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The Status Quo, First Victim of Operation Protective Edge..........................from Dan Friedman

Top ten things that will happen if Israel allows itself to win in Gaza:
1. Iran loses one of its tentacles it meant to use to strangle Israel.
2. Having had one tentacle amputated in Gaza, Iran is loathe to lose the other one in southern Lebanon.
3. Talk about "isolation." A new calculus takes hold in Judea and Samaria. Fatah, the PA and Abbas know they're living from day to day - by the good graces of the IDF.
4. With the pressure relaxed on those fronts, Israel dusts off its plans to destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure.
5. Having successfully defied Obama and his anti-Zionist cats-paws, Israel still has to respect the lame duck snake, but can do so with greater confidence.
6. Any mention of returning to the "peace process" becomes the punch line to thousands of bad jokes. Even unJew Jon Stewart gets into the act.
7. The Arab World reads Israel's message loud and clear. Your region has a new boss and he is Jewish. Get used to it.
8. The Israeli Left and the anti-Zionist Left in general suffer a devastating body blow. Thomas Friedman goes back to writing about climate change, Peter Beinart gives a lecture to an empty auditorium, and Haaretz is sold to the Onion.
9. J Street, the New Israel Fund, B'Tselem et alia, are booted out of the "big tent" and told they will never march in NYC's Israel Day Parade again. At the same time, Peter Gelb of the Metropolitan Opera rewrites The Death of Klinghoffer and gives it a happy ending. Klinghoffer takes out an Uzi and kills all the Muslim bastards before they kill him. All performances are sold out even though the Times pans it.
10. George Soros dies in his sleep from complications of self-hatred.

Zo on PJ -- Israel! How Dare You Fight Back!

There are miles of Islamic territory that Palestine could happily be, with other Muslims, but nooo, they wanna shove Israel out of the tiny territory it has.

I Love Texas - Texas BBQ Thickburger

To BB: Don't Quit While You're Ahead........................from Dan Friedman

Mr. Prime Minister, reports are circulating that Israel’s Security Cabinet is considering a ceasefire. That would not be just an awful mistake, but the repetition of an awful mistake Israeli governments have made on a serial basis from the War of Independence in 1948 to Operation Returning Echo in 2012. I don’t think I need to remind you, sir, that the inconclusive endings agreed to by Israel in all prior conflicts have just set the table for the next bloody war. Another show of weakness on your part and the upshot will be more casualties and a more disruptive clash.
It’s past time the great state of Israel gets over this self-defeating syndrome, acts like a Jewish grown-up - and like any nation facing a mortal threat - keeps pressing the attack until the enemy is forced to end it on your terms or, better yet, is wiped out.

Washing........................from Rico

A Christmas movie called "Trading Places" also happens to be the best explanation of how commodities brokers operate.

- As the Mortimer and Randolph Duke characters explain to Valentine "they make their money on every trade, whether their clients do or not."

A lawsuit filed in federal court this week on behalf of three commodities traders alleges (with some VERY specific examples) that the commodities futures market is "rigged" against public investors, and that the CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) through side deals and secret side arrangements now conduct fully 50% of ALL futures trading as "wash trades."

"Wash trades" are illegal under present rules and regulations, and none of this could exist without a corrupt relationship between the government, the regulators, and the operators of the CME and CBOT.

A "wash trade" can artificially drive a price in any direction desired.

- There is NO risk with a "wash trade" since both the buyer and seller are either the same entity or financially linked entities.

For those who stayed with me thus far, you should know that the CME operates the COMEX (Chicago Metals Exchange which trades Gold and Silver futures and sets the 'spot' prices for them), which for very good reasons has become known as the CRIMEX.

- With half of their trades being "wash trades" an obscene amount of money can be made by manipulating the paper (spot) prices of bullion.

Saturday Totty................

Women in Just Their Towels Run to Air Raid Shelters in Tel Aviv, Take Selfies, Post to Facebook

Well, I guess they're keeping up a good attitude and all.

See, "Israelis Take 'Bomb Shelter Selfies' as Hamas Rains Down Indiscriminate Shelling on Tel Aviv."

Some nice chicks in just their towels too. You never know where you'll be when the air raid sirens go off, lol.

