Saturday, 21 July 2018

Emily Ratajkowski's Tits Put on Display in Greece

She's got great tits, and she likes showing 'em.

Here, "Round Breasts: Emily Ratajkowski Puts on Bikini Display in Greece (PHOTOS)."

I'd like to munch on her tits, heh.

Is this some kind of SICK JOKE? - Right Angle

It's our position that you have to be A Special Kind of Stupid to believe in socialism... and Democratic Party Rising Star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez proves it beyond all doubt.

Hillary - Ignorance is This..........................from Rico

Displaying her trademark unawareness, Her Marxist Filthiness Hillary has just accused Trump of not defending Obama's Ambassador to Russia.
- Wait. What?
Yeah, she really did just publicly say this.
- I think it is more than 'self-unawareness' in the sense of being clueless as to what's really going on, but a textbook display of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.* [Short version: so stupid that you don't know you're stupid.]
And this....ahem, person almost became the (last) President of the United States.
Stupid has consequences.
- Oh, have I not mentioned BENGHAZI yet?
*Long version of Dunning-Kruger: A metacognitive incapacity on the part of those with low ability to recognize their ineptitude and evaluate their incompetence accurately. Such individuals suffer from an internal illusory superiority, mistaking their ability as much higher than it really is.

Thanks Democrats!...........................from Rico

Thank you Democrats (C) for making everyone "spoiled for choice!"
One simply cannot decide which of many compelling reasons NOT to trust you at all...much less ever vote for any of you...hence my usage of "spoiled for choice" here.
Just a few examples (there are many, many more):
- Comey's wimpy effort to manipulate the 2018 elections by advising everyone to Vote Democrat.
- The shenanigans of that crazy-eyed Socialist wench from the Bronx.
- The latest Democrats slogan "For the People" which doesn't say 'for which people' and actually means 'everyone but the American people' (much as "Forward" never clarified 'to where' or "Change" never told anyone 'what' or 'why').
See what I mean?
Why it makes it simply impossible to grab hold of their "progressive" messaging with both Michael Moore can with anything edible...if you have two wits to rub together.


H/T Doverthere

It would get on my nerves, too......................from Rico

At a 'town hall' in Africa, Barry Obama said " are starting to get on his nerves..."
- Oh, yeah. Trouble in the Obama household paradise?
It would get on anyone's 'nerves' if their wife's dick was bigger than theirs.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Watch USS Racine Get Pummeled to Death (VIDEO)

Cool viddy.

Here, "Decommissioned USS Racine Pummeled During RIMPAC 2018 Sinking Exercise (VIDEO)."

Pop Star Halsey Poking Nipples in See-Through White Bra

She looks great!

Here, "Smokin' Pop Star Halsey Nipples Poking in See-Through White Bra."

Nice round and dark nips, man.

Cartoon Round Up....

Barking Guilty...................from Rico

The dogs barking the loudest are the guilty dogs...

H/T Doverthere

The Hillary Nacho Meme...................from Rico

I never 'tire' of the 'Hillary Nacho President' meme, and attached is a new variation on the theme.
- Looks like they would be good accompanying a cold beer!
Yup! Not just for breakfast anymore!

H/T Doverthere

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Smokin' Hottie Amanda Seyfried Sexy Deep Cleavage

Here, "Fabulous Amanda Seyfried Drops Some Seriously Sexy Cleavage Action."

How'd you like to have Ms. Amanda's breasts wrapped around your manhood.

She's got bigger tits than I imagined.

Pert Sexy Jennifer Lopez Nipple Pokies in Black Top

See, "Jennifer Lopez Pert Nipple Pokies in Black Top."

Busty Ana Braga No Bra Honkers in Completely Sheer Top

Some big fat nipples on those honking milk-jets, man.

Here, "Big Tits Ana Braga No Bra in Completely Sheer Top."

Cartoon Round Up....

Much Ado About Trump Thing

From Russia With Love......................from Rico

You can hum along with Matt Monro singing "From Russia With Love" for this one.
In just a couple months Russia made good on its promise to 'diversify' its holdings (in the face of US sanctions) away from US Treasurys.
- They liquidated 85% of their UST's (IOU's from Uncle Sam).
Meanwhile, they have been steadily adding to their physical Gold reserves.
- And rumour has it, buying IMF bonds.
- What's next?
What could possibly go wrong?
- What happens when no one listens to Wimpy's "promise" to 'gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today?'

H/T Doverthere

The Demonstration in London You never Heard About...

America, your moral and intellectual betters in the Lefty MSM have decided you do not need to know about THIS demonstration in London.
- Yeah, these are the same Commie sleaze-bags that chirped endlessly about some balloon of Trump symbolizing their disapproval of him. Or something...
Remember that they voted for BREXIT.
- Not all of them are EUro-zombies yet.
There are still more than a few 'good eggs' there.
- God Bless England.
Oh...lest I forget #FreeTommyRobinson.
- It's high time Tommy Robinson was set free (and the totalitarians who locked him up themselves incarcerated).

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Treason, Madness or Hysteria? It depends..................from Rico

It would be well to listen to the wisdom of Charles Mackay at this point in time:
"Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one."
The current manufactured state of hysteria ('treason-treason-treason' having replaced 'Russia-Russia-Russia') brought to you by the ever-loyal minions of the MSM and espoused by all Lefties is, well:
- Brought to you by the very people who say such complete nonsense as "it depends upon what the meaning of the word is is" (like anyone could forget that one). Known, proven, prevaricators ALL.
- Also understandable because there are very many real traitors who now "fear the rope" (as Hillary once opined - 'if he wins, we will all hang'). There are trillion$ at stake, and many more crimes/acts of treason yet to be uncovered...and the 'usual suspects' know it.
So what IS treason? Pick one:
- Trump met with Putin = existential threat to the UniParty
- FDR gave East Europe to Stalin = >3 million deaths
- Hillary & Co sold 20% of US uranium to Russia = pay to play most bigly
I think 'Mish' (Mike Shedlock) nails it exactly when he observes that:
"Nearly every political action that generates this much nonsense and hysteria from the Left and the Right is worthy of immense praise."

Opinion Poll...................

HT Old Dude

H/T Lenmar

Not 'noticed' behind all the histrionics....................from Rico

Here's a little bit of "news" that was not really 'reported' by the MSM (doesn't fit the 'narrative') and is otherwise quite 'lost' behind all the whining, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments by the collective Leftards is this:
Another Swamp Creature has Run Away
A very senior FBI executive (he reports to Dir FBI Wray) heading the Task Force 'investigating' Russian Interference in US Elections has resigned.
- After 18 years in the FBI* Jeffery Tricoli has abrubtly gone to Commiefornia to be a 'stock broker' leaving a significant and 'plum' Gummint job. Makes sense to me. 
*If you are unaware of how Federal retirement works, by resigning before 20 years of service this guy took a yuge 'monetary hit' by way of a significant reduction in his future retirement pay. Maybe that seemed better than getting swept-up and arrested in a raid by US Marshalls one of these fine days?

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