Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Olivia Culpo Jaw-Dropping Bikini Sextastic

She's amazingly hot.

I should be posting this babe more often, man.

Here, "Hot Pert Olivia Culpo Bikini Pics."

I swear chicks like this live to post hot photos to social media all day, causing an epidemic of male arousal around the world, lol.

Unbelievably hot. Be sure to click through.

Bodacious Lucy Collett Goes All Out on Snapchat (PHOTOS)

Huge, huge tits.

Man, I'm not on Snapchat. Shoot, I'm not on Instagram or any of these other ultra hip platforms. That's probably for the better, lol. Society's getting too dumbed down as it is.

 In any case, I guess Snapchat permits nudity (whereas not so at Instagram).

Here, "Big-Breasted Lucy Collett Goes Topless on Snapchat."

She goes by "Lucy Vixen" nowadays apparently, publishing all kinds of nude breasts on social media, lol.

ESPN Broadcaster Robert Lee Taken Off Virginia Football Game Because He Shares Name with Confederate Civil War General

I don't know about y'all, but this is why I've been swearing off politics this summer. I've been doing mostly babe blogging and books. There's much more sanity that way, lol.

See, "ESPN Pulls Announcer Robert Lee from UVA Football Game Because American Politics is FUBAR."

Cartoon Round Up....

Wonder what AntiFa stands for?..................from Rico

I like this definition of AntiFA, it's right up there with AntiFirstAmendment.

Nürburgring 2016 BIG CRASH, FAIL & WIN Compilation


Moar "transformation" - autos...................from Rico

Here is some more "transformation" for
There was a time when there were multiple manufacturers with a variety of autos for consumers to select from beyond the 'give them any color, as long as it's black' Ford origins.
- You could also afford to buy the cars, they only 'cost' a few thousand dollars...but there were 24-36 month loans available, too.
Not any more.
- That was before a stifling federal buraucracy gummed-up the works.
Now America's favorite rapidly-depreciating asset....the car...argues that it makes more sense to rent vs. own, as the nation becomes a nation of renters vs. owners.
- Thank you, government!
And even if you think you 'own' a used car (that's ANY car you've purchased (whether 'new' from a dealer or from a neighbor down the block) you have 'lost' -17% in value year-on-year in the last 12 months.
- That's twice the rate of depreciation from 2014 which was -9.5%.
The surge in off-lease vehicles has created a supply glut vs. demand = prices are down.
- Unless you're driving one of the yuge new pick-me-up trucks that a ladder is needed to which case you are virtually printing your own money!

H/T Doverthere

Jennifer Connelly Yellow Bikini Pics with Pokies

She's pert, dang.

Here, "Hot Movie Star Jennifer Connelly, 46, Flaunts Age-Defying Figure in Skimpy Bright Yellow Bikini with Pokies (PHOTOS)."

Nice pert pokies on that babe.

Australian Hottie Jo Beth Taylor Bikini Pics on the Beach

She's a tasty-tart Australian television personality, with pert nips.

 Here, "Blond Australian Babe Jo Beth Taylor Topless Bikini Breasts on the Beach (PHOTOS)."

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Statues and Monuments Offensive To Commies That Should Be Removed...............from Daniel Thomas

Toytown wannabe revolutionaries accompanied by an assortment of left wing loonies and spotty basement dwellers continue their destruction of statues and monuments in their campaign to erase history and rewrite it to fit their narrative. The following is a picture gallery to help their global counterparts decide which ones to attack.

Hammers are available at the nearest hardware store, face masks are available from your local Soros financed Commissariat.

Se the gallery here

Cartoon Round Up....


Breakfast w/a "deep state" operative, in walla walla, wash......

Black Clergy, Activists Defend Trump, Castigate 'Alt-Left'

Palestinians: When Suicide Attacks Are Bad

Trump Must Stop North Korea from Striking American Soil

Almost 7,000 migrants have walked into Quebec since Canada Day

The Invasion of Canada

Black Nationalist Statues Must Fall

Best one liners..................

If I could take just one thing to a desert island I probably wouldn’t go.
Always leave them wanting more, my uncle used to say to me, which is why he lost his job in disaster relief.
I’ve decided to sell my vacuum cleaner. Well, it was just collecting dust.
Apparently, one in three Britons is conceived in an IKEA bed – which is crazy, because those places are really well-lit.
I needed a password eight characters long so I picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
Dave drowned, so at the funeral we got him a wreath in the shape of a lifebelt. Well, it’s what he would have wanted.
My dad has suggested that I register for a donor card. He’s a man after my own heart.
I’ve just been on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. I’ll tell you what, never again.
I picked up a hitch-hiker. You’ve got to when you hit them.
I was playing chess with my friend and he said, ‘Let’s make this interesting.’ So we stopped playing chess.
I’m sure that wherever my dad is, he’s looking down on us. He’s not dead, just very condescending.
I was raised as an only child, which really annoyed my sister.
When I was a kid, I asked my mum what a couple was and she said, ‘Oh, two or three.’ And she wonders why her marriage didn’t work.
As a vegan, I think people who sell meat are disgusting. But apparently people who sell fruit and veg are grocer.
A friend tricked me into going to Wimbledon by telling me it was a women’s singles event.
H/T Old Dude

But it's OK if.....................from Rico

But it's OK if you're a DemocRAT.......

