Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Late News...................

Dems Double Down On Gun Control After Virginia Shooting

Hillary Intentionally Originated And Distributed Highly Classified Information

Cheney: Obama Will Regret ‘Train Wreck’ Nuclear Deal

The Fiction of Political Islam

The Truth About Congressional Pro-Israel Theater

Study: 51% of immigrants receiving public assistance

Lanny's Letter to Hillary Is D.C.'s Most Cringe-Inducing Document Ever

West Point professor resigns after calling legal scholars 'lawful targets'

Tony Blair's Appearance in the Clinton E-mails Demolishes Hillary's Excuses

What Makes Donald Run?

Republicans — especially Trump voters — believe Obama is a Muslim and was born in another country

Washington State U. SMACKS DOWN Professors Who Want To CENSOR Politically-Incorrec​t Language

Supporters of the Iran Nuclear Deal Should and Will Be Called Traitors

Tally of 3 trillion trees astounds scientists

Why Won't Obama Stop Lying About Iran's Military Budget?

Funny pictures of kids playing with tampons, condoms, and bras are really about gun safety

Prophets Without Honor: Europe, Immigration and Trump

Israel Navy’s defense of Mediterranean gas fields displayed in war game

The most extensive picture yet of ISIL’s mysterious and reclusive leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

China Unveils Its Largest Killer Drone To Date

“Vulgarians” at the Gate: Trump Backers Dissed by Conservative Elite

Latest emails reveal the end of Hillary's claim to be a friend of Israel

Eureeka!....................from Rico

Eureeka! I found it!
It may seem like "no big deal" to those who have "no clue" who Ernesto "Che" Guevara was, but I know his story.
- Argentinian, Marxist, trained medical doctor, Cuban revolutionary, also stirred up sh*t in the Congo and South America, etc, murderer (he took delight in hand-selecting people to be executed....for not being Communists like himself), and all-around Commie Douchebag.
Every time I see some clueless moron wearing a t-shirt with this asshole's face on it trying to look 'cool' or 'chic' (celebrities and kids alike) I grind my teeth.
- Commies ain't cool, and especially not THIS one
So, to me, it was worth looking for THIS t-shirt, and mine is ordered and already on the way.

Play This Great New Game! "Other Than That".............from Dan Friedman

[Multiple news sources have reported Obama's deal has enough support in the Senate to sustain an Obama veto and become law. Below are excerpts from statements Democratic Senators have issued in support of BHO's historic debacle.
I've taken the liberty of adding the phrase "other than that" after each quotation. Gives you an idea of the age of lunacy Obama has bestowed upon us during his malevolent presidency. One way or another, BHO has driven us insane! df]
"No deal is perfect, especially one negotiated with the Iranian regime" "other than that"
"With or without this deal, the day may come when we are left with no alternative but to take military action to prevent Iran from crossing the nuclear threshold." "other than that"
“This deal has many unsavory elements. I would rather that its duration be longer. I would prefer our access to military sites to be less conditioned. I would like for Congress’s prerogative to impose additional non-nuclear sanctions on Iran to be clearer." "other than that"
"This is a dangerous regime that kidnaps Americans such as Michigan's Amir Hekmati, who needs to be released immediately, and sends weapons and other support to Hezbollah and other terrorists who seek to destroy the United States, Israel, and our other allies. " "other than that"
"I do not trust the Iranian regime, which continues to terrorize its neighbors and to undermine international peace and stability, and this deal does not end our significant disputes with Iran." "other than that"
To check my sources and see for yourselves, clear here.

Dan Friedman

H/T Paul B

It is very strange..................from Lenmar

I cannot understand why the Scandinavian countries would be so anti-Semitic.  There are very few Jews left.  What few Jews that are left are peaceful productive members of society. These countries have almost achieved Hitler's goal of being Judenrein.  

On the other hand the Muslims who live there are serious nuisances to the life style of the Scandinavians.
I can't imagine what we Jews can do.  Unfortunately, not much.  I used to take an occasional cruise on the Norwegian Cruise line, but I stopped that.  I can't think of any other Norwegian products that I can boycott.  I guess, like some of the other European countries a tipping point might come and 
then those blockhead Scandinavians might come out of their sleep and realize who their real enemies are.  However if and when they do it might be too late.

A pro-Israel advocacy organization demanded an explanation from a Norwegian bank after the company issued a credit card bearing blatantly anti-Semitic images.

The Hallelu Foundation, which aims to promote a positive perception of Israel around the world, came across the bank card after it was issued by one of Norway's largest banking firms, DNB, to an Australian national residing in the Scandinavian country.

