Monday, 24 September 2018

Lily Rose Depp Honkin' Hard Nipples

She's a tasty little wench with unbelievable hard honkin' nipples poking!

See, "Lily Rose Depp Honkin' Hard Nipples Poking Out of Barely-There T-Shirt (PHOTOS)."

Welcome to the Progressive Dark Age.............from Rico

The regressive "progressives" have ruined everything they have touched.

- Education is now indoctrination. Socialist indoctrination.

- The NFL is no longer entertainment, but another vehicle for Leftist 'political activism.'

- The Supreme Court, one of the last vestiges of the Constitutional Republic is now under attack by them.


None of this 'just happened' or is by 'happenstance' or 'coincidence' IS enemy action, and the assault is intentional, witting, and willful.

- The graduated phasing-out of national sovereignty, the corporatization/commoditization of everything, the debt-enslavement of everyone, and the displacement of populations and the replacement of cultures to impose a fake smiley-face, gender-neutral (but anti-male), non-oppressive (but kill whitey), Disneyesque false reality (destroy Western values) by the Cultural Marxists who are Stalin's heirs is exactly what we are witness to today.


This spiral of humanity into the shithole...and new Dark Age...of "Progressivism" is not a self-correcting tail-spin.

- It must be rejected, and fought against at every turning and at all times, or the 'joke' Q: What did Socialists use before candles? [A: electricity] will become a sad reality when the light of civilization goes out.

Kavanaugh Kangaroo Kourt Thursday Now?.........from Rico

It's difficult to find words to adequately define this level of "progressive" Democrat (C) scumbaggery, but these two attachments make a good run at it.


So, the 'accuser' is afraid to fly and wants to drive instead?

- She had NO PROBLEM flying to Hawaii to finish her PhD.


So, the 'accuser' doesn't know what to wear?

- Can't dress herself? I'd suggest a tasteful straight-jacket.


So, all four 'witnesses' claimed by the 'accuser' have all replied to Congress that she's full of shit?

- Not a dis-qualifier for Democrats, "burn the Judge!"

Cartoon Round Up....

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Hannah Ferguson Breasts and Nipples in See-Through Clear Plastic

Here, "Hannah Ferguson's Big Pokie Honkers in See-Through Plastic Top."

She's a not chick, shoot!

Inna Zaitseva Nude (Erotic Editorials)

See, "Hot Pert Model Inna Zaitseva Total Nude Pictorial."

WATCH: Emily Ratajkowski Goes Topless in the Jungle

It's always a treat to glom onto Ms. Emily ample tits.

See, "Sports Illustrated Hottie Emily Ratajkowski Topless in the Jungle (VIDEO)."

BONUS: "NSFW Pictorial of Emily Ratajkowski Total Nude."

Her areola are massive. What fabulous milk jugs on that little chick, dang!

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Caligula's Horse Was a Better Senator..........from Rico

Given that:

- The Democrats (C) have been engaged in a long-running 'soft coup' (which I term a 'white coup'...which has nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with no tanks in the streets), and it is still ongoing with #resist.

- The Democrats (C) have an agenda which is NOT what is best for America or America First.

- The Democrats (C) attempt at hijacking an election they could not ultimately 'rig' to their favor (not for lack of trying) and its results that they disagree with (how dare you 'deplorables' not vote as your betters demand?) has been augmented by an attempt to suborn Congress and hijack the Kavanaugh SCOTUS nomination. In plainspeak, to scuttle it.

- The Kavanaugh accuser's attorneys now say (again) she will testify...without setting a date [read: stall the vote], and pending agreement to ransom Kavanaugh swings first, then the accuser pitches.


Just throw due process, justice, and the American Way up against the wall and fuck it vigorously, Democrats (C).


Try this:

1. Kavanaugh's accuser deserved a hearing. Deserved (past tense).

2. She no longer does.

3. The Senate Judicial Committee needs to grow a pair and call a VOTE with no more bending-over, grabbing their ankles, and spreading their

fitted for their personalized pink pussy hats.

4. Caligula's horse was a better Senator than anyone (from either party) on the Judicial Committee.

OFFS-HWGA* but this time we mean it.............from Rico

Seeing is believing.

- Sen Grassley sets anotherdeadline for Kavanaugh's accuser, but he really means it this time. What is this? Line in the sand #5 or #6, I'm losing count.


The Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are cowering like bitch-whipped pussies before these future prison work-release Democrats, and Grassley is whining about how hard it is to play the trombone wearing that big 'Dirty Sanchez' Feinstein so very publicly just gave him.

- A slimey move that certainly qualifies her to 'make history' by being the 10th Senator in history to be censured.

- Slimey making a swell segue to the Socialist-Power and #resist attorney for the "hole-in-one" accuser.


The Democrats have made the Kavanaugh hearing into a toxic blend of the "Vagina Monologues" and "Lord of the Flies" with a soundtrack by Robert Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders with their shuck-and-jive political sex bombing fueled by raging hormonal imbalances. 