USS McCain - What utter BS....................from Rico

This mimics the earlier incident where the USS Fitzgerald "ran into" a merchant vessel with its SIDE.
Photos from the 7th Fleet show damage to the USS McCain on the port side (left for journalists) just aft of the superstructure (behind the big structure on the deck) along the waterline, just below the CIWS turret (close-in weapons system).
The story is that the "McCain" "ran into" a merchant vessel.
- Once again, how the fuck do you 'run into' anything with the side of an underway ship, and sustain damage NOT TO THE BOW (again for journalists: the pointy-end at the front of the ship) but in the far to the REAR SIDE?
I suspect that the Chinese People's Liberation Navy "spoofed" the operative radars of both vessels involved (just like I think they did with the "Fitz"), but it was the merchant vessel that ran into the US destroyer. Again.
- The crewmen standing watch on the McCain could probably do little other than 'watch' helplessly as they were rammed, so they'll likely be blamed to 'cover' for another attack on an American warship on the open sea.

Five Cities That Got F*cked by Hosting the Olympics......................

Every four years with the Olympics, municipalities compete to host the winter and summer games and virtually always plunge their cities and sometimes even their home countries into massive debt and insolvency.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Barcelona - Death Is What You Get When You Invite the Grim Reaper..............from Daniel Thomas

Back in February this year 160,000 Spaniards took to the streets of Barcelona, Spain, to demand the government open the doors to more refugees. It was just over two weeks ago on 4th August that a group of Spanish socialists rampaged through popular tourist resorts demanding their free spending visitors go home labelling them as the real terrorists while at the same time putting out the welcome mat for refugees. (See here)

On 10th August stunned tourists watched as phony refugees from North Africa stormed a popular beach in southern Spain in a scene resembling the D-Day landings in Normandy. (Watch the video here)

As an indication of their naivety, or stupidity, the imposing Town Hall in the Spanish capital Madrid proudly flies a ‘Refugees Welcome’ banner.

Read the article here

'MiniJello' is a Student at the University of Delaware and Her Breasts Are So Big She's Garnered Almost 100 Thousand Followers on Instagram (NSFW)

Well, those are some huge tits!

No wonder she's got so many followers.

This is NSFW, "Big-Breasted MiniJello in Instagram: a student at the University of Delaware and her boobs are so big that she has garnered almost 100 thousand followers!" (Topless.)

She's got a tiny little waist, but a huge rack, and she shows it all off in a skin-tight mini-skirt.

Amazing. Dang.

Helen Hunt Flashes Breasts While Changing Bikini on the Beach

She's got large breasts, man.

Here, "Helen Hunt Flashes Breasts in Bikini While Changing on the Beach."

Very ample tits on that woman!

The engine that won World War II - Jay Leno's Garage

With 1390 hp, Jay demonstrates the power and engineering of the Merlin 1650-1 engine that was the heart of the P-51 Mustangs and the Lancaster bombers in World War II.

Cartoon Round Up....

Bwa-hahahahaha! Death for farting?..................from Rico

While there are too many horrific, barbaric, and inhuman aspects to that death cult masquerading as a religion aka Islam to list here, one of the most annoying features is having to 'deal' with their attitude of "in'sha Allah" (as Allah wills it) which is their justification [read: lame fucking excuse] for being useless and not lifting a finger or breaking a sweat by going out of their way to 'do the right thing'....much less anything...the lazy fuckers.
- It's God's will!
Well, karma is indeed a real bitch (even if the muzzies don't recognize karma) and this lucky Pakistani is getting a 'dose' of his own "religion of peace" for farting.
- I kid you not.
Death for farting?
- But fornicating with goats, sheep, donkeys, and camels and/or raping children is OK?
I should start saying "aloha skidmark" instead of "aloha snackbar" maybe?
- The schadenfreude is strong with this one.............

Sofa-king Obvious........................from Rico

This is the desired end-game, and it has nothing to do with slavery, the Confederacy, monuments, or anything else:
- Socialism = When you get shot for asking questions.
- Communism = When you get shot for telling the truth.
It's sofa-king obvious to most of us that the West, and America, is under attack by an increasingly violent Marxist-Communist revolution that is waging open warfare against history, the truth, and individual freedom.
AntiFa and BLM are the brownshirted thugs for this culture war, and it is WAR...make no mistake about it...and they are being aided by their comrades in the MSM (like CNN: the Communist News Network, NBC: nothing but Communists, MSNBC: more of the same nothing but Communists, et al...I'll stop there because you get the idea).

This is NOT progress..........................

