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Mesmerizing Montenegro (4k - Time Lapse - Tilt Shift)

Montenegro is a small country in former Yugoslavia. Despite it's small size it offers rich architectural and cultural heritage, diversity of landscapes and climates, and well-preserved natural environment. All this comes at a price of course: Montenegro is considered one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations.

1939 Plymouth Radial Air - Jay Leno's Garage

With the help of some friends and his sons, Gary Corns brought new life to a 1939 Plymouth with the heart of a Cessna seaplane.

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Imagine A "Religion" That Obscures What G-D Told Them!....................from Dan Friedman

Here's a (short) Kosher answer to those Jews who ridicule the Divinity of the Oral Torah. That fallacious thinking is part and parcel of the Reform sect's destructive dogma because it allows its customers to conveniently dispense with most - if not all - of the Mitzvahs. Most Reformers have never been taught this by their “rabbis” in their "Temples," and for an excellent reason. To teach the truth would expose the Reform’s premeditated distortions and get their parishioners starting to think. Not good for an outlier already losing followers one after another.

Race to the Bottom

Offended?......................from Rico

Fair disclosure: I do not follow profe$$ional $ports.
- I will not go into a litany of the reasons why here, and will just say that I have better, and far more entertaining, uses for my time and money.
That said, it was impossible to 'miss' the faux pepileptic fits in what passes for American media today over SF 49er's QB Kaepernick refusing to stand for the pre-game national anthem as it was being played. 
- In the aftermath it appears that he felt it was an "oppressive" song. That's what has been widely reported anyway. [Translation: He was offended]
I'm not at all sure if the following details are being 'reported' at all, since I do not get my 'news' from an American media which is focused laser-like on what I am 'supposed' to think instead of informing me of pertinent 'facts' so I can decide what to think for myself, but I begin to digress and to rant here. Here are some interesting details:
- Kaepernick converted to Islam during the pre-season.
- He is engaged to a BLM supporter, Nessa Diab.
In the context of the legless Marine in the last attachment...who managed to's MY opinion that both Kaepernick and Diab now number among the growing sea of UNWIPED-ASSES that threatens to move civilization "forward" to the dark ages. [Translation: I am offended]

Meet Hillary'$ office....................from Rico

Ramirez absolutely "nails it" once again with the attached cartoon.
- I hope he has better personal security than Breitbart and many others did.
This is not only a "classic" representation of Hillary'$ "old office" but a preview of what her "new office" would look like.
Meet Hillary'$ new office, same as the old office.............
don't be fooled again!

H/T Rico


Steve Green approaches an unlikely question: do those crazy kids get the whole 'leave me alone' thing?

The Reluctant Prepper: The First Steps

As with any journey, prepping begins with one step unless, of course, you are one of the few people that can afford to lay in a few months’ worth of supplies all at once. I’m not one of them. I will readily admit that my budget for this is tight, and would be non-existent if I didn’t see the necessity of it.   (continue reading)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Out of Necessity, the Reluctant Prepper

As I wrote in my last article, my expectations for the outcome of this election give me reason to believe I should stock up on canned goods, medical supplies, and ammunition. That activity would qualify me, barely, as a “prepper”.
“A person who believes a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies” – Oxford Online Dictionary
I certainly believe this election has already turned into a catastrophic disaster, and it would be difficult to imagine that it will not result in an emergency in the future, so there I am.  (continue reading)

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Thar she blows (smoke).........................from Rico

