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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Day 3 - Rita Ora by Sean Frank (LOVE Advent 2016)

Cartoon Round Up....


She has the stink of death about her ....

Self-Censorship: Free Society vs. Fear Society

What America Needs Is a Good Dose of Bob Barr at Justice!

Attack of the Pfft People

Israel’s constitutional identity crisis

Gun Control: Hawglegs and Hawgwash

Millennials Are Leaving the Country, But Not for the Reason You Think

"Nothing to do with Islam"?


H/T Doverthere

Hilarious Trump Christmas Parody “It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years”

H/T Bob C

Ellison: ADLGets Cold Feet, Schumer All In...................from Dan Friedman

[Count me disappointed. The ADL had a bullet in the chamber and was about to shoot itself between the eyes. They were this close to blowing their cover as a “pro-Jewish group.” And I was ready to cheer them on too. Instead, someone (Soros?) whispered in their ears, they took a deep breath and decided to live to betray another day.
Of course, it’s still possible the Soros front group could have it both ways. Ellison is a favorite of the lump of feces that is now the Democratic party. And that great Jewish pimp, Chuck Schumer, is still in his camp giving Soros Jewish credibility. So brother Ellison could still snatch the brass ring. Then the quislings at the ADL will have a ready-made alibi: “We tried to stop him, but brother Ellison proved be too popular in the rank and file.” df]

In response, Rep. Keith Ellison said the quote the ADL referenced was taken out of context. | Getty

What a Cruel Joke...................from Rico

This goes beyond the definition of a cruel joke, and a bad one at that.
Today's BS from the BLS falsely claiming a 4.6% unemployment rate...conveniently LOWER than it was back in 2007 just before Barry turned the White House into the Red Shed in obviously concocted to preserve his "legacy."
- Channeling my inner Lewis Black here: "You have GOT to be SH*TTING me!"
The new record high of 95.1 million workers out of work, a dismal number not seen since 1975-78, doesn't come close to enumerating just how bad Barry's job-killing and economy-killing regime has actually been.
- Add the bogus 4.6% unemployed to the not-in-labor-force number, and you get 102.5 million Americans out of work. [read: unemployed, numbnuts]
How is THAT for a "recount" you Marxist assholes?
- I guess an ounce of pretension really IS worth a pound of manure..........


Benghazi. Emails. Even leaving her supporters out in the cold on election night while she smashed things and hit people... Just when you think she cannot sink any lower, she finds a way.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Day 2 - Irina Shayk by Phil Poynter (LOVE Advent 2016)

Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2016 Commercial

2CELLOS - You Shook Me All Night Long [Live at Arena di Verona]

Cartoon Round Up....

Jewish Liberals Are in a Bind................from Dan Friedman

I know more than a few of us are in hand-wringing mode about the prospect of black supremacist, Muslim anti-Semite and professional Israel basher, Keith Ellison, becoming Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. It’s only a natural response, but why look a gift horse in the mouth?
Brother Ellison’s elevation represents a rare opportunity to finally clear the air for the Jewish community. For example, Ellison as Chair will end all doubts about what a slithery creature the Democratic party has become – a safe house for Jew-haters and leftist hysterics of all stripes.
For another thing, it will be great fun to hear Jewish liberals explaining why they’re still all-in and proud “liberal Zionists,” a phrase that has recently become a contradiction in terms.
And think: do you really want to miss the chance to hear phony Reform “rabbis” making fools of themselves, harrumphing from their pulpits about the Democrats and “Jewish values?” For fans of great yucks, not to be missed at any cost.
So before you register your complaint against Ellison, think of supporting him instead. Carpe diem, my friends. Opportunities to catch the Erev Rav with their pants only come along every 1,000 years!
Back Ellison. Heighten the contradictions. It should be very exciting to watch!

