Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Cartoon Round Up....

Sarah Silverman Topless, on Film, Checking Herself Out in the Mirror

She's got nice nips!

Here, "Total Topless: Sarah Silverman on Film Checking Herself Out in the Mirror":

If seeing her tits, her masculine, hard faced tits…here they are…but they aren’t anything you should jack off to…but I can’t get in the way of you being a sick and embarrassing fuck….if anything I can just facilitate that…because in ways…I am a hero...
Check her tits at the link.

Monday, 19 November 2018

Busty Blonde Babe! AnnaLynne McCord Big Breasts Braless Pokies in Sheer Wife Beater T-Shirt

This is hot!

See, "Big-Breasted AnnaLynne McCord Braless Pokies in Sheer Wife Beater."

She's a tasty tart!

Treason – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...............from Dan T.

Two of the most poignant ceremonies in the British calendar are the wreath laying ceremony at the Cenotaph in London on Remembrance Sunday accompanied by the Festival of Remembrance held in the Royal Albert Hall.

Both events are led by Her Majesty the Queen and are held in solemn remembrance by the entire nation for all those who sacrificed their lives in two world wars so that Great Britain remained an independent, sovereign nation.

They sacrificed their lives so that Great Britain should remain a proud, independent and sovereign nation not for a few years or a few decades but from the day they died until the ending of world.

No politician or group of power brokers have the authority to surrender that sovereignty to a foreign entity especially when that entity is led by the former enemy against which ‘Our Glorious Dead’ died fighting.

The image above epitomises not just the shameless hypocrisy of the current ruling elite but also serves as an appalling insult to the British people and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their beloved nation.

Read about their treachery here

Cartoon Round Up....

Friday, 16 November 2018

May the Lord Have Mercy On Her Lying Treacherous Soul..............from Dan T

Theresa May was appointed Prime Minister by her globalist colleagues with a single objective in mind: to overturn the result of the Brexit referendum and keep Great Britain locked inside the corrupt and failing European Union (EU).

Her recently announced draft Withdrawal Agreement is being spun as the ‘best deal for Britain’ which respects the result of the referendum and leaves the so-called non-negotiable red lines intact. It is also being spun as being the result of a complex two-year negotiation with intransigent bureaucrats who were dedicated to protecting the integrity of the EU institutions.

Unfortunately for Mrs. May the British people remember her deviousness and propensity for lying that were a hallmark of her six-year tenure as Home Secretary. These dubious traits are hard wired into her treacherous heart and were in place when she took over the Premiership.

Far from being the result of a tough negotiation with intransigent bureaucrats the Withdrawal Agreement was concocted under the radar by her close coterie of advisers and civil servants led by fanatical Europhile, Ollie Robbins, in conjunction with the very same bureaucrats.

Read about it here

Cartoon Round Up....

Ladies Daze

H/T Doverthere

Bolsheviks 100 years ago, Bolsheviks today.....................from Rico

"Uncle Joe" Stalin, as FDR (a Democrat) called him, has been 'heard' loud-and-clear by today's Democrats (C), especially in Broward County, Florida.
- If you can't 'win' an election, just 'steal' it...it's the Communist...er, Democrat way.

H/T Doverthere

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Are you an American, or are you..................from Rico

This simple graphic elegantly 'explains' the main difference between Republicans and Democrats in America today.
- The Democrats have overplayed their hand, as Libtards always do, with their vote-stealing operations and given rise to the expression "Are you an American, or are you a Democrat?" [think CNN: "Is that true, or did you hear it from CNN?"].
If the 'system' is so broken that these criminal thieves cannot be brought to heel, much less brought to justice, then...well, let me introduce you to our little friend.
- Monsieur Guillotine...

[Tuesday has passed...] Rumor has it....................from Rico

Well, Tuesday has passed and Ginsdrunk is still with us.
- That's the thing about specificity in RUMINT...it either happens, or it does not happen.
That said, other RUMINT has it that she will retire by January or in January. We'll see...
In 1999 she was treated for colon cancer, and in 2009 for pancreatic cancer.
- Press reports (few, but credible) are that melanoma has re-appeared.
Tick-tock, she's on her way out...one way, or another.
- Is the reason for the scorched-earth, black flag "take no prisoners" desperation by the Left [read: Democrats (C)] a little 'clearer' now?
-----original message-----
Rumor has it that Justice Ginsdrunk will step down from her SCOTUS seat next Tuesday.
- Source is credible, and date was very specific. We will see, and do not have long to wait.
Stories being floated in the MSM how RBG is 'back at work' after falling and breaking three ribs the other day (at her age) are a smoke-screen.
- The re-emergence of her cancer is not mentioned by the press.
Eventually she will have to hang up her Leftist spurs.
- Now with a split Senate, or next year with a majority Trump Senate "What difference doe it make?" [read attached: ahem].
Then there is this to consider: The American Left may have pushed things 'too far' (as they tend to do) by openly trying to steal the FL and AZ elections from the voters.
- This would not be the first election to be decided by the Supreme Court.
- With 3.5 million more registered voters than eligible voters in the US, plus the Lefturd tendency to manufacture votes out of thin air, something has to give.

Arizona. Un-fucking-beLIEvabl​e................from Rico

If you 'beLIEved' Hillary's winning six consecutive coin-tosses to 'win' the Iowa primary, then you'll have no trouble beLIEving this statistical impossibility:
In Arizona, the Republican candidate for Governor won the state by 328,000 votes.
- Maricopa County was won by 325,000 votes.
Now consider this. In Maricopa County the Dem Senate candidate Sinema is supposed to have 'won' by 32,000 votes.
- This means a 350,000 vote swing FOR Democrats. Yeah. Sure. Riiiiight.
And, as a 'bonus' the Code-pink Communist Democrat Senator-elect from Arizona Sinema is already meeting with Schmuckie Schumer.
- What could possibly go wrong?

H/T Liz B

Cartoon Round Up....

Florida: Intentional Incompetence..................from Rico

The Democrat partisan election officials in Broward and Palm Beach counties are not incompetent. They are saboteurs of the very election process they are supposed to protect.
- They are intentionally, and deliberately, slow-walking their recount efforts.
- Having failed to 'steal' the Florida election for Governor and Senator, they now want to force the election into the hands of lawyers and judges so they can try to 'steal' the election for the Democrats.
There are a lot of ballots still floating around, with fake news CNN reporting that Broward ballots have been found in Korea's DMZ.
- Maybe the Democratic-Socialist hopeful for Governor of Georgia Stacy Abrams will 'unearth' some more ballots yet? Yeah, America really needs another Mike Tyson impersonator in elected office.
The flagrant election-tampering in Arizona, Florida, and Georgia should be seen for what it is.
- This is the 'beta test' and 'dry run' for more Democrat fuckery in 2020.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Election Laws: Break in Emergency............from Rico

Arizona is no longer content to be Commiefornia-lite, and has 'elected' a pink-tutu wearing radical Code-pink, Taliban-supporter, Communist Party-USA, DEMOCRAT to the Senate.

- WTF?


In all fairness, McSally would have been just another RINO like Flake or McPain, and at least Sinema is out of the Communist closet.

- Way out.


BUT the Left is one seat closer to adding control of the Senate to its control of the House.

- Pay attention.


How did they 'do' it? By stealing and cheating.

- AZ has 'emergency voting centers' that were used to illegally inflate/pad the Democrat (C) vote.


In Democrat-infested areas apparently all election laws have a warning label that says "Break in case of emergency."

- With 'emergency' being defined as "oh shit, we lost."