Saturday, 24 March 2018

Fine Young Thing Fran Parman Exposed Breast in Open Jacket

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Here, "Fine Young Woman Fran Parman Nipple Exposed in Open Jacket."

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Haley Kalil Takes Wet T-Shirt To The Next Level In Debut....................

Screwing the pooch. Bigly...................from Rico

Trump just screwed the pooch. Bigly.
- Signing the cromnibus instead of vetoing it and shutting-down the government was a Major Fuck-up and General Disaster for Trump.
Did he get tired of winning, or of fighting the Uniparty of Schumer-McConnell and Ryan-Pelosi singlehanded?
- Nice work President Schumer and VP Pelosi!
Of course, the Republicans who are trans-Democrats set Trump up for this one, but I for one am tired of these losers and losing.
- These corksnockers (who just took a giant crap on America's head) just lost a lot of voters in the mid-term. Joe Shit the rag-picker has a better chance of getting elected now.

H/T Doverthere

Friday, 23 March 2018

Fabulous French Fashion Model Clara Botte Total Nude (PHOTOS)

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Cartoon Round Up....

Gun Control - Proving Bad Ideas are like Herpes.................from Rico

Despotic, tyrannical, dictatorial GUN CONTROL...are like herpes, they just keep coming back.
- Yes, the "progressives" keep coming back and trying. And it is NOT that they do not understand "shall not be infringed" but because they hate the very idea of anyone but themselves having guns.
The latest astro-turf 'children's crusade' that young Master Hogg is the poster child for is nothing new.
- It is the same constant drip-drip-drip (like water on a rock) of the anti-freedom Left, only repackaged.
The effort to turn "inalienable rights" into "revocable privileges" goes back a long way.
- Let's go back only as far as the corrupt Leftist AG under Billy "BJ" Clinton, Janet Reno of Waco infamy.
Consider Janet-from-another-planet'Reno's words from 1993: "The prohibition of private firearms is the goal."
- The goal has not changed, and it remains the same today.
Now consider this: If they treated the victims at Waco (who were armed) the way they did, how do you think they will treat an unarmed civilian populace?
- Yeah, "trust me, I'm from the government and I'm here to help"....riiiiight.

Sexty Minutes

American Politicians Resplendent...................from Rico

The Uniparty [Dem's and GOPe] 'establishment never fails to disappoint by actually doing anything for the voters, and protecting their real constituent$ who own them...and that sin't you, Sparky!
Case in point, their $1.3 trillion, 2,232 page, steaming pile of shit...I mean "spending bill" which would fund Schumer's Tunnel, Sanctuary Cities, and Planned Parenthood...and for a Border Wall.
C'mon. Get serious.
- Anytime Schumer is smiling, you can be ga-ron-teed that the Average American has just been fucked in the ass.
Sen. Kennedy has called this monstrosity "a Great Dane-sized whizz down the leg of every taxpayer" and Rep. Goser rightly explained it as "we're kicking our base in the teeth."
BUILD THE WALL and put these "Make Mexico Great Again" clowns on the other side of it.
- Following the example of Saudi Crown Prince Salman and confiscating the ill-gotten loot/bribes Congress has collected from $pecial intere$tS suggests itself, as does a clawback of every taxpayer dime and benefit received from the taxpayers that they just ass-raped.


H/T Liz B

The Last RAF Vulcan Flight - Delivery to Bruntingthorpe

Time For a Little Common Census - Right Angle

The Trump administration wants to add back a question on the 2020 census questionnaire: Are you a citizen? Why are the Democrats so up in arms?

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Georgia Gibbs Takes You Away To Her Secret Aruba Hideaway...............

Cartoon Round Up....


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Powell's 1st FOMC....................from Rico

This was Fed Chairman Powell's first FOMC.
- BFD.
If you want to 'understand' in terms so simple a "progressive" Democrat can understand it, just go to Dairy Queen today and try and buy something for 16-cents.
- I double-dog dare you.
For the rest of us, it's worth considering that the DOW was at 1,000 in 1982...and it's in the vicinity of +24,000 today.
- If you understand that it is the Dollar that has sunk in value, not the DOW that has risen in value, then like me you are amazed that anyone anywhere gives them one iota of credibility. You may also recall thet THE best-performing equity market in the 20th Century was Zimbabwe's.

Infernal Revenue Service

Sara Jean Underwood, Big-Breasted Former Playmate of the Year, Total Topless (PHOTOS and VIDEO)

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Model Lottie Moss Pokes Her Perky Braless Tits in Sheer Crop Top While Out for Stroll in Hollywood

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Here, "Perky Lottie Moss Pokies in Sheer Crop Top in Hollywood."

BONUS: At the link, "Hottie Lottie in Teeny-Tiny White Bikini Busty in Miami."

Parking lot suicides by veterans....................

