Friday, 31 July 2015

Kentucky Man Arrested for Shooting Down Drone That Was Flying Over His Backyard While His Daughter Was Sunbathing

Maybe the daughter was nude sunbathing!

Boy, that would really be a violation of privacy!

Here: "Man Shoots Down $1,800 Drone Hovering Over His Sunbathing Daughter."

Israel Braces for Violence After Palestinian Toddler Burned to Death in Suspected Jewish 'Price Tag' Attack

This is horrible!

Here: "Israel Braces for Violence, Hamas Rockets, After Palestinian Baby Killed in Firebombing."

Braless Emily Ratajkowski Showcases Deep Delicious Cleavage in Plunging Red Top and Skin Tight Jeans in Raunchy Instagram Photo

Braless Raunchy hotness!

I love this little smokin' babe!

Here: "Raunchy Emily Ratajkowski Deep Cleavage: Breasts Practically Slapping Out of Tight Breast-Hugging Outfit."

Charlotte McKinney Explains 6 Things Women with Big Breasts Think are Baloney

More from the big-breasted hottie.

Watch: "Charlotte McKinney's Day-to-Day Struggles: Buttons Pop Off Blouses and Huge Bazongas Attract Oglers."

Hamas: Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Israeli and Palestinian Authority security forces are on high alert in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria following the deadly terror attack that killed an Arab toddler and injured three members of his family. Hamas has called for a “Day of Rage”  and said that "every Israeli is now a legitimate target".     (continue reading)

Which City?

Lionizing Cecil - No Lamentations For His Murdered Countrymen.............from Daniel Thomas

Let me say from the outset that the killing of a magnificent beast like Cecil the lion for a trophy is an indication that some of our fellow human beings have no appreciation of Mother Natures' endless capacity for beauty, nor do they have any concern that they are robbing other human beings of an opportunity to view these animals in their natural habitat.

Rational people will understand that sometimes individual animals have to be culled in order to preserve the genetic diversity and general health of the pride, in that case it can be done the natural way by introducing a younger male to evict the incumbent leader, or the humane way by shooting.

Four bolts from a cross-bow, with an armed guide as back-up in case of a miss, is not going to be the most popular method of animal husbandry in this age of soppy animal worship.

That said, the reaction to the demise of Cecil must give grave cause for concern, least of all because of the mass hysteria it has engendered across the comfortable parts of the world. In the rest of the world where it isn't quite so comfortable they couldn't give a rats a*se about the unfortunate Cecil.

Dignified mass mourning at the death of a prominent person is a mark of respect in the civilised world and is quite normal, but this is being slowly replaced by public outpourings of uncontrollable emotion that can only be described as mawkish mass hysteria.

This phenomenon is common in the less civilised parts of the world such as North Korea or Iran, where emotional immaturity manifests itself by a lack of self control over ones public actions.

 In the more civilised parts of the world this mass emotional insecurity started in earnest with the death of Lady Diana and has now become a universal reaction to the passing of prominent people, especially celebrities, whether they deserve adulation or not.

The emotional reaction to the death of a human or an animal is highly selective and dependent upon the celebrity status of the deceased; it is this selectivity which is rightly bringing charges of gross hypocrisy upon the public mourners, especially the more prominent ones.

It must be understood that some unscrupulous celebrities will jump on any passing bandwagon if it gets them into the public eye, with a view to keeping the royalties rolling in, but serial high profile animal defenders such as Ricky Gervais, Brian May and Ginger Spice et al. deserve an extra dose of opprobrium for their unadulterated hypocrisy and disregard for lives of innocent men, women and children in Cecil's home country of Zimbabwe and elsewhere.

It's only right and proper that these celebrities speak up against animal cruelty but it is also incumbent upon them to use their celebrity status to speak up against people cruelty and denigrate its perpetrators with the same venom they spat at Cecil's killer, Mr. Walter Palmer.

One lion is no comparison to the thirty thousand or more innocent people massacred by Robert Mugabe in Metabeleland as he consolidated his position as Zimbabwean Prime Minister in April 1980.

Since then he has waged war and committed atrocities in neighbouring Congo and destroyed the country's agricultural base using the resultant starvation as weapon to control his internal enemies.

Ricky Gervais and his pals could be forgiven if these events, which occurred before their time, had been consigned to history but they haven't; Robert Mugabe is still there in Zimbabwe, brutalising, starving and killing his enemies with the full knowledge of the international community including the UN and the EU.

