Saturday, 15 January 2022

Remember the Maine...............from Rico

 The 'same' Obama Ukraine playbook, version 2.0 under Biden(Obama2.0).


The Fake Biden Administration [read: regime, staffed by Obamunists] has 'warned' us about the coming war with Russia, to be triggered by a Russian false flag in the Eastern Ukraine prior to their invasion.

- Yeah, the same-old same-old BS again from these MFCSPOS warmongers!


Translation: The Biden(Obama) regime will be staging an obvious false flag in the Ukraine trying to start a war.

Friday, 14 January 2022

Bow-wow DC* ...................from Rico

 The Capitol of our nation has been fundamentally transformed by Democrats [C] into the shame of our nation.


The Mayor of DC* Muriel Bowser [D] just outed herself as a flaming Communist with her dictatorial orders for her subjects.

- She says you need three things to even be outside.

- I say she needs a brain, and DC needs (a) a new Mayor, and (b) to STOP putting up with this tyrannical bullshit.

There's NOT Enough Money* ..................from Rico

 Gawrsh, who but the we're smarter-than-you Libtards would have thought that demonizing white people, patriotic Americans, straight males, and Trump supporters might have a negative impact upon military recruitment? [Let's gloss over the retarded mask and vaccine requirements, both IMO illegal orders.] 

- Even Homer Simpson would be concluding "D-oh!" by now, but not these aspiring MENSA candidates.


After threatening, then terminating, highly trained and experienced service members [?: was that the 'feature' and not the 'bug?'] who were vaxx refuseniks [noncompliant thinkers], now they are wanting to pay up to $50K in enlistment bonuses?


Bugger off, you Commie faggots.

There is NOT enough money to get anyone sane or normal to serve the current woke joke regime which is doing it's best to become a gay version of the former Soviet Union.


I promise not to rattle-on about Mark Milley and 'call me Rachel' Levine here.


*True story: I once almost failed one of my periodic polygraphs. When asked "Have you ever accepted money from a foreign power?" I started laughing. Hard, and couldn't stop for a moment. [Well, it struck me as simultaneously hilarious and preposterous.]

- The polygrapher turned white as a ghost and stopped cold. His machine went absolutely apeshit. He then went and got his supervisor, and they huddled in a corner of the room speaking in hushed-but-serious tones.

- Supervisor asked me "Why did you laugh?" I retorted: "I LOVE my job, and there is not enough fucking money on the planet to get me to not do it! It just struck me as a really absurd and hilarious proposition is all."

- Ah so deska. The penny dropped for both of them. A fresh poly was then conducted (well, since I was still 'wired' and in the chair why not?).

- Second try = no problemo, like all the other times before and since.


BUT it was kinda worth nearly giving these nutless wonders heart attacks for wasting the better part of what would have been a my productive day!

Insane? Useless? Both? ..............from Rico

 Demonstrating that Communist [D] totalitarianism continues unabated, Sen Bernie Sanders [S] and over a dozen 'progressive' Democrats [C] have put forward a Masks for All Act to provide 'free' [guess who pays?*] 3x N95 masks for everyone.

- Never mind that they don't stop ANY virus.

- Never mind that there is no 'crisis' [.pdf attached is a Danish Gov study saying that the 'Omicron Variant' has an IFR (infection fatality rate) of 0.04%, which is about half that of the seasonal FLU].


Insane? Useless? Both?

- These people are ghastly!


Communists ARE the virus.....

- They can stick their masks, and their vaxx, up their asses!


*Grabbing POWER and stealing taxpayer money to WASTE it.

Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Britney Spears Unleashes Nudes on Instagram!

She's newly freed from her conservatorship and clearly she's ready to rock and roll!

Hey babe, whenever you need, I'll be there!

See, "Britney Spears Rocks Full-Frontal Nudes on Instagram."

She's still pert and tight, at 39 years-old!.

Cartoon Round Up....


Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Beautiful Sammy Braddy

Some of the best tits in the business.

See the voluptuous pinup girl, Sammy Braddy.

Huge tits and pointy nipples, mmmm. 

Friday, 7 January 2022

Barely Legal University of Miami Coed in Black Bikini With Busty Underboob


Big and tight underboob.

She'll take your breath away, so trim and tasty, but I'm surprised she's in college. She that nubile, wow! 

She's got a wrist tattoo that says, "Home is Where Mom Is." 

Of course.