NFP Friday Shenanigans.................from Rico

This just so happens to be Barry's last NFP (non farm payroll) Friday.
- It's also the last hurrah for the BLS to "cook the books" and make the 94-95 million unemployed workers disappear again with their statistical magic act.
Tell me the VERY visible 'poke in the eye' with actually saving jobs at Carrier didn't light a fire under more than one ass in this job-killing regime. Go ahead...
- More of the same-old, same-old shenanigans were to be expected as a knee-jerk.
Not to be left on the sidelines were the, Bullion Bankers. The usual "wise guys" who never disappoint us by deviating from the script.
- You can clearly 'see' Gold and Silver being ass-raped at the usual unusual trading hour of 6(am), well before the Ralph and Mortimer Duke have even been wakened for the breakfast tea. much less begun the days trading at the COMEX in Chicago.
Nothing exceptional for the crooks today, just the usual BS from the BLS and the CRIMEX to convince everyone that everything is OK.
- What WILL be interesting to watch is IF the new Chief Executive allows his BLS to BS him and everyone else with phony data and reports, and IF he tolerates the continued POW status of the SEC and other regulatory agencies.


They are weapons 'keyed' to an individual, which cannot be fired by anyone else. Proponents say they will reduce accidents (true) and suicides (false). Scott Ott wants to know if the risks of 'smart guns' outweigh the rewards.

H/T Liz B

Positive Reinforcement?.......................from Dan Friedman

[Forgive me while I crow. Here's the great historian and conservative commentator, Victor Davis Hanson, pointing out some things I just did in my email sent an hour ago. Only his tone is more serious and his writing is more thoughful than mine. Oh, and another thing: Victor Davis Hanson is much smarter than I am, so if you won’t listen to me, listen to him. df]

Certified-organic GMO Golden Rice........................

Perhaps you’re already aware that half-million kids under the age of 5 will die again this year due to Vitamin-A deficiency in the Third World.
GMO Golden Rice could provide the nutrients to prevent blindness and death, but it has been awaiting approval for over a decade thanks largely to organic activists who claim this crop will threaten organic crops. As someone who worked for 5 years as a USDA organic inspector, please let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.
Not only will GMO Golden Rice alleviate the suffering of millions, it could also – in point-of-fact – be grown organically! So I joined with 11 scientists and wrote an article last year in The Daily Caller about producing the world’s first certified-organic-GMO crop. I then wrote a brief follow-up immediately after Mr. Trump won the presidency.
Would you please help get the word out about this? GMO Golden Rice has been given to the world, free of charge, by its inventor, Dr. Ingo Potrykus. All that stands in its way is the lack of political will.
Mr. Trump will soon pick America’s next Secretary of Agriculture, and it is my hope that he will choose someone who understands this issue. Organic activists claim GMOs threaten organic crops. But, as is often the case with anti-everything activists, they have never bothered to read their own standards for organic production.
I hope you will help. A decade is a long time to wait for a humanitarian solution to such a tragedy.
Mischa Popoff, B.A. (Hons.) U. of S.
Former USDA contract organic inspector
Author of Is it Organic? The inside story of the organic industry

You cannot make stuff like this up...............from Rico

You cannot make stuff like this up...unless you are a Democrat.
- Nancy "we have to pass it to see what's in it" Pelosi has been kept, by majority vote, as the Democratic Minority Leader in Congress.
What were they thinking? "We have to keep her to see if she's a winner?"
- Look at Congress in 2006 when she sank her teeth into it's jugular, then compare it to 2016 after she drank deeply.
Many have publicly called her "batshit crazy" but I have to agree with Dennis Miller when he says:
- "I guarantee you, she sleeps upside down."

Bar Exam

Kelly Rohrbach Takes On Malta | Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

The New Apology Tour - Wild Bill

After Obama's shabby treatment of allies and our military, Bill says we now need to do an apology tour to apologize for Obama.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Day 1 - Bella Hadid by RANKIN (LOVE Advent 2016)

Cartoon Round Up....


Ben shapiro asks, "why does the left go easy on dictators?" .... seems obvious enough to me ....

The sheriff of nottingham always had a ready supply of deputies, ready to do his bidding .... the lavoy finicum shooting, continued ....

Keith Ellison - The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time

RNC Spokesman: Trump Looking Into 'Legislative Strategy' to Ban Flag Burning

FBI, Pentagon Counterspies Hunt Fraudulent Navy Contractor

Fidel Castro Bet On The Wrong Horse And Died A Failure

Frightened by Trump, Inspired by Fidel

Germany Submits to Sharia Law

ISIS Uses Central Asians for Suicide Missions

No Rules for Radicals - It's Intellectual Froglegs


Well, Fidel Castro has died and Obama's legacy -- such as it is -- is dying. Steve Green brings in some unflattering comparisons and the happy news that these are two left-wingers we won't have to put up with in 2017 and beyond.

