Saturday, 25 June 2016

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ObamaCare: What's In It?.............................from Rico

Remember Nasty Pelosi famously saying "we'll have to pass it, to see what's in it" about the ACA aka ObamaCare?
I just read an AP article that I had to "unread, to read what was in it." 
- At first blush, the AP story sounded like an insurer was pulling out of the private health insurance market in Minnesota due to heavy financial losses:
          "MN's largest health insurer is pulling its individual plans due to heavy financial losses."
- The insurer is BlueCoss-BlueShield.
- No mention was made of the ACA, or ObamaCare, or Minnesota's Health Insurance Exchange aka Coop (which was only referred to as MNsure in the article with no further explanation or identification.) Note: It IS Minnesota's ObamaCare Health Insurance Exchange/co-op.
- No mention was made of another large insurer "PreferredOne" dropping out of Minnesota's Health Insurance Exchange/co-op in 2015 due to heavy financial losses.
- Neither was "UnitedHealth's" having dropped out of ObamaCare health Insurance Exchanges/co-op's in 28 states due to heavy financial losses referred to.
Eliminating the intentional obfuscation, spin, and misdirection, the above lede can be see what's in
             "MN's largest health insurer BC-BS is pulling out of MN's ObamaCare health insurance exchange due to heavy financial losses."
I could have saved a whole lot of time by just skipping the AP article and reading Pravda to see what was in it.

Jay Leno Goes 2,500 HP on 2 Wheels - Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno finds out what true power is when he rides in the 2,500 HP powered Hemi Under Glass with legendary stunt driver, Bob Riggle.

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Congratulation, theospark ....

Germany's Turkish-Muslim Integration Problem

Brexit Vote Has Huge Ramifications for U.S. Politics

Obama’s money and Israel’s sovereignty by Caroline Glick

There Are Now More Bureaucrats With Guns Than U.S. Marines

Was This The Deciding Factor For Brits To Vote "Leave"?

Brexit: The Nation is Back!

Europe Is Dead: Long Live Europe?

The EU needed Britain more than Britain needed the EU

Games Overgrown Political Children Play

Third Time's a Charm?..........................from Rico

There have only been three national referendums in Great Britain's modern history.
- The one just finished was the third of them.
Mindful of Agincourt and Trafalgar, the Brexit vote may be considered to be a third in historic terms.
Of course the unelected BureauRats, both in the EU and America, are panicked and are the smugly entitled globalist elites who cannot believe or accept that the common people have rejected their advice, arguments, and the dire warnings of their 'experts.'
- None of these 'taking themselves too seriously' people saw this one coming...that the average bloke would clearly see them exposed for not merely pompous frauds, but as the very ones who have mucked everything up, and the people have had quite enough. They have 'had it' and this scares the daylights out of these poseurs.
It was bad enough when they were Endlessly Useless wankers, but they had recently become harmful, damaging, and toxic to Western culture and needed to be stopped before they completely destroyed civilization and raped it with their "refugee" barbarian savages bent on destroying a continent. 
- Better they should be whinging, crying, and having a fit than their innocent victims....the decent folk who mistakenly trusted them. Once trusted them, but trust them no longer.
The Useless Nitwit loving Obama, and his threatened third term Hillary Rotten Clinton should be the very next to face a Waterloo of their own.
- And NO Hillary, not the kind of 'loo' where you kept your unclassified homebrew internet server as SecState while you were on the take.
While we are speaking of rats, Sheryl Atkinson shows us the face of another rat.
- A rat who advised Obama, Cameron, and now supports Hillary. A wag might call him the 'trifecta' of rats rolled into one rat.

Take Our Country Back! If the Brits Can, We Can Too......................from Dan Friedman

[The brilliant David Goldman is quite sanguine about the UK after Brexit. And he rightly sees Trump as the American candidate who will gain the most from Britain's historic decision. df]
"...the ambitions of the European Commission to install a supranational government dictating fiscal and regulatory policy to its members have collapsed. Europe’s ambitions to field a common foreign policy also are in ruins after today’s vote."

