Monday, 26 January 2015

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What Bobby Jindal Gets about Islam - and Most People Still Don't

Obama Turns a Page

The Dangers of Obama’s Cognitive Dissonance by VDH

'American Sniper' On Pace for Biggest Hit of 2014, All-Time Top-Grossing War Film

Reality Check on Huckabee

Study: Men Who Take Selfies May Be Psychopaths

How the SEALs Improvised Right from the Start

Poll: For 2016, many Republicans but just one Democrat

Meet the Freedom Caucus

Win for Greece's far-left Syriza party sows fresh fears for eurozone

Small drone found on White House grounds


'Tidal wave of snow' to slam Northeast

McDonough Nabbed by Wallace Trying to Steal Credit for Oil Boom

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AV-8B no gear landing on USS Bataan.............

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BHO's Hand Caught in Israel's Cookie Jar.................from Dan Friedman

[You can cut Obama’s bulls**t with a knife. df]

The Point,, January 26, 2015
By Daniel Greenfield
When the media whines about how Netanyahu is undermining Obama, remember that Obama’s people are running a direct anti-Netanyahu election campaign in Israel. Exactly the way that Clinton’s people did.
Haaretz reporter Roi Arad revealed in an article in the Hebrew edition today that the foreign funded organization, “One Voice”, is bankrolling the V-2015 campaign to defeat Binyamin Netanyahu’s national camp in the March 2015 Knesset Elections.

Illegal Super Bowl Betting Infographic!

Ever wonder just how much money is wagered illegally on the Super Bowl?

The infographic in this article at HAS tells the story!

Today's Oxymoron: Muslim Free Speech..................from Dan Friedman

[If you haven’t already, please remove Turkey from your “moderate Islamic country” list. df]
ANKARA- A Turkish court has ordered Facebook to block a number of pages deemed insulting to the Prophet Mohammad, threatening to stop access to the whole social networking site if it does not comply, state broadcaster TRT reported.

The OFFICIAL Victoria’s Secret Commercial from Superbowl XLIX

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1972 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3 - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay asked, you answered, so he restored this Benzo to its original state per your request. Take a trip under the hood!

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Mark Steyn on Charlie Hebdo attacks: ‘Free speech has to include the right to insult Islam’

Islamic Terrorism: The Taboo Topic

Turkey's Dance with Jihadists

Obama, India's Modi cite nuclear investment breakthrough

Charles Koch warns of ‘march toward collectivism’

Senate Needs 4 More Votes for Keystone Veto Override

Some US Hospitals Giving 'Death Test' to Seniors

Terrorist Training ‘No Go Zones’ Now In U.S.

Saudi Arabia’s New King Helped Fund Radical Terrorist Groups

U.S. Commander in Korea Leads Secret Strategy Session

Greece's Radical Anti-Austerity Movement Just Won Power: Here's What Happens Now

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Hoax caller impersonating spy chief put through to British prime minister

Zimbabwe's Mujuru no longer a 'comrade'

Hundreds of flights cancelled as US braces for 'historic' storm

Is China Building a Base Near the Senkakus?

Army looking to store tanks, equipment in eastern Europe

Pakistan plunges into darkness as attack leaves 140mn without power

Tense Israeli-Hizballah shadow war stops short of skirmishes. Overnight mystery blast

The Green Party Plans to Decimate the Military – but Membership of ISIS Will Be Okayed

More than 200 Nigerian troops killed by Boko Haram

Syriza wins! Now what?...from TPC

The results are in and Syriza has won the Greece elections.

What will this mean for that country, the eurozone and the rest of the world economies?

At HAS here.

How to Get President Obama to Risk a Megyn Kelly Moment


(Larger image at link above)

Definition of "Megyn Kelly Moment":  Three words worth a thousand pictures, but we only have one.

But we know that no enticement exists sufficiently powerful to persuade President Obama to risk a "Megyn Kelly Moment," because it wouldn't reach LIVs -- UNLESS this picture were to go viral among LIVs -- then there might be a chance, but Obama's greatest fear would be that for him to risk a Megyn Kelly Moment to avoid seeming a coward among LIVs would run the risk that the LIVs who would tune-in to watch would commence the process of becoming High Information Voters, the death-knell of Progressivism. 

So, for the sake of the Collective, President Obama must decline to risk a "Megyn Kelly Moment."

Penny For Our Thoughts

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Animals Loot and Destroy Dellwood Market, Nearby Ferguson


Here: "Insane Ferguson Looting Video."

The black animal thugs get frustrated, and if you scroll forward a bit, you can seen them simply destroy the walls of the market to get inside and start looting.

Stay with it for a minute or two. You'll see. Animals.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Super Sweet Sunday Boosting Breasts Rule 5

Blasting for a sweet Sunday!

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Here: "Sunday Rule 5 --- With Some of the Biggest, Bounciest Breast Bazongas Ever!"

I especially like Japanese adult star Hitomi Tanaka.

Man, what a spectacular rack!

Boosting Japanese bazongas forever!

