Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Cartoon Round Up....


Democrats=The Party of Abuse.......................from Rico

Running a senile old man as your Party's candidate is elder abuse, and cruel beyond understanding.
- That is the Democrat Party today.
But then, Teachers Unions [also Democrats] are seriously into child abuse...so go figure.
How about all the abusive dominatrix...er, Democrat Mayors and Governators?
- Are you getting into their abuse yet once-free Americans? Enjoying the frisson of masochism are 'ya now?

H/T David B

And some 'still' do NOT 'get it'..................from Rico

There are far too many clueless walking among us.
- These people just don't 'get it' and probably never will.
They are called Democrats and/or Biden supporters...

Trump's Tax Relief - Democrats Hardest Hit....................from Rico

- Trump suspends the payroll tax.
Democrats hardest hit, and melting down...
[read: play stupid games, win stupid prizes].


Sunday, 9 August 2020

Young Babes Go Topless to Save TikTok

See, "Topless TikTok Hotties Unite to Save the App."

Huge tits, totally NSFW.

Massive TikTots Tits

Man, too bad we've got to ban this app in the name of national security, because these honkers are will be missed!

See, "Huge Young Hottie in Purple Bikini Can Barely Contain Her Massive Milk Cannons in This Phenomenal TitTok Dance Video."

[$] = Almost 100% of nuttin'......................from Rico

In 1932 Gold was priced at $20.67, and today that same ounce has 'broken' $2,067...
- Does that tell you anything?
It tells me that paper money/fiat is a failure, and that the Dollar* [think: FRN - Federal Reserve Note, unredeemable for anything but another FRN btw) has 'lost' 99% of its value/purchasing power in 100 years].
*The GBP and Yen have fared even worse...

Teacher's Unions=Democrats........................from Rico

Public screwels have become indoctrination centers for producing good little socialists [read: Democrats].
- These factories are controlled by Teacher's Unions which are de facto another tentacle of the Democrat Party...

Democrat coup detat 2020....................from Rico

The 2020 election is not just a rehash of 2016's but a planned payback to restore the Democrats to power.
- The rolling Democrat coup since then will be completed.
Whomever Biden's VP 'pick' is, it will be irrelevant for two reasons:
1. She will be under the control of Barack Hussein Obama, the self-appointed leader of the resistance...the Communist asshole who never really left after his second term and who has been acting as a shadow president for the Democrats ever since 2016.
2. The Dem's have a clever "plan"...even IF they cannot steal/rig enough votes to drag Dementia Joe over the finish line, they don't have to count any ballots at all.
- Enough Democrat election officials refusing to certify the election results triggers Section 3 of the 20th Amendment = President Pelosi....or BEVERAGE ALERT...President Hillary.

H/T David B

To All The Media Maggots Who Ridicule Trump.............from Dan Friedman

This One's For You...


[NB: I guess when you're a thumb-sucking millennial moron with a "journalism degree," it never dawns on you that the President of The United States can just pick up his phone and call the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and ask him WTF?! Nooooooo! You'd need a fully functioning brain to know that.]

Dan Friedman©


Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Cartoon Round Up....

Significant Economic "tells".....................from Rico

Poker players can spot the "tells" in other players, and sailboats have "tell tales" on their masts to indicate the actual wind direction as opposed to the 'wind of apparent motion' while sailing.
Here are a couple significant economic "tells" that the FTV and MSM large-titted teleprompter readers are oblivious to, as is the public.
Banks have just posted a yuge Cash Only - No Credit sign.
- Need an auto loan?
- Need a mortgage?
The TBTF banks are effectively saying they expect a loan default tsunami coupled with a full-blown depression that will wipe out any assets pledged as collateral to their loans.
- After a disastrous lock-down crippled economies, businesses, and put millions out of work they see rough weather ahead and have battened down their hatches [read: made significant loan loss provisions and tightened lending standards; attached germane].

Will THIS be it?....................from Rico

The raging Dumpster fire of the Democrat Party continues to 'surprise' me in its intensity.
- This ticket...Bass Tard...would fit perfectly in the ongoing bad joke running up to 2020.

Book of the Month - Drummer's Call

Another great read from the new master of adventure - Nigel Seed

Drummer’s Call: Revenge of a Lone Wolf
America is under attack and this time the military, despite their power and courage, are helpless. Simon Drummer is on loan from MI6 to a bio-warfare protection unit in the USA when the terror they fear becomes real.
A brilliant Arabic bio-chemist is driven to bring an end to the suffering of his countrymen. He believes that the regime that oppresses them could not exist without the support of the US government and the weapons they furnish. He needs to bring the truth to the American people in a way that will grab their attention.
So begins his journey to bring brutal death and understanding to the USA. And now Simon must help to find him and stop him.

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Cartoon Round Up....

Advice from the Police of Little Mogadishu...................from Rico

It greatly saddens me to see what decades of 'progressive' Democrat rule has done to Minneapolis. I spent much time there in my youth, but today they had to strap Mary Tyler Moore down to stop her from spinning in her grave.
- Minneapolis has become Little Mogadisu [read: a shit hole].
And it's not just the Politicians who have abdicated their responsibility and reason, but the Police too.
Well, for those unable to MOVE AWAY, the only reasonable alternative to being left on your own is to say AWWWW HELL NO and arm yourselves while being prepared to shoot these criminals 'n Communists in the face.
- Just shoot them!
PS: It's only August, we have not yet seen either peak crazy or peak stupid. Wait until this Fall!