Smokin' Hot Ludivine Sagna Boosts Her Big Breasts in Pink Bikini on Miami Beach

Dreamy Ludivine!

Here: "Sexy Ludivine Sagna Bikini Boobtastic in Miami!"

She's a soccer WAG, married to French international football player Bacary Sagna.

Very hot. Her nipples are popping out of that bikini!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Benghazi Black Friday Bedtime Totty.....................

Pic Dump................

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Red Flag 14-3.................

USAF Video by Senior Airman Ariel Tumlinson, SrA Rachel Maxwell, A1C Rebecca Long, SrA Cody Griffith, William Lewis

Incredible video from the top of Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer...from TPC

Unbelievable footage of the statue and the view taken by a worker walking at the very top.

Watch at LI here.

Teatime Totty..................

Guns Guns Guns (Fun Fun Fun - The Beach Boys)....................

Martin O'Malley and Anthony Brown have succeeded in shooting themselves in the foot once again (I crack myself up) They have taxed and regulated yet another business out of Maryland. Beretta firearms has announced they will relocate their plant to Tennessee. 300 jobs lost and, most will not find a job in this economy, so it is adding to the unemployment rolls, AND eventually to the welfare rolls as well. SMH! We have to stop this exodus! Vote for Larry Hogan in November!

NewsBusted 7/25/14.....................

Cartoon Round Up....

Emily dickinson, poet soul, wrote it .... meriam ibrahim, brave soul, declaimed it ....

Liberal Jewish Losers: If Only Erdogan Hadn’t Lied to Us

Prince George's Birthday Gifts From President Obama Revealed

Frenchwoma​n stung with €500 fine for feeding cats

'Credible' Terror Threat in Norway, US Officials Say

The 15 best French expression​s for having sex

French court rules no halal meals in prison

No Joke: Obama Considering Flying Immigrants From Honduras Straight To The U.S. So They Don’t Have To Sneak Over Border

British inventor builds giant 'fart machine' to fire at France

Done Raising Money Yet?

Hillary: Bill was Abused by His Mother

Israel Can Win - If Obama doesn't save Hamas

Jailed Venezuelan opposition leader put on trial in Caracas

There Must Not Be a Ceasefire

War "Statistics": The New York Times Deceives Again

A “humanitarian” ceasefire would give Hamas time to find answers for Israeli Chariot-4’s Windbreaker armor

Intelligence insider on Ukraine: The other road to World War III

Why would Hamas negotiate with John Kerry after getting $47 million from him?

Gary tells John's story - Natl Memorial Day Concert 2014

Andrew Klavan: Country Without Borders

In which our host, Andrew Klavan, interviews one of the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors streaming over America's Southern border to discover more about the little feller's harrowing ordeal.

Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military

Vice takes an unprecedented look into the shadowy industry of Private Military Companies. For the past two decades these private companies, like Black Water, Aegis and G4S have silently consumed military operations around the world, doing everything from back end logistics, protection of government VIP's and diplomats to actual combat duties. In this documentary we explore the origins of this industry, their rise in the war on terror and their future operations around the world.


Putin (Seinfeld) vs Obama (Babu Bhatt) (Video/Humor)...from TPC

The video in this article attempts to use humor to depict the relationship between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin using a clip from an episode of Seinfeld as a prop.

In The Fight Against Jihad Feminists Are MIA...............................from Dan Friedman

[There is a strict hierarchy of priorities in the left-liberal world. Maligning Israel and the Jews easily trump protecting Muslim women from the barbaric rituals of the Islamic world. This is actually a very shrewd tactic. Israel-bashers don’t want Western women to start having bad thoughts. For example, Islamic attacks on Israel stem from the same savage ideology that thinks nothing of mutilating women in the name of their god. Anything to stop the gals from going down that road. df]

H/T Jeff

Thought for the Day................

H/T 45 Govt

To BB: Shoot First, Say F**k You Later!.........................from Dan Friedman

Mr. Prime Minister, I want to give you some credit for the way you are running Operation Protective Edge, and how you are responding to “international pressure” like water coming off a duck’s back. Nevertheless, I wish to remind you, this is the time for wiping out the enemy. After you’ve finished that job, there will be ample time to heap scorn on their EU and UN enablers -- and flip them the bird.

Please remain strong, Netanyahu, so that all of us will be strengthened!

