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The End of Harry Reid's Roadblock

Tomorrow marks the 1st of October, and the beginning of serious campaigning for the U.S. Senate in many states across the nation. Although public opinion polls taken thus far cannot be ignored, those numbers are likely to change significantly over the next five weeks and I don’t expect those changes to bode well for Democrats.     (continue reading)

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War on Terror - Can Obama really be this incompetent or is he this incompetent on purpose?...from TPC

This article asks and tries to answer the question of whether this President can simply be as incompetent as he has proven to be when it comes to national security by accident, or whether it has been planned incompetence to achieve some other purpose or outcome?

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Hamilton’s Lanc returns safe and sound to cheering crowd

Some Terrorists More Equal Than Others

Naked woman a passenger in truck that slams school bus

Why U.S. blacks are easy targets for radicaliza​tion

A divided Supreme Court delays early voting in Ohio

Kapitulating Frickin’ Cowards: KFC Bans Alcohol-Based Wet Wipes So Muslims Aren’t Offended

Archaeolog​ist thinks he's found 'Dracula's dungeon'

Fence-Jump​er Got Deep Inside White House: Report

Washington Times: Obama Evaded Vetting Process; Time To Wake Up And Smell The Jihadi

The Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

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Islam in the Rear-View Mirror

Daily water allocation could be the next California drought strategy

To Recoup Taxes, Kansas OKs Sex Toy Auction

CIA has its own stealthy Starbucks

Irish Riled Up Over Modern Evil: Postal Codes

Man Has Now Run a Marathon Under 2:03

USDA Finds Mystery 'Franken-W​heat' Crop

Ga. officer receives life-saving kidney from a stranger

Our Current Unknown Soldier !

U.S. to keep 10,000 troops in Afghanista​n

Holder resignatio​n may be tied to Fast and Furious ruling by judge: Watchdog

How the Secret Service 'Bungled' White House Shooting

Report finds hole in IRS collection efforts

Judge Rules on Man Paralyzed for Cavity Search

After death, VA persists to collect 59 cents

Fauci says 'inadequat​e' world response won't control Ebola

Americans snack differentl​y than other nations

Eric Holder caption contest: Mighty fine nine finalists, vote for YOUR favorite: opinion

Fly like a girl: celebrating women in aviation

World War II vet remembers close call with invasion of Japan

Tyndall AFB’s reach stretches beyond base

'Umbrella Revolution' continues in Hong Kong as police fall back

The Worst Thing About ISIS

Obama: Americans are Better Off than they were SIX Years Ago

Hamas Calls for More Abductions

China's Hopeless Quest for 'Friends' and 'Enemies'

Obama is rewriting history on Isil. It won't wash

Is Barack Obama's life safe in the Secret Service's hands? Who would he rather protect him - The Black Panthers!!!

New crisis response force gets ready to deploy to Middle East

The Caliphate Next Door: Turkey Faces Up to its Islamic State Problem

ISIS+Al-Nusra Front? Islamists reportedly join forces, new threat against West issued

MH370 search reveals vast underwater world with huge volcanoes and ridges deeper than the Grand Canyon

When it comes to the non-war against ISIS, Obama’s boots are unlaced

Allen West: 'Islamist Sympathizer' Obama Blind to Radical Ideology of Jihadists

Work Place Islam - Wild Bill

When a Muslim tries to convert you to Islam, it is not just an invitation. It may also be a death threat

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Sexiest Rugby Match EVER! Girl on girl tackles.................

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The Syrian Rubics Cube

Bashar al-Assad of Syria

By Alan Caruba

One has to have some sympathy for those in the CIA or the White House folks charged with telling the President what has been going on in Syria since 2011 when the opposition to Bashar al-Assad’s dictatorship turned into a fighting war. It must have looked and felt like playing with a Rubics cube where the competing groups and militias kept changing all the time.

In his book, “Inside Syria”, Reese Erlich, a Peabody Award-winning journalist and author of four books on foreign policy, has a chapter devoted to the way the Syrian revolt took shape. “The antigovernment demonstrations began in the southern city of Daraa in March 2011.”

Erlich reports that they began after police arrested several pre-teen school children for writing anti-regime graffiti on the walls of a school. Being Syria, they were beaten and tortured. More than 600 protesters confronted the local governor demanding the injured children be let free. Security forces attacked the group and killed two of the protesters. This is in keeping with the Middle Eastern mentality and culture, something Americans, accustomed to having peaceful demonstrations, have difficulty comprehending.

“By mid-March demonstrations broke out in Damascus and other parts of the country” because the Arab Spring had let loose a vast feeling of discontent and opposition in a number of nations and the Assad regime was, to put it mildly, unpopular. It didn’t help that “Assad cracked down mercilessly on peaceful protesters” opening fire with live ammunition. Security forces arrested and tortured anyone suspected of participating in the protest.

