Friday, 26 May 2017

Cartoon Round Up....

Trump, Bibi, Israel. Hold The Applause.................from Dan Friedman


1. Trump already folded to Abbas: During the Abbas White House visit President Trump publicly raised the issue of PA money to incarcerated terrorists and their families. Trump gave Abbas the photo op in Bethlehem even though Abbas added insult to injury by refusing to drop the funding and instead asking Trump to push Israel to accept the demand that the jailed terrorists get more TV channels.

2. Trump asks us to take risks. Israel ALREADY risks Israeli lives for the benefit of Palestinians: access to our hospitals (this when some patients try to smuggle in bombs), work permits, removal of most security roadblocks, etc..

3. The other conflicts in the region have absolutely nothing to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict, hence ending the Arab-Israeli conflict won't resolve them.

4. Deal with sovereign Palestinian state wouldn't lead to more peace and stability in the region but instead undermine stability.

5. Linking resolution of the other conflicts in the region to the Arab-Israeli conflict only serves to relieve pressure on the relevant decision makers to resolve these conflicts.

6. With pressure so great to make a "deal" and to make concession for the "deal" its incumbent on PM Netanyahu to put the critical card on the table: that a necessary NON-NEGOTIABLE condition for any deal is that it does not provide for a sovereign Palestinian state.

7. When put into even a mid-term perspective, more F-35's can't offset huge arms sales to the Arabs as there's a good chance that even in the mid-term our neighbors will be equipped with technologies that allow the tracking and interception of the "stealth" jets.

8. The best offset to huge US weapons sales is the development and deployment of made in Israel weapons that enjoy a technological edge over the American equipment.

9. In the business world when a fantastic "deal" goes bust the elements who financed it are screwed and the deal maker still pockets his commission. Come to think of it, Kissinger got his Nobel Prize for bringing peace to Viet Nam...

10. Netanyahu soon faces decisions on settlement construction that he delayed due the Trump visit. This will be a litmus test.

11. It would have taken one signature to make a tangible gesture of friendship and of a new page in Israel-US relations: sending Jonathan Pollard to Israel. The move would also save Uncle Sam the small fortune they are spending monitoring him 24/7 in New York.


Dan Friedman


SV Another Adventure official trailer......................

H/T Ed

Happy Days Are Here Again. Not.....................from Rico

Both EBT and massive deficit spending (trillions of debt) have so far done almost as good a job of propping up a dead economy and 'covering up' what one could reasonably be called "Great Depression II" as the lying kept-whores of the MSM have.
- No breadlines to see here, so just move along.
Not being talked about, or even being considered by either the "media" (hah, I made myself laugh) or the Leftist's favorite "economists" (oh noz, coffee came out of my nose with that one) is America's GDP.
- The average GDP for the ten years from 1930 to 1939 during the "Great Depression" was 1.33%.
- The average GDP for the ten years from 2007 to 2016 during "Great Depression II" was 1.33%.
And even LESS talked about by the enemedia is the dual mandate of the FED to inflate financial assets while crushing working stiffs.
- Of course, the FED is no more 'federal' than Federal Express being a privately-owned, for-profit, bank with an exclusive charter to counterfeit money [read: a servant and creature of the financial system, not main street].

You mean like..................from Rico

Some will recall Hillary's smug and dismissive answer to a question whether she had 'wiped' her (illegal) server or not.
- "You mean like with a cloth or something?"
Well, she has earned THIS ONE in re: "Seth Rich."
- "You mean like to dinner or something?"

Hot Young Star Jennette McCurdy Posts Photos of Nipple-Pokies to Snapchat

She's unbelievable hot and perky.

Here, "Jennette McCurdy REALLY Wants You to Know That She Can Twerk and Has Nipples."

And very nice nipples!

Italian Model Bianca Balti Flashes Nipples for Nude 'Birth of Venus' Photoshoot in Cannes

Here, "Bianca Balti Nipples Caught Nude on 'Birth of Venus' Photoshoot in Cannes."

She's got beautiful big round nipples.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Cartoon Round Up....

The 11th step....................from Rico

Year to date 2017 EUrope has seen a Musloid terror attack with fatalities almost weekly (every nine days).
The EUnuchs in charge won't 'do' anything to prevent EUrope from becoming the Caliphate of EUnichstan.
But no worries, they 'do' have a 10 step plan.
- It is a flawed plan, though. It is missing the 11th step.
"What step is that?" you may rightly ask.
- "The logical conclusion and final step" I would answer.
Step 11.
- Bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.

H/T Doverthere

Manchester Terror

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Grand Tour: The Aston Martin Vulcan Review

Cartoon Round Up....


Columbia Police Chief Skip Holbrook Inveighs Against South Carolina Open Carry

The Gender Obsessed West Sets Itself Up for the Rise of Islam

Brit Special Forces sniper takes out ISIS sniper 1.5 miles away

The U.S., Churchill and the Middle East

The Pope's Marxist Head of the Jesuits

Good Vs. Evil in the Supreme Court

A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: April 2017

The Cheytac Advantage

A Source with No Name - Intellectual Froglegs

Pot calls Kettle Black....