Dumbf**kistan Resurgent....................from Rico

What an incredible way to end what has already been an incredible month!
- Of course, the non-coronation of the Democrat's Queen of Corruption, Hillary of Liarland, heads the list of GOOD things.
Now the Democrats, determined to double-down on what hasn't worked so far, have kept,, Nazi Pelosi as their "fearless leader" in the House of Representatives.
- Another really smooth move Democrats, sticking (pun intentional) with Cruella Deville aka Botox Brain.
To complete their trifecta of "can't win for losing" let's HOPE they next go with the Muslim Brotherhood's Representative Keith X. Ellison to head the DNC.
- He'll have you all wearing men's and women's burka's, you fkg morons.
I have often heard that "liberalism is a mental disorder" but to put a slightly finer point on it, to be a Democrat today isn't just a mental illness, but a clinical marker for severe mental retardation.
- Or, as Kid Rock might put it: dumbf**ks.

Trump Has Our Back..................from Dan Friedman

[Trump is giving every indication to think Trump will be Trump in the coming years. The progressives will be going from crazy to hysterical! The difference between BHO and DJT is being demonstrated even before Trump takes the Oath of Office. df]

Weighed and found wanting...................from Rico

For over 100 years socialism-communism has been "weighed, and found wanting*" [for atheists read: a failure].
Sure, by the 'look' of their stock market, you'd think that socialist Venezuela was ticking merrily along, and things were going swimmingly, right?
- NOT if you know that merchants there have largely stopped counting the increasingly worthless cash, but are instead weighing it. Shades of Weimar!
Socialism can do this for YOU, and it is ready to do it to you whenever you give it a chance.
- Just ask Barry, Bernie, or Hillary...
*Daniel 5:27. Belshazzar's Feast, the writing on the wall.
- Note Rembrandt's use of the original words MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN ["you have been weighed and found wanting"]

In Liberal World A Knife Attack in Ohio Is A Shooting - ZoLoft

In their zeal to vilify the right to gun ownership liberal are fast on the knee Jerk Draw to call an attack perpetrated my a knife wielding muslim a mass shooting. And to think we could have had Tim Kaine as the VP Lookin' like the Grinch who Stole the 2nd Amendment.

Kendall Jenner Ravishing in Racy Red Lingerie with Matching Thigh-High Boots and Feathered Wings as She Takes the Runway at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (PHOTOS)


That lingerie's leaving very little to the imagination!

Especially in the down below private areas, man.

Here, "Kendall Jenner Ravishing in Racy Red Lingerie at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (PHOTOS)."

I mean seriously that lingerie is tight!

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Progressives are Regressives...............from Rico

Whether or not Harry Pelosi keeps her grip on the House Democrat leadership spot (which she has been affixed to like a political barnacle for 14 years) as a result of Wednesday's 'secret' vote, her "legacy" is clear.
- Congressional Democrats are at the smallest number since 1929.
In a Democratic political career of screwing the constituents, she and her party have finally screwed the pooch...

Welcome Aboard Trump Flight 1600..............

H/T Old Dude

Genevieve Morton Takes Off In Palm Springs | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Lindsey Vonn's Sexy Body Paint | Outtakes | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Cartoon Round Up....


The Story of "Bad Angel": Pima Air and Space Museum

France's Politician Dhimmis

India and NATO: Partners in Arms?

A Party of Teeth-Gnashers

Keith Ellison’s Saudi Arabia Trip Included Meetings With Radical Cleric, Bank That Funds Suicide Bombings

Air Force: Hypersonic Missiles From China, Russia Pose Growing Danger to U.S.

