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Theo's February Fundraiser.................

Sadly due to unemployment and a couple of other factors I have to raise a little funding. This was not planned but setting up my own business has been delayed by petty bureaucrats with their own agenda. Why I have wasted a year of my life trying to set up a small care agency is beyond me. Nothing but trouble which is a sad indictment of Britain right now. So if anyone could make a small donation to help keeping the bills paid it would be greatly appreciated. I hate to ask again but I really need to keep this blog above water 'til I can get things sorted. Once again thanks for your kind support. Please just hit the donate button in the side bar.

Wayne Dupree – American Conservative Union’s Blogger of the Year

Congratulations to Wayne Dupree of WAAR Media for being awarded the American Conservative Union’s Blogger of the Year Award at CPAC 2015!    (continue reading)

In Video Interview Hillary Clinton Explains Three Reasons for Running in 2016.

In PoliticalXray.Com's EXCLUSIVE video interview with Hillary Clinton, she  explains three reasons she should be elected President in 2016:  BUT BEFORE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO, can you guess what are the "three reasons"?  Don't cheat.  For clues, scroll-down past the video images. 
CLUES:Monica's response to Hillary:  "I wish you'd said that long before 1998."
Al Gore's response to Hillary:  "If you had said that in 1996, or maybe even in 1992, or maybe way back in the 1980's, I would have been elected in a landslide in 2000 instead of Dubya."
Bill Clinton's response to Hillary:  "Ignore Monica and Gore-- it wouldn't have made any difference at all in 1998, 1996, 1992 or even in the 1980's."
President Obama's response to Hillary:  "I figured that out in 2008, so you're a little late to say it now, but I know you wanted to say it in 2008."
Michelle Obama's response to Hillary:  "I agree with Gore."
George W. Bush's response to Hillary:  "I agree with Bill."
Fauxcohontas' response to Hillary:  "You took the words right out of my mouth."
Joe Biden's response to Hillary:  "Mine too."
Tipper Gore's response to Hillary:  "I agree with Dubya."

Teatime Totty..............

There is ONE problem.......................from Rico.

There is only ONE problem from which all the others stem.
The drive to 'regulate' the internet is a symptom of this.
- Control and censor the web, make it slower, and turn what was free into another source of cash.
The old 'joke' is more painfully obvious and true then it was before:
- If it moves, REGULATE it.
- If it still moves, TAX it.
- If it stops moving, SUBSIDIZE it.
- And use taxpayer money for all of the above.
Who is there anymore to regulate the regulators?

Cartoon Round Up....


The real & actual totalitarian ....

Amazing video shows how dust moves from the Sahara Desert to Brazil

Korean court decriminalizes adultery

Austria Passes Reforms to 1912 Islam Law

Saudi Prince Selling NYC Digs With 3 Panic Rooms

Fifty Shades 'Reenactment' Lands Freshman in Jail

Study Pinpoints Safest Place to Hide From Zombies

Make the ISIS Caliphate a Jihadist Kill Zone

TSA secretly warned of 'catastrophic threat' to aviation

New Docs Reveal Osama bin Laden's Secret Ties With Iran

Wolff: It's not really net neutrality

Anti-Putin leader Boris Nemtsov fatally shot in Moscow

Bypassing official channels, Canada's Ukrainian diaspora finances and fights a war against Russia

Holder Wants "Lower Standard of Proof" for Civil Rights Cases

On the 100th Anniversary of "Birth of a Nation:" Liberation Rape

Why The Aardvark May Be The Strangest Creature On Earth

Congress averts homeland security shutdown

One Of The Hazards Of The 1700s Was Death By Rouge

Air Force Resurrects B-52 Bomber From Boneyard for First Time

Europe Without Jews?

Muslim History Lesson: WE, THE STUPID...from TPC

This article presents a chronological history lesson for those Americans who are still not sure who our enemy is in the war against Islamic extremism! 

Of course the sad reality is that one of the few Americans left who still can't or won't identify the enemy in the global war on terrorism is our Commander-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

Warbirds of America....................

Some remarkable footage. Twelve minutes of WWII aircraft. Pix of beautifully restored aircraft from that era.

Warbirds of America from SleepingDogTV on Vimeo.

H/T Shelly

Unlimited bandwidth for all my friends..................from Rico

A small group of unelected FCC bureauRats, serving at the directon and pleasure of our First Comrade (who seems to be going full-Stalin), has just seized control of the internet.
- Because #Fairness, or some such twaddle.
So much for the formerly free internet.
Yeah, it will be "for the greater good" to remove ....say Matt Drudge's bandwidth, and give it to ....say MSNBC,, well "we say so."
Anyone moronic enough to think that this is in ANY way good for free speech, fairness, expression of honest opinion, or NOT in direct violation of the Bill of Rights should just go ahead and drink the damned koolaid already, and spare DHS from having to waste one of their hollow-point rounds on you.
So much for the formerly free America.

