Wednesday, 26 June 2019

The British Are Still Trapped Three Years After the Epic Mandate................from Dan T

The twenty fourth of June 2019 marked the third anniversary of the great Brexit betrayal and the start of open hostilities between the British people and the treacherous political class who are committed to surrendering the sovereignty that so many died for to a cabal of unelected bureaucrats in Brussels.

Three years after giving the political class the biggest mandate in the history of British democracy the British people are still stuck in the corrupt and failing European Union with no prospect of ever leaving.

Despite all the promises made by the so-called Mother of Parliaments to implement the referendum result, the unelected EU bureaucrats in Brussels still have control over Great Britain’s laws, borders, territorial waters and money. Also, the British people are still subject to the European Court of Justice which is superior to their own Supreme Court.  

The Brexit betrayal has not only highlighted the years of treachery by individual law makers but the fanatical dedication of the entire political establishment to the destruction of Great Britain as an independent, self-governing nation and their absolute loyalty to a centrally controlled United States of Europe.

The war between the politicians and the people has been simmering for decades as the unrelenting and irrevocable surrender of sovereignty to the European Union continued unchallenged by most Parliamentarians with the subsequent destruction of the British national identity and way of life.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Kelly Brook's Juggs

She's more honkin' than ever, wow!

See, "Wow! Honkin' Kelly Brook's Mammaries Are Bigger Than Ever!"

Click through for a peek on those humongous milk cannons, bigger than ever, man.

Camila Cabello Nude Leaked Photos

See, "Camila Cabello":

Everyone’s dirty minds are on the Camila Cabello nude photos and for good reason. The Cuban-American singer departed from her girl group Fifth Harmony in December of 2016 and ever since then she has been in the spotlight. Yes, she’s got sexy vocals, but it’s her EVEN SEXIER body that has put this girl on the map.

Bohol - The Jewel of the Philippines (4k - Aerial - Time lapse - Tilt shift)

Bohol is often referred to as the Jewel of the Philippines.
It is an extremely diverse island, but the Chocolate Hills are probably Bohol's most famous tourist attraction. They are considered one of Philippine's natural wonders. They are made of limestone left over from coral reefs during the Ice Age when the island was submerged. They turn brown during the summer making them look like chocolate mounds.

Cartoon Round Up....

Minsky Moment or FOMO Moment?..................from Rico

Are we at a Minsky Moment, or a FOMO Moment?*
*FOMO: Fear of Missing Out...
Gold & Silver may be at a 'sea change' and end of year Gold may near $1700.
- And, that's not the end...

H/T Doverthere

The Bird is the Word................from Rico

There was a forgettable song from my youth titled "The Bird is the Word."
Today we have illegal fuckers giving America 'the bird' ....and Dem's (C) want to flip 'the bird' to American citizens too.
Stop this silly-ass shit. Now!
Illegals, and Democrats (C) I mean YOU!

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Monday, 24 June 2019

Canadian Goalie Mikayle Demainter, the World's Sexiest Hockey Star, With the Biggest Breasts on Ice (PHOTOS)


She's hanging up her ice skates for a career as an Instragram hottie!

What fantastic milk cannons, my gawd!

See, "WHAT THE PUCK? Meet world’s sexiest hockey goalie Mikayla Demaiter who has sent pulses racing on the ice and stunned Instagram with huge-breasted skimpy selfies (PHOTOS)."

Babelicious lol.

The biggest breasts on ice, and that's putting mildly --- she's got humoungous bazongas!

Goodness Gracious: Emma Watson Nude Selfies (PHOTOS)

She's got those nipples where the whole things poke up, areolas and all!

She's a luscious little naked hottie!

See, "Emma Watson, Former Fabulous 'Harry Potter' Star, Post Total Nude Selfies (PHOTOS)."

Nipples galore, lol.

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Send in the clowns? Don't bother, they're here...................from Rico

Isn't it rich? Isn't it queer?
Send in the clowns? Don't bother, they're here!

BREXIT, Trump 3 years Later - Still 'Treason'...................from Rico

BREXIT was 3 years ago (so was Trump over Hillary btw), WTF?
- Why has it not 'happened' yet? Britain voted LEAVE. America elected Trump. Why hasn't anything changed (see what I did there?).
Because Britain, like the US, is now a corrupt banana republic. They have both become Venezuela.
Because the Magna Carta, like the Constitution, means fuck all today.
Because treason. Treason most foul.

The Intersection of any two of the deadly sins produces modern day vice..............

H/T Doverthere

Friday, 21 June 2019

New Bella Thorne Topless Photos

She's into the controversy --- it builds her brand, and book sales.

See, "Bella Thorne Responds to Whoopi Goldberg's Comments About Topless Photos."

Click through to see Ms. Bella's topless tits with nipple rings and all.

Rita Ora Bikini of the Day

She's hot.

Tasty topless photo at the link as well.

See, "Rita Ora in Red Bikini."

Cartoon Round Up....


President Trump should make a declaration that he is identifying as a woman. The left will have to (1) admit the absurdity of their gender ideology or (2) accept and celebrate “Donna Trump” as the first woman President, thus beating Hillary, Liz Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand to the glorious goal of one of their “female firsts”.

Furthermore, if he remains married to Melania he will also be the first gay president, and the first lesbian president. He will also be the first lesbian president married to an immigrant! What a most glorious event for the democrats to celebrate!

Gosh, I love it when a plan comes together !!!!!!



H/T Doverthere

Communiet Neverland.................from Rico

Gee, with the MSM and the DNC having gone full-Commie, who ya gonna believe?
- Them, or your own 'lyin eyes?
The US has sure moved 'forward' and made 'progress' with the Commie rat bastards running things huh?
- Why, we have all 'moved on' from the days of an rather and "fake, but could be true" to today's "fake, but wish it was true" and "hope we can convince enough of you that it is, so we can make it so."
What IS it with Communists being congenital lying assholes anyway? [thought: for some odd reason Obama and Hillary spring to mind whenever I build a sentence stringing the words communist-lying-asshole together?]


H/T Doverthere

LGBTQ-The Left's Trojan Gerbil...............from Rico

The Left [Progressives, Communists, Democrats-redundancy unavoidable] has been, and IS, pushing an agenda to make the normal abnormal and the abnormal normal.
LGBTQ is their Trojan Gerbil and seeks to normalize mental illness, perversion, immoral and dangerous sex practices by manufacturing and hyping sexual iderntity confusion among anyone they can reach who is weak-minded enough to 'swallow' their Leftist lunacy.

Stupidity on Parade

JIGGING in the Gulf !