Thursday, 5 May 2016


From the petty -- such as his buttinsky remarks regarding Britain and the EU -- to the tragic -- his failure to support the 2009 Iranian revolution -- Barack Obama and his "Smart Diplomacy" has been an absolute catastrophe the the United States and her allies, and a huge boon to those countries that wish us harm.

Romanian Hacker Guccifer On How He Compromised Hillary's Private Server...from TPC

While she continues her run for the presidency with an FBI investigation still hanging over her head, Hillary Clinton’s troubles may only be beginning as Romanian hacker Guccifer tells the tale of how he hacked her private server!

Fighting Political Correctness in the Age of Donald Trump

Here, "Republicans Must Stand Up to Political Correctness or Lose."

BONUS: "Texas Latino Voters Who Support Donald Trump."

WATCH: Alexis Ren Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2017 Casting Call (VIDEO)

Heh, they're getting an early start for next year!


Here, "Alexis Ren Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Casting Call 2017 (VIDEO)."

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

NewsBusted 05/03/16......................

Cartoon Round Up....

Puerto Rico And Politics...from TPC

Yesterdays bond default by Puerto Rico’s Government Development Bank has opened the floodgates for what will likely be vitriolic and partisan political fighting in Congress that will have little to do with finding an actual solution to a fiscal crisis! 

But what it will likely have everything to do with is the Left pandering for votes from a constituency they deem critical for victory in November!

Is Lying Bad? | Klavan & Whittle

In this final Klavan & Whittle, Andrew and Bill debate how a society survives a thin-skinned populace and they wind up tackling the issue of political correctness.

The Bea(ting) Goes On...................from Rico

The beatings will continue until morale improves!
When I saw Gold hit $1300 and Silver $18 overnight (roughly bringing the prices back to Jan 2015), it was only a matter of time before the usual suspects monkey-hammered the prices. This cannot allowed in an 'election' year.
- Must. maintain. kontrol!
Manipulation? Rigging? Say it ain't so.............
- Now move along, nothing to 'see' here.
And remember to say "thank you" to the FED and the Treasury on your way out.

In the UK, End-Stage Jew Hatred...................from Dan Friedman

[Cross your fingers. With any luck, we are witnessing the disintegration of the UK as a result of a hapless liaison between their perpetual Left and the growing influence of British Muslims, who not only hate Jews but want every infidel dead. A toxic brew if ever there was one. Should be fun to watch as this plays out in the months ahead. df]
Read Daniel Greenfield’s play-by-play of the coming crack up in Front Page Magazine, and Ruthie Blum’s excellent write-up in the Algemeiner

Damn you Venezuela!....................from Rico

You thought it would be 'cool' to go Communist, didn't you? You ignored what a flaming failure Cuba has been, and thought it would be 'different' this time, didn't you?
- Besides, there was all this tempting 'free' stuff that Chavez and his pals promised you, didn't they?
Well, when you ran out of toilet paper, it saved you a lot of money because you couldn't buy any, right?
- The same applied when you ran out of food...double-plus good: you didn't need to spend money on food and didn't need toilet paper if you didn't eat, right?
But even for those too incandescently stupid to understand the misery of Socialism and the abject failure of Communism, THIS settles it:
- Venezuela is too 'broke' to make its famed Polar beer.
Damn you Venezuela!

Busty Kate Hudson and Charlotte McKinney for Opening of Intrigue Nightclub In Las Vegas


Here, "Olivia Culpo, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Hudson, and Charlotte McKinney Busty Braless on the Red Carpet at the Opening of Intrigue Nightclub in Las Vegas (PHOTOS)."

Monday, 2 May 2016

Cartoon Round Up....

Cartoon And Commentary Monday....from TPC

Cartoons and posters providing commentary about the national security, immigration, personal responsibility, blah, blah, blah...

In other words all of the things that liberals couldn't care less about!