Obama calling Trump a bullshitter was classic.
It is too easy to dismiss this with "it takes a bullshitter to know a bullshitter."
- Barry was also a yuuuge liar when he was bullshitting himself, and everyone else. He lied to conceal his truly horrid intentions and personality.
- Trump is being Trump when he's bullshitting, but he's no liar. He bullshits to get truly positive things done and deals made.
There is a difference between the two, between lying and bullshitting.
- But wait....there's more!
Barry aka Narcissus Maximus is also the reigning champeen of PROJECTION:
- Projection is a psychological flaw allowing people to ignore their own faults by 'projecting' their unpleasant attributes upon others.
In other words, Barry is in complete denial of his being a life-long, destructive, major asshole.
- Trump on the other hand, like him or not, has been constructive his entire life.

Police Have Confirmed That 19 People Have Been Killed in the Ariana Grande Manchester Arena Attack (VIDEO)

Witnesses reported as many as 30 bodies. The death toll could climb. This is a developing story.

Here, "At Least 19 Slaughtered at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, U.K. (VIDEO)."

Expect updates.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Busty Babe Jessie James Decker at Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet


Talk about showcasing your tits, heh.

Here, "Smokin' Country Singer Jessie James Decker Pops Out Her Breasts on the Red Carpet at Billboard Music Awards (PHOTOS)."

Nice busty rack.

South African Big-Game Hunter Crushed to Death by Elephant

The elephant was wounded. Once shot, it had apparently grabbed the hunter by its trunk, then falling dead, crushed the guy under its weight. Talk about taking 'em out with you, heh.

Sad, actually, but leftists on Twitter are cheering the death of the guy, Theunis Botha, 51, who was one of the most experienced and well-known hunters in the business.

Here, "Big Game Hunter Crushed to Death by Falling Elephant in Zimbabwe."

Morgan Aero Super Sport - Jay Leno's Garage

In this classic episode of Jay Leno's Garage Charles Morgan, CEO of Morgan Motor Company, stops by the garage to show Jay the Morgan Aero Super Sport.

Cartoon Round Up....

Freudian Slippery Slope

Twitter Unloads on Louise Mensch as She Claims 'Marshal of the Supreme Court' Told President Trump About Impeachment

Oh brother. And here I always thought she was a pretty hot babe. Smart too, as a former British M.P.

She's gone off the rails with the rise of Trump, however. Yesterday looked like a real turning point.

See, "Louise Mensch Claims President Trump's About to Be Impeached," and "Leftist Conspiracy Theories Flourishing in the Age of Trump."

Louise Mensch photo BQrpRsDCAAEoiMZ_zps049ab757.jpg

Isabeli Fontana, Brazilian Supermodel with Victoria's Secret and Dolce & Gabbana, Stuns in Sexy Tight Black Bikini at Cannes Film Festival (PHOTOS)


That's tight and tasty!

She's definitely an up-and-coming stunner.

Here, "Tight and Tasty Brazilian Supermodel Isabeli Fontana Stuns in Black Bikini at Cannes."

Kendall Jenner and Her Long Legs Steal the Show in Spectacular Fashion in Cannes

She likes flashing those legs, and a little of the tush up there as well. Wow!

Here, "Leggy Showoff Kendall Jenner Steals the Show in Cannes."

Friday, 19 May 2017

Cartoon Round Up....

When she's serious....................from Rico

This lady did it right, and it shows she's serious.
- What do I mean?
When she puts her panties on after her garters, they are easily removed. When she puts the panties on before the garters, things get more 'problematic' and none of this is unintentional on her part.
- Think about it, and trust me on this.
With age comes wisdom.

The Choir Infernal

Clever scam. Deadly serious.....................from Rico

When 'control' of the US is at stake, and the continued strip-mining of it's wealth and culture hangs in the balance, we have already 'seen' the lengths the UniParty (aka 'establishment') will go to in order to continue holding power. It is not a 'game' but a deadly serious business. Deadly.
- The DNC 'rigging' their own primary against outsider Bernie makes the fake 'six consecutive coin tosses' in Iowa pales in comparison.
If you 'wondered' why the premature "Yay! We won!" atmosphere at Hillary's election nite bash; then 'saw' the sheer horror of their reaction when it became obvious that she did NOT in fact win; and then 'marveled' at the sheer stupidity of the entire "Russia did it" never-ending-story that was hatched within 24-hrs of this "surprise loss"; then read on and connect a few dots.
There is an even bigger DNC scam that makes the entire presidential campaign process and following election pale in comparison. Here is why it all was a farce:
- There was a clever voter fraud SCAM by the Democrats to steal the general election itself. This is why 'she' was so sure of her victory.
- "Uhhh....Russia" is a mere distraction from that fact, and a diversion to make sure no one directed any efforts toward finding out (a) that there was a scam, (b) what the scam was, and that the (c) DNC "plays for keeps"
....including (c) the assassination of the DNC's own Seth Rich (a Bernie supporter btw).
This is no longer our Grandfather's Constitutional Republic, and the Democrats are now murderous Marxists playing at stealing an entire nation. Having failed to "steal" the general election, there are now very obvious traitors who are trying to upend the 2016  election, disenfranchise the voters, and regain control of what they see as "theirs, and not yours" by any means. By ANY means. Murder most foul is merely a "bump in the road" to use Hillary's happy turn of phrase from Benghazi.
- The Tree of Liberty is overdue for a good watering.

The Trump .45...................from Rico

- I wish I could take credit for this, but it's enough to pass it along.
Of course, his supporters know Trump is our 45th President, while the 'ready for more of, Hillary' crowd probably have no clue that Barry was 44th.
- Pardon the redundancy there..