Poetry. It's a beautiful thing.....​...............from Rico

Well, since I don't golf and do not plan to start My only quibble would be to swap that bar on the golf course for a vacation resort pool-side swim-up bar.

- Other than that this all sounds pretty damned good to me.

A man needs his dreams.....

We're Both From The Same Dan Gordon

I spend the night last night with the family I met the day before. The ones I wrote about in an article called “Why We Fight”. I met them yesterday and when I see them today I’m greeted not like the stranger who knocked on the wrong door and found the right people, which is what happened yesterday, today I’m family. Not just family, beloved family. And I’m not alone either. All the soldiers for whom they’ve set up cots in their front yard are family too. The twenty some odd soldiers they let in to their home to take showers in their bathroom; they’re family too. Today I finally meet the father. We’ll call him Menashe. He’s in his mid fifties,  and he still does reserves. He’s a sergeant major.

“ Sergent major in the army, “ he says, “ Sergent major at home.”

And what does a sergeant major in the Israeli army do?

First and foremost he takes care of his guys.

And that’s just what Menashe does. He makes sure they have mattresses, towels, he makes sure they get the care packages that total strangers have made up and simply dropped off at this little farming village” For the boys”. And now he’s making felafels ….for everybody. Twenty soldiers…twenty five , thirty. I don’t know. Mama Rachel is making them with him and she calls up her own reserve troops , her sons. The whole family is preparing felafel’s….for strangers who happen to be wearing uniforms and carrying weapons and would, and well may, lay down their lives for Rachel and Menashe and their family. Because just out there a few hundred meters away was the tunnel exit where the terrorists popped up yesterday . The war is on their front lawn so they’ve opened up their homes and their hearts to these boys who know exactly what they’re fighting for.

They’re fighting for THEIR homes as well…as if all Israel is one family, one home, one village.

“ But “ I think to myself, “ That’s probably because we’re on the border and the war really is on their front lawn.

One of the sons insists I sleep in his bed.

“ No way.” I say, “ Not going to happen”.

“ Listen” he says, I sleep in the shelter , the re enforced room anyway, since the whole thing started. So either way the bed is empty. It’s yours.”

I don’t even know his name.

I don’t think he knows mine. I’m just that guy who knocked on the wrong door yesterday and wrote the article his mother didn’t want to be interviewed for because she was making pizza.

And it’s not just Mama Rachel and Abba Menashe who have opened up their homes and hearts. The whole village has. They’re throwing a concert for the troops in their school building. R and R for the “ boys and girls” while the sounds of rockets, mortar and machine gun fire filter in from the battle field that is only a few kilometers away.

They’re not fighting in Afghanistan. Israel is fighting on its front lawn.

I’m up early the next morning. I only get a chance to say good bye to one of the sons , but we hug and part like brothers. Because after all , we’re family now.

There are nostalgic songs on the radio, as I drive North.. Songs of my generation and earlier ones. Soldiers' songs. Songs of comrades in arms and mothers waiting to welcome their sons home on Shabbat, promising to be waiting at the door for their return, lover’s songs, promising to be waiting as well, and a song that everyone knows called” We are Both From The Same Village” though the music of the words is much sweeter in Hebrew. The melody is sweet and sad and the words tell of two friends who grew up in the same vllage, chased the same girls, made out with them on the village green, went into the army together, came home on Shabbat together, went into battle together and now only one returns…to mourn the other.

I have to leave early because I’m driving “ Up North” to the kibbutz where I was partly raised. It’s a small village, a few hundred people, where , as the saying used to go "everyone knows what color underwear you wear.”

Everyone’s nose in in each other’s business, for better and for worse.

It’s where I went to high school fifty years ago, and like the song says, kissed girls on the village green, where I was “adopted” by a family who became as much my parents as my biological family, where I went into the army, and where they welcomed me home each time I came back on leave as one of their sons, where I married, and where my son, Zaki, of blessed memory, was born; a ben meshek, a son of the village

. He was born within a few months of my classmates’, children, because after the Yom Kippur War we all got married, all had kids, all at the same time, a biological response of the species because our friends, from that village, had been killed in battle. The friends of my youth are buried in the cemetery above our village, in the forest where I used to make out with girl friends on full moon nights  with a million stars above our heads, and a million plans, noble ideas and stupid ones, fantasies  and the what ifs  of a village youth.

