Wednesday, 16 January 2019

New Nina Agdal Nude Photos

See, "Nina Agdal Takes It Off."

Plus, bonus Nina Agdal white bikini and total topless nipples out photos.

Caroline Vreeland Humongous Honkers in Barely-There Bikini (Photos)

Gawd, those are ginormous milk cannons!

See, "Caroline Vreeland Humongous Honkers in Skimpy Bikini (Photos)."

French Yellow Vests - Now Taken Seriously..................from Rico

Probably NOT reported much, if at all, is a huge indicator that Socialist-Globalist Macron's Government is taking the "Yellow Vest" uprising (approaching its third month) seriously. Very seriously indeed.
- French cops have gone "live ammo" for the rioters.
It says a lot that they haven't done this for the 'immigrant youth' [read: Muslim rapefugees] who have established clear "no go" zones where Sharia reigns, not the Napoleonic code.
Use it, or lose it, Froggies.....

H/T Doverthere

Thanks Gillette, you SJW pansies....................from Rico

As if a man needed another good reason to grow a beard, comes Gillette gone full-tranny/girly-man and putting an entirely new 'face' on things. I'm calling them Girlette from now on.
- I'm also using Harry's from now least until they get the same genius marketing director Gillette had and rebrand as Harriette.
I'm with EARL [the Earl of Taint] and laughingly 'expect' Gillette to launch their new "Girlette TRANS3" any fucking day now, right sweetheart?
Sent from the manly trenches in the War on Toxic Masculinity.
- "So there I was..."
Oh, and PS: I'm with Jack on this one. Fuck You Gillette!

Pic Dump....................

Cartoon Round Up....

Taking Leave of Your Census

WINNING: Taken to a new, higher, level.................from Rico

The Leftards never factor in unintended consequences.
- I include those two "master legislators" [in their own minds, but everyone else just thought of a 'different' word that ended with "bators"] Nancee and Schmuckie.
Consider for one moment what they may have enables Trump to 'do' while they drank in Puerto Rico and 'resisted' funding the Wall...resulting in the longest government shutdown (25 days and counting) evah!
- Federal guidelines have existed for quite some time that allow a Federal job that has been vacant/vacated for 30 days to be considered 'permanently vacated' and that job eliminated.
In just five more days, Trump could literally pull the drain-plug on the 'swamp' and reduce the Federal workforce by 25%. This would be a YUGE down-sizing of the bureaucracy.
- Considering that all these employees were classified as "non-essential" by their own Federal agencies, this strikes me as a "right-sizing" that is waaay overdue.
Anyone want to bet that as soon as someone sobers the Democrats up and tells them they screwed-the-pooch again, they run over to the Oval Office with a $6 billion dollar 'no strings' check to hand to Trump?
Oh boy, is this great!

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

LA Teachers Strike. Fire their useless asses................from Rico

The teachers in Commiefornia's LA are on 'strike' for more pay, less work, smaller classes.
- Ignored is the question "Why the Hell should the taxpayers be paying these 'professional indoctrinators' [they sure aren't 'educators' anymore, not by any definition of the word known outside the Marx-Hegel dialectic] to brainwash gullible children to be 'good little Socialists' in the first damned place?
Typical of these know-nothing/know-it-all ignoranuses who are jokingly referred to as 'teachers' these days, they are blissfully ignorant of what happened when the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike.
- Safely guiding aloft aircraft with passengers is a damned sight more needed than having a bunch of overpaid and underworked opinionated cows too stupid to pass an audition to be on 'The View' in most sane people's minds.

American "news" today: Ignore, Deny, Lie................from Rico

Journalism in America is dead.
- This is NOT 'news' as this has been the case ever since the Socialists gained control over the MSM.
Well  how dare I say so!?
- The MSM calls a REAL crisis on the US border 'manufactured' while happily covering gay child abuse.
- The MSM completely IGNORES such things as Spygate (the Obama misAdministration weaponizing the Intelligence Community against Trump) and the ongoing COUP attempt against Trump intended to overturn the 2016 election results.
- Democrat $EX perverts are coddled, and roam free unmolested by the MSM because...well, it's OK if you're (a) Democrat, and (b) rich.
BUT the crowning glory of the inglorious bastards of the MSM is their aiding and abetting the greatest THREAT TO AMERICA...$oros and the Democrats [C].
And WHY you may fairly ask (providing you have not gotten drunk on the 'free' Koolaid)?
- Because...#rethist, er #resist. Aw Hell, I had it right the first time!

CNN: Riddle Us This Jim Acosta....................from Rico

Have you noticed yet that the 'scripted' news from the fake news media not only uses almost identical verbiage on ALL of their outlets while spouting an identical agenda?
- Sure, I pick on CNN [read: Crap News Network, Communist News Network, Corrupt...well, I could go on all day like this but you 'get' my drift here] because they deserve it. They ALL deserve it, Socialist societal engineers that they are.
But let me give you an example: The Government Shutdown.
- All of the 'reportage' and commentary is focused upon one thing...government workers 'missing pay' [cue: oh, the humanity].
- Almost none of said 'news reporting' bothers to mention that ALL furloughed government employees are classified as "nonessential." Let that sink in...nonessential. Nonessential government employees, identified as nonessential by the government that employs them.
- NONE of the reporting will talk about what actual 'work' ...nonessential not being performed, much less about whether Mr & Mrs Happy Taxpayer are 'missing' the nonessential work not being performed. Nor will they note that Americans are no longer paying for nonessential work [read: make work] that likely isn't being performed when these nonessential employees are on the clock.

H/T Doverthere

That WAS Gillette......................from Rico

From the annals of Epic Stupidity, the long-time maker of men's grooming products [razor blades, think: look sharp] Gillette has gone full-frontal Soy-Boy and launched an advertising campaign...directed at men...promoting the 'pussification' of men and attacking their 'toxic masculinity.'
- Farkin' genius, eh wot?
Yes, for those who think Hillary's "deplorables" remark was THE height of epic stupidity and dumbassery, you'd better think again!
- It's as if Gillette has taken up the challenge and told Hillary "Here, hold my triple-soy decaf latte and watch this!"
They may yet claim to make 'sharp' razor blades, but they clearly are not the 'sharpest' thinkers running range-free today.
- History will now be able to say "That WAS Gillette" but no one will be asking 'how are you fixed for blades' much less repeating their old slogan "Look Sharp_Feel Sharp_Be Sharp."
For those that 'miss' the Friday Night Fights that were sponsored by Gillette, be of good cheer...rumor has it that they will be sponsoring Friday Night Ribbon-twirling if their talks with "RuPaul's Drag Races" fall through.