Sunday, 9 December 2018

Jennifer Aniston Hot Braless Pokies in Wife-Beater on the Cover of Elle Magazine

She's still got some excellent tasty nips, heh.

Here, "HOT! Jennifer Aniston Tasty Braless Pokies in Wife-Beater on Cover of Elle Magazine (PHOTOS)."

"Get OFF Our Backs" Riots Spreading..............from Rico

I recently said 'keep an eye on Paris'...but it turns out that the riots have spread to Belgium and the Netherlands too.
- Meanwhile, back in Paris on Sunday (9 Dec) the last report I heard was that there had been 1,400 arrests.
To reiterate: The riots are NOT about hiking the petrol tax at the pumps in la belle Fwance. Nor are the riots spreading for that reason, either.
- The "invisibles" [think: deplorables aka the little people] are fed up with being abused, sold-out, and forced to support and pay for their own replacement and cultural genocide by their so-called 'leaders' [think: parasites].
However the lying FAKE media presents it, these riots are GET OFF OUR BACKS riots.
- Macron and the muscle-heads from Brussels are hiding behind their walls. They 'know' the truth...

( Italy Too)

A Lump of Coal..................from Rico

'Save the Planet' the Ecotards and Climate Nazi's exhort us.
- 'Fossil Fuels BAD' they lecture us.
How about 'Save the Humans' instead?
- Try enjoying Winter aka Mother Gaia without fossil fuels you science retards.
Now off with you, go hug a tree or something you consider useful. Bugger off!!!
- You all get a lump of COAL in your Christmas stockings this year. [You can use it in your otherwise empty fireplaces.]

Stop Teasing Me!!!................from Rico

But of course Occasional-Cortex performed a criminal act/broke the law!
- She's a Democrat and a Socialist. You expected something else from her?
She recently violated US Code sec 1983 by threatening Donald Trump Jr. with retaliation [read: subpoena] for (a) exercising his First Amendment right of free speech, and (b) teasing her. The horror! The horror! 
- She later displayed a complete ignorance of the US Constitution in her defense.
Perfect. Just fucking perfect!
- Nice going NYC for electing her to Congress. Oh yezz, America 'needs' more like her in Congress. You betcha!
Kid Rock's apt "Dumbfuckistan" lives.....

Alpha-Beta, German-Russian, Past-Present..................from Rico

The eternal schism within 'Socialism' explained.
- It is much like the one between Sunni and Shi'ite. They HATE one another, but they are both Muslims.
- Or, the difference between Beta males and Alpha males. Beta's often HATE Alpha's, while Alpha's often ignore Beta's, yet they are both males.
The Communist [Russian] Socialists HATE National [German] Socialists, but they are both Socialists.
- Mainly, I think it's because the Nazi's were so very good at kicking Commie ass!
Now, consider my theory in the current context of Ukraine.
- Here are some Ukrainian Paratroopers very recently photographed wearing Nazi Waffen SS division insignia.

Cartoon Round Up....

Actual Competence [Trump] vs. Incompetent BS [Democrats & RINO's].....................from Rico

After eight years of HOPIUM happy horse-shit from that Communist twinkletoes Barry Omoron, after a mere two years we can reach out and touch some very tangible CHANGE thanks to Trump and the competent crew he has assembled to replace the "well, in theory this should work" incompetent nincompoops of the prior mis-administration.
Take a good look at the list Sean Hannity has compiled, you've probably NOT seen this in print or on TV. It simply does NOT fit the false narrative being pushed "orange man BAD; Red Queen Hillary (or Barry, if you swing that way) GOOD."
- All of this accomplished with the "Swamp Things" [read: MSM, Democrats, RINO's, the unelected-entrenched Deep State, and Professors from the Halls of Macadamia] arrayed against him and 'resisting' tooth-and-nail every inch of the way.
If I were Trump, I'd not worry about the enemies in front of me, but would worry instead about assholes like the above behind me.

Do not even.................from Rico

Do NOT even:
- Ask me 'what color' her eyes are.
- Admonish me with 'my eyes are up here.'
I am genetically forced to look at breasts. Unlike 'Globull Climate Hysteria' this actually IS settled science.
- Not 'looking' is no more of an option than becoming a constituent of San Fran Nan Pelosi is!

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Paris Burning: French Revolution 2.0....................from Rico

I'd keep an 'eye' on France.
- The "people" (the working stiffs who have had enough of the force-fed multiculturalism that has turned their country into a 3rd-world shithole before their eyes by their traitorous 'elites') are having no more of the Socialist-NWO.Globalist-Econazis telling them to "Eat Carbon Taxes! Let them eat Multiculturalism!" and threaten their elites with Revolution 2.0, possibly with the Guillotine.
- If 'leaders' cannot remove their heads from their asses, the "people" may well do it for them. The old-fashioned way.
The French "Invisibles" [think: Deplorables] are in the majority, and are the tax-donkeys $upporting the Rapefugee's who are sitting on the "people's" shoulders and living off the state - in turn 'protected' by the traitorous "elites' and "leaders" who are steering the destruction of France directly into becoming the French Caliphate.