There was once a time in America when cars looked like cars and not variations on a dustbuster.
- They had V-8's, and were affordable for most people...even the loaded 1961 Buick shown here which had an MSRP of $3,900.
Now you can spend 10x that amount for a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder that looks like a dustbuster and incorporates many plastic parts just like a dustbuster.
- But it has touch-screen, bluetooth, and computers to do much of the driving FOR you.
What happened? Unelected gooberment bureaRats have strangled the automotive industry with increasingly harsh fatwas, forcing engineers and designers to comply while removing the elegant styling and choice of competing vehicles from the consumer by mandating "government cars."
- And, like virtually everything the government does, they have screwed cars up in the process of making them better. For your own good, of course.

H/T Lenmar

History. Irony.................from Rico

Socialists completely fail to learn from history, especially their own history of failure.
- American socialists are no exception to the rule.
And irony, like history, is completely wasted upon them.

Putting On Our Apocalypse Glasses

Obama Statues - Wild Bill

Does the left tearing down "racist" historical statues give us the right to tear down "ultra racist" Obama statues?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Chrissy Teigen, Hailey Clauson & More Take On Sumba Island | Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Condemning Violence – President Trump Bad, Communist Corbyn Good..................from Daniel Thomas

Watching the hysterical reaction to President Trump’s condemnation of violence ‘on both sides’ of the organised Charlottesville mini-riot has been hilarious and in complete contrast to the same condemnation of violence 'on both sides' in Venezuela by Great Britain’s Prime Minister-in-Waiting, Jeremy Corbyn.

President Trump has been attacked by almost the entire political establishment on both sides of the Atlantic, including their associated media whores, who have gone into overdrive with their insults and smears.

Even senior members of his own Republican party, along with their very own media whores at supposedly fair and balanced Fox News, have been lining up to put the boot into the man they still cannot accept is the duly elected President of the United States.

One only has to watch the newsreels to see that President Trump was absolutely correct in his assessment that there was violence on both sides.

It is there for all to see that the  illegal gathering of the far-left extremists of Antifa, accompanied by a motley crew of other anti-American far-left loonies, came tooled up with baseball bats, helmets, shields and a home made flame thrower ready to violently attack the legal Unite the Right rally.

Read the article here

Somebody's pink pussy hat is way too tight....................from Rico

The breath-taking incandescent stupidity of the Left never ceases to amaze...nor does it ever cease. They are relentless in their cupidity, too.
- Some senior unwiped-ass from Comrade Hitlery's botched 2016 effort has compared AntiFa to D-Day. I shit you not. "Just like D-Day" is the quote.
No, there were NO AntiFa renta-thugs or wanna-be Communist revolutionaries present at D-Day, or at any other such moment in history.
- Such as them have always hidden in the dark and played "switch" until the coast was clear for them to emerge and begin whining and whinging while being obstructionist and destructive. says it far better than ANY legacy Leftists media ever will [attached].
- I rest my case.


Cartoon Round Up....


The book of john ii ....

The Erasure Of The Southern Heritage

The New York Times And Everytown: Ban The Open Carry Of Firearms

Silicon Valley Billionaires Are the New Robber Barons

Is There Still a Conservative Foreign Policy?

Can Someone Show Us a Climate Prediction That Has Ever Come True?

Tragic Details About A Woman Set On Fire And Stabbed By A Man She Supervised At Work —​ And Why His Previous Threats Were Ignored By The U.S. Army

Glaring Idiocy (A Single Malt Diatribe)

Tearing Down Liberty.....................from Rico

Our friend WilliamBanzai7 is 'triggered' by the cultural Marxists running amok.
- Fire in the hole!
The radical Left has devolved into completely mindless behavior. What is next for them...Stone Mountain, Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty? Nothing will ever be 'enough' to sate the appetite of these cultural barbarians and immoral savages.
- Voltaire was right many years ago when he said "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez, et al are all poster children of this eternal truth.
America once was a place where the common sentiment was based in the First Amendment and expressed as "I do not agree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."
- Like everything else the Left comes into contact with, this has been perverted into "I do not agree with what you say (or think), but it will be your death if you don't stop it."

UNUM E PLURIBUS.....................from Rico

No, you will NOT hear this from the enabling and complicit MSM Leftists.
- If you rely upon them for your news and/or opinions you are both uninformed and misinformed to badly paraphrase Mark Twain. [for recent graduates of government-run indoctrination centers aka screwels, read: you be screwed.]
Pulling down the Durham, NC Confederate monument was NOT a spontaneous, random act by a 'triggered' passer-by.
- Ladder girl with the noose was in fact a member of the WWP (Worker's World Party), a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist group.
It's NOT about slavery, the Confederacy, or white's ALL about Communists pulling down America to destroy it.
- And the Democrats (C) who have gone hard-Left are all for it, along with increasing numbers of RINO's (Socialists) who are gutlessly standing aside and trying to appease their way to a 'safe space.'
The effort is well-funded by SORO$ and other uber-wealthy Leftist cronies, planned by KAFKA, and intended to herd the sheeple into a future forewarned by ORWELL.
- On the surface it may seem 'merely' that the Left wants to turn US History into a progressive "safe space" by erasing it, but it's actually about cultural genocide.
Think: OUT OF ONE, MANY (divide and conquer) instead of OUT OF MANY, ONE (e pluribus unum).