Friday, 10 April 2020

Professionals ALL - wrestling, politics, media.................from Rico

This just about sums it all up...wrestlers, politicians, media ALL of 'em 'professional' fakes, frauds 'n phonies.
- None of them are 'for real'...

Experts OR Useful Idiots?......................from Rico

Fake News? [America's MSM]
Fake Science? [Climate Change]
- How about Fake Experts?
Churchill had it right when he observed that 'experts' should always be on tap, but never be on top.
What if you're expertise is being a bureaucrat with thirty years of bureaucratic experience? We now have two expert bureaucrats in control of the US economy.
- MA's in FAIL
Consider that these two know EXACTLY what they are doing. [context: the cloud people hate the dirt people].
- You can know them by the company they keep. [attached: Fauci with some of HIS friends, none of whom are YOUR friends.]

Thursday, 9 April 2020

WuFlu - Wait...WHAT?................from Rico

Beer Virus deaths in the US for MARCH were less than 2% of all deaths [1.6% actually].
- We'll 'see' how APRIL shakes out, but this is starting to smell really funny...

Has WuFlu Exposed 'Davos Man?'.................from Rico

Looking at what the "quarantine" has exposed [think: pushing a Leftist/Globalist agenda], I'm seriously wondering if Davos Man has been exposed as having fooled everyone with COVID-19?
Consider a few things:
1. W.H.O. is being run by a radical Communist, and has obviously had their thumb on the scale to protect Communist China.
2. The base 'model' from IMHE (the Institute For Medical Health and Research) used by Dr's Fauci and Birx...and most of the rest of the world was incorrect/inaccurate and useless.
-- Were the 'models' used doctored like the Climate 'models' have been?
-- Are they, and others, POLITICAL DR's first?*
- Seattle-based [Leftist SEATTLE] Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation largely funds the IMHE, having provided $279 million to them [Globalist GATES, the guy who thinks there are far too many people walking the earth].
-- Has the IMHE been 'politicized' and corrupted by the Leftists in the same manner that Bezo's ownership has corrupted and politicized the Washington comPost?
Will the timeless wisdom of the classical dead white male come to pass in the end? [think: (a) Beer Virus hysteria being broken on the wheel of reality as the true data eventually is revealed, and (b) WHEN has the Progressive LEFT ever been right about anything?]
*Anyone who is a student of History, observant, and/or has a DD-214 is familiar with the concept of "political generals" who were incorrect/inaccurate and useless from the time of the Grand Army of the Republic up to now. Is it such a 'stretch' to think that we now have "Political Doctors" who are incorrect/inaccurate and useless blinded by a Leftist agenda? [thinking Dr Death, Rahm Emmanuel's brother for example who thinks nobody should live past age 75].

The Stench of Socialism?.......................from Rico

Do you 'trust' the "experts" and/or "politicians?"
You know, the ones who implemented lock-downs and have embraced the Zimbabwe-Venezuela economic model [read: Socialism].
Their 'computer models' first projected a US death rate from the Beer Virus of 1.5-2.2 million. [think: The questionable IMHE model.]
- The 'model' was 93,765 on 1 APR (appropriately)
- Then 81,766 on 5 APR.
Well good morning! It has been revised downward 25% to 60,415 early the morning of 8 APR.
Of course, the beneficial effects of 'social distancing' and lock-downs get the credit while providing perfect 'cover for action' for the "experts" and "politicians" who have destroyed the economy. 
NOTE:  Thanks to the CDC guidance in late March ("assume cause of death as WuFlu if you're not sure or do not know) has effectively assured that we will never know what the true/actual COVID-19 mortality rate in the US is.

Shocking - Absolutely Shocking.................from Rico

Now that Bernie is gone (again) Gropey Joe is "looking for a female VP who has 'experience' like with him and Obama."
These Leftie cocksuckers are relentless, are they not?
- Pushing, pushing, pushing...and always and ever too far.