The Theft of Christmas Past, Present and Future....................from Rico

The Christmas 'gift' of 1913 [the FED & IRS were 'created' by Congress 23 Dec] keeps 'giving' today, and we're all still being 'taken' for a ride now...and will be into the future.
- The Fed is no more Federal than Federal Express, it is a privately owned, for profit, bank that has been 'created' to be Too Big To Fail and Too Big To Prosecute while harvesting all the wealth from "We the People" as is humanly possible.
The animation at the below link is worth your time to watch, and is a serious presentation despite the animation.
- This is simply THE best summation of facts (there is nothing mis-stated in this clip) presented...probably exactly WHY this is not required viewing/reading in ALL public schools at all levels, and why 99% of Americans have NO IDEA of any of the facts presented here.
Thanks to the events of 1913, you can put a fork in America, it's done.
Very-very few today understand that Banks 'make' MONEY by 'selling' DEBT, giving us the gift of INFLATION which the IRS then TAXES. 
This is THE best 30 minutes I have spent this year, and I hope you will think so too after watching this.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Jeanne Robertson | The Christmas Bike

Cartoon Round Up....

Friday, 7 December 2018

Chelsea Football Club – A Platform for Millionaire Cultural Marxists.................from Dan T

If I thought I could escape the commie propaganda machine by watching a game of Premier League football I was very much mistaken. The advertising hoardings surrounding the pitch at the Stamford Bridge ground continually flashed the message ‘Support Chelsea, Support Equality’ which detracted from the spectacle on the field of play. 

Equality is one of the words beloved by socialists and their fellow travellers which they use to justify confiscating other peoples’ money. A person having more money or material possessions than his neighbour is perceived to be a crime against society regardless of how much sweat and blood were expended in their acquisition.

The political activists that have infiltrated all aspects of life, including sport, couldn’t resist the opportunity to push their politically correct agenda onto a captive audience of forty-one thousand football enthusiasts.

Although the campaign was primarily to promote homosexuality, according to research most of sporting crowds in this day and age couldn’t less about who a person sleeps with, but they do associate the word equality with income and wealth.

These cultural Marxists are either too dumb or too wrapped up in their ideology to see the irony and hypocrisy of preaching equality to a majority working class audience at a football club owned by a Russian multi-billionaire and where the players on display are multi-millionaires themselves.

Read about it here

Days of Infamy: Then and Now...............from Rico

It's the 7th of December today.
- Then. It was called a "Day of Infamy" and afterwards a monument was erected over the USS Arizona in remembrance.
Just the other day, presumptive Speaker Nazi Pelosi reiterated the Democratic Party's position on a Border Wall by saying NO MONEY for it. Ever. Their collective priority is NOT defending America. 
- Now. I call their position a 'new' Day of Infamy.
While the many Kate Steinle's could not be reached for comment, somewhere I hear the chorus of the dead who were killed by illegals singing along with the Seabees:
"And we promise that we remember
The Seventh of December"

Deadheads and Gen Flynn..................from Rico

After more than three decades of honorable service, including five years in combat, Gen Mike Flynn was set-up by the Obamunists.
- Dan Bongino sums it all up perfectly, and so simply, even a Libtard should be able to grasp what really happened.
It's really pathetic when the Democrats [call them progressives, liberals, or whatever...they are Communist assholes] and their most 'original' thoughts are stolen from a San Francisco drug band, the Grateful Dead. I think this makes Democrats today 'Deadheads.'
- Here are the lyrics from the Grateful Dead's song "Truckin":
"...Set up like a bowling pin
Knocked down, it gets to wearing thin..."

H/T Liz B

Clintons-Capone, Death & Taxes...............from Rico

The CFO [liberals read: Chief Financial Officer] of the Clinton Foundation spills the proverbial beans, says he 'knows where the bodies are buried' [read: illegal activities, unpaid taxes].
- I hope he has very good personal security.
Like the Clinton's today, mob boss Al Capone of Chicago once seemed invincible, unstoppable, and completely above the law, using money and murder to rule (ring any bells?).
- Big Al was finally brought down, convicted, and imprisoned because he kept crooked books and was convicted on a Tax charge (bells ringing louder now?).
I'd 'watch' this one.
- Ready the popcorn...

H/T Liz B

A Culture Lower than Amphibian Shit................from Rico

NO, it is NOT 'fundamental transformation' as the Leftists try to mis-label is societal 'deterioration' and cultural 'degradation.'
The GREATEST GENERATION needs neither an explanation nor an apology, especially in comparison to the following generations.
For a long time I mistakenly considered the Boomer Generation of aging hippies and wannabe Commies like the radical chic' Pelosi and Hillary, et al. to be the SHITTIEST GENERATION...but I was so very wrong, and failed to appreciate the depths of ignorance people were able, eager, and willing to plumb. They are now the 'formerly known as the shittiest generation' and have been replaced.
We are now witness to an even SHITTIER GENERATION
...pansies, progressives, pussyhats, socialists, snowflakes, soyboyz, trannies, and NFL kneelers.
Darwin has failed us, but the fluoridated water and TV seem to be doing their job.....

Cartoon Round Up....

Many Are Cold, But Few Are Frozen

Crypto's Crashing Redux...............from Rico

Crypto's are crashing again.
- Bitcoin Cash is down 33% on the week.
I know some speculators are hoping for a 'Dewey Beats Truman' moment, but maybe...just maybe...Bitcoin really IS dead?