Saturday, 18 May 2019

Churchill and The Iron Lady Are Rolling In Their Graves.................from Dan T

Embarrassing doesn't begin to describe the state of the British government. The Premiership of Theresa May has been an unmitigated disaster which has turned a once proud nation into an international laughing stock.

Her amateurish attempt to keep Great Britain locked inside the European Union while pretending to implement the result of the Brexit referendum has not only exposed her own deceit but also exposed the entire Parliament for the treacherous rabble of lowlifes they are.

The great Brexit betrayal and Trump style rallies have propelled Nigel Farage and his newly minted Brexit Party to the top of the polls for the coming European elections leaving the establishment legacy parties floundering in their wake.

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Thursday, 16 May 2019

The Brexit Party - The Fightback Against the Political Class Is On...............from Dan T

After seven years of war and sacrifice the British people trusted their political representatives to do the right thing so that they could raise their families in the prosperity they believed that peace would eventually bring.

As the years passed by that trust was abused to the point where the political class became a law unto themselves and they believed they knew best how the people should be governed.

The relationship descended further into mutual contempt and has now deteriorated into open warfare between the political class and the people they loathe.

Over the decades the political class assumed the Divine Right of Kings to rule unhindered by the people. This Right was once wielded by dictatorial monarchs before the English Civil War transferred that right back to where it rightly belonged.

Taking it upon themselves to institute supranational government, Parliamentarians of all political persuasions have been slowly transferring their legislative responsibilities to an unelected elite in a foreign country without consulting the people.

The ruling elite in Brussels, some of who were enemies and collaborators during the war, took full advantage of their new powers and encumbered the British people with a tsunami of oppressive rules, regulations and laws while simultaneously looting their economy.

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Social Security Pending Insolvency..................from Rico

Q: What are the 'odds' that Congress will completely fail to do anything about this? [After all, they're too 'busy' trying to undo the 2016 election results and/or running as 2020 hopefuls.]
A: About the same as the MSM even talking about it.
Starting THIS YEAR Social Security expenses will be greater than revenues [think: payroll taxes, interest income, and from taxing SocSec 'benefits'].
- By 2034-35 Social Security will exhaust it's 'reserves' and officially be insolvent [for politicians read: broke].
But at least the US deficit is out of control, so Americans have that going for them.
- Americans used to save, now they just borrow and spend.
....this will not end well.

H/T Liz B

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

The Brink of Doom - Commies Take A Nine Point Lead in Great Britain..............from Dan T

One of the consequences of Theresa May’s Brexit betrayal is the collapse in support for her Conservative Party. If the latest polls are correct the Opposition Labour Party will win a general election handing a life-long communist and visceral anti-Semite the Premiership of Great Britain. (See here)

Jeremy Corbyn, the Member of Parliament for the London constituency of Islington North since 1983, can be characterised by the things he hates.

Being a communist and devotee of Karl Marx, capitalism and individual liberty tops his list followed closely by Great Britain itself.

Although the days of empire and Victorian/Edwardian society are long gone, he still sees Great Britain as a class-based country rife with imperialist and colonialist attitudes. 

He maintains the romantic view as portrayed by Marx and Engels of the working classes being deliberately crushed and wallowing helplessly in their oppression and victimhood.

Ignored by Corbyn, and thanks to capitalism, many of these exploited and oppressed members of the working-class wallow in their victimhood from the beaches of Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Red Sea.

Some even wallow with the kids in Disneyland or on safari in Kenya or even on one of the many luxury cruises on offer by the plethora of high street travel agents and the Internet.

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Friday, 10 May 2019

The Madness of Prince Charles................from Dan T

Its beyond doubt that the betrayal of the British people’s desire to be free from the German dominated European Union has left them fractious and on edge.

The situation has been made infinitely worse by the ignominious groveling of British Prime Minister, Theresa May, before the German Chancellor, Angele Merkel, who is believed to be the author of the now infamous EU Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration.

This surrender document is not an agreement but a legally binding treaty that locks Great Britain into the European Union and its institutions in perpetuity with no unilateral means of exit. This is the Brexit in name only which Mrs. May has been planning from the start of her Premiership.

On an official visit to Berlin with his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, His Royal Highness Prince Charles the Prince of Wales couldn’t have picked a more inopportune time to be sucking up to Angela Merkel by tacitly supporting Mrs. May’s surrender document and demanding that “the bonds with Germany must endure” and that the British people must “redouble our commitment to each other and to the ties between us”.

In today’s cliché-ridden discourse no political speech worth its salt could fail to mention shared values’ and Prince Charles does not disappoint.

Ignoring reality as well as history he states that …” today, we are so much more than simply neighbours: we are friends and natural partners, bound together by our common experience, mutual interests and shared values, and deeply invested in each other’s futures”.

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