H/T Paul B

Hey! YOU!!.....................from Rico

Is THIS what it would take for you to 'meet' with him?
I'm happy to say that Bibi would not do this, while YOU would......right along with YOU ignoring the holocaust and Auschwitz's liberation, but cutting into your busy golf schedule to cut short your India trip so you can "pay respects" to the dead King and "kow tow" [that's genuflect for non-Obamunists] to the new King of the Magic Kingdom (Saudi Arabia).
Stay in Mecca where you belong and don't come back.................

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The Hollywood Jihad Against American Sniper................from Dan Friedman

Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog
American Sniper is the movie that should not have existed. Even though the book was a bestseller, nobody in Hollywood wanted the rights.

And why would they?

Obama: Auschwitz no, Saudi Arabia yes!...from TPC

What would you say if instead of attending the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Barack Obama went to Saudi Arabia to pay his respects to a King who neither liked Jews or Israel? 

Once again, read an article about a President who on a continual basis embarrasses the nation!

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Northeast braces for 'possibly historic' winter storm

The 10 richest cities in America

Europe shifts policy in escalating war on terror

Voices: Will Cuban exiles seek to reclaim property?

Top Gear:
no other country has idiots quite like these

Russia develops heavy drone, promises S500 missile system by 2017

Obama aide: Relations with Israel 'deep and abiding'

H/T Paul B

Clear Priorities..................from Rico

Barry "Marxist-boy" has clear priorities.
- Crystal clear.
They do not include Israel, Netanyahu, honoring Auschwitz or ANYTHING a normal human would consider decent or respectful....or remotely the 'right' thing to do.
He might as well start wearing green lipstick, he already wears clown shoes.

Charlie Hebdo USA......................from Dan Friedman

[Now it’s American Muslims who are complaining about “violent threats,” allegedly incited by the hit movie American Sniper. And this time the media is trumpeting this story. Two rules of history converge here: 1) When Muslims in an a non-Muslim country reach a certain critical mass, they seek to dominate the surrounding community – and then move on from there. cf. Britain, Germany, Sweden and France, inter alia. 2) Free speech is unknown in the Muslim world, actually it’s anathema. So it starts with trying to shut us up and stopping us from casting Islam in a negative light. And does it work? For one thing, you can be certain the entertainment industry is now poring over their scripts and deleting “offending” sections. Other “projects” will simply bite the dust. Of course, Obama didn’t need cajoling. As soon as he took office he banned certain phrases from the government’s lexicon that might reflect poorly on the Muslim religion. Makes you wonder what that man is all about, doesn’t it? df]

The Ten Big Ones - Wild Bill

The Ten Commandments have the power to solve America's biggest problems.

H/T Paul B

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ObamaCare Must Go!


By Alan Caruba

Can anyone remember how awful the U.S. healthcare free market system was that it needed to be replaced by the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as ObamaCare?  Can’t remember? That’s because it was ranked one of the best of the world and represented 17.9% of the nation’s economy in 2014.  That’s down from the 20% it represented in 2009 when ObamaCare was foisted on Americans.
One of the best ways to follow the ObamaCare story is via Health Care News, a monthly newspaper published by The Heartland Institute. The January issue begins with an article by Sean Parnell, the managing editor, reporting that ObamaCare enrollment is overstated by 400,000.

“The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) once again lowered its estimate of the number of Americans enrolled in health plans through government exchanges in 2014. The 6.7 million enrollees who remain are far lower than the eight million touted in May at the end of the last open-enrollment period.”

ObamaCare has been a lie from the moment it was introduced for a vote, all 2,700 pages of it, to the present day. Everything President Obama said about it was a lie. As to its present enrollments, they keep dropping because some 900,000 who did sign up did not make the first premium payment or later stopped paying.

Michael Cannon, director of health policy studies as the Cato Institute, said the dropout rate is a troubling trend. “It means that potentially hundreds of thousands of Exchange enrollees are realizing they are better off waiting until they get sick to purchase coverage. If enough people come to that conclusion, the exchanges collapse.”

Elsewhere in this month’s edition, there is an article, “States Struggle to Fund Exchanges”, that reports on the difficulties that “states are experiencing difficulty in paying the ongoing costs of the exchanges, especially small states. “’The feds are asking us to do their jobs for them. We get saddled with the operating costs,’ said Edmund Haislmaier, senior research fellow for health care policy studies at The Heritage Foundation.” Some are imposing a two percent tax on the insurance companies which, of course, gets passed along to the consumer. Even so, the exchanges are not generating enough income to be maintained.

Why would anyone want ObamaCare insurance when its rates keep rising dramatically? In Nebraska the rates have nearly doubled and another article notes that “A 2014 study finds large numbers of doctors are declining to participate in health plans offered through exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, raising questions about whether people buying insurance through exchanges will be able to access health care in a timely manner.” One reason physicians gave was that they would have to hire additional staff “just to manage the insurance verification process.”

Dr. Kris Held, a Texas eye surgeon, said ObamaCare “fails to provide affordable health insurance and fails to provide access to actual medical care to more people, but succeeds in compounding existing health care costs and accessibility problems and creating new ones.”

