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Monday, 15 January 2018

Sports Illustrated Bikini Model Kelly Rohrbach Goes Fully Topless on Vacation in Honolulu (PHOTOS)


What a find! Give it up for the hard-working paparazzi, man!

See, "Beautiful Breasts: Sports Illustrated Model Kelly Rohrbach Fully Topless on Vacation in Hawaii (PHOTOS)."

Great tits with perfect nipples, dude.

Shitholes, Dumps and Third World Toilets..................from Daniel Thomas

The choice of a word, objectionable as it may be to the deliberately offended, does not alter irrefutable facts. If it successfully conjures an accurate picture in the minds of the broadest spectrum of readers then it is obviously the right word to use.

The latest manufactured storm surrounding President Trump for reputedly referring to some backward countries as ‘shitholes’ is just another chapter in the organised campaign to remove him from office. His choice of the word ‘shithole’ would be correct if indeed he did use it, however it would help if it could be corroborated by someone with experience in the field of third world countries.

As a working class Brit who spent the last 20 years of his working life plying his trade mainly in the third world, I humbly offer the benefit of my experience.

Having lived and worked alongside other western workers in 7 African countries along with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and some Middle Eastern potentates, I can confirm that the consensus of opinion is that these countries are indeed shitholes of the very highest order.

Read the article here

1975 Jaguar XJ6 Coupe - Jay Leno's Garage

Christopher Glancy's tastefully refreshed Jaguar XJ6 makes Jay envious with its lack of B pillar, comfortable seats, and British racing green styling.

Cartoon Round Up....

The Shinola Hits the Fanhola

Democrat's have their "Let them eat crumb-cake" moment....................from Rico

Tax cuts?
- To badly paraphrase the immortal bard:
"Now is the Summer of the Democrats smug contempt, made glorious Winter by the Son of the Red States."
IF an American works for a living:
Tax cuts mean that by mid-February, the IRS-revised withholding tables have to be implemented, and it is estimated that 90-91% of everyone who works for a living will see LESS TAX taken from their paycheck, meaning MORE PAY to take home.
IF you flap your gums, lie, and bullshit for a living (yes, I'm talking to you, DemocRATs):
Tax cuts mean less of YOUR money for THEM to 'spread around' as they see fit.
The DemocRATs have their "let them eat crumb-cake moment." Here, in their own words, the party of Make Taxes Higher Again (DemocRATs) explains what tax cuts mean:
- Nasty Pelosi: mere crumbs; pathetic; Armageddon
- Schmuckie Schumer: Republicans will rue the day they passed this bill
- Bernie Sanders: morally repugnant; bad economic policy
- Liz Warren: tearing down democracy
- Kamala Harris: shameful
- Cory Booker: embarrassment of a tax bill
- Joe Donnelly: it's a tax hike on the Middle Class
- Jeff Merkley: will haunt America for decades to come 
All of which is encapsulated in the great American musician's lyrics to "The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing"...sing along with me: 
- "They just takes care of Number One, an' Number One ain't YOU, you ain't even Number Two..."
Last, and certainly intellectually the least, here is FranSanSicko Nan Pelosi again proving that even a stopped clock can sometimes be right:
"...the fact is, Congress is not doing its job."
Gee, while no one would know this better than you, no shit Sherlock?

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Fabulous Fit Britney Spears Looks Incredible in Skimpy Yellow Bikini on the Beach for Hawaiian Vacation

She's really perky, and she just got signed to another Las Vegas residency within days of finishing up at Planet Hollywood.

What a lady!

See, "Spankin' Tight Britney Spears in Skimpy Little Yellow Bikini in Hawaii (PHOTOS)."

She's super tight, keeping in excellent shape. Wow!

Doutzen Kroes Caught Topless and Pert on Vacation


She's a pert and tasty high-fashion wench, lol.

Here, "Doutzen Kroes Photgraphed Tasty Topless and Pert on Vacation (And Don't Miss Those Beautiful Nips, Heh)."

As we head into the coming weeks........................from Rico

As we head into the coming weeks that unravel the Russian Collusion-FISA scam, Uranium One, ad nauseum let's NOT forget the not insignificant matter of WHO had the DNC's Seth Rich murdered, and why the DNC Chair Donna 'brain dead buffalo @ Hillary' Brazile was worried she was next.

Giving Haiti 'the business'........................from Rico

The Earl 'gets it' here.
- Yeah, Hillary & Bill sure gave Haiti 'the business'

Thoughts Of An Intellectual Giant................

H/T Lenmar

Cartoon Round Up....

Perfect....................from Rico

This will make everyone's day.
- Absolutely effing perfect.
Chelsea Manning, who served seven years in military prison for leaking classified information as soldier Bradley Manning is seeking the DemocRATic Party's nomination for the US Senate seat in Maryland according to Federal election filings Saturday.
Great idea! Start 'grooming' her for a run in 2020 against Trump.
- Why the 'dream ticket' combination possibilities are endless... Chelsea-Kamala, Chelsea-Liz, you go ahead and pick the hate-America-first candidate you'd like the DNC to run alongside (behind, underneath, what?) with Chelsea.

When Democrats are in charge........................from Rico

Gee, thanks Obama!

When nothing can be said, nothing can be learned......................from Rico

Progressives aren't good for much, and they're not good at much...except at denying reality and believing some incredibly stupid shit. They are about as useful as tampons in a men's toilet. Some cases in point:
- Communism-Socialism.
- Global, warming, climate change.
- Gender other than XX and XY.
- IQ
Let's go where many are uncomfortable, and talk about IQ. It's different for everybody...something the "progressives" like to pretend is not so.
- It IS.
Yes, there ARE places where people shit out in the open [read: shitholes], and there is an uncanny correlation between that and the average IQ's of those places.
- I shit you not.
When nothing can be said, nothing can be learned.
PS - Facts are not racist, they do not care about 'feelings' or 'political correctness'...they are inanimate and immutable, even in the face of Cultural Marxism which tries to define 'truth' as 'hate speech.'

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Chappaqua is the real 'shithole'...................from Rico

One hundred years of US 'foreign aid' to Haiti hasn't done anything to improve the place.
- All that has been accomplished is funding a lavish wedding for Chelsea, and allowing Billary to accrue yet more stolen money.

The MSM Merkin................from Rico

How many times does the MSM need to be exposed as the merkin for Democrats/progressives before even the dullards catch on?
- I guess they're gonna need a bigger one to cover some ugly things up.
One 'sign' that things are fixin' to go ugly early, I mean really fugly, is the failure of the fake 'shithole' story to serve as enough of a distraction.
- Another fake story about Trump and a porn star had to be trotted out for the weekend 'news' cycle for the LoFo's (low information) consumption.
Yeah, the proverbial is going to hit the oscillating blades anytime now...and there's a ton of it. 'Somebody' is getting increasingly skeered that sunlight will be the best disinfectant.
- The 1.2 million pages just released to Congress is only the beginning. Wait for Uranium One, and all the rest to see the light of day.

Sizzling Blanca Blanco Nipple Slip as She Hits the Beach in Malibu

Here, "Topless in Malibu: Sizzling Blanca Blanco has nip slip as she hits the beach in nothing more than bold red jacket and underwear."

Pic Dump..............................