As a measure of the dedication of the UN and the international community to human rights, they appointed Robert Mugabe, known by his own people as 'Butcher Bob", as an Ambassador for Tourism as part of their World Tourism Organisation.

The emotionally retarded celebrity Jimmy Kimmel, choked up live on air as he described the death of the lion as a 'disgusting tradegy' while the equally retarded model Cara Delevigne went completely over the top ranting that Walter Palmer should have his citizenship taken away.

If they had any sense of decency or common humanity, Jimmy Kimmel and Cara Delevigne would lead a celebrity campaign on behalf of the dead and dying people of Cecil's homeland, but the silence is deafening. Animals mean more than starving children in the eyes of the modern celebrity and their followers.

In conclusion, the global hysteria surrounding the death of Cecil the lion and the corresponding silence on the starvation and deaths of tens of thousands of his fellow citizens is a sad indication of how the priorities of humanity have shifted from the serious to the frivolous; by drawing attention to the actions of Walter Palmer while by turning a blind eye to the actions of 'Butcher Bob' Mugabe shows just how desensitised and callous the human race has become.

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Federal Judge Threatens To Hold IRS Commissioner, DOJ Lawyers in Contempt of Court over Lerner

Iranian Ayatollahs Grinning After Deal

General Dempsey Undermines Obama's Case for Iran Deal

Hamas's Child Abuse Camps

Dutch ship evades WWII Japanese bombers with island camo

The real reason why Obama is pushing a bad deal with Iran

Cobra caught inside Houston downtown high-rise

Black Skin Privilege: To Be The Wedge For The Totalitarian Future

Moment Gisele Bündchen dons a burqa to secretly visit plastic surgeon

Text Messages Show Marilyn Mosby's Office Went 'Judge-Shopping'

Amazon's Push-to-Buy 'Dash' Buttons Go on Sale

Taliban seize district in Helmand province

Friday Foursome

Good Rabbi Answers Huckubee's Liberal Critics................from Dan Friedman

[Only the devil’s advocates would try to silence a righteous gentile for warning the Jews and Israel about the mortal dangers of Obama’s betrayal. But the rest of us should be thanking him. df], July 30, 2015
By Rabbi Aryeh Spero

H/T Paul B

Frogleg Minute(ish) 07.31.15.................

Fox News Babe Andrea Tantaros in Bikini on the Beach!

She's hot!

Now if we could get the rest of the Fox News hotties to post Instagrams of their bikini bods we'd be stylin'!

Here: "Stunning Fox News Hottie Andrea Tantaros Bikini Pic!"

I like my Fox News babes tight. Nubile and tight!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Jeremy Corbyn - Great Britain's Antithesis Of Donald Trump................from Daniel Thomas

With Donald Trump leading the race to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Presidency of the United States it's becoming a nightmare for the political establishment and the UN based global elite that currently wield power in Washington DC.

Being financially independent of the lobbyists and the powerful, agenda driven political operatives that are 'fundamentally transforming' America, Trump is an anti-establishment conservative and cannot be bought. He is outside of their sphere of influence and this puts their long planned 'progressive' agenda under threat.

Unbeknownst to many, a career politician by the name of Jeremy Corbyn is leading a similar race across the pond for the right to challenge David Cameron, or his successor, for the Premiership of Great Britain.

Unlike the nightmares being suffered by the establishment and the power brokers in America, their counterparts in Great Britain are dreaming blissfully in their beds at night, safe in knowledge that whoever wins this election their 'progressive' agenda will be in safe hands.

Despite the fact that both Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn are topping the polls in their respective elections, their background and policies couldn't be more different and this speaks volumes about the current political class.

Modern politicians consist mainly of unprincipled, self serving career charlatans who have sold their souls to agenda driven power brokers and who have reduced political discourse to a series of soundbites and slogans. These are carefully constructed by PR men, advertising executives and image consultants who choreograph their charges to perform before a controlled media like seals in a circus.

These two elections are raising several important issues that highlight not only the hypocrisy and mendacity of the modern political class but also their treachery. Their willingness to ignore the wishes of the people and put the ideological agenda of the 'progressive' global elite before their safety and economic well- being has resulted in frustration and a hunger for change.

The explosion onto the political scene of both Trump and Corbyn is representative of that hunger and welcome as it may be, it is not without its danger.

