Saturday, 22 July 2017

Nicole Kidman Shocks Fans in Sizzling Red Hot Swimsuit with Breast Nipple Pokies for LOVE Magazine Cover Shoot

Well, since we're on the LOVE beat, look what else came up.

Here, "Nicole Kidman, 50, Flashes Pert Poking Nipples in Red Hot Skintight Swimsuit for Shocking LOVE Magazine Cover."

She's still got it, heh:

Nicole wears perky pokie nipples swimsuit by Love Stories Swim Club; hat by Stetson; faux-fur-lined denim jacket by Pinko; yellow gold juste un cloud necklace and white, yellow and pink gold trinity bracelets all by Cartier; boots by Frye.

Taking It All Off: Emily Ratajkowski Shocks Fans and Sends Pulses Racing as She Poses Completely Nude for New LOVE Magazine Photoshoot

Well, Ms. Emily's upping the ante in this Photoshoot, showing some tender tush area as well as her ample breasts.

Here, "Totally Nude Emily Ratajkowski by Patrick Demarchelier for LOVE Magazine."

Linked there is the hilarious commentary from Drunken Stepfather:

Rat Cow has tits. She likes you knowing she has tits. Her tits are the only reason she exists. Yet her media recently has been about how her tits work against her, when really her tits are the only thing that matter when it comes to her, as you cum to her, because as low level gutter as she is…those tits are tits worth looking at…substantial tits, even magical tits, it’s just too bad the host body the tits are attached to, who is pretending the tits don’t run the show…is pretty garbage.
Click the links for more.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Spectacular Elite Model Claudia Galanti Strips it All Off, Struts Her Stuff, on the Hotel Balcony in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy (PHOTOS)

She's got a humongous rack, dang!

What a womanly lady!

That's what I'm taking about!

Here, "Spectacular Paraguayan Model Claudia Galanti Topless, Gallivanting on the Hotel Balcony in Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy (PHOTOS).

Lots of photos.

Dozens of photos.

She's in her lingerie, taking it all off, flaunting her big round breasts for everyone!

Cartoon Round Up....

Talking vs. Doing.............from Rico

The next "bubble" to burst is gonna keep kids in Mommie's basement for a long, long while.
- No, it's not the "if you can fog a mirror, you can drive a new BMW off the lot today" bubble. That one's for discussion another day.
The "bubble" I refer to is student debt.
- The FED says there is $1.44 trillion in student debt outstanding right now.
- Only $535 billion of that student debt is being 'serviced' right now. More debt will be coming due. Paying jobs for graduates that cannot do anything are not coming.
Those MS degrees in Feminism and/or PhD's in Social Justice don't come cheap, 'ya know.
- But, ask yourself how many pizza delivery drivers are the chains really going to need? And once 'drone' delivery starts in earnest? Fuggedaboudid. [Never mind the kiosks replacing cashiers, or the robots making the pizza's.....]
Five minutes listening to Mike Rowe should have been enough to convince any reasonably bright individual to learn how to "do" something instead of how to just "talk" about something. They are not the same things.
- Welder, plumber, electrician are all fungible skills that reside with the individual. Talking, on the other hand, anybody can do that, and it's a market already long-cornered by bloviating wind-bag politicians....and there's already a glut on the market of those.

Knife Guys Finish First

The name says it all..................from Rico

Twelve good men of the House FREEDOM CAUCUS have moved around Ryan to advance a CLEAN REPEAL of ObamaCare via H.R. 1436.
Congress as a whole has been giving Americans BUPKIS [less than nothing], and Ryan as Speaker of the House has been in the "less than nothing" lead.
- Ryan is a #neverTrumper and a #neverMAGA deadweight RINO, a character-free political hack and the clone of Pelosi without the Botox...translation: a useless bump in the road that has to be stepped around if anything positive is to ever move ahead.

Thought for the Day..............

H/T Liz B

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tasty: NASCAR Beauty Danica Patrick Strips Off in Bikini Striptease on Singer Island (VIDEO)

WATCH: "Tasty Automotive Star Danica Patrick Takes It Off in Hot Bikini Striptease (VIDEO)."

Tasty Flasher! Victoria's Secret Model Martha Hunt Flashes Upskirt During Photoshoot at Coney Island (PHOTOS)

Lots of photos.

Dozens of photos.

This hot tasty treat flashes her snatch in a tight butt-cheek hugging mini-skirt.

Holy cow this is to die for!

Here, "Beautiful Tight Victoria's Secret Model Martha Hunt Flashes Snatch During Photoshoot at Coney Island (PHOTOS)."

New Jersey Mom Charged with Taking Hammer to Car with Kids Inside (VIDEO)

This is not good.

The kids' father video'd the attack.

It's a domestic dispute. Really frightening.

