Tuesday 5 December 2023

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 Can Hamas Military Wing Be Eradicated?

What ever happened to Kurdistan?

US officials frustrated over Biden response to Houthi ship attacks, report

Just-Released Bank Records Show Joe Biden Received Monthly Payments from Hunter's Business Entity

NYC Orders Voter Registration Forms For All Migrants


No Truce With Terrorists

America’s 2024 Election May Be Decided By 23 Million ILLEGAL ALIENS

Meet Dr. Wahid Shaida of the NHS, Who Calls Hamas Murderers ‘Brave Mujahideen’

Russia Cracks Down on Sexual Perversion

What’s Going On? Pentagon and Air Force Along with US House – Block Access to The Gateway Pundit Website: Report

Biden Admin Gave $86 Million to Company Accused of Peddling Fake COVID Test Kits

[Hahvahd?] RE: College Education in the US?...........................from Rico

 Attached Harvard-Taylor Swift is a perfect bookend to the video (click the YouTube link, it's safe) below!

Excellent advice to the current high school graduates in or out of the former USA:

Monday 4 December 2023

Bits and Bobs..............

 Iran Threatens Israel Over IRGC Officers Killed In Syria

Trump’s One Simple Campaign Message for Reelection

Gaza rockets fired toward Be'er Sheva in south; sirens in Kiryat Shmona in north

The Biden Regime’s Epic Betrayal of Israel

Houthis target U.S. warship, commercial vessels in the Red Sea

UN and Hamas: Partners in Crime

Pfizer Knew the Vax Was Poison

Aha!!!!! .................from Rico

 When I first saw this scene from the movie "The Deerhunter" I was of two minds about it, and in hindsight obviously didn't 'get it.'  


Now I do. Boy howdy do I ever!

Mickey Mouse Science? .................from Rico

 This has the heady, distinct, and fragrant aroma of Mickey Mouse 'science' with notes of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."

- The Walt Disney or Geothe's version as you may prefer.


Step aside mRNA and hold my beer says saRNA, and watch this!

- Coming next are saRNA* shots!


*saRNA: Self-amplifying RNA [read: replicates itself repeatedly making your own cells produce foreign proteins] experimental gene therapy shots.


What could possibly go wrong?

Cartoon Round Up....


FBI: Carpe Scrotum ...............from Rico

 This sounds legit! Follow the sequence of events:

- It's revealed St Floyd had enough fentanyl in his system to kill Stacey 'Tank' Abrams but the FBI altered the autopsy report (which cleared Officer Chauvin).

- FBI is exposed and humiliated.

- An FBI informant (a Mexican Mafia member) shivv's Chauvin 22 times 'coincidentally' in Federal prison.


Conclusion: The FBI has 'fundamentally transformed' into an anti-law criminal/political STASI-esque entity. [read: They have no rules. None.]


Do not take my word for this, but do consider the recent words of US Congressman Clay Higgins:


"Over 200 FBI agents/assets were dressed as Trump supporters" on J6.


One word? Two words? More words?

- How about some "I shit you not" dead serious words?

           Hang them by their balls!


Santos Clause