Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I now know why Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama are such close friends! (Photos)...from TPC

For anyone who ever wondered how Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel became such close friends, among other things they both seem to share a love of things slightly less than macho and slightly more along the lines of metrosexual.

Is the Left Becoming More Racist?

Six years into the Obama presidency, six years marked by a constant barrage of criticism from the Right, it seems that those on the Left have finally decided that Barack Obama has fallen short of their messianic expectations.  It began as a trickle, and has yet to reach flood proportions, but criticism of Obama from the Left is beginning to grow.       (continue reading

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Elephant in the Room- No Strategy? No, New Strategy..................

President Obama needs a strategy for ISIS. Here is one for all Islamist Extremism that brings Hellfires and damnation

Unrigged Holiday Market Flatulence..........................from Rico

Three months ago, when the US market was closed for Memorial Day, the spot price for Gold jerked $20 higher, and then tanked.

Yesterday, when the US market was closed for Labor Day, the spot market for Gold dropped $6, jerked higher, and then tanked.

BOTH times the US markets were closed. CLOSED for a holiday. There was no trading and the market was illiquid.

Yeah, makes perfect sense to me since the markets are now run by machines, machines programmed by carbon life forms....one of who was clearly (a) in a hurry Friday to start his 3-day weekend, and/or (b) didn't program the holiday into the trading algo, (c) forgot to unplug the machine, or (d) all of the above = forgot to tell the machine the market was CLOSED!

How uber-cool is THAT?

- Nothing screams "unrigged market" like a brainfart of this magnitude.

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Dare to Compare.....................from Rico

Compare the response to 9-11, then look at both what happened 'when' and 'after' "Buttholio the Blameless" ascended to the golf cart.

GoPro: Snowmobiling Across A River................

Toias Lindberg and his buddies go snowmobiling in Langtrask, Sweden. The warm weather has the lake thawing, but that doesn't stop them.

The Israeli Left is Dead; Long Live the Israeli Left.....................from Dan Friedman

I read this macabre story in the NY Post a few days ago: Chinese chef dies from cobra bite 20 minutes after head was cut off
Today, I read this eerie story about the lethal Israeli Left: Expect the second coming of the Israeli Left
The moral of both stories: Don’t assume a snake without its head can’t kill you anymore.

The BEST definition of.................from Rico

This is perhaps the BEST definition of Thailand I have yet to see.

- And it's twue, it's TWUE!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Smokin' Rule 5 Roundup for Labor Day!

This is totally hot!

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Here: "Labor Day Rule 5."

That's some of the most spectacular breast action in months!


Join the Fight Against Bras


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See: "Revolt Against the Brassieres."

Teach Your Kids Self-Defense (Deadly Force)

And interesting piece: "Jesus, Self-Defense, and Teaching Your Kids to Use Deadly Force."

Regis Giles photo Screen-Shot-2014-09-01-at-101747-AM-630x370_zps39d72448.jpg

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Witnessing a Failed Presidency


By Alan Caruba

When we elect someone—anyone—to the office of President, it is only natural that we attribute great political skills, intellect, and judgment to that man. We want to believe we have selected someone with the ability to do what must be done in a dangerous and very complex world.

This may explain why Presidents who have presided in times of war are more highly regarded than those that have not. Washington brought the nation into being by patiently pursuing a war with Great Britain, Lincoln saw the Civil War to a successful conclusion, preserving the Union

The last century offered two world wars and several lesser ones, Korea and Vietnam. Voters put Franklin D. Roosevelt in office in 1933 and then kept him there until his death in 1945 just before the conclusion of World War Two. They had no wish to disrupt his conduct of the war with anyone else. It fell to Harry Truman to wrap up World War Two and to pursue the Korean War to repulse communist North Korea’s invasion.

The Vietnam War had its genesis in the JFK years, but it was Lyndon Johnson who committed to it with a massive influx of infantry and massive bombing, neither of which was able to deter the North Vietnamese from uniting the nation. Having lied the nation into the war LBJ concluded at the end of his first term which he had won in a landslide that he should not run again given the vast level of unhappiness with the conflict.

The failure to respond in a strong way to the Iranians who took U.S. diplomats hostage left Jimmy Carter with a single failed term in office. Neither domestically, nor in the area of foreign affairs did he demonstrate strength or much understanding.

After 9/11 George W. Bush used U.S. military strength to send a message to the world in general and al Qaeda in particular. By the end of his second term, a completely unknown young Democrat emerged as the Democratic Party candidate for President by campaigning on a promise to get out of Iraq and offering “hope and change.”

Barack Hussein Obama captured the imagination of the voters. He was black and many Americans wanted to demonstrate that an African-American could be elected President. He was relatively young, regarded as eloquent, and seemed to project a cool, self-composed approach throughout his campaign.

The only problem was that he lacked a resume beyond having been a “community organizer.” He had graduated from Harvard Law School, but all of his academic and other public records had been put under seal so they could not be examined. Twice he ran against relatively lackluster, older men who did not possess much charisma, if any.

In his first term, his “stimulus” to lift the economy out of recession was a trillion-dollar failure. By his second term, however, the singular first term “achievement” was the passage of the Affordable Patient Care Act—Obamacare. When finally ready to enroll people it instantly demonstrated technical and policy problems. Obama began to unilaterally make changes to the law even though he lacked the legal power to do so.