As is always the case when I come to Ginnegar, the name of the kibbutz where I grew to manhood, I am coming home.

But not with any joy. Not for any planned or impromptu reunion with classmates who have been my best friends for half a century, who married when I did, had kids when I did, and now have gone grey as we all have.

I’m coming home for the funeral of Shachar Dauber, staff sergeant, paratrooper…twenty years old.

I don’t know him. Don’t think I ever even saw him. Nor do I know his parents who came to Ginnegar after I had already left to return to LA to become a screenwriter.

But we’re both from the same village.

The funeral is supposed to start at 11:00. I’m running late because I’ve come all the way up north from the border with Gaza and now I’m stuck in traffic. “ This is absurd” I think, “There’s never any traffic on this road and now today of all days , I’m stuck in traffic a few miles away from Ginnegar. Probably a fender bender. I hope that’s all it is.”

Israelis are notoriously bad drivers. My “ adopted brother” Ron was killed in a car accident at sixteen. He would be one year shy of his sixtieth birthday if he had lived. He’d be a senior citizen. Instead he is eternally sixteen, just as my boy, who would have been approaching middle age by now, is forever twenty two.

"What is with this traffic? “ And then I realize, the traffic is headed to Ginnegar. The traffic is for the funeral.

But not just traffic. There are thousands of people coming here. Thousands!! This boy couldn’t have known all these people. It’s unending. And when I finally make the turn into the kibbutz, they’ve rented busses to take people up to the cemetery because …there are thousands .

How could a twenty year old possibly know so many people?

He couldn’t have known all these people.

I don’t know any of them and this is my village, my home.

We go up to the cemetery. I put stones on the graves of my adopted father , Chanan, my adopted mother Miriam, and my adopted brother , Ron. Over there is the grave of my favorite teacher and high school counselor. Here, the grave of a childhood friend, there the grave an  old guy we always made fun of . I know more people below ground than above in this crowd of thousands.

Shachar's classmates eulogize him and they tell stories about him that my classmates and I could have told about each other fifty years ago. Stories about impromptu picnics in the forest, where now he will dwell, forever a youth of twenty years; stories of girls and village greens, of full mooned nights, of a million stars, and a million noble ideas, and stupid ones, fantasies, and the what ifs of a village youth.

Boys and girls, men and women, soldiers cry openly unashamed and comforting each other.

I see two of my best friends in life Chaim and Dani. We’re all grandfathers now. We hug and kiss each other, ask about children and grandkids, but i can’t stay long. I have to drive halfway down to the middle of the country, though we call it “going up” because I’m going up to  Jerusalem.

I’m going to pay a condolence call to the family of Max Seinberg, sergeant, Golani Brigade, twenty four years old. Originally fromLos Angeles, the other place I grew up.

I’m going because he was a “lone soldier” which is the term for a soldier without any real family in Israel. I was a “ lone soldier” . I suppose, if a sixty seven year old reservist can qualify for that term, it’s what I am today, a “ lone soldier” with no blood relatives, or “ adopted” ones  still alive in israel.
And the Max Steinberg was not just from LA, he lived about fifteen minutes away from where I raised my kids in LA. He went to El Camino High School where my college  Sweetheart and the great love of my youth was a teacher till she retired a few years ago. I’m thinking, she was probably his teacher as well. I know what it is to lose a son. I want to say a few words of comfort to his parents, who are doing the seven days of mourning at a hotel in Jerusalem.

When word got out that Max Seinberg was a “ lone soldier” with no family in Israel, thirty thousand people turned up to his funeral to accompany him on his final journey on this earth and to stand with him and his family. THIRTY THOUSAND PEOPLE for a soldier who was supposedly” alone”.

It has been several days since the funeral. People have probably already forgotten, moved on and , I think to myself , it will be good to comfort his parents. I know what they must be feeling. Been there. Done that. I get to the hotel and ask what room the Steinberg family is in so I can go up and pay a condolence call while they’re sitting Shiva, in the period of mourning.

It’s not in their room” the front desk clerk tells me," it’s one floor down, in the ball room.”

And when I go down stairs there are hundreds of people, perhaps as many as a thousand.

