pact Threatens Western Interests in The Middle East

Germany: Christian Names for Muslim Migrants?

Alphabet Soup Corruption

The Dream of Muslim Outreach Has Become a Nightmare

Afghanistan’s Biggest Problem: Relations with Pakistan

Obama's pledge to take in refugees stands despite German terror attacks

A Must See.................

Watch it while you can......

For a few hours only: FREE VIEWING of damning movie, Clinton Cash

H/T Bob C

Another "wall" at the DNC?....................from Rico

Philly 2016 just keeps getting "better"..........
- Thank you DemocRATS (C). This is simply Hillaryous!
And it also keeps 'moving on' and 'forward' .........from the sublime to the ridiculous!
- And from a 4-mile, 8-ft fence around the outside of the DNC convention to a WALL around the DNC podium inside the convention!
Walls within walls.
- What are they afraid of? Their own convention delegates?
- This is protecting them from WHAT? From WHO?
- Are they not only afraid average Americans have figured-out what assholes they are, but now their own party members and convention delegates?
And these scumbags, and their media whores and corksnockers, maintain with a straight face and stiff upper lip that ALL IS WELL.
Yeah. Sure. Riiiiight.
- FKG LIARS...............

H/T Doverthere

The motive remains unclear.............from Rico

Capping a week of Jihadi attacks in Germany, is a Jihadi attack in France.
- Attackers chanting "Islamic State" behead a Priest at Mass in Rouen.
The usual suspects (White House, Brussels, Media) are all saying "the motive is unclear."
"Doctors Without Borders" have been replaced (thanks to generous Soros and USG funding) by "Jihadis Without Motives."
Of course the Globalist elites who are enabling this know exactly what the 'motive' and 'purpose' is:
- Islamic Jihad is a battering ram they are using to destroy the West.
Here are two of them raising a glass to their success so far. Feel free to join them in saying "cheers" and "chin chin."
- What difference does it make (to them) so long as they get to remain in charge?

To Trump or not to Trump? by AlfonZo Rachel

The issue of not being certain if Trump is a real republican is small next to the damage of Hillary Clinton most certainly being a real democrat.

Cartoon Round Up....

H/T Jeff

That Was "Seize the day" NOT....................from Rico

No dear, the expression is "carpe diem - seize the day" NOT have a seizure.
My personal favorite vidclip is of her barking like a dog. But that was 'on purpose' like the "heeyahh!" that ended Howard Dean's Presidential prospects.
- This does NOT look like it was either planned or 'on purpose' ..........

H/T Doverthere

Europe Has Lost The Islamic War......................from Dan Friedman

[Will our country succumb too? df]


Europe has lost the Islamic war


Four Houses.....................from Rico

Pick a house. Any house.
- It's not as 'easy' as it sounds, is it?
I'm gonna "go" for the Rusty 'grand slam' in "Vegas Vacation" (who won four cars) and select ALL FOUR houses.........


Hip update of a classic film, or catastrophic social engineering failure?

Monday, 25 July 2016

Prime Babe Blake Lively Wears Plunging Leather Wrap Dress in Stunning Photo Shoot for Elle Magazine

She's definitely one of the very top chicks out there today.

And I mean fine.

Here, "Blake Lively's an Astonishing Babe":

I saw this L’Oreal advertisement this morning and it reminded me what a lovely woman she is.

And below is the bonus coverage from London's Daily Mail on Ms. Blake's Elle cover shoot.
Don't miss the video at the link.

She's damned near a perfect 10.

Suicide Bomber in Ansbach, Germany, Pledged Loyalty to Islamic State

Background here, "Syrian 'Refugee' Suicide Bomber Blows Himself Up in Jihad Attack in Ansbach, Germany."

Well, I guess German authorities can't spin this dude as a right-wing terrorist in the mold of Anders Brevik.

Here, "Ansbach, Germany: Syrian 'Refugee' Suicide Bomber Pledged Allegiance to Islamic State (VIDEO)."