1. Parking lot suicides are done for two reasons . Veterans do not want their loved ones to find their bodies and know the VA will dispose of them. The other reason is that it is the final FU to a government which is so full of bureaucracy it has rendered itself useless. However, in all fairness, this trend has extended itself to the civilian sector as well for quite some time where medical care is a form of Russian Roulette. Some are lucky to escape without harm, others end up damaged or dead. The word is collateral damage in medical care.

2. Dropping the ball in delivering medical care to veterans and civilians is becoming the norm. Health care workers are undulated with so much paper work for documentation and rules they have to follow as guidelines for the delivery of each aspect of care, they are utilizing the time they used to spend of patient care to document each and every move they make. If a time and motion study was implemented it would amaze people to know that more then 90 per cent of their time is spent documenting and covering their asses. If you are a VA patient, the time you spend with your provide is less than a few minutes because the rest of the the the provide is looking at the computer screen, charting.

3. The patient has been considered the “consumer” in the medical field for over 20 years, whereby in civilian sectors they are called consumers. The word alone indicates that the patient has been placed on the Back 40, because the definition of consumer is purchaser, buyer, customer, shopper and patron. This enforces everything we read and know about medical care, it is a profit making organization and nothing more. The VA is blatant about their desire to make profit at the cost of the veterans who rely on their care. There are more and more job descriptions placed on each healthcare worker, and when there is a hiring freeze, they delegate the empty slots between the health care workers left, to carry the load, which frustrates and stresses them out because of work overload. The VA figures their health care providers and workers can function doing the workload of those they did not replace. The workers who are left trying their best to do their jobs, end up leaving, or are so overworked, the ball in medical care is dropped. The bottom line: profit.

Inasmuch as the VA is trying to curtail the numbers of suicides of their veterans, the task is equivalent to the war on drugs. A waste of time and money because the war on drugs was lost a long time ago and cost the tax payers more money than the fight was worth. One can not prevent intentional suicide. Impossible. Each case is different and each person is different. What goes through the human mind when the person reaches the final stage of ending his/her life can not be controlled.

Cilla Mitchell aka Uzi Rafael

Cartoon Round Up....

Tigerlily, Hot Young Australian DJ, Sizzling Bikini Pics (PHOTOS)

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Here, "Dara Kristen Hayes, a.k.a. DJ Tigerlily, Bikini Photos."

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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Cartoon Round Up....

Going Down?.................from Rico

The Dollar went from being "as good as Gold" to being "good for nothing."
- The Kissinger-inspired Petro-Dollar regime bought the Dollar some time, but time is fast running out...and not just for the Dollar, but the Yen and the Euro too.
Look at it this way: Gold was 'worth' $20-30 Dollars for a very long time, but the 'increase' in the price of Gold into the $1,300 range is NOT that the same ounce of Gold is worth more. The price has NOT gone UP, it is the Dollar (and the Yen, and the Euro) that has gone takes more of them to buy the same exact thing.
- Gold remains constant, fiat money....well, not so much. It's going DOWN.

The real reason why Putin wants to befriend Trump:

H/T Old Dude

London Falling..........................from Rico

No, I do not mean the nursery rhyme "London Bridge is Falling Down" London, but London proper under it's Mayor Sadiq Khan.
- Specifically "Speaker's Corner" London where free speech was the rule and not the exception, WAS now being the operative word. Free speech no longer exists.
The last bastion of free speech was shut down by devout rioting Muslims of the Religion of Peace right in front of the London Police...who did nothing.
- You can let go of the copper's ears now, the know their job...and who their real boss is.
Whether or not Voltaire actually said it, it is true today, and in this case most accurately:
   "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

OK, let us then play "what if?" you gun-grabbing schmucks..............from Rico

Presented solely as a Public Service for all the Leftards that were not clever enough to ask "Why? What?" in response to the empty slogan CHANGE, or "Where to?" in reply to FORWARD, and obviously are unaware of "never let a good crisis go to waste."
- Let us now play WHAT IF?
In retort to Hogg's slickly produced bit of gun-grabbing propaganda and his "What if our politicans weren't the bitch of the NRA?" try THIS  on you little liberal twat:
         What if YOU weren't the bitch of Soros?

H/T Doverthere

Highway to Hell? How about.................from Rico

Hillary's life has been a descent from normal human behavior to sociopathy.
- Crime by crime, she has accelerated her pace from Highway to Hell to an Express Elevator to Hell.
I rather like and admire Ben Garrison's 'take' on Hillary's progress.
- She can no longer climb stairs, but she sure is good at falling down them...we all can 'hope' that her stairs have prison waiting at the bottom of them so that her bottom can be thrown-in to a cell the same way she was tossed into that van like a side of beef.

H/T Old Dude

Huge-Breasted Ana Braga See-Through Wet T-Shirt at the Car Wash

Here, "Ana Braga Massive Wet Boobs See-Through Wet T-Shirt Soaking at the Carwash."