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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Cartoon Round Up....

Lehman Redux?......................from Rico

As Ron Burgundy said about the Lehman Brothers failure in 2008 after they announced a loss of USD 3.9 billion "that escalated quickly."
It has been about seven years, and now it's worth asking if Deutsche Bank will be the next Lehman?
- They just announced a loss of Euro 6.2 billion, and shares are already 6% down aftermarket.

Putin Throws His Weight Around in BHO's Mideast......................from Dan Friedman

[Just yesterday the assumption was post-USSR Russia was played out and no longer a formidable power on the international scene. So it’s odd using Putin as an example to follow, but seven years of Obama has neutered America’s potency in the world, and along with it, any respect we once had there. df]
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Syrian troops and militia backed by Russian warplanes mounted what appeared to be their first major coordinated assault on Syrian insurgents on Wednesday and Moscow said its warships fired a barrage of missiles at them from the Caspian Sea, a sign of its new military reach.

Database Security Compromise.....................from Rico

Scottrade, and many others, advertise their trading services as FAST, EASY, and SAFE.
- Two outta three ain't bad, but re-consider the 'safe' part.
Scottrade accounts were compromised in 2013-2014, and clients are just now (Oct 2015) finding out about the security breach.
- Some other financial services entities and trading platforms apparently were also compromised. NFI.
Apart from a cautionary to get paper stock certificates and remove oneself from the failure and/or malfeasance of a Brokerage House [MF Global, Sentinel] and their convenient-for-them "street registration" system, here is another good reason to get OUT of that system.....cyber security.
But, on the other hand, "what, me worry?"......the government is always there to help!

Right Meets Left in Israel....................from Dan Friedman

[It may seem preposterous to some, but you can look it up. The founders of Israel followed the East European Socialist line and had no use for Judaism or Jews who observed the religion. Back in the day, when planes arrived with a contingent of religious immigrants (from Yemen , e.g.),  leftwing apparatchiks were waiting on the tarmac to shave off their payot, and from there took other measures to strip them of their religious practices - only too successfully. Today, that tradition continues and has now leached into sectors of the so-called "rightwing" community who have found common cause with the left on the subject of Jews who are seriously observant. This has morphed into the demonization of the "settlers," most of whom are pious Jews with a deeply held belief that Israel belongs to the Jews, and actually live like it does in Judea and Samaria. df]  
Regional council heads complain after meeting with PM that he refused demands of the public in folding to Obama’s pressure not to build.

Don't Let Your Bad Texting Prevent You from Getting Laid

Well, no one wants to blow a choice opportunity.

Watch, "Eve Hewson Teaches You How to Text a Girl (VIDEO)."

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Obama's JV Team, ISIS, Is In The Market For Dirty Bomb-Making Material!...from TPC

In a frightening example of yet another Barack Obama failure, the sale of dirty bomb-making material by Russian smugglers to ISIS was thankfully prevented, no thanks to our President! 

Unfortunately the ringleaders apparently escaped with the nuclear isotopes!

Read the story at The Political Commentator here.

Study: Americans are broke!...from TPC

Maybe not broke but according to the study in this article well over 50% don't have $1,000 saved for an emergency!

Read at this LI article here.

Cartoon Round Up....


Was the Oregon mass shooting an Islamist attempt to assassinate Alek Skarlatos?

Why the Iran Deal Ensures War

Second IT firm agrees to give Clinton’s server data to FBI

Biden Told Dowd About Son's Death-Bed Plea

Another Car We're Not Allowed to Buy

The Australia Gun Control Fallacy

Islamic State ‘province’ claims 4 suicide attacks on Yemeni, Gulf forces

Obama Pushing Us Toward World War III

Abbas Calls for Murder, Palestinians Attack

Close Quarters: Asylum Shelters in Germany Struggle with Violence

Selling-out the West.........................from Rico

There is a "pattern" of Western 'leaders' betraying their own people. "Selling them out" against their popular will in favor of an agenda
It's not just Americans who have been "sold-out" by the Muslim Marxist Barry, but also the Germans.
Unlike the media poodles in the US, the German TV station ARD broadcast a picture of Merkel in a chador in front of the Reichstag surrounded by minarets.
- Of course, Merkel (a former East German Communist Party figure) has been instrumental in "selling-out" Germans to the Islamic Hijrah (invasion).
But, unlike the American sheeple, Germans are taking to the streets to show their opposition.
- Here is a scene from Leipzig. 
We will not discuss the Swedish lesbian bishop that proposes to remove crosses from churches and install Muslim prayer areas with arrows pointing to Mecca. Did I neglect to mention she is also a raging Socialist?
- WTF?

