Thursday, 27 February 2020

Cartoon Round Up....

Who is your first choice for First Lady?


A Fool and his Money...............from Rico

A fool is soon parted from his money...and from his freedom, too.

Communist China's WuFlu Quarantine................from Rico

China has been under Communist rule since 1949.
- One of their first priorities was to disarm the population.
Fast forward to now, and note how easily they could effectively 'lock down' the population to deal with the WuFlu.
- Just sayin'...

Friday, 21 February 2020

Cartoon Round Up....

Communism on The Menu as America Goes to the Polls................Dan T

As an election year progresses in a revitalized America, it’s amazing to see the old communist curmudgeon, Bernie Sanders, take the lead in the Democratic primary contest to choose who will take on President Trump in the November general election.

The attempt by Sanders to hide his communist affiliation by labeling himself as a democratic socialist is fooling nobody except the brainwashed and the intellectually challenged who are seduced by the promise of ‘free stuff’ financed by money confiscated from the evil rich.

It seems like only yesterday that Bernie Sanders was leading in the 2016 Democratic Party race with the same message of replacing the wealth creating system of free enterprise with a communist system which he portrayed as benign and morally superior because it would supposedly abolish poverty and inequality.

Despite the ongoing coup attempt to remove him from office, President Trump has halted the managed decline of America into a third world country and reinvigorated the economy by returning to basic free enterprise principles of cutting regulations and lowering taxes.

Other notable achievements include renegotiating disastrous trade deals that disadvantaged the American worker and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure and deliberately downgraded military.

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