Friday, 14 May 2021

Stilton's Place: Hard Cyber

Stilton's Place: Hard Cyber: Following the successful cyberattack (thought to be tied to a criminal group called "Darkside") which forced Colonial Pipeline to ...

When FOOLS RULE...................from Rico

 It's NOT just about the price of gas, that is a distraction. Think about $4 gas, then consider how near $40 gas is.

- $200 in Gold 20 years ago is now worth >$18,000, conversely $200 in cash (fiatbux) now WAS worth $20 twenty years ago.


On a macro-level, it's all about destroying the economy, the military, and the religion and culture of America with this Socialist-Marxist agenda being imposed from the top down.

+ Transgender sky pilots?

+ A 'woke' LGBTQ military?*

= How to become a footnote in history.


None of this is coincidental or accidental, but by design.

- The design of our Communist enemies.


*With 'military 'leadership' like this, America will never again be able to beat an adversary bigger than Panama.

Cartoon Round Up....


Thursday, 13 May 2021

Busty 'Library Girl' Kendra Sunderland Busts Out Bikini; Hot Total Nude Pop Star Dua Lipa Behind-the-Scenes; and Beautiful Down Home Gal Bustin' Out With Semi-Automatic Rifle (PHOTOS)

That's what I'm talkin' about!

See, "Busty 'Library Girl' Busts Out Bikini; Hot Total Nude Pop Star Dua Lipa Behind-the-Scenes Flashin' Pussy; and Beautiful Country Gal Bustin' Out With Semi-Automatic Rifle (PHOTOS)."

And Ms. Dua's got a shaved snatch and tight pert titties --- and she's a blonde, oh my!

Dollar Going Full Zimbabwe [inflation] ..................from Rico

 First look at the first attachment: the trade weighted US Dollar, then tell me how lucky we are that bad orange man is gone and not sending mean hurtful tweets anymore.


History repeating.

- Rhodesia fell to a Communist coup and became Zimbabwe, and in short order went from being the most prosperous country in Africa to 79,600,000,000% monthly inflation.

- America fell to a Communist coup in 2020, and went from President Trump to Presidunce Bai Den and we are now watching economic collapse and inflation underway, with hyperinflation to follow.

What 'convenient'and 'coincidental' timing..............from Rico

 Let's consider a few things.


1. The Democrats [C] love to stage FAKE events, like the  06 Jan 'insurrection, just one of many examples.

2. They completely fabricated RUSSIAGATE (that Trump colluded with Putin, and the Russians hacked the 2016 election).

3. Just as forensic examinations seem about to expose Democrat [C] 2020 election fraud in Arizona's Maricopa County and Michigan's Antrim County...suddenly "the Russians hacked the Colonial Pipeline."

4. What convenient and coincidental timing for them, eh wot?

5. So, pipelines CAN be 'hacked' BUT voting machines cannot and the 2020 election was cleaner than Caesar's wife's skirt. Got it!


This entire thing is about as credible as one of Fauci's press conferences, and needs to be taken with a grain of salt...


In related news: resident Bidumb asks :more beans Mr Taggert?" in response to the gas shortage.

Thursday, 22 April 2021



Most of us are trying to seek reason or rationale, some sort of sense of why behind the horrific mass shootings that are sadly becoming an almost daily event. I am a security consultant, it is my job to identify threats and to do something about making them go away. For an abstract threat like modern terrorism or this latest human threat vector, the first step is to understand the phenomenon, and putting things into perspective is one approach. Please read on: 
In 2018, the most recent year for which data are available as of 2021, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) National Center for Health Statistics reports 38,390 deaths by firearm, of which 24,432 were by suicide and 13,958 were homicides, a percentage of which were law enforcement and self-defense related killings. These 13,938 homicides can largely be attributed - directly or indirectly - to the drug war that has been going on in our country for at least the past fifty years. 
According to the FBI, there were 27 "active shooter" incidents in the U.S. in 2018, resulting in 213 casualties including 85 deaths. 
Also according to the CDC, in 2018 there were 619,591 abortions. Around 1 to 2% of these (about 6000 per year) are late term abortion, where the baby is killed as it comes out the birth canal.
619,591 deaths due to abortion versus 13,958 gun homicides is about a 44:1 ratio. In other words, for every person killed in a gun homicide (including law enforcement and self-defense related killings), forty four innocent lives are taken deliberately and legally. 6000+/- late term abortion deaths versus 85 active shooter deaths is an even more lopsided ratio, about 70:1. In other words, for every one person who perishes in the horror of an active shooter event, seventy innocents are killed in an even more horrific fashion, right at the moment of their entry into this world. 
An active shooter is an individual who has lost his humanity, has reduced himself to a soulless killing machine - as insane a concept as this is, I almost get this. As for the methodical killing of the unborn - the most perfect and innocent of us all - I don't know how the doctors do it ... I don't know how they maintain their sanity, their humanity ...