Thursday, 18 April 2019

Delilah Belle Hamlin Boosts Braless Pokies While Out Walking

She's got nice nips!

See, "Hot Young Thing Delilah Belle Hamlin Braless Pokies."

BONUS: "Delilah Belle Hamlin Goes Topless in Purple Vinyl Gloves for Racy Instagram Post."

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What Difference Does It Make?: Spygate vs. Watergate...............from Rico

Spygate vs. Watergate.
- In the infamous words of the Red Queen of Corruption, HMF Hillary Clinton aka Felonia von Pantsuit:
       "What difference does it make?"
Nixon's "Watergate" was nothing compared to Obama's "Spygate" except that:
- Nixon was a Republican, so the Democrats hogpiled on him and made a mountain out of a molehill. [Call it revenge for Nixon winning the Presidency over a Democrat Loser by winning 49 states.]
- Obama is a Democrat, so the Democrats circle-the-wagons for 'one of their own' and are attempting to make a mountain into a mole hill. [Call it revenge for Trump having the audacity of winning and replacing two of their premier Losers...Obama & Hillary].
Democrats, simultaneously defining both Losers and Sore Losers for decades.


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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

David Lammy MP - Black Privilege, White Hatred and Immunity...........from Dan T

Looking at the quality of MP’s that infest the Palace of Westminster it’s no wonder that the British people have lost all respect for their Parliament and the democratic institutions that were once the envy of the world.

A convicted criminal wearing a police monitoring tag using her casting vote to stop Brexit was a scandal that outraged the nation, but unlike the result of the Brexit referendum there was no call for a second vote to overturn the first. (See here)

Another Right Honourable Member that tarnishes Parliament is the terminally thick, white hating racist Dianne Abbott. This embarrassment is the Shadow Home Secretary who could become the fourth most powerful official in the land behind the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary should her party win the next general election.

Both Houses of Parliament are crammed to its ancient rafters with taxpayer funded crooks, expense cheats, perverts, serial liars, traitors and an assortment of other undesirables that would be unemployable outside the incestuous political bubble.

What is most annoying is that despite being legislators the same laws do not apply to them especially where ethnicity, race or religion is involved.

The latest outrage involves the Member for Tottenham, David Lammy. Notorious for being thicker than two short planks, its toss-up between him and Dianne Abbott as to which one is the dumber.

Read about him here

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Welcome to the 'Dark Ages v.2.0'...............from Rico

Churches in EUropastan are vandalized, set on fire, and used as latrines by devout Muslims every day...but the lapdog press (both there, and here) make a point of NOT telling anyone about it.
- No need to hold their ears, they 'know' their job...and who their masters are.
It was no 'accident' or 'coincidence' that the +900-yr old Christian cathedral of Notre Dame was set on fire by Muslims 'celebrating' Christian Easter any more than their usual way of 'celebrating' Ramadan and Eid by blowing themselves, one another, and others up is accidental or coincidental.
- THIS is just more of the 'cultural enrichment' and 'diversity is strength' on open display.
Cultural and Religious Rape in the name of Allah (Bacon Be Upon Him).
Maybe it will 'help' if you just accept it and think of it as 'rape' like that other epidemic EUrope has welcomed from Africa/Islam.
- The West is 'assimilating' to Islam, not the other way around, and Islam promises another 'Dark Age' for the West.


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Monday, 15 April 2019

Theresa May – Scorching the Earth for Her European Masters.................from Dan T

From Sherman’s march to the sea during the American civil war to Saddam Hussein’s destruction of the oil fields during his retreat from Kuwait, history is littered with examples of the scorched earth strategy which was designed to destroy anything that could be useful to an enemy.

This is exactly the strategy being employed by British Prime Minister Theresa May and the British Parliament in order to protect the European Union from a free and prosperous Great Britain operating outside its control.

As a result of their contempt for the British people’s desire to restore Great Britain as the independent country their ancestors died for, respect for Parliament and its institutions has all but evaporated.

Undeterred by the collapse of support for her own Conservative Party and its headlong rush into electoral oblivion Mrs. May refuses to change course and remains in coalition with the communist led Labour Party in order to get her surrender document through Parliament.

If the latest polls are to be believed Mrs. May would rather hand over the reigns of power to this anti-British gang of communists than let Great Britain become a stable and prosperous, independent country outside the clutches of the European Union autocrats.