The card features a centuries old trope of the hook-nosed Jew, wearing a kippah and a prayer shawl, rejoicing against the backdrop of gold coins. The DNB logo can be seen beside the image.

Norwegian bank issues anti-Semitic credit card, apologizes

Rock beats paper...............from Rico

Even with the obvious and blatant 'rigging, manipulation, and price-fixing' it still looks very much like rock beats paper anyway.
Interesting chart showing precious metals vs. stocks & bonds since 2000.
- And maybe one of the reasons Central Banks remain net buyers of Gold, and not sellers.

Denali Name Change...........

Krista Branch Calm In The Chaos.............

Get Krista's new album "Calm in the Chaos" available on iTunes or name your own price at

Cartoon Round Up....

Jeanne Robertson | 5.3 Seconds

A Liberal Woman Says Women Are to Blame for Rape | PJTV

Miley Cyrus goes out almost nude at the VMAs... And Pretenders lead singer, Chrissie Hynde says dressing revealingly makes women responsible for rape...

Munich II, Churchill Redux......................from Dan Friedman

“You Were Given The Choice Between War And Dishonor. You Chose Dishonor And You Will Have War.”

PSA: What is sexual consent? (Video)...from TPC

If you're having trouble explaining what sexual consent is or, in other words that no means no, this video may help!


Jordan Carver? She's Nice

Some huge bazongas, from earlier today.

See, "Good Morning!"

It's Jordan Carver, who is freakin' fabulous.

Curvy Demi Lovato Teeny-Tiny Shorts Sextastic for 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

She's a tasty little wench.

Watch: "Sexy Smokin' Demi Lovato Performs in Tasty Teeny-Tiny Shorts on Jimmy Kimmel's."

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Honoring LtGen Frank Petersen and Dawn Blitz 2015 (The Corps Report Ep. 62)

This week's headlines include the death of Lt. Gen. Frank Petersen, the Corps' first African-American aviator and general officer, and the start of Exercise Dawn Blitz 2015.

Interesting Lamp............

Late News............

Appeals court upholds Jesus statue on Montana mountain

World's oldest wooden statue twice as old as pyramids

Clinton confidant called Boehner 'lazy,' 'alcoholic' in email

Wal-Mart Cuts Some Workers’ Hours After Pay Raise Boosts Costs

Disband the disgraceful state-endorsed rabbinical leadership

Tourists offended by 'showers' at Auschwitz memorial entrance

American Airlines to pull out of Israel in January

Hold on, WHAT?! James Bond author says Idris Elba is ‘too street’ to play the suave spy

Satellite photos show scale of destruction at ancient temple under ISIL’s control

Poll reveals huge majority support mandatory deporting of illegals

Europe's manufacturing numbers just revealed the continent's biggest problem — Germany

Gulf states pay price for intervention against Houthis in Yemen

Afghan intel captures Taliban’s shadow governor for Faryab

Millennials may not be able to send their children to college

A legacy of achievement............from Rico

Barry keeps adding to his legacy of historic achievements.
- He can't seem to help himself, and appears unstoppable.
He promised CHANGE right?
- Well, again he is delivering on his promise.
How is THIS for "historic change?"
- The Dow just finished its WORST August in almost two decades (in 17 years for his biographers and supporters).

Progressives Are Wrong to Revere Margaret Sanger...................

Shelly writes: 'I'm not suggesting that any of you are progressives, however I thought particularly you younger men and women should know something of this particularly disturbing piece of American history that I'm sure you probably know nothing about, and would never have learned anything about in our progressive colleges and universities. Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to eliminate black births.

Very disturbing indictment of the progressive left/democrat party.'

Progressives Are Wrong to Revere Margaret Sanger

Not for profit..................from Rico

It was hilarious to read about Illinois having to pay lottery winners with IOU's. This is despite taking IN more money than they ever pay OUT. Much more money. [Lotteries are guaranteed profitable by their structure.]
- When the mob ran the numbers racket, the payoff odds were much better and they NEVER failed to payoff on a winning bet.
Only government could FUBAR the numbers racket...and Illinois is THE poster child for governmental FUBAR.
Then I stopped laughing, and recalled that the government couldn't run a brothel, either.
When the Mustang Ranch (the most profitable brothel in Nevada) was taken over on a federal tax beef, it went bankrupt after a year of government ownership. [Brothels are guaranteed ALWAYS profitable.]
Have you perhaps been 'hearing' about Social Security and Medicare being in danger of going broke?
- The government runs them, too.
The same people who have run the US economy into a ditch, now also 'run' GM and ObamaCare too.
Anyone see a pattern here? Anyone? Bueller?
Channeling my inner Lewis Black: "You have GOT to be sh*tting me!"