While Donald Trump has used the opportunity offered by individual liberty and free enterprise in America to build a myriad of businesses and create tens of thousands of jobs, Jeremy Corbyn has ignored the lessons of history and spent his life promoting a failed ideology that has resulted in poverty, misery and death to millions of people across the world.

In his crusade to impose a socialist system on the British people, Corbyn tells it to them straight without spin or the use of PR executives, media mangers or image consultants. He comes across as a genuine man of the people and this has resonated with the supporters of the Labour Party who are leaderless after the resignation of their institutionally Marxist former leader, Red Ed Miliband.

As an indication of how politically illiterate these Labour supporters are, Red Ed Miliband lost the last election because the majority of the British electorate rejected his message on account it was too left wing.

He was called Red Ed for a reason.

Their response to this defeat is to nominate a leader who is further to left than Miliband, an ideologue who has more in common with Lenin than their three time election winner Tony Blair.

Corbyn is the archetypal hard left, self loathing socialist who espouses all the usual anti-British, anti-western causes that undermine global prosperity and civilisation itself.

It goes without saying that Donald Trump loves his country with a passion but the same cannot be said of Jeremy Corbyn.

If any person or organisation hates Great Britain then Corbyn is their friend. Without any thought for their victims; those people and organisations include the leaders of Hezbollah, Hamas, the IRA and the multitude of Palestinian terrorist gangs.

Like all those who dwell in the communist/socialist/progressive community, Corbyn thrives on poverty, misery and envy. The unifying factor within this community is hate, they love to hate, it's their element, they thrive on it and Corbyn is no different.

It's difficult to confirm what he hates the most; Israel and the Jews, America, individual liberty or capitalism and prosperity. He certainly hates the 'rich' who he believes are evil exploiters of the poor and who should be stripped of their wealth for redistribution. I would hazard a guess that he has an extra piece of hate in his heart for Donald Trump for no other reason than his wealth.

Corbyn was a friend and supporter of the blood soaked Venezuelan despot Hugo Chavez but has had nothing to say about the poverty and misery being endured of late by the Venezuelan people as a result of the same socialist policies he wants impose to on the British people.

Like every socialist from North Korea to Greece, Corbyn is incapable of understanding that their economically illiterate policies always end with bankruptcy, poverty, misery and, as the Greek people are finding out, authoritarianism.

In resource rich Venezuela, the supermarket shelves are empty of everything from toilet paper and condoms to food. In age old socialist fashion, the current economic genius, President Nicolas Maduro, has ordered - ordered please note - farmers and the food industry to distribute between thirty and one hundred percent of their produce to the network of state run supermarkets amid a shortage of basic foodstuffs.

The fact that Donald Trump is ahead in the Republican primary and Jeremy Corbyn is ahead in the Labour Party race is confirmation that the people are waking up to the contempt with which they are held by the current political establishment who are prepared to let their own people be raped, robbed and murdered rather than enforce the law.

The American people are fortunate in that Donald Trump would make an effective President, certainly better than Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush, and most definitely better than Obama ever was, the British people are not so fortunate.

In their desperation for a real human candidate, as opposed to the usual establishment controlled automaton, they would elect an abomination like Jeremy Corbyn and end up in poverty and misery like the unfortunate victims of socialism in Greece and Venezuela.

Dreamy Sports Illustrated Bikini Babe Chrissy Teigen Strips Down for Health Magazine UK


See, "Raw Chrissy Teigen strips completely nude for new Health Magazine photo shoot. "

Tasty treat in the bush naked!

Photo Exclusive: Hot New Britney Spears Doing Tight Yoga Splits on Beach Vacation in Hawaii!

Britney's back!

And she's tight as ever!

Here: "PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: Yoga's paying off! Smokin' hot Britney Spears does the splits while showing off her tush-flexibility on beach vacation in Hawaii."

She's been working it tight!

Joint Strike Fighter: A Threat to Be Feared (VIDEO)

Here, "F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter."

Nina Agdal, Robyn Lawley and Friends' sexiest moments | SI Swimsuit 2015

Six Miracles..................from Rico

The 6 miracles of socialism. This one speaks for itself.
- Res ipsa loquitor.

UN Focused On Israel As Thousands Die in Syrian War

The United Nations is one of the most socialist and anti-Israel organizations in the world today. While the UN claims to be a champion of human rights around the world, their words and actions tell a far different story.     (continue reading)

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Iran Deal: The Bad And The Ugly (Survey)...from TPC

Before the Iran deal has become just one more disaster for the country imposed by the Obama administration, accomplished while the country was sleepwalking through it, read this article and then make your opinions known.