When out of 'ideas' and absent any accomplishments to point to, and with scandals closing-in her (yet again) what's poor Grandma Pickles to do?
- Why, what she always tries to do. She BLOWS SMOKE.
Remember her coining the term VRWC? [Vast Right Wing Conspiracy].
- In Jan 1998 on NBC's 'The Today Show' the Queen of Conspiracy Theorists claimed that a "VRWC" was the cause of all Clintonian troubles. It's not them, it's everybody else. This was smoke blown directly up America's ass to distract them from Whitewater, Filegate, Travelgate, and multiple bimbo eruptions.
- In Feb 2016 on CNN with Anderson Cooper she tried to resurrect the VRWC and said this time it was funded by the Koch brothers. The laughter still echoes in Anderson's studio, and this was such a dud claim that it was quickly forgotten along with all the RINO candidates they had once funded.
- Never one to learn from her mistakes, in Aug 2016 giving a speech in Reno, NV she tried it once again, only calling it the skeery-sounding internet-linked "Alt Right" VRWC. It's not HER, it's everybody else. This was another attempt to blow smoke directly up America's ass to distract them from her hacked unclassified private e-mail server, the hacked classified e-mails, foreign policy disasters, rigging the primary, the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative pay-to-play $candal$, ad nauseum. No one had the vaguest idea what the crazy lady with a microphone was talking about, and everyone exposed to this mental drooling is still scratching their heads and saying 'wtf?' to themselves.
After a 'pattern' of behavior like this there is the very plausible argument to be made that when someone claims "everyone is out to get them" they are certifiably paranoid, and possibly a paranoid schizophrenic.
- In layman's terms "batshit crazy."
Appearing at fundraisers looking like an escaped mental patient still wearing her hospital gown certainly doesn't help her case any.
- But despite Granny Pickles likely having slipped into senile dementia, she has nothing to worry about. George Soros is still 'with' her!

Armed Americans and The NRA - Wild Bill

One of the greatest symbols of freedom in the world is the armed American citizen.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Victoria’s Secret – Sexy Shortie In Action

Sunrise Sortie 2016 Feature.....................

Sunrise Sorties 2016 Feature
The gathering of Warbirds that occurs during each year’s AirVenture is both unique and historic. In most years, the Warbirds area of AirVenture represents the largest gathering of WWII aircraft on any one airfield since the war concluded, 70 years ago. But it is much more than that.

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Hillary Is the Nominee of the Communist Party USA

Look Who Is Gutting the First Amendment!

Trump and the American Dream

Hillary's Health a Real Concern

Police Held Back While Violent Mob Assaulted Trump Fundraiser Attendees?

They Are After Your Cash (And If This Happens They Will Get It)

Europe: The Substitution of a Population

Who Made America Hate Again?

Syria à la Carte: Turkish Invasion Highlights Rapidly Shifting Alliances

Zimbabwean doctor who 'forced a family of white farmers off their land' has UK surgery shut down

Hillary's Nightmare: FOIA Meets the Internet

Fails of the Month August 2016 || FailArmy

ObamaCare, we hardly knew 'ya........................from Rico

Remember Nasty Pelosi admonishing America that "we have to pass it [ObamaCare] to see what was in it?"
Remember being told ad nauseum how ObamaCare was going to increase competition and decrease premiums?
For any who have not yet concluded that today's Democrats are not their Grandparent's Democrats, but instead corrupt liars, scoundrels, and crooks, here is a reminder of what 'trusting' today's Democrats does for you:
- ObamaCare has accomplished the polar opposite of what was has decreased competition and increased premiums.
When will Americans get tired of being treated like mugs and played for suckers?
- Nov 2016 might be a good place to start pulling the national head out of it's collective ass.

Jack Hole. Status Quo. Coin toss...................from Rico

Another FED "Jack Hole" event. Yawn. Why does anyone with two wits to rub-together pay ANY attention to what they 'say' much less give it any credence? Pay more attention to what they 'do' suckers.
- The FED itself admits that it has succeeded in dropping the Dollar's purchasing power by +96% since it was created at Jekyll Island a century ago.
Assuming that Ivy League-educated economists and bankers are at least bright enough to grasp 'the first rule of holes' (when you find yourself in one, stop digging), there must be some other reason why the American economy has gone to shit and the middle-class has been gutted like a fish.
- There IS a reason. It's all proceeding according to plan.
The economic policy of the last +35 years is performing exactly as it was designed and intended to by a 'bipartisan' Congress and the FED....the wealth of Americans has been strip-mined and large chunks of the former 'middle-class' reduced to 'debt-serfs.' It was never intended to 'help' the middle-class, it was intended to shake them down for their wealth. In the past 35 years:
- Wall Street income has increased 800%
- Corporate income has increased 250%
- Wages & salaries have increased 9%.
This how the "status quo" has worked so far. None of this was by 'accident' but it helps explain why those benefiting from this 'system' are currently fighting tooth-and-nail to keep things just as they are.
- It also explains why everybody who is part of this scam is pushing Hillary...she represents the "status quo" and a continuation of the 'system' according to 'plan'...they clearly understand that a vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same. Or, in terms of the impossible six consecutive coin tosses in Iowa, "heads THEY win, tails YOU lose."

