Monday, 13 July 2020

Leftist Hysterics Are Getting Tiresome....................from Rico

The hysterics and tantrums from the usual 'deep thinkers' on the Left over Stome's 'pardon' [read: it was not a pardon, it was a cummutation] is as predictable as it is (a) wrong, and (b) tiresome...
Compare the Trump years to date to the Useless Commie POS Obama's reign of error and decide for yourself who is full of shit here...

Mike's Scented Candle..........................from Rico

Barry once referred to his wife Michael when speaking to a group of high-ranking military officers.
- But giving him no benefit of a doubt, 'choom boy' spent a lot of time stoned out of his mind on the best drugs the taxpayers could was it a slip of the tongue, a moment of in vino veritas, or a Freudian slip? Who cares?
Joan Rivers didn't 'care' when she made the remark in a filmed interview that 'we've already had the first gay president and that Michelle was a tranny'...she was dead a week later.
- Someone muxt have 'cared' and cared a lot.

Congratulations BLM!!!!!.......................from Rico

Racist neo-Muslim Marxist Assholes...

H/T David

H/T David

Democrat Daffodils......................from Rico

So here's the deal, you Democrat daffodils...I've had quite enough of your shit, so bugger off!

Bullion: This is NO BS...................from Rico

Since 2015, ytd 2020 Gold is UP 70% and Silver up 40%.
Goldman Sachs predicts $2,000/oz Gold and $21/oz Silver in two months.
BoA goes further and says Gold will hit $3,000/oz in 18 months

An Easy Commute

Fool me once, shame on YOU; twice shame on ME....................from Rico

One certain way to discern a SCAM is when the story keeps changing as it has with the CCP Virus [WuFlu, Beer Virus, novel corona virus, whatever...I prefer the Chinese Communist Party Virus myself].
The global economic crisis resulting from the heavy-handed governmental over-reaction to essentially a non-threat was obvious to everyone except the 'experts' and the 'politicians' who listened to them and made really stupid decisions by shutting the world down.
- Supply chain disruptions followed by retail disruptions, followed by declining sales, followed by disappearing cash flow, followed by layoffs, followed by busimess closures, followed by shrinking tax receipts, followed by unserviceable public and private debts, followed by bankruptcies, followed by societal breakdown.
And we have been played for fools, by bigger fools...

SCOTUS: USA Must Honor Indian Treaty, Half of Oklahoma Now Under Tribal Jurisdiction

Shelby GT500 Powered 1968 Ford Bronco - Jay Leno’s Garage

Watch the front end lift up on this one-of-one Ford Bronco restomod once owned by Craig Ferguson. Built by Ford Performance, SEMA Garage, and LGE-CTS, this Bronco is now a proud part of Jay’s collection.

Cartoon Round Up....

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Voting Is Useless - Riot, Loot and Burn to Get Things Done.................DT

On June 23rd, 2016 in the biggest democratic exercise in their history the British people voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union and all its institutions.

Since that historic vote, the political class and the establishment elite have used every trick in the book to ignore and eventually overturn that result. Over four years later the British people are still shackled to the corrupt and failing political union and subject to its rules, regulations, and Court of Justice.

The unelected European Union bureaucrats still control Great Britain’s borders and the resources contained in her territorial waters; for this subjugation, the British taxpayers are forced to hand over billions per year for the privilege.

Similarly, the political class has ignored for decades the calls from the British people to stop the open border mass influx of incompatible, third world migrants that has blighted their lives and to end the foreign aid madness which sees billions of taxpayers’ money fire hosed at corrupt national governments abroad while millions are suffering hardship at home.

One is bound to ask what it will take for the establishment elite to listen and act on the wishes of the British people, especially those politicians who have been elected into office to do just that.

It is not that politicians and the establishment elite are incapable of taking draconian measures when it suits them or their agenda to do so. After all it only took the death of a career criminal thousands of miles away in another country on another continent and the subsequent rioting, looting and burning, for them to start rewriting centuries of British history and removing its symbols and memorials.

Read about it here

Cartoon Round Up....

Monday, 6 July 2020

WILDLIFE River Day - Fishing with Luiza

2020 - A Time For Choosing.....................from Rico

Things were BETTER in America before Communism...
Sen Joe McCarthy was correct about the USG being riddled with Communists (especially the State Dept), but (a) he was too early with his warning, and (b) we didn't listen to him.
- Now the Cancer of Communism has spread throughout the American body, and unless it is surgically removed it will prove fatal to the Republic.
Enjoy these Days of Trump.
- They will either be the turning point, or a speed bump on the road to Communist Hell. Yeah, I know we hear it every election year, BUT this year...2020...IS important, it's a last chance and a turning-point.
The Democrats, MSM, Antifa, BLM, and many corporations are now openly Marxist and working towards the end of America.
- Databases, like tracers, work in boh directions and I truly hope these traitors are ALL going into the Big Database!
We are at war with the most dangerous enemy mankind has ever faced in the long climb from the primordial slime to the stars, and if we lose this war we also lose our Freedoms as intended by our Founding Fathers.
I strongly suspect that the next 5 months of 2020 are going to be bad, and recommend becoming friends with Hoppe's gun oil....

Gun. No gun. ...?....................from Rico

Recall the Left [Dem's] harping on evil black assault rifles and thirty round magazines, and how "nobody needs" them?
- In their opinion, that is.
We have just seen exactly why YOU NEED BOTH demonstrated [by a Democrat lawyer, no less]!
While this is still America, I believe in "free choice"...
while also believing that time is growing short to make that choice.
Gun, or NO Gun?

Please! Go right ahead...................from Rico

Oh yeah, sure, riiiight.
- Keep spouting how "diversity is strength" Leftards! And tell me about how unicorns fart rainbows and crap Skittles while you're prattling nonsensically on...
If it really were, why NOT designate Mike Obama aka Moochelle as VP candidate to that dementia-addled sock-puppet BIDEN?
Go right ahead!!!