Friday 21 June 2024

Homeless situation hopefully ending soon. Sadly fundraiser still much needed for another week or so...........

 Sadly I am still homeless or though there might be a place coming up in a few weeks. It is ridiculous that I mainly sleep in my car while illegal immigrants get hotel rooms.

I have my cancer operation coming (where they are going to remove a large section of my bowel/colon) on July 1st and then 3 months recovery time. Until then I will effectively unemployed just to make things even more tricky.

Anyone who would like to make a small donation it will be gratefully received as it is essential that I have somewhere to stay until my op. Sleeping in my car is not good for my health right now. It costs around £70 per night for a room.

The donate button is in the sidebar for anyone wishing to help. I will be eternally grateful for any support I receive.

Thank you for all your continued support. It has literally been a life saver.  Theo

[D] Heads they win, tails you lose .........Rico

Think of this when the 'posers/poseurs' [D*] bleat about 'threats to democracy' ...they mean 'threats to their democracy' which is actually a zero-sum arrangement best explained by HEADS WE WIN, TAILS YOU LOSE!

 *Steaming piles of shit.

When morons run the classrooms ........from Rico

It's NOT the students in the classroom so much as it's the morons [D] who run the classroom.

Thank you Democrats, Dept of Education, and Teacher's Unions (redundancy unavoidable) for EQUITY!

Barbaric Stupidity ..........from Rico

There are no words adequate to describe this barbaric level of stupidity ...

Rising Tide .........from Rico

The only thing that has risen in my living memory has not been the ocean's level or the tides, but the histrionic BS of the climatards.

 Sell your oceanfront estates or STFU you lying turds.

Wednesday 19 June 2024

A Perfect Metaphor ........from Rico

Schmuckie Schumer, Sen-D-F.NY gave America a Father's Day present that was not only self-unaware, clueless, and hilarious but unintentionally THE perfect metaphor for exactly how FUBARed .Gov is today.


The immortal jibe of Ronaldus Maximus rings more true today:


I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.

While France gets it right, America doesn't yet .......from Rico

While the people of France get it right and literally shit on motherWEFer Macron...

 The people of America remain sanguine while their ruling motherWEFers liberally shit on them.

Tuesday 18 June 2024

Pink Communists ...............from Rico

 Oh yay!


Thank God the West was 'saved' from Hitler so the GloboHomo motherWEFers (aka Schwab's bum-boys) could 'gift' us with their fake, gay, and retarded alternate reality.

Friday 14 June 2024

The PetroDollar is Dead..........from Rico

The 50-year-old Petrodollar agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia expired today 13 June 2024.

Thursday 13 June 2024

Israel Finally FOUND Him! Most Wanted Commander Was Eliminated at the Border...

Mini Pic Dump..................

USN Swabbies Turn Tail and Present Their Asses .........from Rico

...well, fight as you train.


Not since WW II has another country attacked an American aircraft carrier.

 Until now.  

 Yemen has launched ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones against the aircraft carrier "USS Dwight D Eisenhower."

 Surprised that DEI, pronouns, and LGBTQ are of absolutely no practical use in reality...they bravely ran away after being damaged* and their nose bloodied.

- So much for "I have not yet begun to fight" or "Damn the torpedos..." and welcome "please be gentle" and "use lube."

 *The always forthcoming and truthful Biden ne' Obama regime has blacked out any information about damage to the "Eisenhower."

Wednesday 12 June 2024

Never Again! .........from Rico

Suddenly' continues despite the assurances of 'safe & effective' [for the slow kids read: LIES] and 'protection' from the Wu Flu aka WHO Flu.

- One would think that the added benefit of DNA contamination and SV40 cells had something to do with it...not that Fauci and colleagues view humans as beagles.

 The unvaxxed do need a 'plan' going forward though and it needs to include NEVER trusting any of these lying, murdering, MFCSPOS's ever again!