Reflecting on Obama's Officer's Memorial Speech by AlfonZo Rachel

I didn't get around to this sooner because I've been pretty preoccupied. However sense the democrats and Hillary are so preoccupied with Race Baiting and Obama is so preoccupied with race baiting that he couldn't even resist doing it a memorial for murdered officers.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Video: BleachBit Brags It 'Stifled' The Hillary Email Investigation...from TPC

With her server scrubbed, nobody need opine on what sounds very much like obstruction of justice in the Hillary email scandal when the server 'cleaning' website BleachBit does it for us!

Watch the video and read the notes about the deleting of evidence at The Political Commentator here.

Hell it's Friday................

Getting "physical"........................from Rico

When normally silent and invisible figures like Lord Rothschild publicly express their 'concern' over the Keynesian unbacked paper fiat-money experiment by Central Banks (and very 'privately' increase their Gold investments like he just did) maybe it's time to start "paying attention."
- It's also time to consider holding "paper" promises vs. getting "physical."
By "paying attention" I ask what are "paper" promises (IOU's) going to be 'worth' in any one of these three likely economic scenarios?*
- Deflation, Stagflation, Hyperinflation.
*I'm NOT holding out any hope of a return to normal business and private sector cycles absent central-planning manipulation or corrupt crony "rigging" any time soon.
By "physical" I do not mean tugging-on the old sweats and going to the gym or for a run around the block, I mean hard assets like precious metals, oil & gas, real estate....tangible things. Those with serious wealth to protect have already moved into antiques and art as well.
The attached 2016 YTD chart of returns on assets is my point. Silver is in the #2 spot with a +36.6% return, and Gold is at #4 with a +26.19% return. Oil (WTI) shows a +9.61% return and NatGas +7.38% return.
- In a ZIRP and NIRP economic environment, how does that compare with returns on Certificates of Deposit or Bonds? [zero interest rate policy; negative interest rate policy]
- How about holding good old CASH? The return YTD for holding USD is -4.61% (not factoring-in an inflation rate of 8-10% on top of that). OUCH.


Bubba J challenged me to see who could make the best-looking pancake. Did anyone come out on top of the short stack battle? You be the judge!

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Guess Who's Raping the Little Girls of Britain?...........................from Dan Friedman

[You may have missed the reporting on this new British tradition, probably because there has been none here in the USA. Even in the UK their dhimmi MSM is doing its best to ignore it. Watch these two short videos from Jamie Glazov to get up to speed. df]

Clothes Call

William Rankin, The Man Who Rode The Thunder...........................

This story is legendary. And it begins with a legendary aircraft, the F8 Crusader. The Crusader was the first American fighter to fly faster than 1,000 miles per hour. in 1957, then future astronaut and senator John Glenn piloted one to set a transcontinental speed record. In vietnam it earned a kill ratio of 6:1. and In 1962 camera-equipped unarmed Crusaders retrieved photographic evidence flying over Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis. the jet's abilities were in many ways unrivaled, but our story begins with one instance where they fell short. And that story begins with William Rankin, the man who rode the thunder.

H/T 45 Govt

#NeverHillary......................from Dan Friedman

[Don't ever believe what the liberal media tells you. They're even more corrupt than Hillary! Stay calm and vote for Donald Trump. df]
NEW YORK CITY, New York — In the wake of a series of campaign shuffles—and bold moves—by 2016 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, the race for the White House has narrowed in a series of just-published recent polling.