The time for Americans being lemmings and sheeple is gone!

Read the article at LI here!


Greece invented tragedy .... and, probably comedy, too .... the euro union money lenders ....

Child Protection Resources: debunking climate scares can help your children shrug off the propaganda

Amazon proposes dividing air into drone zones

Donald Trump's actual net worth

Report: Wing debris same as missing Malaysia plane

FedEx no longer to transport bioterror germs in wake of anthrax lab mishaps

Muslim hate group gets $6.9 billion

UK: David Cameron Declares War on Islamic Extremism

Best Man at John Kerry's daughter's 2009 wedding? Iran Foreign Minister/nuke negotiator Javad Zarif's son

The Truth About Western “Colonialism”

Palestinians: A Rare Voice of Sanity

Open Letter to the Archbishop of Westminster

University of NH: Don't Use Words Like 'Rich,' 'American'

Court upholds right-to-work law for Mich. employees

Iran orders from China 150 J-10 fighter jets that incorporate Israeli technology

FORWARD Recovery!..................from Rico

Yay the Obama "recovery!"
The rate of US home ownership is the lowest it's been in 48 years.
- Historic!
Ownership is now back to 1967 levels.
- Forward!

Jewish Anti-Zionism: History Repeating Itself...................fom Dan Friedman

“The Erev Rav delay the redemption much more than all the nations of the World”
--Raaya Mehemna-Sefer Ha Zohar
“The Children of Israel traveled from Ramses towards Succot. There were about 600,000 adult males on foot, besides the children. The Erev Rav also went up with them”.
--Shemot 12:37-38, July 28, 2015
Israel does not exist because of the establishment, but in spite of it.
By Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish blog)

H/T Paul B

Busty Abigail Ratchford Proves She's the Ultimate Pool Vixen

Very busty.

In fact, Ms. Ratchford's got some of the nicest bazongas going right now.

Watch: "Abigail Ratchford Pool Vixen (VIDEO)."

She practically slaps her tits on the deck when she hops out of the pool. Her breasts are that big.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Local Fox Reporter in Texas Confronts Identity Thief

Must have felt good.

Here, "Texas Reporter Confronts Woman Accused of Stealing His Identity (VIDEO)."

Hot Bikini Babe Watch

Here, "Babe Watch! Brooke Burke, Looking Hotter Than Her 14-Year-Old Daughter, in a Bikini in Malibu! Plus, Luscious Lisa Opie and Alessandra Ambrosio Bare Bikini Hotness!"

I love summer.

Buckle-up....................from Rico

The apocryphal story about a smart investor deciding to "get out" of the market in 1929 when his shoeshine boy gave him investing advice must not have translated very well into Chinese.
- You know what's happening in their market right now, right? When a banana vendor is playing the market, that's a pretty clear signal to run, not walk, away.
A more scientific indicator may be this one, however. The 2007-8 market crash and financial crisis was preceeded by the collapse of junk bonds.
- The very same type of collapse in junk bonds that is happening right now. 
While August is usually the doldrums for the financial world, things could get really interesting in September-October.
- Instead of debating whether history is repeating or merely rhyming, I'd suggest buckling-up for the coming ride.

Gold Option Expiry...................from Rico

Yesterday 28 July was the Gold Option expiry at the CRIMEX.
- Suhprise, suhprise, suhprise. The 'call' options* at and above $1100 expired worthless. You can 'see' on the 30-day chart how the 'price' was moved below the 'call' level just before expiry allowing the sellers to dodge having to deliver to the buyers [*read: instead of sellers 'losing' money by delivering Gold worth above $1100 to the buyers at the agreed upon $1100, they get to keep the call fee's while the buyers do not exercise their options by paying $1100 for Gold valued at less than $1100]. 
The paper claims per ounce to physical ounces on hand are 117:1.................
The markets now, all markets (not just commodities or precious metals), are Potemkin Village constructs. Rigged.
Before there can or will be any "recovery" the Banks must be restrained, and the financial system reformed.
- I'd not make book on any reform happening before the system collapses on itself.