Why is this redhead in so much pain? (Humor)...from TPC

A redhead goes to her doctors office complaining of terrible pain. As a great diagnostician, the doc figures out exactly what the problem is!

Find out what happened at The Political Commentator here.

Kill a Cop For Obama - Wild Bill

H/T Paul B

Tiny Toronto (Time Lapse - Tilt Shift - 4k)

Toronto is sort of the Canadian NYC :)
Check it out in 3 adorable minutes.

NewsBusted 09/01/15................

White House Questions Jews’ Loyalty Over Iran Deal

As the deadline for the vote on this terrible nuclear deal with Iran is rapidly approaching, President Obama and his White House minions have had the audacity of questioning Jewish Democrats’ loyalty to America. Many Jewish Democrat leaders like Senator Chuck Schumer have indicated they will be voting against the deal and have since been on the receiving end of a lot of anti-Semitic rhetoric from the White House.     (continue reading)

Cartoon Round Up....


Federal Judge Orders IRS to Disclose WH Requests for Taxpayer Info

Germany's Muslim Demographic Revolution

Debbie Does Democrats

How Illegal Immigration Finally Turned Off the Public

Do these things before bed for more success

A Court Smacks Down Obama's DOJ

Trump, Carson tied for lead in new Iowa poll

Blown Cover: Russia and China Exposing U.S. Spies through Cyberattacks

OPEC ready to talk amid falling oil prices

Scientist: We Need Mars to Be Liberated of Earth

Islamic State brutally executes four men in response to slaying by ‘Angel of Death’

Hasselbeck: Why Hasn't Black Lives Matter Been Classified as a Hate Group?

Lonely life of Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, the man with the world's longest penis

Rocket from Gaza follows IDF-Palestinian clash in West Bank town of Jenin

Australia, India to Hold First Ever Naval Exercise Amid China Concerns

Islamist militants attack African Union base in south Somalia

Is This the Warship of the Future?

The Allure of ISIS Has Reached Long-Stable Ghana

Top State Department Staff Used Personal Email to Send ‘Sensitive’ Data

India’s Fighter Acquisition Troubles

Palestinians: Turning Refugee Camps into Weapons Warehouses

NOSTRADUMBASS COMIX: Presidential Predictions Edition

Doug Ross

Amber Jamieson, Reporter for New York Post, Goes Topless in Times Square to Report on Crackdown on Painted-Lady Panhandlers

This is a great story.

There's some smokin' hot topless babes out there panhandling.

Simple, Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire 
The Marxist Mayor de Blasio should leave 'em the hell alone.

Here, "Hot New York Post Reporter Goes Undercover as Topless Street Performer."

Maybe a couple of those ladies will give you their phone numbers as you slip 'em a Lincoln, heh.

Be sure to click through for all the topless hot shots!

Monday, 31 August 2015

APB: What Is to Be Done?...............from Dan Friedman

[We need to look the truth in the eye. In a successful silent coup, Obama has taken over the helm. He's put us on autopilot and set the course for an international cataclysm. Only a (unlikely) mutiny by the masses of American people can save our country, our offspring and the rest of the world now. We must take to the streets by the millions - as we did in the 60s to stop the Vietnam war -  or life as we've known it will simply disappear. And we'll only have our own lassitude to blame.
Now I offer this as a concrete way forward:  The present leaders of the protests already in the works already have a head start. They need to come together and build their organizations into a united front with the aim of creating sustained protests in ever-greater numbers against Obama's suicidal deal. It’s time we stopped sleepwalking toward the abyss. Short of that, I’m out of ideas and I fear we are sunk. df]

Would Andrew Klavan or Bill Whittle Run for Political Office? | PJTV

A Reckoning...............from Dan Friedman

[I can’t think of a more onerous task, but Daniel Greenfield has taken it upon himself to profile and expose some of the worst betrayers of Israel and the Jewish people in America today. NB: If you click through to the original, you’ll find links that lead you to more details about each individual. df]
the Sultan Knish blog, Monday, August 31, 2015
Posted by Daniel Greenfield

The permanent lie...........from Rico

Well, it's 'permanent' until it is not.
The COMEX options expiry for precious metals (Gold and Silver) saw the same-old, same-old gaming the system by the bankers.
- This didn't mean a clean getaway into the traditional strong season for the metals. Not by a long shot.
Anyone who watched the routine 'morning hit' on Gold and Silver today may well have wondered WTF? Here's what:
- LBMA options expire today, Mon 31 Aug.
- OTC contracts expire today, Mon 31 Aug.
= Gold and Silver need to be 'kneecapped' until 01 Sep.
"The permanent lie has become the only safe form of existence."
- Alexander Solzhenitsyn
"For now."
- Me


H/T Paul B

Cops Shutdown Jerry Seinfeld; What's Up with Lemonade Stands? (Nanny of the Month, Aug ‘15)

Well, this is it—after six years, Nanny of the Month is packing it in, but not before one last hurrah!

