Monday, 9 December 2019

A Preview of Post-election November 2020.................from Rico

I think this will be the reaction of a few of the smarter Democrats post-2020 election.
- They will realize (too late) that (1) they seriously fucked up, and (2) what a steaming pile of shit they have become.
- The 'simpler' ones will just melt and whine like the little snowflakes they are...

Trump's 2020 Landslide, Well...Bye Dem's.....................from Rico

Admittedly, except for their lunatic die-hard base (the feeble-minded pink pussy hat wearing crowd) three years of the Russia-Russia-Russia HOAX followed by the Impeachment CON, has worn pretty 'thin' for most normal folks...whether [I], [D] or [R].
Try to forget all that 'noise' signifying nothing and look at the attached chart.
- What I 'see' here are numbers that = TRUMP's 2020 LANDSLIDE.
The 'hate-America-first' bunch understand this, and it has driven them absolutely over-the-edge/around-the-corner insane...placing them in the position of trying to put out the Trump fire with the gasoline of their bizarre and self-destructive behavior.
- Say buh-bye to the Democrat Party...or AMF (which I prefer) a national political party.

H/T Liz B

Swimming in CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER in the BAHAMAS..............

Cartoon Round Up....

Saturday, 7 December 2019

Sara Jean Underwood — Topless Spectacular Wow!

This woman never disappoints. I mean, topless and smoking a fatty?

She's the best!

See, "Topless Sara Jean Underwood — Wow!"

You have to click through at the links for those humongous Sara Jean hooters!