AR15 Freedom - Wild Bill

The AR15 is as much a symbol of American freedom as the flag, the bible and the eagle....we will not surrender any of them!

Abigail Ratchford Spilling Massive Bodacious Cleavage in Skin Tight Dress


She's a really full-bodied babe.

I hadn't realized just how full-bodied she is!

Here, "Abigail Ratchford Spilling Tight Massive Cleavage (PHOTOS).

Bonus slow-motion bouncing breasts at the link.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove Prepare 'Dream Team' to Lead New 'Brexit' Government (VIDEO)


They're prepping for the new era -- and fast!

Watch, "Boris Johnson and Michael Gove Set to Head New 'Brexit Government' After David Cameron (VIDEO)."

Friday, 24 June 2016

David Cameron to Resign as Prime Minister (VIDEO)

This is freakin' major.

See, "Prime Minister David Cameron Resigns After Britain Votes to Leave European Union (VIDEO)."

FOLLY.......................from Rico

Margaret Thatcher once called the EU "perhaps the greatest folly of the modern era."
- That Great Britain has figured this out with their BREXIT vote is a testament to them.
Coming very close to the 'greatest folly' is a pretty damned big one America has pursued, namely electing Barry twice and now considering an unindicted felon aka Hillary as his possible replacement.
- I hope America figures this out with their coming vote in the Fall.
The EU, Barry, and Hillary are not only on the wrong side of history, they are on the wrong side of human freedom..............

Tahiti Intimates featuring Rose Bertram, Gigi Hadid, Hannah Davis, Bo Krsmanovic and Irina Shayk

Well done, Britain.......................from Rico

Voters in the UK have chosen sovereignty over slavery.
- Freedom over serfdom.
Will voters in the US make the same choice?

Brexit And Your Money!...from TPC

Will 'Brexit' be a net positive or negative for U.S. real estate?

Now that the 'Brexit' vote is in the books and 'Leave' the EU side is the victor, what might this mean for U.S. real estate? Some facts we know...

- Global Stock Markets Are Swooning!
- The British Pound Is Getting Hammered Versus Other Global Currencies!
- Interest Rates Are Falling Precipitously!

Read the rest of the article for potential ramifications of 'Brexit' on the U.S. real estate market...

Cartoon Round Up....


A reporter for the New York Daily News fires an AR-15 and is horrified, terrified and claims to have suffered PTSD. Much hilarity ensues, followed by a powerful point to be made.

H/T Mark

DEMOCRAT GUN LOGIC: An Illustrated Tale

Like a Rainbow In the Dark : by AlfonZo Rachel

I wonder if people notice that as the world plunges deeper into darkness the more rainbows are being paraded?

Thursday, 23 June 2016

WATCH: Full Interview with Michelle Fields Talking About Corey Lewandowski (VIDEO)

Steve Malzberg just destroys her here. I mean this is one of the most brutal live take-downs ever. She's completely caught red-handed. I'm sure the publisher has already edited out the bald faced lies about Mr. Lewandowski.

Here, "Michelle Fields Abruptly Ends Interview When Called Out by Steve Malzberg on Corey Lewandowsk Lies (VIDEO)."

The full video is here.

'On the Beach' Babe Ashleigh Defty in Sextastic Bikini in Cyprus

She's tasty!

And while she's on holiday and can't vote for #Brexit, she tweeted she wanted Britain "out" of the EU.

Here, "British Reality Star Ashleigh Defty Wet and Wild in Sexy Bikini on Holiday in Cyprus."

She's a very hot babe, by the way.

The Audacity of Sitting-in.......................from Rico

Demonstrating that the '60's were (a) obviously the highwater mark of their pathetic lives, while also reminding everyone (b) that the "Greatest Generation" has been replaced by the "Shittiest Generation" - House Democrats (C) just bravely, sat on their asses....AGAINST the Constitutional rights of Americans.
A "sit in" protesting American rights?
- You have GOT to be shitting me!
This, after having four gun control bills in a row were rejected and rightly crammed up their unpatriotic Commie asses.
These morons are overdue for a "time out" and maybe a "good spanking" into the bargain.
- But we are talking about today's Democratic party (C) here, whose platform and agenda are now identical to that of the CP-USA (Communist Party - USA), so what can one honestly expect from them?