I talk to some of them. They came from all walks of life, and none of them knew him.

There are a lot of young soldiers.

I figure they must be from his unit, his pals, but they’re air borne and from other units, No, none of them knew him either.

They  were just rom the same village. Israel.

Turns out, as I learned with Rachel and Menashe and the people of their village, as I learned in Ginnegar and in Jerusalem, as the thirty thousand people learned at Max Steinberg’s funeral, there are no “lone soldiers” in Israel.

And as can be the case with the internet today, if you’re a Palestinian from Gaza reading this, I want you to know, that no one passed out candy to celebrate either of these boys’ martyrdom. Their parents didn’t celebrate because they had fulfilled the promise of becoming shaheed or martyr . No one expected seventy two virgins to greet them. There was no joyous trilling of tongues nor shots fired wildly,into the air.
And something else as well. In both gatherings, amongst those thousands of people, many of them soldiers, on leave from the battle with Hamas, to which we will all return in a few hours time, I heard not one word of hatred toward you, not one racist expression, not one vow to avenge these deaths, not one, not one.

After the 2009 and 2012 campaigns in response to the rockets launched by Hamas against Israel , the Hamas leaders, Ismail Haniyah and Khaled Mashal both talked about the humanitarian disaster in Gaza. Never mind that they brought it about with wars of their making. They talked about the destruction and the “ blockade”. Never mind that the “ blockade” of Gaza was a non lethal measure Israel took INSTEAD of going to war , hoping it would stem the terrorist attacks against us. Never mind that there was no blockade of Gaza when we turned it over to the Palestinian Authority, whose men Hamas machine gunned to death in the blood thirsty coup that brought them to power. Never mind that the blockade came in response to the terrorist attacks against us, not the other way around.

Khaled Mashal turned to the word’s media and said that Israel had to be made to allow building materials to come into Gaza , cement and steel, to rebuild the buildings Israel had bombed.How could the Zionists object to that?. You can’t use cement and steel to make a rocket , they said. You can only use it to rebuild what the Zionists so cruelly destroyed. And so the West opened its pocket book and bought the cement and steel and Israel let it go through.

So let me ask you , if you’re reading this in Gaza, did Hamas use it to build you new schools and hospitals, community centers or parks?

No. We both know now  what that cement and steel was used for; it was used to build the terrorist tunnels meant to murder us.

What did you get out of it.?

What did you get out of the billions spent on rockets and mortars and homicide tunnels?

I know what we got out of Iron Dome. We got a defense system that saved lives.

What did you get.?

I know why our boys died.

They died defending our country, our homes, our village.

But what did your boys die for?

We accepted a cease fire ! It was Hamas that not only turned it down, but then launched a terrorist tunnel attack against Rachel and Menashe’s village and dozens of others along the border.

It was to be Hamas and Khaled Mashal’s shock and awe.

After that, how could we not go in to deal with the terrorist tunnels.? How could any country not commit its armed forces to remove that kind of murderous threat from it’s civilian population?

So what did your boys die for?  

It was all so unnecessary. We had agreed to the cease fire .

We wanted to start a cycle of peace. Hamas initiated a cycle of death.

And what did you get out of it. ?

Khaled Mashal said yesterday that there would be no cease fire , that he and the leadership of Hamas would die to lift the siege.

But there was no siege till Khaled and company announced their intentions to kill us all, and launched the rocket attacks to do it.

And Khaled Mashsal made his brave comments from Qatar.

Last time I looked there were no Israeli soldiers in Qatar.

He’s in a five star hotel getting spa treatments,  while you eat the dust of Gaza.

I promise you, on the soul of my son Zaki, of Blessed memory, and on the souls of all the fallen, we don’t hate you.

We don’t wish you ill.

We want you to live peaceful,long, joyous lives. We want your children not to be martyrs  but to marry,, have children, give you the joy of grandchildren and wedding feasts, not funerals.

We just want want you to stop trying to kill us.

Until then we’ll complete the mission of dealing with the tunnels, degrading Hamas ’s terrorist infrastructure and allowing our people to live the kind of tranquil lives we wish for you.

We know you’re suffering. We know you’re under Hamas’s gun.

And we know we’re ,all of us,  from the same village.

We pray for the day when you know it as well.

