Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Sling Along With Mitch

Spelling It Out.................from Rico

The inadequate bovine lackwit DemocRATS are defining a clear choice for America. It's unambiguous. What do you want?
- Apple Pie & Baseball, or Venezuela?
- Gulags & Guillotines?
Incandescent stupidity like theirs cannot grasp that it's impossible to be just a little bit 'Socialist' or 'Communist' just like one cannot be a little bit pregnant.
- Oh wait, they DO favor abortion don't they? Even after your birth, if you consider the hundred million or so that have died because of their utopian fantasies...

Cartoon Round Up....

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Girl With Huge Tits Sucking Bottle Like It Was, Ahem!

No way!

See, "'If your girl has the capabilities of saving a beer in this fashion, think nothing. Just marry her...'"

Click through to see that hot big-breasted girl sucking a beer bottle like it's a male organ.

Harry and Meghan Play the Race Card and Insult the Nation....................Dan T

Watching the slow-motion descent of former action man Prince Harry into a simpering wimp dominated by his plastic ever-so-woke Hollywood starlet is a tragedy beyond measure for the Monarchy and its supporters.

All the respect and admiration earned by Prince Harry on battlefields of Afghanistan evaporated into the ether when he caved in and surrendered to the domination of his Trump hating, champagne socialist disciple of all the usual Hollywood causes.

As soon as it was announced that Prince Harry had taken up with a diva from the Hollywood acting fraternity Royal watchers and pundits alike knew in their hearts it would end badly for Harry.

Initially people respected their decision to withdraw from royal duties because they wanted to enjoy a private family life and raise their son Archie away from the publicity that plagued Harry’s mother Diana.

The public respect for Harry and his reputation started to evaporate when Meghan dropped the royal princess act and resumed her previous life as a narcissist from planet Hollywood where seeking publicity is a way of life.

Read about them here

Cartoon Round Up....

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Kendra Sunderland, Former Topless Library Girl Turned Porn Star

She looks weathered, the skeezy slut.

She's got big tits but she better get back in school. She's worth less than a discarded heroin syringe.

See those big white breasts --- and the deepened lines on her face.

Here, "Kendra, You Skeezy Slut, It's Not Too Late to Turn Your Life Around."

Be sure to click though to the Kendra porno links, for what it's worth. (*Shrugs.*)

Cartoon Round Up....

Is the 'Super Bowl' over yet?.................from Rico

The "Super Bowl" is over for me, it has been for a long time now...right along with the NFL.
- AMF you Lefturd political pansies!
OTH, College football has never looked better...

H/T Jeffrey N

Not until...................from Rico

The 'joke' (on We the People) is about over.
- But not until there are some serious perp walks.
You know exactly who I mean...