Why NOT ask Hillary?...................from Rico

When an asshole like George Soros (who brags about 'breaking' the British Pound Sterling) and another asshole like Barry Obama (who brags about 'breaking' America's alliance with Britain) are BOTH are telling Britons to STAY in the EU 'because it's for their own good' then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to (a) 'hear' alarm bells, (b) yell 'abandon ship' and (c) vote to LEAVE the EU most ricky-tick and pronto-like.
The latest TNS poll [6-22] shows 49% for LEAVING the EU vs. 42% for STAYING, so I guess some are still thinking along the lines of Barry and Georgi.
Why not ask yet another non-Briton, famous advocate of personal freedom, and yes...asshole...Hillary Clinton what SHE thinks? That might remove any remaining doubts over what to do and move the vote closer to 100% for BREXIT.
I sincerely wish the best for 'old blighty' and hope the referendum outcome is NOT rue Britannia.

Great Britain's Time To Choose - Independence Day Or Subjugation Day.............from Daniel Thomas

In 1973 the British people were deceived into joining what was then the Common Market by Prime Minister, Edward Heath, with the promise that it was nothing more than a benign customs union between the major nations of Europe.

The real intention to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single post democratic state was to be kept from the people since their consent could not be guaranteed.

Sovereignty was to be transferred using a series of Treaties each being disguised as being of economic benefit. This was communicated to Heath by none other than one of the so-called founding fathers of the EU, Jean Monet:

"Europe's nations should be guided towards a superstate without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation"

In what has become the standard method of modern political campaigning, those brave souls who opposed the establishment agenda and told the truth were demonised, vilified and smeared.

And so it came to pass, the treaties came as planned each falsely presented as being of economic benefit and national sovereignty was transferred piecemeal. Since the treaty of Paris in 1951, there followed the Treaty of Rome in 1957, the Merger Treaty in 1965, Schengen Agreement 1985, Single European Act 1986, Maastricht Treaty 1992 and the Amsterdam Treaty 1997.

Finally in 2007 came the Lisbon Treaty which is in reality the EU constitution. These treaties have created the European Central Bank, the Euro, the European Court of Justice and the European Parliament along with a European flag, a national anthem and will soon to be recognized as a state in it's own right by the United Nations.

The European Parliament cannot initiate or vote down legislation, this is the sole perogative of the unelected European Commission.

Consequently, and as planned, sovereignty has been transferred from democratically elected legislators in the national parliaments to unelected bureaucrats in the European Commission.

The mission started in 1951 by people such as Jean Monet has finally came to fruition by 2016. The people of Europe have been disenfranchised.

Europe is on fire, the whole superstate project has been a complete and utter disaster for the people of Europe except for the governing elite who enjoy unlimited power and the riches that bestows.

The British have a choice today to put an end to this misery by choosing freedom over tyranny which in turn will galvanize the rest of Europe to follow suit and bring the whole corrupt edifice crashing down.

If they choose subjugation then Europe will enter a new dark age of division and violent conflict made infinitely worse by adherence to a perverted ideology that guarantees poverty and serfdom for the many and untold riches for the few.

Dear Frank Luntz:...from TPC

On the BBC show HARDtalk, pollster Frank Luntz discussed his 'depression' over the current state of American politics and direction he feels American society may be heading in. 

I was inspired to write him the note in this article because for the most part I feel very much the same!

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Jack Cashill's TWA 800: Time to Reopen the Investigation

Gun Lobby Should Not be Blamed for Orlando Massacre

Unbelievable! AG Lynch admits she has lost track of Orlando shooter's wife

Her Majesty The Eurosceptic Queen: EU Courts 'Denigrate' Britain By Protecting Terrorists

Obama Wants 'Radical' Who Fought for PORN in Public Libraries to Run Library of Congress

Will the Dikes Hold?

