Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Buckle-up....................from Rico

The apocryphal story about a smart investor deciding to "get out" of the market in 1929 when his shoeshine boy gave him investing advice must not have translated very well into Chinese.
- You know what's happening in their market right now, right? When a banana vendor is playing the market, that's a pretty clear signal to run, not walk, away.
A more scientific indicator may be this one, however. The 2007-8 market crash and financial crisis was preceeded by the collapse of junk bonds.
- The very same type of collapse in junk bonds that is happening right now. 
While August is usually the doldrums for the financial world, things could get really interesting in September-October.
- Instead of debating whether history is repeating or merely rhyming, I'd suggest buckling-up for the coming ride.

Gold Option Expiry...................from Rico

Yesterday 28 July was the Gold Option expiry at the CRIMEX.
- Suhprise, suhprise, suhprise. The 'call' options* at and above $1100 expired worthless. You can 'see' on the 30-day chart how the 'price' was moved below the 'call' level just before expiry allowing the sellers to dodge having to deliver to the buyers [*read: instead of sellers 'losing' money by delivering Gold worth above $1100 to the buyers at the agreed upon $1100, they get to keep the call fee's while the buyers do not exercise their options by paying $1100 for Gold valued at less than $1100]. 
The paper claims per ounce to physical ounces on hand are 117:1.................
The markets now, all markets (not just commodities or precious metals), are Potemkin Village constructs. Rigged.
Before there can or will be any "recovery" the Banks must be restrained, and the financial system reformed.
- I'd not make book on any reform happening before the system collapses on itself.

H/T Paul B

Turning "Never again" into "Too late"..................from Dan Friedman

[As more and more details of the Vienna agreement come to light, it’s becoming clear that defeating Israel’s ability to react was on top of the agenda. That makes the scheming  preceding the outcome truly diabolical. Still, it would be a mistake to call Obama’s machinations a deal with a devil. No, it was two devils negotiating with each other to devise the best plan for the demise of Israel and the rule of Islam over the Western world. df]
If Obama walks like a Jew-hater, arms Iran like a Jew-hater, and creates a PA "West Bank" State like a Jew-hater, he’s a Jew-hater.
From Mark Langfan

Moral Equivalence? Dead Lion vs. Dead Humans vs. Dead Region/World!...from TPC

This article explores the reaction of the general public to the killing of Cecil the lion compared to the many stories that will actually affect their lives that few seem to care about!

Cartoon Round Up....

Lefty Meets Lucy

Sanctuary Criminals - Wild Bill

Sanctuary cities that protect illegals are criminal enterprises and should be treated as such

Body by Victoria TV Commercial (July 2015)

Third Planned Parenthood Fetal Harvesting Video Released

I'm not embedded the clip, in case this whole baby body-parts scandal makes readers squeamish.

But the video's here, "Grisly New Video Shows Doctor Harvesting Aborted Baby Parts for Planned Parenthood Black Market."

Plus, "Damage Control: Planned Parenthood Hires Crisis Communications Firm."

Genuine evil.

Not just Planned Parenthood, either. The entire left-wing ideological program is the devil's work.

Khloé Kardashian on August/September 2015 Cover for Complex

Hey, she's pretty hot.

Here, "Behind the Scenes of Khloé Kardashian's August/September 2015 Complex Cover (VIDEO)."

But watch the video.

She's been working her glutes for some tight action, man. Tight.

Too Soon an Angel: Madyson Middleton, 8-Years-Old, Killed After Being Lured by Teenager Into Apartment in Santa Cruz

This is just evil. Pure evil.

Here: "Teen 'Lured' 8-Year-Old Santa Cruz Girl Into Apartment Before Killing Her, Dumping Body in Recycling Bin (VIDEO)."

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The USA, Great Britain And Greece - The Post Democratic Era Is Here...........from Daniel Thomas

The American people think that their freedoms and prosperity are protected by their elected Congress and a constitutionally limited government; meanwhile the British people think their legislature at the Palace of Westminster is the Mother of Parliaments; the Greek people are not thinking at all if they believe that their legislature is a product of the cradle of democracy.

These are but three countries that claim to be open, freedom loving democracies governed by elected representatives of the people who legislate in their interest with the intention of protecting their security and prosperity for current and future generations.