It is necessary to understand that it is difficult to organize Syrians or other Middle Easterners under the best or worst of conditions and that explains why Americans following events can be forgiven for trying to figure out who was doing what. That includes our intelligence community.

“Local Coordinating Committees developed spontaneously in many cities as mostly young activists created grassroots groups unaffiliated with the traditional opposition. They were united on the need to overthrow Assad, hold free elections, and establish a parliamentary system with civil liberties.”

It only took from March 2011 to July for defectors from Assad’s army to announce formation of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), followed on both sides by targeted assassinations.

For many years the Muslim Brotherhood seemed to be the most influential opposition group, but it was led by an older generation that was surprised by the events led by young Syrians. “Brotherhood leaders had cultivated extensive ties internationally, particularly with the Islamist government of Turkey. Those leaders became major players in the formation of yet another group, the Syrian National Council, (SNC) based in Istanbul. Suffice to say that there are many secular, non-religious, Muslims in the Middle East and those in Syria were not inclined to believe anything the Brotherhood's SNC had to say.

The Obama administration had a problem figuring out who to support in the developing civil war. They opted for the Free Syrian Army, as did Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, but it was reluctant to provide arms with which to wage a war against Assad. By the spring of 2012, the FSA was asking for shoulder-fired missiles capable of bringing down aircraft and our CIA said no, fearing they would fall into the wrong hands which in Syria’s case could be virtually any other group.

Another group was Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam), “formed from the September 2013 merger of dozens of smaller militias, mostly in the Damascus area.” They were Islamists preferring Sharia law and they flew the black flag of jihad. By the end of 2013 they helped form the Islamic Front. To make things more confusing there was another group, Ahrar al-Sham, one of the largest militias in Syria and their aim was a Sunni Islamic state.

In November 2013, al-Sham joined with other conservative groups and they opposed the Syrian Free Army and the Syrian Military Council, along with the al Qaeda affiliated groups of al-Nusra and the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham. Confused? Who wouldn’t be?

Suffice to say al-Nusra was devoted to creating an Islamic state ruled by the Koran. In December 2012, the U.S. State Department put al-Nusra on its list of terrorist organizations because of its ties to al Qaeda, but it turned out that an even more extreme group existed, calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). It was this group that announced it would lead an Islamic State in the area seized from Syria and Iraq.

ISIS is so extreme that in February 2014 Ayman al-Zawahri, the al Qaeda successor to bin Laden, cut ties to ISIS.

The U.S. and a handful of coalition partners are currently bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq. In time the U.S. will have to put ground troops into the area to root out and kill ISIS.

Barack Obama has become a war President thanks to the chaos he created by removing U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011 and to the Arab Spring that swept over nations whose populations wanted to be rid of dictators like Bashar Assad.

This will not likely end soon.
(c) Alan Caruba, 2014

NRA Life of Duty | Defending Our America: "One Dimebag at at Time"

Most people get into law enforcement because they have the drive to serve others. But they quickly learn, sometimes (too often, in fact) the justice system fails them.

Visit nralifeofduty.tv/defending-our-america for more Defending Our America episodes.

Situational awareness and vigilance tips for ourselves and our families!...from TPC

In light of the expanded war on terror overseas and the vicious attack at an Oklahoma business last week, the need for practicing vigilance and situational awareness has grown much more acute in the United States for both individuals and families!

Read at LinkedIn here.

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1972 Mercedes-Benz 600 Kompressor - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay takes you for a ride in his very favorite car, a three-ton bespoke beauty meticulously restored by Karl Middelhauve

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Short video of Eric Holder lowlights as political hack for the White House!...from TPC

This article contains a short video showing some lowlights from the career of Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States!

Watch at The Political Commentator here.

Insight a Riot

For Christmas 2014: The 'No Action Obama' Talking Action Figure!...from TPC

Just out for the Christmas shopping season and perfect for the Lib on your shopping list who still believes that this President can do no wrong, the 'No Action Obama' Talking Action Figure!

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Obama: U.S. underestim​ated Islamic State

U.S. GUN RANGE BANS MUSLIMS: ‘My Business is a Muslim Free Zone’

GM warns Chevrolet Corvette spy feature may break law

Quit bashing Obama!

Magnetic poles could swap sooner than we thought

Penguins Pray for Global Warming

Obama throws Clapper under the bus as incompetent! No kidding!...from TPC

Obama throws James Clapper under the bus as the fall guy for underestimating our enemy in the war on terror. 

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She's Red Hot! Emily Ratajkowski Sizzles in Slinky Crimson Gown at 'Gone Girl' Premiere

She slinky alright.