Bloody Ramadan: Jihad in Orlando, Philippines, Paris, and Possibly Texas (aka ‘Workplace Violence’)

Obama-appointed federal judge slaps down fracking regulations on federal land

The Border Patrol Union Is Not Happy About Their New Chief, Issues Warning

Obama's 'Great Religion'

Obamacare's $250 Million Bribery Scheme

Who Are the Real Islamophobes?

Immigration boss who barred feds from terror suspect up for award, but agency won't say why

Black Lives Matter IDs the Real Culprits in Orlando Attack

A Mantra from Fauxcahontas

President Mahmoud Abbas: The Palestinian "Untouchable"

Do Loretta Lynch's Ties with 'Muslim Advocates' Org Explain Her Whitewash of Orlando?

House Sit-In: A Brief Tutorial on How American Government Works Now

American Royalty.........................from Rico

With apologies to Mel Brooks for badly paraphrasing his famous line "It's good to be the Queen" .......
Were it not for a Romanian hacker, we would never know some of the secrets Hillary did a better job of protecting than she did above Top Secret US Government secrets.
Stuff that proves old Bernie was actually right about a few things. Debbie Hyphenated name and the DNC were fully aware of and 'cool' with Hillary's extravagant demands for her paid Wall Street speeches. Over and above the $225,000 fee for a 20-minute speech, these were also paid for:
- Nothing less than a private Gulfstream 450 (no commercial air for HER)
- Presidential hotel suites
- Meals, hotel rooms, and walking-around cash for five travel aides
- [and MY personal favorite] $1,000 for a stenographer to record her speeches [speeches not one living soul has yet 'read' because she's actually keeping them secret]

Goodwood Festival of Speed LIVE 23-26 June 2016

Never Trump Nonsense - Wild Bill

With American freedom seriously threatened by the left, why do some "conservatives" sabotage the only man who can stop Hillary Clinton?

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kendall Jenner Flashes Nipple Ring in Tight Sheer Top While Out with Gigi Hadid in New York

Man, I've got a thing for this wild woman!


Here, "Tight Kendall Jenner Flashes Nipple Ring in NSFW Sheer While Stepping Out in New York with Gigi Hadid."

She was boosting that sheer top on purpose, for those nice nips, to get the paparazzi snapping those shots!

Greece Is The Fate Of All Europe Unless The EU Is Defeated.................from Daniel Thomas

Despite heavy censorship by the corrupt government-media axis of anything that shows the disastrous reality of the European Union, some determined reporters and bloggers are fighting back by bringing the truth into the public domain. This in turn exposes the lies and deceit that the EU Politburo perpetrate in order to keep alive their failing project to replace the independent nation states of Europe with a single post-democratic superstate.

It has also laid bare the lie that the European Union is responsible for maintaining peace and stability across the continent allowing the peoples of Europe to enjoy unparalleled prosperity and happiness.

Any failed state in the third world that has been willfully reduced to abject poverty, misery and utter destitution by an authoritarian regime would be generating headlines across the world. It may even force the deadbeats at the UN to suspend their full time anti-semitic campaign against Israel and pass a resolution condemning the EU and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the willful destruction of Greece and the impoverishment of the Greek people. (See here)

Aging rock stars such as St Bob Geldof, who are desperate to keep their names in the public eye, regularly call for the cancellation of third world debt and that racked up by impoverished African dictatorships but they remain silent on cancelling the debt racked up by impoverished Greece.

Read the article here

Jay Leno Introduces The New Batmobile - Jay Leno's Garage

You've seen the Lamborghini room, the steam room, the Jaguar room... introducing the Bat room.


In the aftermath of Orlando, Muslims are feeling the heat of a major backlash. What do we do about it?

Cartoon Round Up....


Dianne Feinstein's Plans For Guns and the "Terrorist Watch List"

Orlando official suspended for telling the truth

The Trump Nuclear Bomb

Obama’s “Refugee” Resettlement Program: Civilization Jihad Combined With Civilization Suicide

WWI tunnels by US troops are rediscovered in France by an amateur explorer

Last new T-6B Texan delivered to NAS Whiting Field

Firefighters 'rescue' Alabama teen girl from giant Barney head

General: Threat of ISIS in Libya Grows

Is Russia Really a Threat to Brexit?