For many people the first time the term 'post democratic era' entered the public domain was when the British high ranking, and ultimately disgraced politician, Peter - now Lord - Mandelson, used it in reference to the European Union. All power and decision making was to be transferred from national Parliaments and handed to appointed bureaucrats based in Brussels.

For the record, 'ex-communist' Peter Mandelson, was forced to resign from Tony Blair's government not once but twice under charges of corruption. In any proper functioning democracy that would have been the end of his career in public life; in this case it was just the beginning.

After his disgrace he was appointed as the European Commissioner for Trade giving him access to unaccountable power and a taxpayer funded remuneration package that was obscene for a public servant.

When his four year term as Commissioner expired, instead of disappearing into obscurity to live off his fortune he was 'elevated' to Great Britain's second legislative chamber, the House of Lords.

Operating under his new Ruritanian title of  'Baron Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham' he was invited back into the heart of government as a Cabinet Minister by the unelected Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Mandelson's return to government was not so much an appointment as an anointing. He was given the Office of First Secretary of State to go along with Lord President of the Council, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills as well as remaining the President of the Board of Trade and a Cabinet Member.

When Peter Mandelson used the phrase 'post democratic era' he wasn't joking. After twice resigning from government under a cloud of corruption, he resigned as a Member of Parliament after which his political career went stellar without a single vote being cast by the British people.

As mentioned earlier, Mandelson was appointed as a European Commissioner, he was appointed to the House of Lords, he was appointed to the Cabinet along with all the other offices of state mentioned above. Despite his disgrace, Mandelson accumulated so much power over the British people he was a member of thirty-five of the forty-three Cabinet committees and sub committees without a single vote being cast.

It must be remembered that his benefactor was Gordon Brown who was himself appointed Prime Minister after the resignation of Tony Blair.

Mother of Parliaments? Democracy? You decide.

In the United States the people's Congress created by the Founding Fathers in a Constitution that "secured the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity"  has been emasculated by vested interests and a political lobby so powerful it operates and controls the people's representatives.

When President Eisenhower warned that the military-industrial complex could accumulate power and subvert Congress he wasn't joking either. To keep Congress neutered and maintain its hold on power they have created a government-media complex which shuts down debate and dispenses twenty-four hour pro-establishment propaganda.

The current President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces swore an oath on the Holy Bible that he will "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" knowing that he had no intention of doing so.

When President Obama took office he had one agenda only and it wasn't the well being of the American people or defending the Constitution; it was the long planned 'fundamental transformation' of America from a country based on individual liberty and a free enterprise economy, guaranteed by constitutionally limited government, into a centrally controlled European-style socialist state as demanded by the 'progressive' global elite.

The separation of powers and the other checks and balances laid down in the Constitution have not proven to be an obstacle to the Obama Juggernaut

The Chief Executive is bypassing the people's Congress and treating it with contempt.

The Chief Executive is commanding the agents of the state to ignore the laws that do not suit his agenda.

The Supreme Court is nothing more than an arm of the Executive.

The Republican Party, despite controlling both Houses of Congress by mandate of the people, including the power of the purse, are failing to stop the Obama 'fundamental transformation' agenda.

The political establishment and the power brokers now control both parties and the American people are powerless to stop it.

Meanwhile, in cradle of democracy, the Greek people have been disenfranchised partly by their own greed and stupidity. Despite the bitter experience of the past, they will persist in voting socialist charlatans into power.

As a reminder, the Greek economy was bankrupted by George Papandreou, the last of the Papandreou socialist dynasty who was removed from power by the EU for having the temerity of offering the Greek people a referendum on an EU/IMF bailout package.

When they were next allowed to hold a general election they chose Alexis Tsipras who ran on a socialist/anti-austerity ticket. When the creditors from the EU/IMF came knocking he refused their bail out terms; he also put these terms to the Greek people in a referendum which they also refused.

It's a perfect democratic storm for the EU bureaucrats; the people said 'no' in a general election, this was confirmed in a referendum; in other words the people and the politicians were united as one.

Like Great Britain and the USA, the EU political establishment will never let the will of the people stand in the way of their agenda. Prime Minister Tsipras was forced to cave in and accept bail out terms and conditions that were worse than those initially offered and refused in the referendum.

