Saturday, 23 June 2018

Smokin' Delilah Hamlin Bikini Model in Pert Pokies Photos

She's hot!

Here, "Smokin' Delilah Hamlin Bikini Model Pokies."

BONUS: "Kaili Thorne [Bella's sister] Topless."

Young and Pert: Lily-Rose Depp Poses Topless on the Beach in Vogue Russia Shoot

She's tasty.

Tasty, young, and ultra pert!

Here, "Pert and Tasty Lily-Rose Depp Poses Topless on the Beach in Vogue Russia Shoot."

Presidents on Immigration 101............

H/T 45 Govt

Separation Anxiety

Schumer cares a lot.......................from Rico

Schmuckie Schumer only cares about Schmuckie Schumer, and make NO mistake...he cares a LOT.

What I saw first.......................from Rico

It's Spring, and a change of seasons (particularly Spring & Fall) usually means - for me - a bout with "car and/or motorcycle fever"...I can't help it.
- I just passed through an episode of almost getting another V-8 two-seat convertible. Just barely. I had the checkbook out and was so ready.
But I recovered and am just fine now.
Now this.
My first thought when I saw this was...I am not making this up..."is that a 1962 Cadillac convertible?" It's troubling that I saw the car first.
- I'm telling myself right now that it's not that I'm getting old, it's just that I'm a car guy.

Ruger's new pistol unveiled...................from Rico

Shooter's are already familiar with "the Judge"...the revolver that fires .410 shells or .45 Long Colt cartridges...but shooters and non-shooters alike will appreciate the latest from Ruger:
- The Congressman

H/T Lenmar

When the truth does NOT set you free..................from Rico

We've all heard the saying "the truth will set you free" which is often accompanied by "the comfort part comes later"...but what about when the truth does NOT set you free, but lands you in prison?
- Then you might be in North Korea, or perhaps the UK.
Free Tommy Robinson

Censored By Google - Right Angle

By blocking content produced by moderate Muslims, are big tech companies showing their pro-terrorism bias?

LOST TAPE! Seamus Wasn’t Jeff’s First Baby? | JEFF DUNHAM

Friday, 22 June 2018

Cartoon Round Up....

Marxicrats....................from Rico

Like the fatal societal virus that it has always been, Marxism mutates.
- Today the version is "Cultural Marxism" and it can be just as fatal to culture and society as it was in its original form.
Cultural Marxism is a mutation of traditional Marxism that promotes political correctness, multiculturalism-diversity, and says it is anti-racist...and like its big brother, lies through its ass.
- It is the polar opposite of what it claims to be.
Unlike traditional Marxism that focused on economics, Cultural Marxism focuses on culture and maintains that all human behavior is a result of culture (not heredity-genetics-race) and changeable.
- Cultural Marxists absurdly deny the biological reality of gender and genetics-race, maintaining that they are 'social constructs.'
Then, moronically, Cultural Marxists support race-based identity politics of non-whites, race-based affirmative action, elevate non-Western religions above Western religions, adhere to censorship of speech, espouse multi-culturalism, promote diversity training, follow an anti-Western educational curricula, normalize maladoptive sexual behavior, espouse anti-male feminism, support dispossession and displacement of white people by enabling mass third world immigration to replace the populations of Western nations.
Karl Marx was a failure and a loser then, his followers have all been...and still are...losers and failures.
The only...let me say again ONLY...Marx that ever made one bit of sense or had two wits to rub together was Groucho Marx.
- And Groucho was funny, not fatal.

Jeanne Robertson | Crowning Miss North Carolina

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Cartoon Round Up....

Blue dress........................from Rico

This reminded me of Monica at the drycleaners, and how the 'kewl' kids of the Left and MSM have done their best to ignore Billy BJ using female staff as personal cigar humidors.
- Those harpies at NOW (National Organization of Women) were, and remain, curiously silent too...right along with Hillary.
Oh, I forgot!
- Anything and everything is OK if you're a "progressive" Democrat.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Cartoon Round Up....

Fake News, Real Skidmarks....................from Rico

I'll come back to the latest FAKE crisis & news (children of illegal immigrants being separated from their parents) at the end of this, but let's take a tour of some REAL skidmarks left by the MSM and their comrades in The Democrat (C) party first:
- Recall how much media time was dedicated to  the theory (and how much money and time was wasted on the investigation of a unicorn fart) that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary "It Was MY Turn" Clinton? Eighteen-plus months downstream, there is still no evidence or proof...only a nasty skidmark on America.
- For comic relief, the gun-grabbing Lefturds placed David Hogg front and center. He left a tiny skidmark, but seems to have gone away.
- How about the false 'dossier' about peeing Russian hookers, paid for by the Clinton campaign, and aided by Comey and his FBI cronies? That's a 'shart' skidmark deservedly being ignored now.
- Then, there is the XXX movie star and stripper, Porny Daniels. She and her attorney cum ambulance chaser have likewise faded from public view, leaving another skidmark in their wake.
All of this hype, sturm and drang has served to distract attention away from (and suck available media time away from) minor things like Wiener's laptop, the Pakistani computer crooks that handled Democrat computers in Congress and sent secrets to Pakistan, the whitewash of the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play and Hillary's illegal bathroom private e-mail system and grossly negligent mishandling of highly classified government intelligence. All incredibly smelly skidmarks upon the Republic.
- It's a bonus that the DOJ-FBI election-tampering and whitewash/coverup of their profound Hillary love isn't discussed at all. Oh, did I forget to mention their stonewalling Congressional oversight? By now, the massive skidmarks are wider and longer than the interstate system.
So, concluding with the narrative 'it's bad to separate children from their illegal parents and pretend parents at the border' being endlessly parroted today.
- Remember Elian Gonzalez being ripped from his family in gunpoint...and being sent back to Communist Cuba by Democrats? [Yeah, Eric dickHolder made his bones and got his street creds with that operation.]
Today's Democrats are all walking, talking, living skidmarks.

The 5000 Fingers of President T

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Doc Brown’s DeLorean - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay joins “Back to the Future” Creator Bob Gale, and Restorers Terry Matalas and Joe Walser to go in-depth with one of the most iconic movie cars of all time in this incredibly detailed recreation of the DeLorean time machine.

Sudan Surprise (4k - Time Lapse - Aerial - Tilt Shift)

An amazing trip though the surpisingly undiscovered African gem Sudan in less than 5 minutes.
See the amazing pyramids of Meroe and Karima. Drive through otherworldly desert sceneries. Take a boat ride with dolphins to the stunning lighthouse of Sanganeb. Explore the ruin island of Suakin and enjoy the the breathtaking views in Kassala. Discover the busy cites Port Sudan and Khartum.

Plan D for 2018..................from Rico

The letter "D" is brought to you today by the Democrats.
- D is doubling-down on stupid, and doing more of the same hysterical Libturd shit that hasn't worked for them yet. Of course, the fact that Communism has never worked yet, and Democrats acting like Communists hasn't worked yet, is no reason to stop beLIEving.
Yup, this plan for 2018 is so brilliant it might as well be called "Plan D from Outer Space" and should be made into a movie by Ed Woods!
- Protect criminals, punish citizens.
- Trust the "we have to pass it to see what's in it" people. [Thanks again, Branco]
Yeah. Riiiiight. Sure.

H/T Liz B

Cartoon Round Up....