GUNS, ISLAM AND ORLANDO...............

WARNING! Extremely Graphic Content!
The massacre in Orlando is not just another case of "homegrown extremism." Despite the shameful censoring of the transcript of the 911 call, the Orlando murders were just another step in the long, bloody march of [OMITTED]; another [OMITTED] responding to the call of [OMITTED] to commit mass murder In the name of [OMITTED].

Caroline Glick Catches The Israeli Left In Flagrante Delicto.....................from Dan Friedman

[In Israel another leftist scandal has come to light. The leader of Israel’s so-called “Zionist” Union was caught red-handed trying to give away the country to Mohammed Abbas and his Muslim terrorist minions. Here’s the intro to Caroline Glick’s latest JPost column on the subject as found on her Facebook page today. df]
The Israeli Left has two basic problems. First, its leading members are convinced that they are the state. If they are not in charge, the state has no legitimacy. As a consequence, they see no problem openly undermining the government.
The second problem, which is both a product of the first and a cause of it, is that they hate, irrationally, and compulsively hate the religious Right. They view themselves as engaged in a life and death struggle with the national religious camp.
These two impulses join together to bring about the current situation where leaders on the Left act against Israel and spread hatred of Israeli citizens, at home and abroad.

Read Caroline’s scathing deconstruction in its entirety by clicking Explaining the Israeli Left

The Gun Ban Boogie - Wild Bill

Bill issues a warning to the gun grabbing left and exposes their favorite schemes.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Brexit - Remain Campaign Uses Murdered MP As Ballot Fodder..............from Daniel Thomas

Just when we think that politicians, aided and abetted by their bought-and-paid for media whores, can't sink any lower they go and prove us all wrong. The Remain campaign in the run-in to the up and coming British EU referendum have shamelessly politicized the murder of Member of Parliament, Jo Cox, and reduced her life to nothing more than a campaign leaflet or a bumper sticker.

The cold, calculated playing on the emotions of a shocked nation to gain political advantage is beyond cynical; it displays the win-at-all costs fanaticism of the modern day career politician. To put it mildly it's the 'never let a serious crisis go to waste' attitude on steroids. (See here)

The unfortunate lady's body was still warm when the Remain side campaign director, Will Straw, spotted an opportunity to gain electoral advantage then proceeded to politicize her death for use against the Vote Leave campaign. Bearing in mind the lady was the mother of two young children, using her death as ballot fodder is especially callous and heartless. (See here)

More concerning is the fact that no dirty trick or tactic, even murder, is off limits when there is cause to champion, an ideology to impose or an election to win.

Read the article here

Cartoon Round Up....


Strategic Outlook for Saudi Arabia and Iran

TWA 800: Jim Kallstrom's Road to Redemption

America In Free Fall

Obama's Yosemite trip causes Father's Day Weekend chaos

British Sniper Takes Out Two ISIS Bombers With One Shot, Saving Hundreds Of Lives

Daniel Greenfield: Islamophobia Kills

A Daesh of hope at the Obama-Hillary-Kerry State Department

Special Forces Association Rejects Calls For Gun Control From Petraeus, McChrystal

New Era of Brutality: When Violence Is No Longer Taboo

How Much of our Culture Are We Surrendering to Islam?


H/T Doverthere

BHO: Protecting Islam, Not America.....................from Dan Friedman

[I hope this is as close to official censorship that our country will ever reach. But if we keep moving in the same direction for another four or eight years we can kiss the First Amendment goodbye and welcome in a new repressive regime to take its place. df]

Hillary is right, as usual.......................from Rico

Hillary is right (as she usually is about everything) when she says that Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism.
- Just look at the following (partial) list and you'll agree with her.
Let's put this in the context of Barry's AG Lynch scrubbing both reality and facts right before our very eyes to comply with Big Brother's narrative, in the finest adherence to Orwell's "1984"
- which has been confused by the current regime to be a guide instead of the cautionary tale it was intended to be.
Don't forget to VOTE HILLARY, and apologize profusely for having the audacity to exist as a non-Muslim!