Monday, 6 April 2020

CDC-IMHE 'Off' by 50%?....................from Rico

Look at the attached. The CDC just 'cut' it's IMHE 'model' numbers in half for Beer Virus.
- That's by 50% for the MSM...
Starting to resemble the 'Climate' models? Bueller, Bueller...anyone?

[What a surprise. not] RE: And it’s gone................from Rico

Well THAT didn't take long at all, did it?
- Vid that vanished (in mere hours?) was a series of civilian hand-held videos at different locations showing NOTHING HAPPENING and EMPTY hospital waiting rooms, parked emergency vehicles, etc juxtaposed with breathless MSM broadcasts saying that such-and-such a hospital or location was 'overwhelmed' and all the other fake news we've been buried under.
- Your average citizens went to those locations and looked for themselves, took videos, and it was pretty clear that ALL the MSM claims were HYPE and completely FALSE BS.
Like James Woods, I've wondered at the absence of such contemporaneous video documentary since everybody and God's French cousin has a smartphone capable of pics/videos.
- I've felt for years that the absence of any video captures of Bigfoot or Nessie, etc given the above is proof de facto of their nonexistence.
Have we been 'punked' and for what purpose?
- I still suggest you take the time to visit the George Carlin "Germs, Immune System..." on YouTube as long as that is still there. Prescient and prophetic from 20 years ago?

WuFlu Damage$?..................from Rico

A British Think Tank has suggested that Communist China be sued for the roughly $6.5 trillion in damages the G7 nations have incurred as a result of their Corona Virus.
- Being gentlemen, they refrained from discussing mass murder charges...but I suspect many-many of us are not going to take this very kindly when all this comes out and will want some "pay backs."
I'd suggest hitting them where it hurts the most, in the pocket book.
- How much foreign G7 sovereign debt does China now hold? How much US debt?
- How about unilaterally cancelling that debt and refusing to pay it back. Purposely defaulting on that debt as a quid pro quo for their having created the Beer Virus and then LYING about it?

1971 Alfa Romeo Montreal - Jay Leno’s Garage

Is there any thing sexier than those headlights and the sound of its 3.0L V8?

Cartoon Round Up....

Bowled Over

GOOD times offshore - Fishing with Luiza

WuFlu - Outlook not so good.............from Rico

This is what JP Morgan 'estimates' for the end of lock-downs. [attached]
- Outlook not so good.
Plan accordingly...

Go Right Ahead, Be A Sucker...........from Rico

Go right ahead. Trust the 'models' the 'experts' and the 'media.' Be my guest...

- Predictions so far 400% too high? Wrong by the power of four in a week?

WuFlu - 'Facilitate' THIS Bill Gates..................from Rico

To use the exact words of Bill Gates:
"Eventually we'll have certificates of who's a recovered person, who's a vaccinated person...Because you don't want people moving around the world...this digital immunity proof will help facilitate the global reopening up..."
Yeah, sure, riiiiight you 'globalist' will facilitate something else too.

WuFlu - Assumed....................from Rico

The old saw about "assumed" making an ass out of you and me has new legs. Your 'gummint at work!
- Call them 'figures lie, and liars figure'...
CDC issued guidance to US hospitals 23 Mar 2020 that tells them to list COVID-19 as a cause of death, regardless of whether or not there is actual testing to confirm it.
Instead, even if Beer Virus was just a contributing factor...or if it's "assumed to have caused or contributed to death" it can be listed as a primary cause.
- "If the decedent had other clinical conditions such as COPD or asthma that may also have contributed, these conditions can be listed in Part II."
So, from this I conclude that:
(a) If anyone dies of an infection that's vaguely like COVID-19 [?: influenza], they could have COVID-19 listed as their primary cause of death.
(b) The 'statistics' and death numbers being reported-allegedly attributed to COVID-19 are highly suspect.
(c) Serious national policy decisions/actions are being based upon what is likely to be skewed data.
Gee, was it just a few days ago I noted that the media reporting did NOT make the distinction between dying OF the Beer Virus or dying from something else but with the Beer virus present as well?
- Now the CDC makes things clear as mud.

Meanwhile, in Japan...................from Rico

Japan always had some 'interesting' fast-food offerings competing with the sushi-belt diners. Appealing to their 'unique' tastes is no small task. [thinking kernels of yellow corn and squid rings as pizza toppings here, and 'taco' to them means octopus]
- I can recall fried chicken chain KFC offering salmon sandwiches which were not at all bad, just a pretty far cry from a chicken sandwich and with wasabi soy sauce.
Burger behemoth MacDonald's Japan has rolled out the "Samurai Mac" burger, in two versions using a Samurai movie star to promote them (which is somewhat akin to having John Wayne selling sushi for the King of Burgers).
SHIBUMI. Spirit of the Samurai lives on in Japan!

Friday, 3 April 2020

TP Shortage?.......................from Rico

Trees still grow, TP factories still run 24/7 and we still make TP in America. Why the 'empty' shelves?
- Enter the ever helpful media narrative 'panic buying' and 'hoarders'...except it's neither.
A 'run' on TP because of a Beer Virus plannedemic (which is an upper respiratory infection) makes no sense, except that it does. It makes perfect sense.
- The supply chain for this low-margin item is finely tuned to meet a steady and constant demand.
- People confined to their homes = more toilet paper consumption at home daily. They are not using more TP than normal in a day...they are just home and not at work, so commercial demand for TP is down and domestic demand for TP is up.
The demand has shifted from one to the other, and the tight/inflexible supply chain has not yet shifted with it.

COMEX disconnected from Street Price................from Rico

Q: What is a contract worth if it cannot perform?
A: Zero, nada, zip, bupkis.
COMEX aka CRIMEX price has largely diverged from Street Price for Gold and Silver.
- The 'spreads' between the two are astonishing. For 1 oz. of Gold you need to 'add' +$200 to the COMEX price, and +$10 for Silver.
IF you can find any to buy, most suppliers are already 'sold out' of everything.
- Gold and Silver have become scarcer than toilet paper these days...if you don't already have some, you're out of luck. Sin loi, my boy.
BUT not to worry, it's become clear that COMEX trades PAPER (contracts) and not PHYSICAL bullion (well, if you consider that 1/10th of 1% of their trades are in physical).
- They do not....cannot...redeem their precious metals contracts in anything but greenbacks these days, and that's for the whales. For us mere mortals, there are no coins and mosyt mints have shut down.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2020

The Flaming '20's......................from Rico

We are living in what can rightly be called "The Flaming 20's"...
While The Lancet is saying a WuFlu death rate of 0.66, here we are saying maybe 100-240,000 deaths out of a population of 330 million.
- Do your own math here.
Meanwhile, back at the Central Banks, balance sheets are exploding...and people are more worried about "shit, no more toilet paper!" to notice yet.
- Increasing DEBT is no problem so long as your assets and cash flows are increasing.
- Government cash flows are based upon GDP's.*
- Guess what GDP's are doing with the World on 'staycation?'
*There are always TAXES. Guess what will be happening with them?

WuFlu - The Lancet...................from Rico

The British medical journal The Lancet now says the death rate for WuFlu may actually be 0.66%...
I am not a Dr, and do not pretend to be, but neither are all the talking heads cleverly disguised as 'journalists'...