Hello Constitution Party! - Wild Bill

It's time for the USA to have a political party that holds to the founding principles and values that made this nation great.

Hillary Clinton's Hysterical, Pathetic, Desperate 'Racist' Attacks on 'Alt Right' Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Today witnessed one of the truly lowest points of modern presidential politics.

I'm actually blown away by Hillary's sheer desperation at this point. The email revelations of the last week must have rattled the Clinton campaign, because Cankles erupted like a blast-furnace of smears, lies, aspersions, and guilt-by-association attacks. She's sunk lower than ever before. It was ugly.

See, "Hillary Clinton's Desperate, Shameful Speech on Donald Trump and the 'Alt Right'."

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Emily Ratajkowski Posts Nude Hot Tub Photo to Instagram!

Man, this chick is crazy!

And she's crazy hot too, lol.

Here, "The Latest from Emily Ratajkowski - Nude Hot Tub Instagram Photo."

Bombed Out British Didn't Run Away They Stayed And Rebuilt....................from Daniel Thomas

History and the fast disappearing wartime residents of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry, Hamburg, Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki and host of others can confirm that when countries become embroiled in military conflict cities get bombed and as a consequence buildings get destroyed, civilians get killed and injured, and that includes children.

The global government-media axis has mobilized its propaganda machine to use images of bombed out cities in Syria, along with injured children, to justify mass immigration into Europe and the west.

The images compliment the carefully constructed narrative that this is a humanitarian catasrophe unprecedented in history that can only be solved by mass immigration into Europe and the west.

What the propaganda does not emphasize is that the death and destruction in Syria is not unprecedented in history but the mass transfer of millions of people to other countries most certainly is. This includes tens of thousands of military age men who should be fighting for their countries' freedom and independence.

The global political elite's propaganda machine are using the disturbing images to play on the compassion and humanitarian instincts that are inherent in western people to accept mass immigration despite all evidence showing that it is destroying the fabric of their own societies.

The fact is that this global elite does not possess an iota of compassion or any humanitarian instincts whatsoever; their only instincts are to use any crisis to progress their global transformation agenda. Crises which in many cases they have manufactured themselves in order to justify their actions.

Read the article here

KALOEA Surfer Girls - Absolute Maldives (HD Drone 2016)

The letter "B" is brought to you today.....................from Rico

The letter "B" is brought to you today by a very special person, America's most beloved undocumented felon, Hillary Robbem Clinton.
Forget about Lucretia Borgia, or Elisabeth Bathory, Hillary Clinton beats them all, hands down.......
What's that you say? There's no "B" in Clinton?
- Why sure there is......BENGHAZI.
And remember this, the "H" was NOT silent in BengHazi
............she LIED about Benghazi.

Knee-capping right on schedule....................from Rico

Ah, the "Chicago way" lives on at the CME's COMEX.
Big Al, Bugsy, Randolph, Mortimer, and the boys would be so very proud!
- Precious metals are being knee-capped right on schedule.
From the looks of the Gold and Silver charts you can draw one of two possible conclusions:
1. At "oh my God it's early" otherwise known as 0600 EST it's the perfect time to sell precious metals to maximize profit. It's merely a coincidence that both Gold and Silver are moving downward in tandem (wink wink nudge nudge).
2. It happens to be precious metals options contract expiry day on the CRIMEX, and the wise guys will NOT tolerate any 'loss' on their notional futures contracts by NOT ending 'in the money' ......NOT that the casino is completely "rigged" or anything of the sort.
- You can take Randolph and Mortimer Duke's* word for it!
Anyone still 'playing' on the COMEX is either (a) a complete fool, or (b) one of the crooks.
- To badly quote St Anne of Barnhardt "If you're still in this market you're either on drugs, or an idiot."
*The film "Trading Places" remains THE very best and clearest explanation of how the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) works. Watch for the scene where the Duke brothers explain to Valentine (Eddy Murphy) how commodities trading works and you can skip the $250,000 of student loan debt you'd have from attending an Ivy League school to acquire exactly the same knowledge.
- That now Senator (D-MN) has a role in this film is a bonus.

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