Slinky and tight --- with luscious honkers, lol.

Here: "Emily Ratajkowski Smokin' Hot on the Red Carpet for New York Premiere of 'Gone Girl'."

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Betsy Randolph: 'I wish I'd have killed him...'

I wish she would have killed him too: "VIDEO: Lieutenant Betsy Randolph, Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Wishes She'd Killed Alton Nolen in 2010."

Death Threats Against Woman Who Posted Mexican Flag Video to YouTube

Patriots always take the most heat from our deathly, politically correct leftist establishment.

The lady may have to move.

Here, "Tressy Capps Receives Death Threats Over Mexican Flag Video."

And the original video is here, "'This Isn't Mexico ... This Is America...'"

Oklahoma Beheading: Political correctness is going to kill us all! (Satire)...from TPC

Political satire courtesy of The People's Cube that portrays the political correctness surrounding the Oklahoma beheading and the jihadist who did it in an eye opening way!

Campus Sex Hysteria is an Engineered Moral Panic

You gotta read this: "Frat Boys, Sex, Drunken Girls and Paternalism."

Hot Rachel McAdams Expected to Star in 'True Detective' Lead

So stylish.

What a woman, "Rachel McAdams Closes In On 'True Detective' Female Lead Role."

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Radical Islam, Israel and Agitprop

Slaying Ever Smaller Dragons

Robert Reich: “The rich are not job creators”

How liberals and conservati​ves raise their kids differentl​y

Bill Clinton likes people, Obama lives inside his own head: Gingrich

Activist who urged killing Israelis nominated for top EU award

A Nigerian Prince Called Islam

Could Silicon Valley Change the Calculus in the South China Sea?

Analysts: Air-Sea Battle concept carries risks in possible conflict with China

Seeing the GP can be bad for your health

The amazing (and bizarre) homemade Kurdish armor fighting ISIS in Syria

The Name Game that enables terrorism

Famed UK Terrorist the 'White Widow' Reportedly Training ISIS Females in Syria

China says no to a shipment of US corn contaminat​ed with GMOs

US Ambassador sworn into office while holding hand over Kindle

Delusional​, or worse................from Rico

Do NOT expect to see this photo anytime in the MSM (aka Ministry of Truth, PR Organ of the DNC, and defender of the regime).

It is simply delusional for the 'authorities' to classify the Oklahoma beheading as "workplace violence" and not call it what it is: "typical violent Islamic behavior."
- Remember the Muslim Major Nidal who shot and killed and/or wounded his fellow soldiers in the name of Islam? Barry's regime called that "workplace violence" also. [btw - this killer hasn't been tried for his murderous crime yet, DoD apparently dares not humiliate Barry and Islam by exposing the truth of the matter.]

It could be something far worse, however.
- There is a radical Marxist Muslim residing a 1600 Pennsylvania Ave who is setting the agenda and the tone. One who has by word and deed demonstrated his loyalty to the death cult otherwise called Islam (piss be upon it).

The Khorosan Group, Obama's Latest Deception..............from Dan Friedman

[It is painfully obvious by now that Obama is a tin-pot tyrant who has commandeered our government and co-opted our Constitution. Unfortunately, the corrupt White House-controlled media will never be honest enough to say it in plain English. Below, Andrew McCarthy stands out as the exception that proves the rule. What’s more, Obama intends to wreak as much havoc as possible before he exits in 2017. Wherein we. are left to ponder, will Obama step down from his throne and leave us without a fight? df]
nationalreview.com, 9/27/2014
 It’s a fictitious name the Obama administration invented to deceive us. 
By Andrew C. McCarthy
We’re being had. Again.

JBER troops conduct night drop:

If you've ever wondered what it might look like when US troops us the cover of darkness to insert troops and equipment into a war zone, wonder nor more. The 517th Airlift Squadron's C-17 Globemaster III planes lit up the night sky, near Anchorage as they conducted nighttime drop exercises at the Malemute Drop Zone, just west of Lower Fire Lake

H/T Marc C

27 Sept F 15E Strike on ISIL Compound near Kobani, Syria...............

Editor's Note: Sorry guys not big enough bang, you need MOAB to deal with these assholes.

This one has talent..................from Rico

I've not seen this before.

- Thanks and a h/t to you "Nosewetter."

Say what you might, but THIS one has real talent.

- I'd like to meet her.....and ask her if her nose got wet, among other things.