H/T Paul B

Turning "Never again" into "Too late"..................from Dan Friedman

[As more and more details of the Vienna agreement come to light, it’s becoming clear that defeating Israel’s ability to react was on top of the agenda. That makes the scheming  preceding the outcome truly diabolical. Still, it would be a mistake to call Obama’s machinations a deal with a devil. No, it was two devils negotiating with each other to devise the best plan for the demise of Israel and the rule of Islam over the Western world. df]
If Obama walks like a Jew-hater, arms Iran like a Jew-hater, and creates a PA "West Bank" State like a Jew-hater, he’s a Jew-hater.
From Mark Langfan

Moral Equivalence? Dead Lion vs. Dead Humans vs. Dead Region/World!...from TPC

This article explores the reaction of the general public to the killing of Cecil the lion compared to the many stories that will actually affect their lives that few seem to care about!

Cartoon Round Up....

Lefty Meets Lucy

Sanctuary Criminals - Wild Bill

Sanctuary cities that protect illegals are criminal enterprises and should be treated as such

Body by Victoria TV Commercial (July 2015)

Third Planned Parenthood Fetal Harvesting Video Released

I'm not embedded the clip, in case this whole baby body-parts scandal makes readers squeamish.

But the video's here, "Grisly New Video Shows Doctor Harvesting Aborted Baby Parts for Planned Parenthood Black Market."

Plus, "Damage Control: Planned Parenthood Hires Crisis Communications Firm."

Genuine evil.

Not just Planned Parenthood, either. The entire left-wing ideological program is the devil's work.

Khloé Kardashian on August/September 2015 Cover for Complex

Hey, she's pretty hot.

Here, "Behind the Scenes of Khloé Kardashian's August/September 2015 Complex Cover (VIDEO)."

But watch the video.

She's been working her glutes for some tight action, man. Tight.

Too Soon an Angel: Madyson Middleton, 8-Years-Old, Killed After Being Lured by Teenager Into Apartment in Santa Cruz

This is just evil. Pure evil.

Here: "Teen 'Lured' 8-Year-Old Santa Cruz Girl Into Apartment Before Killing Her, Dumping Body in Recycling Bin (VIDEO)."

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The USA, Great Britain And Greece - The Post Democratic Era Is Here...........from Daniel Thomas

The American people think that their freedoms and prosperity are protected by their elected Congress and a constitutionally limited government; meanwhile the British people think their legislature at the Palace of Westminster is the Mother of Parliaments; the Greek people are not thinking at all if they believe that their legislature is a product of the cradle of democracy.

These are but three countries that claim to be open, freedom loving democracies governed by elected representatives of the people who legislate in their interest with the intention of protecting their security and prosperity for current and future generations.

For many people the first time the term 'post democratic era' entered the public domain was when the British high ranking, and ultimately disgraced politician, Peter - now Lord - Mandelson, used it in reference to the European Union. All power and decision making was to be transferred from national Parliaments and handed to appointed bureaucrats based in Brussels.

For the record, 'ex-communist' Peter Mandelson, was forced to resign from Tony Blair's government not once but twice under charges of corruption. In any proper functioning democracy that would have been the end of his career in public life; in this case it was just the beginning.

After his disgrace he was appointed as the European Commissioner for Trade giving him access to unaccountable power and a taxpayer funded remuneration package that was obscene for a public servant.

When his four year term as Commissioner expired, instead of disappearing into obscurity to live off his fortune he was 'elevated' to Great Britain's second legislative chamber, the House of Lords.

Operating under his new Ruritanian title of  'Baron Mandelson of Foy in the County of Herefordshire and of Hartlepool in the County of Durham' he was invited back into the heart of government as a Cabinet Minister by the unelected Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Mandelson's return to government was not so much an appointment as an anointing. He was given the Office of First Secretary of State to go along with Lord President of the Council, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills as well as remaining the President of the Board of Trade and a Cabinet Member.

When Peter Mandelson used the phrase 'post democratic era' he wasn't joking. After twice resigning from government under a cloud of corruption, he resigned as a Member of Parliament after which his political career went stellar without a single vote being cast by the British people.

As mentioned earlier, Mandelson was appointed as a European Commissioner, he was appointed to the House of Lords, he was appointed to the Cabinet along with all the other offices of state mentioned above. Despite his disgrace, Mandelson accumulated so much power over the British people he was a member of thirty-five of the forty-three Cabinet committees and sub committees without a single vote being cast.

It must be remembered that his benefactor was Gordon Brown who was himself appointed Prime Minister after the resignation of Tony Blair.

Mother of Parliaments? Democracy? You decide.