Really "asking" for it....................from Rico

Will the very same "qualities" that contributed to Hillary's nation repudiation lead to her incarceration?
Terrible instincts. Tone deaf. Dismissive. Arrogant. Contemptuous. In the "left's" own words:
- Podesta: "Almost no one knows better [than] me that her instincts are terrible."
- MSNBC: "...kind of tone deaf..."
- Guardian: "...dismissive, arrogant, and unmasked contempt..."
Her post-election behavior demonstrates all of the above. Anyone tender-hearted enough to 'buy' Trump's statement about not prosecuting Hillary for her lawlessness is by now is sharpening their pitchfork, heating the tar, and bagging feathers.
- NOT smart to "rub America's nose in your sh*t, Hillary!"
Ypu're just, begging, to have your criminal lying ass thrown into jail.
- I hear the proverbial 'fat lady' warming up right now...

Room For Rant

Ohio Terrorist: Copy Cat Jihadism..................from Dan Friedman

[The worst mistake we can make about Islamic terrorism is that it is carried out by primitive people with a retrograde ideology. But Jihad has been honed for 1600 years, and now it’s making full use of tactics well-suited to the 21st century. Driving into a crowd to kill as many infidels as possible is state-of-the-art savagery. And “going to school” on someone else’s experience is another sign of modernity and sophistication. Thus, when we see Jihad attacks that look similar in far-flung places, it’s no coincidence. It’s simply the way Jihad tactics evolve and Islamist warcraft is shared. To underestimate them is just another form of suicide. df]

Leftists Never Learn. Utopian Fantasies Never Die....................from Rico

Somewhere in Hell, Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro must be arm-in-arm and smiling at this.
Apparently taking 'inspiration' from Jillary Stein's brilliant recount effort following her 0.0-1.1% national election performance, Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank is printing 'new' Z-Dollars for the first time since 2009 and attempting a post-hyperinflationary come back.
- For Keynesians and other liberals: The Z$ went from an exchange rate of one-to-four US$ [read: it took four US$ to buy one Z$] to toilet paper in just under ten years of Marxist utopian economic central planning. Chuck E. Cheese tokens actually had more value than a Z$100,000,000,000,000 note did by the time the Communists had their way with the currency. [Yes, that's the correct number of zeroes; I have a couple of these hundred-trillion Z$ notes.] The resulting hyperinflation easily stole the world title from the former all time champeeen post-WWI Weimar Germany and knocked Venezuela and Argentina out of the running. What it did to the people of Zimbabwe you simply cannot imagine.
By now, you'd expect some common-sense to have seeped into the Communist skulls of Jillary Stein or Bobby Mugabe, but noooooooooo. You can hear them sputtering "but, but, but it will be different THIS time" down through the generations.
- Leftists never learn, and utopian fantasies never die, just their leaders and their followers do. [read: Mugabe is 92, he'll be doing a 'Castro' himself soon.]

The Shame of the NFL - Wild Bill

Marine Corps Colonel Jeffery Powers challenges the NFL over their despicable disrespect of the American flag.

Kellyanne Conway Breaks Out Her Bathing Suit at the Ritz Carlton Luxury Resort in Key Biscayne, Florida (PHOTOS)

The moment you've been waiting for!

The lovely Donald Trump campaign manager, the beautiful blond Kellyanne Conway, in a bathing suit, flashing some cleavage, while on holiday in Florida.

Hey, she's a great lady.

Here, "Hot! Kellyanne Conway in Bathing Suit at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne, Florida (PHOTOS)."

I look forward to seeing this woman regularly over the next four years, and of course regularly in a bathing suit flashing some cleavage as well, lol.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cartoon Round Up....


It has been a noble American tradition for the outgoing President to remain politically silent for the rest of his life, rather than making things harder for the incoming President by second-guessing his every move. Looks like another American tradition demolished by Barack Obama...

Help Prevent A Suicide Today!...from TPC

Learn how you can accomplish this at The Political Commentator here!

Another failed Communist state.................from Rico

Communism "Chavismo-flavor" has ruined oil-rich Venezuela.
Venezuela's currency has lost 50% of its value (purchasing power) in the past two months. This morning it suddenly lost 15% more.
- They weren't celebrating Castro's having assumed a permanent state of adiosis, that's for sure.
This IS what hyperinflation looks like. Watch your ass, Communist Zimbabwe. Venezuela is gaining on you in the race to the bottom.
- This is when you wish you had money instead of currency.
Why did this happen?
- Because screwing-over your own people, bankrupting them, and exterminating them is what Communists do.