Pigs, Lipstick and Islam - Wild Bill

ISIS is showing us Islam without makeup...a nightmare

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The Next Big Battle for Conservatives

In just over a month Americans will go to the polls and decide not only who will represent them in the U.S. Senate, but who will control the Senate for at least the next two years as well. Although we cannot afford to lose focus on this election, it is also time to lay the groundwork to help ensure conservatives have a voice in the 2016 Presidential elections.   (continue reading)

Islam Comes to Moore, Oklahoma


Alton Nolen, alleged beheader.
By Alan Caruba

It took the gruesome videos of two American journalists being beheaded by a masked Islamic State (ISIS) butcher, followed since then by more victims, to finally wake Americans to the threat that they face from Islam, but the beheading of a Moore, Oklahoma victim by a man who had been trying to get his co-workers to convert to Islam that brought the threat to the homeland.

The memory of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon have long since begun to fade, but Islam has returned to page one with a display of the violence that is the heart and soul of a cult based on the life and teachings of Muhammad.

Don’t call it a religion. And surely do not call it the “religion of peace.” There was nothing peaceful about Islam from its earliest days when the citizens of Mecca came to the conclusion that Muhammad and his followers were a threat to them. That was 1,400 years ago.
If it were in my power, I would require every American to read “It’s All About Muhammad: A Biography of the World’s Most Notorious Prophet” by F.W. Burleigh ($`6.95, Zenga Books).

Instead, I will only highly recommend it as the best way to understand the man who literally invented a so-called religion based on his own pathologies and then, through terror, ensured it spread to the entirety of Arabia in his lifetime.

As the author notes in its introduction, the biography is based almost entirely on the original literature of Islam as well as early biographies, histories, and collections of traditions. Twenty thousand pages of material were given line-by-line scrutiny “because what is written about him in the original literature is disturbing.”

“More than two-thirds of the canonical biographical materials have to do with the violence he used to spread his religion.”  It was a short step from Muhammad, the self-proclaimed prophet who later called himself the messenger of Allah, to Alton Nolen, the Muslim convert who is alleged to have beheaded a former co-worker.

What is little known about Muhammad is that he suffered from epileptic fits throughout his life and had had a troubled youth that would have unhinged anyone. A fortunate marriage at age 24 took him out of a life of low status and poverty. His wife was twenty years his senior, a woman of wealth. Though a grave concern in an era when the fits were seen as demon possession, Muhammad began to interpret them as the voices of Allah and his angels, particularly Gabriel.

“It was during this period of emotional and intellectual upheaval that his overcharged brain, wracked by doubts and suffering, came to his rescue in the form of a series of spectacular hallucinatory experiences that convinced him he was unique and had been singled out by God for a special purpose. This took place in A.D. 610 when Muhammad was forty years old.”

“His belief became unshakable and later became content of much of the Koran and his later ruthless behavior as pillage, rape, the enslavement of men, women, and children, and other atrocities he perpetrated—make such a belief beyond ludicrous.”

“It was sufficient for Muhammad to think something for it to become the truth. He was convinced that whatever came into his head came from Allah.” For ages insane asylums have been filled with such people.

As Muhammad drew followers to himself and to the exacting rituals he created for Islam, he enriched himself and them with acts of banditry, attacking caravans and then attacking tribes, particularly Jewish ones, to build a mountain of stolen wealth. Burleigh notes that the Koran has a chapter “entitled ‘The Spoils of War’” that “transformed Muhammad’s religion into an organized-crime enterprise for its approval of plunder.”  He told his believers “Enjoy what you take in war” for it is “lawful and good.”

Again, it is a short step from his era to the present one in which believers have united to create the Islamic State (ISIS) by war and to begin to steal the wealth of Syria from the sale of its oil on the black market. Imposing themselves on a large area of Iraq, ISIS is simply an extension of al Qaeda and al Qaeda is an expression of Muhammad’s demand that Islam become the sole religion of the world, exacting a subjugation tax from any who would not convert.

Burleigh concludes his book saying “Muhammad was a diseased genius, an epileptic psychopath with a clever tongue who believed God talked to him, a toxic mixture that transformed him over time into a mass murderer and a despot pushing a delusional religion.”

It should surprise no one that he “divided the world into lands conquered and lands yet to be conquered, into lands that submitted to his delusions about himself and lands yet to submit to his delusions.”

Following World War I and the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, Islam was in decline, but the discovery of oil in the Middle East provided the funding to spread its message. That message, dependent on violence and terror has created such a problem in the Middle East that Islamic nations there are joining in the effort to defeat ISIS.

Burleigh asks “Who will defend you against the encroachment of what Muhammad created and the very real threat that it could eventually destroy all that you cherish?” He does not recommend the man who said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”  That man is President Barack Hussein Obama.

And now you know what the murders committed by Major Nidal Hasan in 2009, killing his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood, or the murder in Oklahoma were both deemed “workplace violence” by law enforcement authorities reluctant to challenge the White House to the reality that both were inspired and approved by Islam.

© Alan Caruba, 2014