- It will 'backfire' on them like all the previous stunts they have pulled, since the remaining not-insane population (registered Independent, Republican, and Democrat) is sick-and-tired of this shit.


But wait! There's more!!

- To further guarantee they will see no blue wave in a few w eeks(other than Tidy-bowl while they are wretching after the election results), they actually have a Plan B to #resist Trump if their 'Chrissy' gambit goes toes-up...Michael will claim someone [fill in this blank] touched his penis.


*OFFS-HWGA: Oh for fuck's sake, here we go again.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

Kirsten Dunst Busts Out Massive Tits in First Red Carpet Appearance Since Becoming a Mom

Her breasts are huge, dang!

I had no idea, sheesh.

Here, "Kirsten Dunst Busts Out Ginormous New Mom Tits on the Emmys Red Carpet (PHOTOS)."

Absolutely stunning spectacular melons on that babe, phew!

Bella Hadid Fashion Nipples

She's very sweet.

And tasty nips.

Here, "Bella Hadid Sheer See-Through Fashion Fashion Nipples on the Runway."

Cartoon Round Up....

Stand and deliver? Kavanaugh VOTE Monday?..........from Rico

Is the MSM 'covering' this, or still running interference for the Dem's and their stall/run-out-the-clock gambit?


Just heard, Sen Grassley has 'extended' the 10:00am Friday to 10:00pm for Kavanaugh's accuser.


Says 'no show, no deal' by tonight and he'll call a VOTE Monday instead.

- His statement is attached, just in case you only get a selective portion of it...or a media 'interpretation' of it.


Have the Vichy Republicrat 'surrender monkeys' suddenly displayed some testicular fortitude?

- Senators not being a terribly brave lot by inclination, this may be an indication that they have concluded 'there is no there, there' and it's now safe to say "stand and deliver."


We'll know before much longer!

Friday, 21 September 2018

Is that a catamaran?

I'm 'going there' but nicely..........from Rico

Let's see if I have this straight.

- Last week a deadline of 10:00 am Eastern today (Friday) was set for a positive response of appearance for Kavanaugh's accuser at a Congressional hearing next Monday.

- It's after 11:00 am Eastern and it has not happened.


Kavanaugh has responded formally, in written form.

- He will be there.



- Nobody but Diane Feinswein has yet 'seen' the alleged letter of accusation from many months ago, though requested it has not been produced.

- Donaldus Maximus hit the nail on the head with his suggesting the local police report of this alleged incident be looked at, because surely the 'victim' and her loving parents would have made one (had such an event taken place).




I am one of many who is not holding their breath for 'her' to show up, ever. And, like many, I am tired of holding my nose because of the stench of these partisan, political, under-handed character assassination the Hell with it, I'm "going there."

1. THIS is just a "taste" of what can be expected from the Democrats if they are ever allowed to control anything ever again.

2. The apocryphal 'nickname' making the rounds for the accuser is "hole-in-one" and she certainly has all the earmarks of a front hole, but her Democrat 'sponsors' enablers and promoters are clearly back holes.


And I am being nice about all this.

H/T Liz B

H/T Doverthere

Rock, meet Hard Place, with a Cherry on Top.............from Rico

There has been 'bluff' talk from the Commie Brennan and others about defying President Trump's declassification/unredaction order. [Order attached].

- In short: They are between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE.


This is the ROCK.

As Chief Executive of the Executive Branch, President Trump decides. Period.

- It is not for his employee Rod Rosenstein, or for former employee's, to choose whether to comply with his orders...or not to comply with his orders. End of discussion.


Here is the HARD PLACE.

Executive Order 13526

Sec 1.7

" Classification, Prohibition, and Limitations.

(a) In no case shall information be classified, contimue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:

(1) Conceal violation of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;

(2) Prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency;

(3) Restrain competition; or

(4) Prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of national security."


Here is the CHERRY on TOP.

Credit where credit is due:

- POTUS 44 signed that Executive Order. It is still in effect and has not been rescinded.

- Thanks Barry, you Commie weasel.


Time to drop those pants, and squeal like a pig.



Busty Chanel West Coast Big Pokies Posing Against Brick Wall

See, "Chanel West Coast Big Nipple Pokies Posing Against Brick Wall."

Very big nipple pokies on that little wench, dang!

Tallia Storm Points Her Poking Nipples in Super-Sheer See-Through Black Corset

Nice nips.

Here, "Tallia Storm Big Nipples in See-Through Black Corset."

Cartoon Round Up....

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Socialism - Just Take It!..........from Rico

Socialism, Democratic Socialists, whatever you label it with, has one destroys and consumes the wealth that Capitalism has created, replacing it with poverty, misery, slavery, and death.


How many more reasons to never vote for a Democrat again does anyone need?

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