H/T 45 Govt

Misunderstood?..................from Rico

The man is misunderstood I tell you.

He's all about "compromise" and being reasonable.

And he clearly cares a LOT...even his body language shows that.

Saturday Totty................

H/T Paul B

Erin Heatherton Uncovered | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2015

Friday, 27 February 2015

Bedtime Totty.................

Editors Note: Apologies for the lack of posting today, am recovering from a little procedure on my heart. Anyone still wishing to donate to the fundraiser please do. All contributions are very gratefully received.

Kerry & Obama, Scum of the Earth...................from Dan Friedman

[Still hard to believe how such low-lifes managed to commandeer our great country. So a question for Americans who voted for Obama twice: Are you going down with the ship, or are you going to come to your senses in 2016? df]
“It was an odd critique from Kerry, who had voted to authorize the invasion of Iraq. It was also the latest in a string of increasingly harsh and personal attacks on Netanyahu by senior administration officials.”

68sq mi surrounded by reality....................from Rico

Welcome to ObamaLand.
Washingtoon, DC....68 square miles surrounded by reality!
Hop on the unicorn, and create jobs4jihadi's.
What kind of drugs are they on?

Ever wonder what it looks like....................from Rico

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a Central Bank loses control?
Look no farther than the Ukraine today.
- Their fiat currency is collapsing, and currency trading can be expected to be halted any minute now...
Citizens are dumping their paper currency for real goods as:
- prices for imported goods skyrocket
- lines form at ATM's
- shelves suddenly empty
This is what it looks like.

Shekel Shackles

Will Netanyahu Rise to the Occasion?...................from Dan Friedman

[Will Netanyahu rise to the occasion? I hope so, but I believe Caroline Glick has. df]
Netanyahu is coming to Washington next week because Obama has left him no choice. 

"Always Remember The Evil That Is Amalek"..................from Dan Friedman

[At sundown today begins the Sabbath of Remembrance when Jews read the Zachor portion (Parsha) of the Torah in advance of Purim, which this year starts on the evening of March 3rd , the evening of the day Prime Minister Netanyahu is scheduled to speak to Congress. Here’s a bit of background (from a Kosher source) if you’re stilling wondering what all this has to do with Israel and Obama. df]

Ben Shapiro: First They Came for the Jews

President Obama does not stand up for Jews murdered by Islamic Terrorists. President Obama does not stand up for Christians murdered by Islamic Terrorists. Is there anyone President Obama will stand up for? Ben Shapiro explains why the answer is probably 'no.'

Hollywood Hypocrites--Shut Up! | ZoNation

The Oscars are the night when Hollywood gives itself a pat on the back. Instead of being grateful , actors push their own political agendas. Watch Zo rip these individuals apart and expose their hypocrisy.

Victoria’s Secret Sexiest Push-Ups Extended TV Commercial (February 2015)

Nasty Nancy - Wild Bill

Nancy writes a typical left wing screed against American Sniper and Christianity. Bill fires back!

President Success vs. President Failure! (Lists and Photos)...from TPC

Comparing Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama is like comparing a Maserati to an Edsel and further, as the lists in this article clearly show, not all Presidents are created equal! 

Read all about it at The Political Commentator here.

Cartoon Round Up....

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bedtime Totty...................

Video: ISIS Destroys Archaeological Treasures in Mosul...from TPC

In a video posted on the Internet on February 26, ISIS members are shown smashing statues and destroying archaeological remains in a museum in Mosul. A spokesman, standing in front of the scene of destruction, says that "Allah commanded us to shatter and destroy these statues, idols, and remains."

Teatime Totty................

Cartoon Round Up....

Obama's endgame for Israel and Jews is not a very good one!...from TPC

If you are Israel or a Jew that is!

This article asks the question whether one of Barack Obama's many negative endgames is to turn United State and global sentiment against Israel and Jews in general? 

It certainly seems that way to me!

The Bad Judge War on Students - Wild Bill

Federal judges are still persecuting students of faith. Bill says enough is enough

Saving us from ourselves......................from Rico

Once again, unasked and unwanted, the Nanny State is saving us all from ourselves, and saving us all from the internet.
For our own good.
Because we don't know any better, but they do.
- And Barry. and Hillary, and ALL "progressive" Democrats (C) know what is better for the rest of us than we do.
And like ObamaCare, I'm sure of two things about ObamaNet:
- This idea is SO good that it has to be mandatory, not voluntary.
- Our self-appointed guardian nannies will again somehow be exempt from their own rules.