The EU/IMF terms and conditions were forced through the Greek Parliament by Tsipras as if the general election and referendum didn't happen. The elected people's champion in Greece is no different to the establishment lackeys that infest the Parliament and Congress in Great Britain and the USA.

If the American people want to see their future they should look no further than the European Union. This is a template for their future government in the post democratic era. Political power is effectively transferred from elected representatives to agenda driven bureaucrats.

In the case of the USA the elected members of Congress, by their subservience to the establishment are in effect the agenda driven bureaucrats. They certainly behave like they are.
In conclusion it's worth noting that the European Union was first envisaged by Adolf Hitler who wanted a German dominated Europe where nation states became regions of the Third Reich. These were to be governed by local appointees who took their orders from Berlin. All one has to do is substitute the UN for the EU and you are on the right track.

The American President will be a functionary of the UN who's sole purpose will be to impose the global 'progressive' agenda on the American people whether they want it or not.

Vichy France remains historys' example of what Hitler had planned for the rest of Europe and it is also history's example of the treachery that the political class are capable of.

Update: Watch Pat Condell cut loose here

Kate Moss, by Photographer Katie Eleanor Grand, Topless for Love Magazine 14

Now this is just perfect.

She's still hot, at the top of her game at 40.

Or, well, hot and topless at the top of her game at 40.

Here: "Sensational Sextastic Kate Moss Topless for Love Magazine."

Nice nips at the link.

Charlotte McKinney Responds to Question 'Are They Real' in New Video Showcasing Her Boosting Bazongas

Very nice.

Her huge racktastic assets, that is.

Watch: "Charlotte McKinney: They're Real. And They're Spectacular (VIDEO)."

Plus, added bonus Charlotte McKinney topless photos at the link.

The Story of Dan: A Cautionary Tale of the Goldfish Who Never Was

For the past few years my home has been necessarily pet free, namely due to the relationship between furry little animals and my ability to open my eyes and breath regularly. Thing had been rocking along pretty well despite the absence of pet food on my grocery list, until my youngest son hit me up for a pet of his very own.    (continue reading)

Cartoon Round Up....

Monday, 27 July 2015

Palestinian Savages Hunt Down Hyena on Highway in Hebron, Corner It, and Stone It to Death


This is real.

Watch: "Palestinians in Hebron Stalk Hyena on the Highway, Corner It, and Then Stone It to Death (VIDEO)."

Hey, it's all fun and games to chase down a hyena to stone it to death, right?

All from the "religion of peace" folks.

Remember, these people feel the same way about Jews.

China Aghast as Woman Sucked Down Escalator and Crushed to Death at Shopping Mall

CNN was showing the full clip in its initial reports, but then edited out the part where the woman get sucked down into the escalator's machine-gear jaws of death.

The woman's child, who was riding up the escalator too, was lifted to safety at the last moment.

What an unspeakable atrocity!

Watch: "Horror: Woman Killed After Sucked Into Escalator at Shopping Center in China."

Raunchy Rae Returns to Zoo Today!

A tasty wench with huge bazongas.

Watch: "Rae Hits the Pool in Tight Bikini for Very Rude Return to Zoo (VIDEO)."

Islamists Target Jewish Worshipers at Temple Mount

The 9th of Av, Tisha b’Av, commemorates a list of catastrophes so severe that it is clearly a day set aside by G‑d for suffering, mainly the destruction of the first and second Holy Temples in Jerusalem. It was also an eventful weekend in Israel with new catastrophes added to the list.   (continue reading)

The Bubble!...from TPC

Anyone watching on the afternoon that Amazon reported earnings saw an immediate jump of about 20% in its share price!

The euphoria (+$40 billion in market cap) was due to a small reported profit when a loss had been expected along with the performance of the company's cloud computing division.

But has all of the excitement exuded by the 'market experts' who are wrong more than they are right been justified?

Read the contrarian opinion written by David Stockman here!

Cartoon Round Up....

Sunday, 26 July 2015

It's Bedtime............

Must Watch: OANN's Tomi Lahren calls Obama out! (Video)...from TPC

This video of OANN's Tomi Lahren calling out Obama on terrorism at home, Islamic extremism and his basic lack of leadership is a must watch!