UK's Jewish Leftists Parrot Their USA Comrades.................from Dan Friedman

[Birds of a feather: If you follow Jewish politics in the USA, see if this doesn't sound familiar. Can a British branch of J Street be far behind? After all, this proves Jews suffer from the same genetic disorder on both sides of the Atlantic. df]
In a letter published by the Guardian, 83 Jewish members and supporters of the Labour party rejected assertions that the Labour party had an anti-Semitism problem and said the accusations were “part of a wider campaign against the Labour leadership, and they have been timed particularly to do damage to the Labour party and its prospects in elections in the coming week.”
“As Jews, we are appalled that a serious issue is being used in this cynical and manipulative way, diverting attention from much more widespread examples of Islamophobia and xenophobia in the Conservative and other parties,” they wrote, adding “we dissociate ourselves from the misleading attacks on Labour from some members of the Jewish community.”

1964 Triumph Bonneville - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay gives us an in-depth look at one of the most classically beautiful motorcycles of all time, his 1964 Triumph Bonneville.

Stand Up Tragedy

WATCH: Video of Botched Army Air Drop Shows Humvees Crashing to the Ground

Pretty wild.

Here, "U.S. Army Launches Investigation Into Free-Falling Humvees, Crashing to the Ground (VIDEO)."

Beware of Crazy Social Justice Warriors in the Social Media Age (Because the Internet Is Forever)


This little lady is crazy.

Here, "Beware of Crazy Topless Women in the Social Media Age."

Crazy Rosie photo Crazy_Rosie_zpsd3rsrnjx.jpg


She likes to show off her breasts, and she's got a pert little rack too.

Lindsey Vonn and Caroline Wozniacki Body Paint Swimsuit 2016 (VIDEO)

Very nice.

Here, "Watch the exclusive behind the scenes video from the Bodypainting SI Swimsuit 2016 shoot, featuring hot Caroline Wozniacki and Lindsey Vonn."

Tight fitness bodies in nothing but body paint, heh.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

How Obama And The U.N. Protect The World!...from TPC

As North Korea tests ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons the U.N. Security Council meets to consider tough language and potential sanctions.

But if we use history as our guide sanctions likely mean nothing to the North Korea leader and, he eats U.N. empty rhetoric and tough talk for breakfast! 

Therefore, the machinations of the United Nations Security Council imposing sanctions on this nation is nothing more than mental masturbation and public relations!

Cartoon Round Up....

Friday, 29 April 2016

Cartoon Round Up....

Here's Looking At You, Id

Undermining America Via Our College Campuses....................from Dan Friedman

[Caroline Glick rings the alarm bell...again. But as bad as it is from her perspective, in actuality it is far worse. What's being spawned in most of our universities is a cult-like mass movement replete with its own newspeak ("safe space," "trigger word," "microaggression," etc.), all candy-coated in anti-Semitic ideology to make it go down easy. When these brainwashed cadres graduate into the mainstream, the effects of their reeducation will pollute our culture and weaken our society well beyond the ivory towers. Best to take Caroline’s advice and rise against it on all fronts starting now. df]


Venezuela Feels the Bern.....................from Rico

Socialist Venezuela is already "feeling the Bern" with five-day weekends and two-day work weeks.
- But take heart, America. You can "feel the Bern" too!
Who knew Socialism could do this?
- And whether you support Bernie or Hillary, Socialism can do this for YOU millenial XX-X?-XY America!

Mike The Average Atheist - Wild Bill

Mike the average atheist goes through life completely ignorant of the billions of cells in his body are operating through the plan of God.....Bill calls him out on his ignorance.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The Temerity And Audacity Of The United Nations...from TPC

Israel the worlds worst actor in the area of violating the human rights of women?

Perhaps the United Nations needs to be sent some of the pictures in this article taken from around the Arab world that clearly show what the sadistic and murderous mistreatment of women and a violation of human rights actually looks like!

Cartoon Round Up....