Mrs. May has been warning the country for years that this anti-Semitic, Marxist run Labour Party would wreck the free enterprise economic system, impoverish the nation and make Great Britain ungovernable in the process.

Read the story here

1960 Autobianchi Bianchina Transformabile - Jay Leno’s Garage

Peter Lenkov, Executive Producer of "Hawaii Five-0," "MacGyver," and "Magnum P.I.," shares his beloved Italian beach cruiser with Jay!

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Wall Street Banks: It's a Crime................from Rico

This is exactly 'why' the chattering class scramble to get elected to CONgress to earn low six-figure government salaries and yet become multi-millionaires before retiring from, self-service.
Politicians, elected to public office made it po$$ible for the 'too big to fail' banks to receive over $8 trillion in bailouts.
- The $200 billion they paid in 'fines' for criminal behavior was chump change.
Does it not make you wonder how much 'change' the chumps in CONgress got in return for being their enablers and benefactors?
- While I'd love to see that graphic, just a glance at all the millionaires-plus in CONgress tells the story.

Vote Tory!!!!!!!

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Tick Talk

Brain-buckets for the Brainless..................from Rico

Motorcycle riders call helmets 'brain-buckets'...
- What do you call brain-buckets for the brainless [read: Democrats]?
Do the 'math' when you listen to these morons [read: Democrats redux]:
Q: What are they thinking?
A: They're NOT. They cannot...


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Adolph The Democrat - Wild Bill

Today's Democrats are, in many ways, marching down the same path Hitler took in 1939 why do they insist that he is not one of their heroes?

FLORIDA Keys DEEP Dropping -Fishing with Luiza

The Grand Tour: Hymn for Ford................

In the Season finale of The Grand Tour Season 3, Funeral for a Ford, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May head to Lincoln Cathedral to celebrate the history and contribution of this totem to British Life.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

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Deranged & Delusional.................from Rico

Considering what the Democrats [genus: bozo sapiens] are running as their first string, their 'best' is pretty 'bad' a word: awful!
- Their second-string is even worse, with characters like Buttplug and Swallowswell. But I digress.
None of them are sane people, but all of them are seriously bad news...for sane people.
- If you take these Democrat skunks seriously, then you are as deranged and delusional as they are.
In all fairness, however, BOTH political parties today haven't represented anyone but them$elves for a very long time.

Then the Tables Turned - Intellectual Froglegs

Dead Republic Walking...............from Rico

America...if the "progressives" aka "Democrats" [read: Communists] have their a dead republic walking.
- Open the borders to anyone and everyone.
- Open voting to anyone and everyone.
- Abolish the Electoral College and let 'the mob' rule.
Just like Mo-ham-ed's Muslim 'hijrah' of non-Muslim neighboring Medina, today's 'Cultural Marxists' intend to invade and conquer the American Republic by swarming...a Communist 'hijrah' masquerading as a 'democracy.' 

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Welcome to Liberal Dystopis................from Rico

The ultimate inversion of reality has taken place:
- PUNISH the innocent, REWARD the guilty.
Assange is a modern HERO for revealing the TRUTH in a time of LIES.
Fuckerberg is a SCUMBAG for trying to tip the scales in favor of Hillary.
Meanwhile, the REAL criminal...HILLARY...still walks free and appears to literally be getting away with MURDER.

H/T Liz B


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No problem.................

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Two Out of Three Ain't Bad....................from Rico

J.P. Morgan chart of Asset Class returns annualized over 20-years (1999-2018).
I nailed two out of the top three, but missed a perfect trifecta.
- Is that Meat Loaf I 'hear' in the background? [Two Out of Three Ain't Bad].
Interesting to note that JPM has amassed a YUGE hoard of physical Silver Bullion, and they are still acquiring more of it.
- Is it a monetary hedge or predictive of increased future industrial use [think: electronics, it's a wonderful conductor of electricity], or both?
- Is it an appreciation of a currently undervalued asset class?
Whatever it is, JPM is clearly bullish on the asset class and has been for a while. They did not become THE biggest Bank in the world by being stupid.
- So, with rock music mentally playing...yours truly 'ponders' whether Silver as an asset class is (a) 'third time's a charm' opportunity and due for a future price spike upwards [Bat Out of Hell], or (b) 'three on a match' and an express elevator straight down [Highway to Hell]?
Interesting, at any rate and worth further considering...