In the United States the people's Congress created by the Founding Fathers in a Constitution that "secured the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity"  has been emasculated by vested interests and a political lobby so powerful it operates and controls the people's representatives.

When President Eisenhower warned that the military-industrial complex could accumulate power and subvert Congress he wasn't joking either. To keep Congress neutered and maintain its hold on power they have created a government-media complex which shuts down debate and dispenses twenty-four hour pro-establishment propaganda.

The current President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces swore an oath on the Holy Bible that he will "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" knowing that he had no intention of doing so.

When President Obama took office he had one agenda only and it wasn't the well being of the American people or defending the Constitution; it was the long planned 'fundamental transformation' of America from a country based on individual liberty and a free enterprise economy, guaranteed by constitutionally limited government, into a centrally controlled European-style socialist state as demanded by the 'progressive' global elite.

The separation of powers and the other checks and balances laid down in the Constitution have not proven to be an obstacle to the Obama Juggernaut

The Chief Executive is bypassing the people's Congress and treating it with contempt.

The Chief Executive is commanding the agents of the state to ignore the laws that do not suit his agenda.

The Supreme Court is nothing more than an arm of the Executive.

The Republican Party, despite controlling both Houses of Congress by mandate of the people, including the power of the purse, are failing to stop the Obama 'fundamental transformation' agenda.

The political establishment and the power brokers now control both parties and the American people are powerless to stop it.

Meanwhile, in cradle of democracy, the Greek people have been disenfranchised partly by their own greed and stupidity. Despite the bitter experience of the past, they will persist in voting socialist charlatans into power.

As a reminder, the Greek economy was bankrupted by George Papandreou, the last of the Papandreou socialist dynasty who was removed from power by the EU for having the temerity of offering the Greek people a referendum on an EU/IMF bailout package.

When they were next allowed to hold a general election they chose Alexis Tsipras who ran on a socialist/anti-austerity ticket. When the creditors from the EU/IMF came knocking he refused their bail out terms; he also put these terms to the Greek people in a referendum which they also refused.

It's a perfect democratic storm for the EU bureaucrats; the people said 'no' in a general election, this was confirmed in a referendum; in other words the people and the politicians were united as one.

Like Great Britain and the USA, the EU political establishment will never let the will of the people stand in the way of their agenda. Prime Minister Tsipras was forced to cave in and accept bail out terms and conditions that were worse than those initially offered and refused in the referendum.

The EU/IMF terms and conditions were forced through the Greek Parliament by Tsipras as if the general election and referendum didn't happen. The elected people's champion in Greece is no different to the establishment lackeys that infest the Parliament and Congress in Great Britain and the USA.

If the American people want to see their future they should look no further than the European Union. This is a template for their future government in the post democratic era. Political power is effectively transferred from elected representatives to agenda driven bureaucrats.

In the case of the USA the elected members of Congress, by their subservience to the establishment are in effect the agenda driven bureaucrats. They certainly behave like they are.
In conclusion it's worth noting that the European Union was first envisaged by Adolf Hitler who wanted a German dominated Europe where nation states became regions of the Third Reich. These were to be governed by local appointees who took their orders from Berlin. All one has to do is substitute the UN for the EU and you are on the right track.

The American President will be a functionary of the UN who's sole purpose will be to impose the global 'progressive' agenda on the American people whether they want it or not.

Vichy France remains historys' example of what Hitler had planned for the rest of Europe and it is also history's example of the treachery that the political class are capable of.

Update: Watch Pat Condell cut loose here

Kate Moss, by Photographer Katie Eleanor Grand, Topless for Love Magazine 14

Now this is just perfect.

She's still hot, at the top of her game at 40.

Or, well, hot and topless at the top of her game at 40.

Here: "Sensational Sextastic Kate Moss Topless for Love Magazine."

Nice nips at the link.

Charlotte McKinney Responds to Question 'Are They Real' in New Video Showcasing Her Boosting Bazongas

Very nice.

Her huge racktastic assets, that is.

Watch: "Charlotte McKinney: They're Real. And They're Spectacular (VIDEO)."

Plus, added bonus Charlotte McKinney topless photos at the link.

The Story of Dan: A Cautionary Tale of the Goldfish Who Never Was

For the past few years my home has been necessarily pet free, namely due to the relationship between furry little animals and my ability to open my eyes and breath regularly. Thing had been rocking along pretty well despite the absence of pet food on my grocery list, until my youngest son hit me up for a pet of his very own.    (continue reading)

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