WATCH: "Literally Unhinged Mother in Paterson, New Jersey, Arrested After Smashing Car Windows with Children Inside (VIDEO)."

The African-Irish Are All Off To Dublin In The Green To Riot....................from Daniel Thomas

The veil of censorship that the European Union is using to shroud the violent civil unrest that is engulfing its member states was lifted recently with the news that African immigrants were running riot on the streets of Dublin, Ireland terrorising workers and shoppers. 

What is remarkable about this outbreak of violence by African invaders is the fact that the history of Ireland is one of a constant bloody struggle for self-rule from the British invaders of centuries ago.

The Irish struggle for independence is too complex for an article such as this but needless to say thousands of patriots made the ultimate sacrifice engaging in guerrilla warfare against the British army and police. Thousands more died during the Irish Civil War which preceded the formation of the independent Irish Republic in 1922.

That wasn’t the end of the violent struggle however since the six counties that made up the province of Ulster remains part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to this day. Patriotic nationalist fighters remain determined to re-unite the province with the Republic and are willing to kill and maim in pursuit of their goal.

It was patriotism and the overwhelming love of Ireland that drove the uprising against British rule but where is that patriotism now?

Read the article here

Cartoon Round Up....

Corruptacrats...................from Rico

Failure to REPEAL?
- They never intended to REPEAL, stating the obvious here: America's professional politicians are (a) LIARS, and (b) corrupt. Corruptacrats.
It's pathetically obvious that the RINO's are working for their paymasters.
- No, not the voters or taxpayers, that's just 'chump change' to these assholes...I mean the REAL paymasters who pay the SERIOUS money to them, the 'special' interest lobbying group$.
They had what they asked for, campaigned for, and promised in return for the public's votes.
- They did NOT deliver on those promises. They really screwed the pooch this time.
The 'monster vote' aka the 'deplorables' are not amused, nor are they likely to forgive and forget. 2018 could leave a nasty dent in a lot of RINO heads.
- LOWER Taxes. LESS Government, MORE Freedom.

A few thoughts from the shower......

Do twins ever realize that one of them is unplanned?
Maybe oxygen is slowly killing you and it just takes 75-100 years to fully work.
Every time you clean something, you just make something else dirty. True!
Your future self is watching you right now through memories.
If you replace "W" with "T" in "What, Where and When", you get the answer to
each of them.
Many animals probably need glasses, but nobody knows it.

H/T Old Dude

Mr Roboto 'suicided?'.......................from Rico

Another mysterious 'suicide' in DC?
When I saw this story I immediately wondered "what dirt did Mr Roboto have on the Clinton's?"
Makes you feel a whole lot better about the idea of self-driving/autonomous vehicles doesn't it?

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Ronja Furrer, IMG Models Worldwide, Turns Up the Heat Topless in Harper’s Bazaar Czech August 2017

Here, "Just 'Some Chick With Tits of the Day': Elite Model Fashion Model Ronja Furrer (PHOTOS)."

Actually, she's an elite European model, seen in one-piece styles, bikinis, and topless at Germany’s Sylt beach.

And nice tits, in any case. Fresh and pert on this 25 year old babe.

Nude High-Fashion Model Eniko Mihalik by David Bellemere for Lui Magazine

Very nice.

Here, "Total Nude Eniko Mihalik for Lui, October 2016."

I love those topless Lui women, heh.

Tessa Fowler Slathered with Sunscreen

Well, that's sunscreen or some other kind of lubricant, heh.

 Here, "Big-Breasted Beautiful Tessa Fowler (PHOTOS)."

I'd like to slather some lotion on those humongous knockers!

Cartoon Round Up....

Back to Healthcare Reform School

Life Imitates Tolkien......................from Rico

Tolkien may have been prescient. His character Smaug has come to life as arguably THE most evil living person in the 20th century (no small feat, given the competition) and in the 21st century to date.
- Yes, I refer to that "rotten Hungarian" George Soros, a name synonymous with death and destruction. [Think: Ferguson, BLM, the purposeful 'immigrant invasion' of Europe, ad nauseum].
Mr. George "Open Borders" Soros was the financier and force behind the political disaster who went by the fake name Obama.
- Obama moved Soros's "globalist" agenda as far as he could (even with Georgie boy as his puppet master) given his limited abilities and intellect, so the 'next' puppet was supposed to be granny, Hillary Clinton who, unencumbered by ethics or conscience was to move things much further along towards the death of Western civilization.
Soros was the financier and force behind Hillary, While that effort failed, the puppet master already had a "new" Obama 2.0 who is being groomed, like Barry was, right now. 
Slicker packaging, same evil intent and design. Same Soros-financed fingerprints and motives at work.
- Meet the man running for Governor of Michigan Abdul El-Sayed. The Governorship is intended to be his stepping-stone to the Presidency, just as Barry's Senatorship was.
Best stay awake Americans.
- Smaug never sleeps.
The strongest walls are no defense against an enemy within those walls.