Growing vegetables, selling Chipotle burritos, photoshopping models, feeding the homeless, wearing naughty beige yoga pants, and engaging in consensual sex—over the years busybodies have been itching to bust you for all those crimes.

But for the very last episode we head to the Hamptons for a story that highlights why we may be completely and utterly doomed.

Here’s the deal: A cop shut down a lemonade stand. Yeah, we’ve heard that story enough times we almost forget to be outraged, but in this case the lemonade stand was run by Jerry Seinfeld and his son.

In other words, celebrity—the one force that could plausibly be strong enough to overpower our control-freak culture—got squeezed like an overripe eureka in a gorilla cage.

Farrakhan calls for the stalking and killing of whites (Video)...from TPC

Louis Farrakhan in this August 3, 2015 video clip is effectively calling for the murder of whites as retaliation for police actions against blacks. 

Nowhere does Farrakhan mention blacks killing blacks and I have not heard of any ramifications for this blatant and overt incitement!

Miley Cyrus Flashes Camera at MTV Video Awards

She's actually a freaky kinda chick.

But check it out, in any case: "Miley Cyrus Flashes Bare Nipple to the Camera Before Appearing on Stage at MTV Video Music Awards."

US Politics: Officially a laughingstock!...from TPC

With the 2016 presidential election still in its early stages, we now have the first entry into the 2020 race. 

And, given the overarching stupidity of a great many of the American electorate, he would probably have a punchers chance of winning!

Joe Rogan's 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Restomod - Jay Leno's Garage

The former Fear Factor host, stand-up comedian and UFC commentator takes Jay for a ride in his modded classic, with killer customization by Steve Strope of Pure Vision.

Cartoon Round Up....

Straightjacket, No Chaser

Did The Fat Lady Just Sing?.................from Dan Friedman

Via Jared Silverman, Esq, who notes that “feckless Congressional Republicans” played into Obama’s hands.
What gives this import is that the two reporters are well-regarded journalists without a liberal/left ax to grind.

Dan Friedman
NYPost columnists Eli Lake and Josh Rogin think opposition to the Iran deal is doomed to failure.
Opponents of the Iran nuclear deal in Congress admit they can no longer kill the accord. Their focus now is making sure there will be a vote on the agreement at all, and salvaging some political benefit from their well-funded bid to stop it.
Lawmakers, congressional staffers and lobbyists opposed to the deal reached in Vienna last month tell us they are now fighting to get more than 60 votes in the Senate for a resolution of disapproval to avoid a filibuster by Democrats supporting President Obama.
That is a far cry from the 67 votes in the Senate needed, along with two thirds of the House, to overturn an expected presidential veto of that resolution.
Note that if the agreement was submitted as a treaty, it would not have received the 67 votes for approval required by the Constitution.  Thank feckless congressional Republicans looking to avoid confrontation with Obama for the state of affairs.  All it would take is a lawsuit by a US Senator to have the Supreme Court declare that the agreement is a treaty and requiring the president to submit it one.

Jared Silverman

Who needs espionage?

H/T Shelly

Mrs Who?..............

Tony Writes - Was the font setting deliberate or was it a Freudian slip?

Gun Nuts and Gun Slobs - Wild Bill

Gun rights are vital to American freedom. Bill calls for gun owners to conduct themselves accordingly.

Reporters' Lives Don't Matter to Black Homosexual Shooter Trying to Foment Race War

This country's in deep trouble.

Here: "The #BlackLivesMatter Revolution Will Be Televised."

Plus, don't miss, "The Inoffensive Everyday Phrases Used by Reporter Alison Parker That Earned Her a Death Sentence Because Flanagan Deemed Them 'Racist'."

Racktastic! Rachel Mortenson Spilling Ample Cleavage on Horseback

Not something you see everyday, heh!

Here: "Blonde Bombshell Rachel Mortenson Huge Spilling Bazongas on a Horse."

This lady's really nice, and apparently she's done a lot of nude modeling as well.