Now Where Was I? Oh Yeah, Bibi.........................from Dan Friedman

HT: Victor Sharp
[Maybe someday we’ll have an independent Jewish state in Israel. But we’re not there yet. df]
Netanyahu defers after White House once again threatens not to back Israel in UN if further construction approved in Judea-Samaria.

Imaginary vs Real..............................from Rico

The COMEX is a magical place (much like the rest of Chicago where the dead retain and exercise their voting rights as a matter of course) where precious metals that do not exist are routinely traded and sold.
- Much like "fantasy football" [read: imaginary sports] I guess.
For example, there are 328 'imaginary' paper ounces of Silver for every 'real' ounce of Silver bullion available (registered) for delivery. 328:1......
- The CRIMEX registered (available) inventory is 47 million ounces against  an "open interest" of 157,000 contracts.
Gold is almost as good with a ratio of 180:1.
- The registered (available) inventory is 161,242 'real' ounces of Gold bullion against 29,000,000 'imaginary' paper ounces under contract.

I'm With the Settlers.......................from Dan Friedman

[It never fails. Whenever I criticize Benjamin Netanyahu, a few of his apologists come out of the woodwork to ask me “what’s your alternative?” Of course, the idea that I am obliged to suggest a solution to every problem I highlight is downright dumb. And in the case of Bibi my sole objective is to rebut the widespread hagiography and open peoples’ eyes to his failings as an Israeli leader. But the truth is I may not always know the answer. So that’s when I consult with Israelis who do. df]
Likud minister Yariv Levin: Abbas is the problem not the solution, he has no desire for peace; Minister Katz: More settlement construction is the answer

Pathetic Loser....................from Rico

No mention of a soaring murder rate in Baltimore, or Chicago, but no matter.
When you are obviously chasing an agenda like "gun control" a few bumps on the road to the important not matter.
Black lives, ANY lives, do NOT matter to the pathetic loser who calls himself "Barry" and the rest of the World knows as "what an asshole."

The Oregon Shooter Was Not a Conservative Republican | ZoNation

Zo explains why Oregon shooter could not be a conservative Republican. Conservatives do not shoot Christians, and they do not admire the Marxist Provisional IRA.

NURSE...........................from Rico

Many last words included "hold my beer and watch this".....

Mourning in America

Josephine Skriver Wicked Hot in Revealing Lingerie

Yeah, she's wicked alright.

Wicked and tasty.

Here, "Jospehine Skriver just jumped several rungs on the sextastic ladder, both for Danish and international climbers, with her new revealing lingerie pimping particulars for Victoria's Secret."

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Great View.............

NewsBusted 10/06/15...................

Cartoon Round Up....


Sexual Slavery: "Nothing to do with Islam"?

The obama borg ..... media minions, masters of deceit .....

Iran: Missiles Pointed at U.S. Targets

Monsanto’s migraine: The biotech giant is facing one fiasco after another

Guns don't kill people -- liberals kill people

Obama: Nihilist or Just Incompetent?

It’s Time To Ban Chicago

Hillary has long history of beating up Bill behind closed doors

With Russia’s Dep. Army Chief due in Israel, Moscow posts 64 S-300 ship-to-air missiles off Syria, N. Israel

Playing the Trump Card (on a crooked GOP) Intellectual Froglegs 10.05.15

Israel Gets It, BHO...................from Dan Friedman

[...and not a moment too soon. df]

Get a job...............from Rico

With an "official" unemployment rate of 5.1% that's 7.9 million workers without a job.
Add the 94.7 million workers who aren't in the workforce [read: don't have jobs] and you get 102.6 million unemployed.
The current regime....from the top down....all need to be fired for their dismal performance.
- That would create quite a few openings for those better qualified 102.6 million not-working workers.

H/T 45 Govt

The "Reform," Nominal Jews With a Goyishe Kup...................from Dan Friedman

[An Israeli writer deconstructs America’s Reform Movement and their “progressive” agents in Israel. Even though their infiltration is a dangerous trend for Israel, this is not discussed very much. So the timing could not be better to bring it out in the open. df]
Israel's existence is at stake, but Reform Judaism, relatively safe in the United States, continues its toxic messages on Israel and supports the Iran deal.