Dan Gordon
Capt. IDF (Res)

Overnight News.................

Kerry humiliated in Egypt

George Patton’s Summer of 1944

ObamaCare getaway: 5 US territorie​s released from health care law

Greenpeace in Chaos as Staff Revolt Against Management

ISIS Calls for Women to Undergo Genital Mutilation

Border Official Points Gun... at Boy Scout: Troop Leader

Aeronautical students tour aviation museum in Pensacola

Harper Lee has become Boo Radley, so get off her porch

Agents get subsidized 'Obamacare' using fake IDs

Browns fan records himself urinating on the grave of former Ravens owner Art Modell

Elvis' Last Cadillac Going on Auction Block

Texas Border Town Becoming Banana Republic

Six Cartel Hitmen Dead Following Shootout Near Texas Border

Newly Released Document Reveals How The US Government Defines A Terrorist


Russian military fires artillery into eastern Ukraine

Poll: GOP more excited than Democrats about voting

The Middle East Friendship Chart

Analysis: Human rights or human shields in Gaza war?

Anti-porn group warns against watching ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Birmingham council a 'disastrou​s failure' over Islamism in schools

Israel and the Burden of Being Right

Man run over by own truck during road rage

Funding for Space Launch System Fizzling Out?

Russian 'Space Sex' Geckos in Peril

Red Friday Totty..................

Thus Spake Krugman......................from Rico

Ho hum.

Just another 'typical' instant dumping of a billion dollars worth of notional gold futures again yesterday [read: naked shorts]. Silver was also monkey-hammered in sympathy with Gold. Same old, same old price suppression on the CRIMEX (it's sure a good thing they will be handling the "Silver fix" now instead of London. Irony, thy name simply reeks of it....the "fix" is certainly "in" now!).

- This is not a great way for an investor to make money, but it works a treat for central banker's skeered to death that the fiat train is running away from them.

One might presume that everything is just swell with the world and the dollar.

- Just hunky-dory.

To confirm this, Krugman says so and adds that all the doom-and-gloomers were big worry warts and scaredy cats.

- Yeah, that's a good reason to not own Gold or Silver. Just listen to the guy who hasn't gotten anything right in his life.

PJTV - Tyranny of Experts: Is Bill Gates Enabling World Poverty?

Trifecta discusses William Easterly's book The Tyranny of Experts. Are economists, dictators and Microsoft funded philanthropists contributing to world poverty? Are U.N. development programs propping up tinpot dictators? Find out

Body by Victoria by the Numbers 10 Styles. 9 Supermodels. 1 Cute Video..............

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Smokin' Hot Brazilian Model Mariana Braga Photoshoot by Alessandro Casagrande

Very nice, "Mariana Braga for Alessandro Casagrande and Polanski Magazine."

And be sure to click through for all the topless babes at Polanski.

Bedtime Totty.................

Building An EU Empire From The Atlantic To The Urals Without A Mandate

One has to give credit to the European Union and its leaders for the way they can deceive their respective peoples with what is a continuous tissue of lies, obfuscation and deceit and get away with it unscathed. Having a government-media complex in their back pocket is a big help off course, along with compliant populations who are beaten down with a deluge of propaganda unheard of since the days of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

Their belief in propaganda combined with their utter contempt for the views of their people has led these elitists to believe they can re-order the world without consulting those who's lives will be drastically altered.

The Divine Right of Kings may have gone the way of King Charles the First's head, but it has reappeared with a vengeance in the new post democratic age and it is used ruthlessly by this new generic political class. These politicians have been conditioned to believe that their global agenda is somehow 'divinely' inspired and must be imposed at all costs regardless of any objections from the people who will suffer the consequences.

As we know from the Jean Monet strategy, the EU was conceived and expanded by a series lies deliberately employed to fool the people into a federal superstate without them realising their fate. This has been the strategy employed ever since by politicians of all parties who are dedicated to the superstate project.

Despite his claims to be otherwise, British Prime Minister David Cameron is the consummate European politician who has mastered the art of saying one thing to the British people and something totally different to the European audience he is trying to woo.