Ted Cruz – The Fighter

The day Ronald Reagan left office, Conservatives began looking for a leader who can not only clearly articulate conservatism from the heart, but who has the backbone to stand up and fight for those beliefs even when it is not the popular thing to do. Unfortunately leaders like that are in short supply.

Without a doubt, Donald Trump has tapped into that need with his no-holds-barred campaign style, but no one would mistake him for being someone who can clearly articulate conservatism from the heart, or even a teleprompter for that matter. It would be so easy to get onboard the Trump wagon, but you never really know where that wagon is going to take you.   (continue reading)

Sunrise Sorties: P-51 Mustang...................

Cartoon Round Up....

The Sunday Best...........

How and why to kill the deal by Caroline Glick

Kerry has ‘intense exchange’ with Jewish leaders over Iran deal

Inspired by a WWII fighter, the 805-hp Hellcat X makes the original look tame

Nestle uses naked models to sell natural coffee creamer

Obama Admin Plans More Executive Action on Immigration

To gratify Tehran and Moscow, new US-Turkish anti-ISIS war campaign in Syria skirts Assad’s forces

Turkey Uses ISIS as Excuse to Attack Kurds

Sweden’s 3rd largest city hit by multiple blasts amid surge in ethnic & gang-related violence

How Hamid Karzai Continues to Rule Afghanistan From Beyond the (Political) Grave

Hillary's web of lies keeps unraveling

Done Been Girled: The Price of Matriarchy

and finally........

A modest proposal for American politics

Becoming Venezuela..................from Rico

Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery, and Barry Boy-Marxist seems to be intent on fundamentally transforming the US into a larger version of Venezuela.
Maduro's Socialist "success by diktat" is clearly Barry's model. A Marxist coerced economy based upon fake statistics, fake markets, and fake money.
- Sound like a real good idea?
Venezuela's stock market is rising, so that means everything in the economy is all right...even good. Right?
- That's what Central planning in the US has achieved too.
Broke? Need more money? No problemo! Just print whatever you need.
- That's what the FED in the US is doing too.
Inflation? What inflation? Fudge the 'official' numbers (or report them slowly). The last 'official' numbers out of Venezuela are from Dec 2014, and they showed only a 65% rise in the CPI. It's probably many multiples of that in reality, they just don't admit to it.
- That's what the BLS and every other organ of US government is doing too.
This is what the end-game looked like in Zimbabwe. This is what the endgame looks like in Venezuela. This is what the end-game will look like in the US.
- This is what Socialism-Marxism does every single time.

H/T Paul B

H/T Shelly

Charlotte McKinney Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Casting Call 2016

She should be at the top of the list of all SI's hot babes. Her tits are ginormous.

Watch: "Racktastic Charlotte McKinney Casting Call (VIDEO)!"

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Surfs Up.............

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2015 (So Far) || FailArmy

Caution language

Sunrise Sorties: "Ole Yeller" and The Corsair.....................


Britain's Irreconcilable Policy on Islam

US airstrike kills one of Osama bin Laden’s most trusted commanders in Afghanistan

BlackLivesMatter Pays Homage to Marxist Cop Killer at Every Event It Holds

Minimum Wage Debate: A Conundrum?

Mt. Soledad's Sale Could Leave ACLU Without a Prayer

After 98 Years, Chuck Taylors Finally Get Some Cushioning

What Kerry and Obama Tried to Keep from Congress and the Public: Iran Will Collect Its Own Samples for the IAEA

Kerry: Israel Will Be ‘Blamed’ If Congress Rejects Iran Deal

NH Mailman Allegedly Broke Into House, Tried On Woman’s Boots

Republican Party approval ratings lowest in decades

Bowe Bergdahl found during California pot raid, released by officials

McCain Accidentally Speaks the Truth About Iraq Army's Anti-ISIS Campaign: 'They Can't Do It Themselves'

Germany Registers Sharp Increase in Attacks on Asylumseekers

Turkish jets strike Kurds in Iraq as well as Islamic State in Syria

How Russia Tries to Intimidate Japan

Kerry: Attacking Iran Would Allow it to Justify Pursuit of Nukes

H/T Paul B