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Wednesday, 8 April 2020

$ vs AU - From a different point of view...................from Rico

Look at these graphs from a different point of view.
- The price of Gold (Au) is not really going up in dollars, but it does take more dollars to buy the same ounce of Gold.
Q: Why is that?
A: Because the purchasing power of the dollar keeps going down while the same ounce of Gold remains the same.
= The value of the dollar is going down...

Blindfolding Liberty with Science...................from Rico

Is "Virus Science" any more accurate than "Climate Science?"
- Both use 'models' yet we haven't tried to implement policies embracing "Climate Science"...largely because of the death and destruction that would be caused.
- We HAVE shut the World down, and the US, based upon 'models' based upon "Virus Science."
04 APR the IMHE 'model' said 120,963-203,436 Americans would require hospitalization from Beer Virus.
- The reality was there were 18,998. That's an 84% 'miss' of the low end of that model.
That same 'model' projected 31,057 beds would be needed..
- The reality was 4,686. That's an 85% 'miss.' 
Watch closely as the, models continue to be revised downward in the days ahead as reality contradicts the 'models.'
While all this is unfolding, the usual suspects aren't letting this 'crisis' go to waste.
- Soros, Progressives, Democrats, et al are embracing the opportunity to push Coup Attempt #3 and implementing their agenda to fundamentally transform society & politics in accordance with their political desires.

WHO...who knew?.................from Rico

The Director of the World Health Organization was/is a prominent member of a radical and violent Communist group.
- I wonder how many people are aware of this?

Poseurs Exposed..................from Rico

IF the impeach-impeach-impeach synchronized media drumbeat didn't help you figure the MSM out, maybe the journalisming of the coronapocalypse will.
- None of these talking heads are journalists...they are foaming at the mouth Leftist 'Activists.'
While we are under mass-incarceration [read: obedience school for deplorables aka lock-down/stay-at-home orders] there is ample time to consider the situation we're in, and why we are in it...and not least who the real non-essentials are.

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Monday, 6 April 2020

CDC-IMHE 'Off' by 50%?....................from Rico

Look at the attached. The CDC just 'cut' it's IMHE 'model' numbers in half for Beer Virus.
- That's by 50% for the MSM...
Starting to resemble the 'Climate' models? Bueller, Bueller...anyone?

[What a surprise. not] RE: And it’s gone................from Rico

Well THAT didn't take long at all, did it?
- Vid that vanished (in mere hours?) was a series of civilian hand-held videos at different locations showing NOTHING HAPPENING and EMPTY hospital waiting rooms, parked emergency vehicles, etc juxtaposed with breathless MSM broadcasts saying that such-and-such a hospital or location was 'overwhelmed' and all the other fake news we've been buried under.
- Your average citizens went to those locations and looked for themselves, took videos, and it was pretty clear that ALL the MSM claims were HYPE and completely FALSE BS.
Like James Woods, I've wondered at the absence of such contemporaneous video documentary since everybody and God's French cousin has a smartphone capable of pics/videos.
- I've felt for years that the absence of any video captures of Bigfoot or Nessie, etc given the above is proof de facto of their nonexistence.
Have we been 'punked' and for what purpose?
- I still suggest you take the time to visit the George Carlin "Germs, Immune System..." on YouTube as long as that is still there. Prescient and prophetic from 20 years ago?

WuFlu Damage$?..................from Rico

A British Think Tank has suggested that Communist China be sued for the roughly $6.5 trillion in damages the G7 nations have incurred as a result of their Corona Virus.
- Being gentlemen, they refrained from discussing mass murder charges...but I suspect many-many of us are not going to take this very kindly when all this comes out and will want some "pay backs."
I'd suggest hitting them where it hurts the most, in the pocket book.
- How much foreign G7 sovereign debt does China now hold? How much US debt?
- How about unilaterally cancelling that debt and refusing to pay it back. Purposely defaulting on that debt as a quid pro quo for their having created the Beer Virus and then LYING about it?

1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal - Jay Leno’s Garage

Is there any thing sexier than those headlights and the sound of its 3.0L V8?

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