At home he is trying to stem the tide of Euroscepticism by claiming the EU must be reformed as a condition for British membership or the EU must drop its insistence on 'ever closer union'.  He is going to re-negotiate Britain's term of membership and take back control of the borders etc. etc. In Europe he is letting slip the true ambitions of the EU which is to have an empire from the Atlantic to the Urals while speaking in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhstan.

Cameron states that "Britain has always supported the widening of the EU" - no it hasn't, the people have not been consulted so he cannot speak for Great Britain. What he means is that the political elite want to expand the EU empire to snare as many other peoples as possible into their clutches in an effort to accumulate power.

In his arrogance he also states that "Our vision of the EU is that it should be a large trading and cooperating organisation that effectively stretches, as it were, from the Atlantic to the Urals". When he says "our vision" who is he referring to?  The result of the last European elections clearly demonstrate that it's not the British people. Again he is speaking on behalf of the political elite not the British people.

Even in his speech to the Kazakh audience he refuses to tell the whole truth; he makes reference to a "large trading and cooperating organisation" but fails to mention the surrender of sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats that will end any democratic aspirations the Kazakh people may have had after their liberation from the Soviet empire.

(Read the story here)

He tells the British people that the current EU is out date and unacceptable in its present form only to tell his East European audience that "we have a wide vision of Europe and have always encouraged countries that want to join".   There's that "we" again.

In an attempt to fool the people Cameron has reshuffled his Cabinet to include a supposed Eurosceptic Phillip Hammond as Foreign Secretary.  Apart from saying that he would vote to leave the EU if it doesn't change he has done little to convince anyone he wants a free, independent and sovereign Great Britain.
(Hammond story here)

At the same time as Hammond is unconvincingly talking about a possible British exit, the top conservative in the House of Lords is proclaiming that a British exit "is not an option".

Lord Popat, the Conservative Chief Whip and spokesman for the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, stated that  "there is no chance that the UK could leave the EU".

Maybe Cameron could enlighten the British people as to which one of his senior lieutenants should be believed. Bearing in mind that Lord Popat is appointed, not elected, he is more in line with the EU modus operandi. Hammond voting to leave doesn't mean Britain actually will, the odds must be on the noble Lord.
(Lord Popat story here)

Despite his claim to be listening to the British people and that he "gets it" with reference to their immigration concerns, Cameron continues to lie - he could do the decent thing for once in his disreputable political career and tell the truth:

He is committed to the EU project as it stands today.

There will be no meaningful renegotiation of membership terms. The EU leaders have already said so.

The British government will not repatriate any powers.  On the contrary, sovereignty will continued to be slowly and inexorably surrendered.

The British government will never regain control over the borders and uncontrolled mass immigration will continue.

He is committed to expanding the EU empire to include Turkey, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Serbia and that means giving unlimited access to the British people's taxpayer funded welfare system to another one hundred and thirty nine million impoverished people who may not be compatible to the British way of life.

The EU has been a disaster for the British people and their way of life.  The only vision they have is to be rid of it and be a free, independent and sovereign nation once again.


Footnote: Attempts to coerce Ukraine into the EU empire has resulted in a bloody civil war, trying to do the same with other Soviet Republics like Kazakhstan would be disastrous, but thats another story.  

Never Again? Dogs but not Jews allowed at Belgian cafe!...from TPC

Once again the phrase Never Again appears to more of a wish than reality as a Belgian cafe hangs a sign that says dogs are allowed in but not Jews!

Should the Government Tell You What to Eat?

By Alan Caruba

Given the successive scandals and monster laws like Obamacare that have been imposed on Americans, the federal government’s efforts to control and determine what you eat doesn't receive the attention that it should. The ultimate question is whether the government should tell you what to eat and then seek to enforce their views about it? The answer is no.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee is one of those federal entities that should have no role in determining what is on your plate, but among its recommendations is the promotion of “a plant-based diet, reduced meat consumption, and only eating fish after reading up on which are good for you.” Meanwhile the food police have been warning against the natural element of mercury in fish even though it is so small as to constitute no health threat.

Hanns Kuttner, a senior research fellow at the Hudson Institute, a Washington, D.C.  domestic and foreign policy think tank, says that the working premise of the committee is that a “good diet would increase consumer’s costs and imply the end of entire sectors of American agriculture—all in an effort to regulate behavior that has nothing to do with nutrition.” The committee, since 2010, “has not included a member who has any knowledge of food production and food regulation.”

