Sunday, 21 April 2019

Celebrating 'Earth Day'...

Earth Day.
- The Climate Communists belch Socialism defying reason, logic, and scientific reality to...'save' the planet, get rid of people!
Belch carbon, not propaganda!
I'm going to 'recognize' their efforts by burning as much fossil fuel as possible and spewing carbon dioxide into the air with my belch-mobile. But it's OK:
- My car 'identifies' as a Prius.
- Plant photosynthesis needs CO2.
- Humanity needs to be saved from the eco-fascists [think: Green is the new Red] the earth does not need to be 'saved' from humanity.
.....vroom, vroom, vrooooom!

Climate Lessons: Coming Soon to a School Near You: Attenbollocks t...

Climate Lessons: Coming Soon to a School Near You: Attenbollocks t...: School authorities in their shocking lack of wisdom decided to distribute Al Gore's junk movie to scare the kids with, so will they do t...

Friday, 19 April 2019

Cartoon Round Up....

Mueller Report: No there there...

Mueller time. Big whoop!
- 22 months, 448 pages. No collusion. No obstruction. No NOTHING. In the words of disgraced FBI uber-weenie Peter Strozk, there really was "no there there..."
How much time and taxpayer dollars flushed down the shitter to protect HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) Hillary? This was all done to cover HER corrupt, murdering, fat ass.
- A sadistic sociopath drunkard.

Climate Lessons: Is Your Child in a Climate Change Cult?

Climate Lessons: Is Your Child in a Climate Change Cult?: 'Climate Change and the Ten Warning Signs for Cults' - a new article inspired by an expert on cults (hat-tip:  GWPF Newslette...


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What's YOUR currency 'backed' with?...............from Rico

What is YOUR national fiat currency 'backed' with?
- If it's the good faith and credit of your government [read: a political 'promise'] then you are already tattooed, blued, and just waiting to be screwed.
Doubt me?
Consider THIS:
- The BOJ (Bank of Japan) is now one of the top-ten owners of 50% of ALL Japanese companies. [read: private holdings owned with public money.] no particular order...the Sheeple, Keynesians, Socialists, Progressives and Democrats [read: dumb shits] this translates into privatize the profits/rewards, socialize the risk/costs.
Do you seriously 'think' it's 'different' anywhere else? [think: Fed, Bank of England, Deutsche Bank, et al].
- The entire 'Western' financial/banking system is: (a) nationalized, (b) propped-up with un-backed, printed from thin air, fiat money [read: fake, but backed by political promises].
Russia, China, and India excluded of course...they actually have Gold (neither trusting in, nor believing empty political 'promises'), and it's worth remembering that who holds the Gold makes the Rules while bullshit walks...

Good Advice...

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How to make the Democrats STOP................from Rico

The 'push' by Democrats (C) for illegals and felons to become voters is 'triggered' (see what I did there, snowflakes?) by Americans NOT wanting to vote Democrat, and increasingly screaming "Stop, just STOP!" at Democrats.
A very recent example of incandescent Democrat dumbassery was Rep. Al Green D-TX of the House Financial Services Committee saying to the CEO's of America's largest seven banks "You appear to be white men."
- Proving that you do not have to be a dumbass to be a Democrat, but it sure helps!
Well, Al...American voters (if they still had a representative 'voice' and had not been literally sold-down-the-river by corrupticrats in CONgress like YOU) would likely retort that "You appear to be a Neanderthal" but are too toxicly Cro-magnon to articulate that thought out loud.
But, all that said, take heart America and be of good cheer. There IS a surefire way to make the Democrats Stop their madness!
- Just run out of money...

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Delilah Belle Hamlin Boosts Braless Pokies While Out Walking

She's got nice nips!

See, "Hot Young Thing Delilah Belle Hamlin Braless Pokies."

BONUS: "Delilah Belle Hamlin Goes Topless in Purple Vinyl Gloves for Racy Instagram Post."

Cartoon Round Up....

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What Difference Does It Make?: Spygate vs. Watergate...............from Rico

Spygate vs. Watergate.
- In the infamous words of the Red Queen of Corruption, HMF Hillary Clinton aka Felonia von Pantsuit:
       "What difference does it make?"
Nixon's "Watergate" was nothing compared to Obama's "Spygate" except that:
- Nixon was a Republican, so the Democrats hogpiled on him and made a mountain out of a molehill. [Call it revenge for Nixon winning the Presidency over a Democrat Loser by winning 49 states.]
- Obama is a Democrat, so the Democrats circle-the-wagons for 'one of their own' and are attempting to make a mountain into a mole hill. [Call it revenge for Trump having the audacity of winning and replacing two of their premier Losers...Obama & Hillary].
Democrats, simultaneously defining both Losers and Sore Losers for decades.


H/T Doverthere

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

David Lammy MP - Black Privilege, White Hatred and Immunity...........from Dan T

Looking at the quality of MP’s that infest the Palace of Westminster it’s no wonder that the British people have lost all respect for their Parliament and the democratic institutions that were once the envy of the world.

A convicted criminal wearing a police monitoring tag using her casting vote to stop Brexit was a scandal that outraged the nation, but unlike the result of the Brexit referendum there was no call for a second vote to overturn the first. (See here)

Another Right Honourable Member that tarnishes Parliament is the terminally thick, white hating racist Dianne Abbott. This embarrassment is the Shadow Home Secretary who could become the fourth most powerful official in the land behind the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary should her party win the next general election.

Both Houses of Parliament are crammed to its ancient rafters with taxpayer funded crooks, expense cheats, perverts, serial liars, traitors and an assortment of other undesirables that would be unemployable outside the incestuous political bubble.

What is most annoying is that despite being legislators the same laws do not apply to them especially where ethnicity, race or religion is involved.

The latest outrage involves the Member for Tottenham, David Lammy. Notorious for being thicker than two short planks, its toss-up between him and Dianne Abbott as to which one is the dumber.

Read about him here

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