Fantastic! Unicorns are REAL!........................from Rico

After declaring the "recession" to be over, and the nation's economy well into "recovery" the Obama administration will be hosting a reception in Chicago where "gun control works" and is there widely expected to announce proof that Unicorns are REAL.
- The event will not be catered, so attendees are advised to bring their own drugs.
- Flak-jacketed ushers will pass through the anticipated throng collecting voluntary donations to fight "global warming" and picking up any spent brass.
- Toe tags provided free of charge.

Putin to BHO: "Step Aside, I'll Show You How It's Done"...................from Dan Friedman

[Russia returning to superpower status while Obama is making loud noises and sucking on his thumb. df]

Monday, 5 October 2015

Rose Bertram: Topless Dancing. Endless Twerking. A Bikini-Clad Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie (VIDEO)

Well, she's a hot rookie!

Watch, "Rose Bertram Takes Topless Dancing to Another Level (VIDEO)."

Sportscasters Mock Sorority Girls Taking Selfies at Baseball Game

Well, the sports announcers should go easy on those sorority sisters --- those are some smokin' hot babes!

Watch, "Smokin' Arizona State Sorority Sisters Mocked for Taking Selfies at Baseball Game (VIDEO)."

Public versus Private Sectors!...from TPC

Using Nassau County, New York as a proxy for the public sector, recent technology issues show how when there is no accountability to a bottom-line, there is no accountability at all!

Read the article at LI here.

Cartoon Round Up....

Doctors Without Borders Condemns U.S. for 'War Crimes' After Bombing of Kunduz Hospital (VIDEO)

Yeah, because Obama's a Nobel Peace Prize kinda guy.

Here, "Doctors Without Borders Closes Afghan Hospital, Condemns 'U.S. War Crimes' (VIDEO)."

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Demi Lovato's Spontaneous, Nude, Makeup-Free Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

She's a great babe, both funny and tasty.

And she takes it all off!

Watch, "Tasty Nude Demi Lovato in Vanity Fair Photo Shoot (VIDEO)."

Tasty-treat naked wench, heh.

Cartoon Round Up....

The Sunday Best..............

Letter: A First-Hand Perspective on Europe’s Immigration Crisis

Crimean Jamaat reportedly pledges allegiance to Al Nusrah Front

Cutback of Israeli troops on West Bank led to upsurge of Palestinian terror. Four Israelis dead

Turkish Press's New Normal - "We Could Crush You Like a Fly"

Palestinians: Why Our Leaders Are Hypocrites and Liars

VW Tsunami: Falsified Emissions Push Company to Limits

and finally......

Firearms for me but not for thee

Painting MORE than the tape..................from Rico

Wall Street has had the expression "painting the tape" for longer than most traders remember.
- It dates back to when ticker tapes were used to follow stocks, and when 'artificial activity' was used to "paint the tape" to dupe suckers out of their money by putting lipstick on an equity pig.
This past Friday was MORE than just "painting the tape" and actually was a huge whitewashing job. Tom Sawyer would be proud.
- US Markets had the biggest reversal in four years as the US job market and economy disintegrates. After the awful NFP report, the S&P closed up 1.43%, The Dow closed up 1.23%, and the NASDAQ closed up 1.74%?
TV, the MSM, and the Government all point to the markets and tell us "everything is swell, no worries; move along now, nothing to see here."
Compare the SGS un-faked unemployment rate with the incredibly faked "official" unemployment rate. Then take a look at the unemployment rate from the Great Depression, before the liars figured-out how to make the figures lie for them.
- Then and now, they are the essentially the same. Unemployment ~23%.
The US GDP books are now "cooked" just like the unemployment rate is.
Ignore the TV, the MSM, and the Government for a moment. Their job is to lie. The facts are quite different:
- There is NO recovery.
- There are NO jobs.
- There is NO growth.
- There IS a DEPRESSION already.
And it is NOT just the US, but the entire Western World that is in a DEPRESSION.
- Over $11 trillion in paper wealth has been "erased" from global markets just in the 3Q just ended. [Forbes, Bloomberg]
This already is Great Depression II, or in updated terms Depression version 2.0, and there is no "painting" or BSing the way out of this.
- Friday's effort by the PPT (plunge protection team) was yeoman's work, and went beyond "painting the tape" to "whitewashing the problem."