The war in Iraq whose conclusion he had ridden to victory in 2008 and 2012 came unraveled and the Syrian civil war in which he had resisted any involvement metastasized into a barbaric Islamic State that seized parts of Iraq and northern Syria.

Halfway through his second term, it was increasingly evident that Obama did not want to fulfill the role of the Presidency to provide leadership in times of foreign and domestic crisis.

On August 28 Gallup reported “Americans are more than twice as likely to say they "strongly disapprove" (39%) of President Barack Obama's job performance as they are to say they "strongly approve" (17%). The percentage of Americans who strongly disapprove of Obama has increased over time, while the percentage who strongly approve has dropped by almost half.”

His passion for golf became noticeable in ways that went beyond just a bit of vacation time. The time he spent fund raising seemed to be more of a priority than dealing with Congress. Not only did he fail to develop strong political working relations with members of his own party, his churlish talk about the Republican Party began to grate on everyone.

Though no President cares much for the demands of the press, they play an essential role in a democracy. His administration went to extremes to close off access to its members and by striking out at the press in ways that turned it from one that had gone out of its way to support him in the first term to one that actively, if not openly, disliked him in the second.

One characteristic about Obama had become glaringly obvious. He lies all the time. He lies in obvious and casual ways. In politics where one’s word must be one’s bond, this is a lethal personality trait. He dismissed the many scandals of his administration as "phony."

Given the vast implications of what is occurring in the Middle East, in Ukraine, and elsewhere around the world his response was to interrupt his golf game to give a short speech and then return to the greens. In a recent press conference he said he has “no strategy” to address the threat that ISIS represents.

What Americans have discovered is that they have twice either voted for (or against) someone with fewer skills and even less desire to do the job for which he campaigned. This lazyness combined with his radical liberal politics have finally become obvious even to his former supporters.

His statement that he had no strategy to deal with the threat of the Islamic State and that it was perhaps too soon to expect one to have been formulated has led to the conclusion that he was far less intellectually equipped to be President than many had thought.

Now he must be endured and survived.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

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Lord christopher monckton and the artic ice cap .... which grows phenomenally just now, by the way ....

Oil tanker 'vanishes' with $100M cargo off Texas

Pricey VA wind turbines remain idle

Co-Authors of Ebola Study Die of Ebola

This Tiny Copper Awl Is Rewriting History

Why You Should Nap After Coffee

The Imaginary Non-Interventionist

YOUR UNITED NATIONS IN ACTION: Photo of ISIS Driving UN Vehicle (Paid For With Your Tax Dollars)

Immigration: one to watch

Putin demands negotiations over eastern Ukraine 'statehood'

Israel shoots down drone over its Syria border

Islamic State group becomes target of Arab satire

Iraqi troops backed by U.S. air power break Islamic State’s siege of Amerli, freeing town’s 15,000 residents

Bill's Jihadi Entitlement Program - Wild Bill

Bill has a plan to deal with American traitors who want to be Islamic jihadis

Incompetence Fatigue, Radical Islam and the American People!...from TPC

Americans, with the help of a crafty Obama administration and complicit mainstream media, are suffering from a disease that could ultimately rival Ebola for its deadly outcomes. 

The name of the disease is Incompetence Fatigue and it is explained in this article. 

Also included is a repost of a must-read article titled 'EX-CIA employee admits President Obama is a radical Islamic enemy of America'

The Tweets Smell of Excess

Peeling the financial onion...................from Rico

Peeling the financial onion, and getting into pesky details the teleprompter readers of FTV and Politics don't want you to even 'think' about will make you cry.

Friday 'gave' us the usual rigged/manipulated [read" FED, Central Banks] end-of-day, end-of-week, and end-of-month, mandatory stuff of "must have GOOD headlines" ahead of the 3-day US holiday to be touted breathlessly by the Keynesian shills.

Look past that, and consider the near daily record 'nominal' returns of investmemnts vs. the less impressive 'real' returns of investments from 1983 to 2013.

- After Expenses, Dividend Taxes, Capital Gains taxes, and Inflation (the actual inflation running ~10.3% and NOT the fake offishul 2% number), the REAL real return of investing isn't all that hot. And it isn't as much 'investing' as playing 'financial Russian roulette.'

And it sure as Hell isn't a "recovery."

- Investments are NOT at record highs because economies are improving.

- Investments are NOT at record highs because employment is improving.

- Investments ARE at record high because the FED (and other Central Banks) are buying what no one else will.

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It would be a good start..................from Rico

Well, one could only HOPE...but we all know what HOPing in one hand accomplishes, right?

Jennifer Lawrence Phone Hacked, Nude Photos Leaked -- Other Celebrities Too

Some of the celebrities are denying it, but not all of them.

Here: "Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton Nude Photos Leaked Online."

Incredible Anais Zanotti in Hot 'France' Bikini

Oh man!

I hope this summer never ends. The babes just keep getting hotter!

Here: "Hot Anais Zanotta Bikini Pics Showing Off Some Nips!"

Very nice nipples.

Spankin' Hot Eiza Gonzalez

She's tasty: "Eiza Gonzalez (PHOTOS)."