The committee reflects the United Nations global campaign to encourage the consumption of insects. If you love dining on bugs, the UN wants this to be a part of everyone’s diet. According to Eva Muller, the director of Food and Agricultural Organizations Forest Economics, Policy and Products Division, bugs “are nutritious, they have a lot of protein and are considered a delicacy in many countries.” 

It should come as no surprise that Michelle Obama is leading the food police at this point. A program of the U.S. Agriculture Department announced new rules in 2013 to remove high caloric food and drink items from cafeterias and campuses of schools around the country. As of this year, sodas, sports drinks, and candy bars are banned. Only diet drinks, granola bars, and fruit are acceptable.

This is Big Government at work, but no one expects that kids will go along, nor are shoppers likely to embrace a U.S. Department of Agriculture report that wants to steer them toward more fruits and vegetables and away from sugar and fat-laden items. The new guide was written for the 47 million Americans who participate in the food stamp program. Yes, 47 million!

Michelle Obama also favors costly--$30,000 each—grocery carts that are color-coded to “help” consumers selected approved food items. This kind of intrusiveness is obnoxious.

Victor Skinner of the Education Action Group noted in early July that “The federal government’s attempt to force public school students to eat ‘healthier’ lunches is falling apart at the seams.” The New York Times News Service reported that the School Nutrition Association (SNA) which initially welcomed the bans is now lobbying Congress to dial back on the “overly prescriptive” and expensive changes.

“Congress is listening,” reported the Times, “and is considering legislation to delay the nutrition regulations for a year, some of which have already gone into effect.” The SNA is pointing out that many students are throwing away the additional fruits and vegetables included in their lunches, amounting to $684 million in food waste every year—or roughly “enough to serve complete reimbursable school lunches to more than 228 million students.” Moreover, the “nutritious” federal lunch menu is also proving costly for many school districts that are now forced to purchase more expensive foods to comply with the regulations.

We have reached the point where some schools are banning birthday cakes or cupcakes in classrooms where such celebrations have gone on for decades. Meanwhile many parents have noticed that their children just skip lunch at school and wait to come home to eat instead.

For as long as I can remember Americans have been told that something they eat or drink is dangerous to their health, even though Americans now enjoy the highest life expectancy since such data has been studied. Almost everything we have been warned against has turned out to have some beneficial aspect to it.

In March, the journal, Annals of Internal Medicine published a study that concluded that “Saturated fat does not cause heart disease.” Nina Teicholz, writing in the Wall Street Journal in May noted that “One consequence is that in cutting back on fats, we are now eating a lot more carbohydrates—at least 25% more since the early 1970s…instead of meat, eggs and cheese, we’re eating more pasta, grains, fruit and starchy vegetables such as potatoes.”

“The problem is that carbohydrates break down into glucose, which causes the body to release insulin, a hormone that is fantastically efficient at storing fat…excessive carbohydrates lead not only to obesity, but also, over time, to Type 2 diabetes and, very likely, heart disease.” Thanks to Big Government dietary guidelines and regulations, “the U.S. population (is) growing sicker and fatter while adhering to official dietary guidelines has put nutrition authorities in an awkward position.”

The latest group to join the Food Police are those opposed to food grown with genetically modified organisms (GMO), calling for the labeling of them. This is intended to boost the sales of “organically” grown crops that allegedly do not use pesticides or herbicides. It is pure propaganda because, as Mishcha Popoff, a former organic farmer and USDA-contract organic inspector, and the author of “Is It Organic?” recently noted in a Daily Caller article that “A whopping 43% of all certified-organic food sold in America now test positive for prohibited pesticides.” And, of course, “organic” food items cost more.

Simply put, crops need to be protected against insects and weeds. Always have and always will. There is no evidence that the proper use of insecticides and herbicides pose a health hazard. As one farmer told me, “My family eats what I grow. Do you think I would do anything to harm them?” Popoff notes that “The GMO industry is now well-established, with 35 years of science and over 20 years of commercial success behind it.”

The government has no business telling Americans what they should eat. It too frequently offers bad science and almost always propaganda. In the home of the brave and land of the free this is yet another intrusion in the lives of Americans. What you eat and even how much is an individual freedom and choice.

© Alan Caruba, 2014