Health Care News reports what few other news outlets have noted. “In Section 227 of the recently enacted ‘Cromnibus’ spending measure, Congress added critical but little-noticed language that prohibits the use of funds appropriated to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to pay for insurance company bailouts.” William Todd, an Ohio attorney, further noted that “Congress did not appropriate any separate funding for ‘bailouts.’” Todd predicted that “some insurers are likely to raise premiums to avoid losses, or they will simply stop offering policies on the exchanges altogether.”

The picture of ObamaCare failure emerging from these excerpts is a very true one. Its momentum, in fact, is gaining.

In mid-December, the Wall Street Journal opined that “With the Supreme Court due to rule on a major ObamaCare legal challenge by next summer, thoughts in Washington are turning to the practical and political response. If the Court does strike down insurance subsidies, the question for Republicans running Congress is whether they will try to fix the problems Democrats created, or merely allow ObamaCare damage to grow.”

“King v. Burwell will be heard in March with a ruling likely in June. “Of the 5.4 million consumers on federal exchanges, some 87% drew subsidies in 2014, according to a Rand Corporation analysis.”

The Wall Street Journal recommended that “The immediate Republican goal should be to make insurance cheaper so people need less of a subsidy to obtain insurance. This means deregulating the exchanges, plank by plank. Devolve to states their traditional insurance oversight role, and allow them to enter into cross-border compacts to increase choice and competition. Allow insurers to sell any configuration of benefits to anyone, anywhere, and the private market will gradually heal.”

Or, to put it another way, eliminate ObamaCare entirely and return to the healthcare insurance system that had served Americans well until the White House decided that socialism was superior to capitalism.

The problem with the Affordable Care Act is that the cost of the insurance sold under the Act is not affordable and ObamaCare is actually causing hospitals and clinics to close their doors, thus reducing healthcare services for those who need them.

ObamaCare must go. If the Republicans in Congress did nothing more than repeal ObamaCare, the outcome of the 2016 election would be a predictable win no matter who their candidate will be. If not repeal, some separate actions must be taken such as eliminating the tax on medical instruments.

If the Republican Congress fails to take swift and deliberate action on ObamaCare between now and the 2016 elections, they will have defeated themselves.

© Alan Caruba, 2015

Obama's Basketball Diary - Intellectual Froglegs 01.26.15

Cartoon Round Up....

Death To The Caricature – Let Ted Be Ted

It has long been my belief that you will never find a politician that you agree with 100% of the time, so the best you could do is settle for the one with whom you have the fewest points of contentions. So far it has always worked out that way for me, but I realize that may not be the case. Admittedly that could change tomorrow, but as it stands Ted Cruz is well on his way to proving me wrong.   (continue reading)

NO, he is NOT the dumbest President ever................from Rico

This was sent to me with the subject: Dumbest President Ever!
I only wish that was true.
He says stupid things, because he chooses to say them and he KNOWS they are lies WHEN he says them.
- He is a witting, voluntary, and intentional LIAR.
The lying part established, a DNA test would prove he is the illegitimate bastard son of the American black Communist Frank Marshall Davis, so we can correctly call him a LYING BASTARD.

Dumbest President Ever!

Who Said It: King Abdullah or ISIS?

H/T Liz B

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The craziness of Miss Universe's national costume show

Europe's Civil War: The Politics of Separateness

President Obama's 'successful' counterterrorism strategy in Yemen in limbo

NYC boat show brings summer dreams amid freeze

The Smartest Guy Ever to Be President Isn’t Quite As Smart As He Thinks

Demolitions an ugly reality for cities losing people

Election Envy: The Europeans and the Jews

Expert: King Tut's mask can be restored after epoxy used

We're Gonna Need a Longer Motorcade...

We Shouldn’t Be Relying on Hackers to Stop Terrorism Financing

Battle Against al Qaeda in Yemen Severely Hampered

The rising tide of anti-Semitism in Britain

Spain arrests four suspected jihadists

Boko Haram attack key Nigerian city hours ahead of John Kerry arrival

As big as 5 football fields: Massive asteroid to be visible from Earth Monday

US-Saudi summit in Riyadh to deal with pivotal issues of oil prices, Iran and Yemen

Yemen Crumbles, Iraq Stumbles, America Fumbles

Terror's biggest advocate negotiates with Iran

and finally..........

All-White Winter Breakfasts

Balls.................from Rico

Forget the NFL "balls" issue.
- Soft balls are nothing compared to NO balls.
Big surprise that Barry is "blowing off" the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz (not).
- The only 'surprise' here is his not giving the Freedom Medal to the Grand Mufti of Cairo and/or
What could be expected from someone who "bows" and kisses the ring of the Saudi king, is openly a Musloid apologist and the best friend Islam has, is a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and who is emptying Gitmo as fast as he can?
And last, but far from least.......BENGHAZI.

H/T Lenmar

The Last Taboo of the Polite Right..................from Dan Friedman

[As hard-hitting as he is in this video, even a mensch (and psychiatrist) like Krauthammer can’t get himself to say that the damage Obama is doing is a product of Obama’s intentions. df]

Krauthammer On How Israel Tension Raises Questions On Iran

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