Bubba & Her...................


Mondays can be GOOD..................from Rico

Mondays CAN be good, especially this past Monday. Last Monday was a GOOD day for American taxpayers and small business owners.
- The undocumented Democrats [McConnel-Ryan] failed again....for what? the sixth time? give CPR to that Democrat-owned legislative corpse lovingly known as ObamaCare via their own bastardized version, the GOPe-owned ObamaCare 2.0.
Soon to be made into a movie scheduled for release in 2018 called The Sixth Failure to Repeal ObamaCare here is a portion of the pertinent script:
"I see stupid people. Especially in Congress. They don't know that they are stupid, walking around, like regular people. They don't see each other, or their constituents. They don't know they're stupid. I see them all the time.....they are everywhere, in both parties; they only see what they want to see."

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Smokin' Hailey Clauson Wears Smallest Bathing Suit in Finland Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Nice perky breasts in that skimpy barely-there bikini, heh.

WATCH: "Busty Hailey Clauson Wears Smallest Barely-There Bikini in Finland (VIDEO)."

Mind-Boggling Hotness! Ex-Fifth Harmony Star Camila Cabello Sizzles in Sexy Crop Tops and Bustiers in Her Debut Campaign for Guess

She's very tasty!

Here, "Mind-Boggling Hotness! Camila Cabello Sizzles in Debut Campaign for Guess."

That's very bustier!

Tomi Lahren: Let's Make the GOP Work Again (VIDEO)

Here, "Tomi Lahren Gets the Final Word on 'Hannity' (VIDEO)":

I think Sean Hannity wants to help Tomi Lahren's career. She seems to be working to get back in good graces on the right, attempting to be more conservative than everyone else, after her bogus appearance on "The View" earlier this year.

2016 Ford GT350R SpeedKore Carbon Spec - Jay Leno's Garage

David Salvaggio, Vice President of Speedkore, stops by the garage to show Jay their all carbon fiber bodied Ford 350R.

Cartoon Round Up....

Watching. Waiting......................from Rico

While watching the precious metals markets last night/this morning [Gold-AU, Silver-AG; which are primarily paper-driven yet they 'set' the physical price] and waiting for the usual suspects [BIS, proxies?] to play unbacked paper 'whack-a-mole' to again suppress/control the price, I was also reminded of Dollar-PM ratios.
- In 1913 the markets for PM's were entirely physical markets. Look at the ratios.
- Now the markets are entirely speculative paper markets (COMEX futures contracts), but look at what happens to the Dollar ratio when physical is considered IVO 1913 terms.
Not so much IF, but WHEN the paper suppression game stops 'working' PM's will skyrocket in value.
- On the downside of that, bread will cost $50 a loaf....but the only ones who won't be hungry will be those who hold physical PM's. Paper won't feed you when the game of musical paper futures contracts suddenly stops.
No, PM's are NOT an "investment"...they are "insurance" against the malfeasance and untrustworthiness of Central Bankers and their respective Governments.

H/T Doverthere

The Truth Versus CNN.....................

For decades, conservatives have been complaining about bias in the media, but that wasn’t quantified until now. CNN’s fake news does more than get them ratings — its libel undermines the very nature of our democratic republic. In this Firewall, Bill Whittle lambasts the mainstream media for its toxic politicizing of the news and exposes the influence of media bias on elections.

WATCH: Brazilian Beauty Ana Paula Araujo Goes Topless in Tropical Brazil


Here, "Topless Brazilian Beauty Ana Paula Araujo (VIDEO)."

She's a tasty topless treat, heh.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Made in Chelsea' Star Lottie Moss Pert Nipples in Lingerie; Plus, 'Hottie' Lottie in Sultry Black Bikini as She Poses for Racy Holiday Snap

She's tasty.

Here, "'Hottie' Lottie: Hot 'Made in Chelsea' Star Lottie Moss Pert Nipples in Lingerie, Plus Tight Bikini Photos."

Hello Helsinki (4k - Aerial - Time lapse - Tilt shift)

Helsinki is the capital and largest city of Finland.
For the last six years Helsinki has ranked in the Top 10 of the most liveable city in the world. If you watch this video you will get an idea why.

Inside Jeff Dunham’s Garage: Achmedmobile & Batmobiles - Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno takes a tour of Jeff Dunham’s wacky garage and hits the Las Vegas strip in a giant art car made for Burning Man.

The Fateful Day

Odds a Green Beret would survive his secret mission deep into Cambodia and Laos observing and engaging the North Vietnamese along the Ho Chi Minh Trail were remote at best. Read it HERE

SaraUnderwood in Santorini Greece....................

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