Wednesday, 20 August 2014

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Since the shooting of Michael Brown by a white policeman and the ensuing riots and looting in Ferguson, MO, Americans have been told, yet again, that there is an epidemic of crime against black people in this country. But is there really a race war, and if so, which side is actually waging it?

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Anti-Semitism in Britain: "Sit Up and Take Notice"

Has the West Made the next Gaza War Inevitable

Panel votes on limiting free meals for lawmakers

Why Israel is losing the information war

Will This Burger Bot Smash America's Fast Food Jobs?

Dozens Killed as Hiroshima Gets Month of Rain in 24 Hours

Man dies trying to stop friend from driving drunk

Radio Station Claims Primary Witness Will Admit Michael Brown Charged Officer

CNN anchor blasted for asking why police aren't using water cannons

Brides in India Ditch New Husbands for Lack of Toilets

Inside Hamas: How To Understand the Global Jihadist Threat

Congress Reacts with 'Fear that James Foley Will Not be the Only American to Die' by ISIS Hands

What if the Rioters Were White?

Liberian police fire live rounds to break up Ebola quarantine protest

A Coup Is Brewing in Afghanistan

'Chinese' hackers target MH370 investigators

Israel targets Hamas's military leader as more killed in Gaza

All 365 of Sierra Leone’s Ebola-related deaths pinned on one healer

Combat kittens & hipster jihadists: ISIS target kids to spread their cause

Radical Islamist Terrorism emboldened by anti-American Barack Obama

What is Wrong with ISIS, is What is Wrong with Islam

Border Area US Military Range Hotbed for Smugglers Due to Management​, Say Whistleblo​wers

National Guard to Soldiers: No Personal Weapons, Even Off-Duty

To the "Met" - Pitch For a Great Opera...................from Dan Friedman

Hey guys, I have a great idea for an opera “ripped from today’s headlines”!
The first scene depicts an American journalist getting his head cut off by Islamic savages. I’m talking everything from beginning to end including our hero’s blood curdling screams and the blood spilling out of his severed head. Now that you’ve gotten your audience glued to their seats, everything that follows is a gripping flashback to the lives of the butchers and the oppression they suffered at the hands of “infidels.” What a cool way to show they’re human beings just like you and I, and put the flesh on the bones of their “motivations”! Just wait till they hear the executioner’s aria!!
Talk about evenhandedness, context and artistic expression!
This thing is bound to garner boffo reviews from the critics – especially from the all-powerful Arts & Leisure section of the New York Times. And here, for no extra charge I’ll even throw in the title: The Untimely Death of James Foley.

Bohemian Anthony (Bohemian Rhapsody)..............

A parody of Queen, for a man who acts like he's the King!

H/T Paul B

Crusading Journalist Joined the Wrong Crusade...................from Dan Friedman

[Click on the headline so you can read the whole article, Foley’s Twitters and all. df] 
By Daniel Greenfield
James Foley was one of a new breed of activists calling themselves journalists. He didn’t travel to report on a story, but to promote an agenda. And the agenda was obvious from his Twitter feed.

BEASTMODE: Ralph Peters Wants to Firebomb ISIL and their Goats

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Being war-weary in not an acceptable reason not to wage war!...from TPC

Is being war-weary a good enough reason for not waging war? 

It is only if you want your citizens to continue getting killed!

Liberals Shoot Guns For The 1st Time................

"Never in my life did I think I'd shoot a shotgun."

H/T Doverthere

Trailer Talk- Religion of Pieces

Islamist savages beheaded American James Foley and broadcast it complete with threats to the world. It is time to wake up and name and face the threat they represent. They are at war with us, it is time for us to act like it.

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Fliers may be getting overcharge​d on TSA fees

Rocinante’s Saddle is Empty: The Passing of Congressman George Hansen

Spoiler Alert! Survey Says Everyone Hates Spoilers

NRA launches anti-Bloom​berg ad campaign

Florida man, 83, admits hiding $1.1M from IRS

Retired Police Officer: “Revenue Generating” Came First

Pensacola, Fla. Is The College Football Hotbed You Don't Know About

Grand Bay's Boobstock music festival will support The American Cancer Society

Watch as Rory McIlroy, Jimmy Fallon smash glass in golf competition with Tiger Woods looking on

Score! Alabama-made SM-6 dials up 'straight flush' in flight test

Remington cuts 105 jobs in New York as gunmaker prepares to open plant in Huntsville

Watch new Alfred Hitchcock-inspired music video filmed entirely in downtown Huntsville

Peyton Manning: 'Our offense stunk today'

Ukraine: is it war?

Can you Tell Who the Bad Guys are Now?

China Secretly Conducts Second Flight Test Of New Ultra High-Speed Missile

'British' Islamic State jihadi beheads kidnapped US journalist James Foley

Tony Martin, 15 years on: I don't want to go back there because it could happen again

Kurdish and Iraqi forces, buoyed by Mosul dam victory, push fight against Islamic State

Report: Only 3 of 78 Arrested Protesters Were Ferguson Residents

While the World Burns................

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Battle Lines USA - Wild Bill

It seems like the Obama admin is stirring up trouble all across the country.

Suckers!.........................from Rico

That's what six years of golfing and screwing-off gets you.


Thanks Barry

The Eyes Have It

Flashback: Barack Obama coffee mugs!...from TPC

Because readers have been asking where they can purchase the Obama coffee cups shown here last year, this article offers a few design ideas along with a link to the website that sells them.

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BB's Once in a Lifetime Opportunit​y.....................from Dan Friedman

[Hamas has made itself plain: It will settle for nothing less than Israel’s destruction and it’s openly pursuing that goal every minute of the day. Right now is the time for Israel to walk away from its illusions and answer its would-be destroyers by destroying them instead. It’s the only language the Islamic barbarians understand. Carpe diem Netanyahu & Co. An historic moment like this may never come your way again. df]

Ferguson..............................from Bob C

Hi Theo, The postings on the disturbance in Ferguson have been good ones. This is the MSM at its absolute most destructive self. On the news here in the states is a litany of opinion all of it biased all of it liberal. That said, we now have seen the ISIS flag flying in the crowd and people like the fellow in the link are trying their best to stir the pot. Not a very difficult task when the media is on the side of the worst elements in this crisis. I am old enough to have lived through riots here in New Haven CT when the Black Panthers were on trial. The commies are recruiting in Ferguson!

Andrew Klavan & Bill Whittle: What is Truth?

PJTV member EWTHeckman wants to know about truth. What is it? Watch Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle discuss.

Would you tell him, or just watch??

H/T Steve

Trifecta: Gee, Officer Krupke, You've got Humvee, a Helo, a Drone and an M-16

Pentagon surplus -- up-armored, full-camo and automatic -- now rolls the streets of America with our boys in blue. Police arm for war. Do you feel safer?

Martha's Vineyard movie night: Missing US journalist James Foley beheaded! (Extremely Graphic Video)...from TPC

In light of the beheading of US journalist James Wright Foley by ISIS, if anyone can tell me what our President's strategy is for winning the global war on terror it would be appreciated. 

These are some of my thoughts on the subject.