Sunday, 20 January 2019

Meet the Dumbest Horses in the Glue Factory...................from Rico

The Communist-inspired, Jew-and-America Hating "Women's March 2019" was so radical, even the far-far-Left DNC withdrew their name as event sponsors.
- This like Stalin saying Pol Pot was too murderous for his taste.
These shrilly whinnying ,pink-pussy-hat-wearing, kollectivist morons are indeed the dumbest horses in the glue factory.
- Misery loves company...

Trump 'rope-a-dopes', Dem's...................from Rico

He later changed his name to Ali, but I remember him as young Cassius Clay.
- A gifted athlete and boxer, he was famous for 'float like a butterfly - sting like a bee' and the 'rope-a-dope!'
Trump goes waaay back with Cassius aka Ali, and the author of "Art of the Deal" is no dope.
- He IS crazy like a fox, and kicks like a mule.
He is NOT a politician. He's too smart for that.
- The 'politicians' (both Dem's and RINO's alike) throw themselves off-balance in their eagerness to 'land one' on Trump's chin, only leaving themselves wide open to a good, swift, mule kick! [read: Suckers get themselves rope-a-doped AND sucker-punched.]
Here we have a taste of Trump's playing 'rope-a-dope' on the political crapweasels yet again!
- Trump [not a sucker] makes what seems to be a sincere, bipartisan, offer of 'a compromise' to end the shutdown and fund his border Wall.
- Democrats [suckers] rabidly reject same, pre-offer btw, with NO DEAL! Yeah...Schmuckie-Nancie-and Turban Durbin are ALL precisely that dumb!
- The dopes aka Democrats effectively said "fuck no."
- They will in turn be 'surprised' when they get sucker-punched with a hearty well just go "fuck off" then.

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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Credit=Debt....................from Rico

John Pierpont Morgan was nobody's fool. His financial acumen created a legacy that remains with us today.
- JP Morgan famously said "Money is Gold, and nothing else" which is often misquoted as "Gold is money, everything else is credit." He was right either way, and he never had to face 'the Minsky moment' that central banking has created for Western finances today.
Having read "When Money Dies" [it's about Weimar, but think Venezuela for a modern context] it strikes me that there are 'patterns' that have repeated often enough, all resulting in the failure of paper currency 100% of the time, that the same pattern can be expected to produce the same result again...100% of the time. [Think: What happens when paper dies?]
- Back to JP Morgan. What did he mean? He meant Gold cannot be 'cheated' like a paper currency can, and credit always is.
Follow the financial transition from Freedom to Indenture, to it's logical conclusion Slavery:
1. FREEDOM. 'Backed' paper currency (Valued in Gold/Silver can be 'earned' or 'saved' but it holds no debt, being merely a claim check on physical precious metals. To hold no debt is FREEDOM.
2. INDENTURE. This has been replaced by 'debt paper currency' which is borrowed into existence and 'backed' only by debt incurred. You can 'pay it back' or you can 'service the interest on the debt' but you somehow have to 'work off' the debt. Holding debt currency is INDENTURE.
3. SLAVERY. Consider the 'next' financial idea coming our way to be 'demand currency.' It will be 'demanded' into existence (people need something to facilitate trade), and this currency will be backed by even less than debt's only backing will be demand for it. Demand is relatively easy to central banks to create...and 'manage' and 'manipulate.' This will be a never-ending cycle that can never be accumulated/saved, or worked off. This will be unending SLAVERY.

The Rose of Socialism..................from Rico

Socialism as an 'idea' keeps coming back, like mental herpes.
- While Commies used to say 'religion was the opiate of the masses' (out of jealousy and hate for competition), I contend that Socialism-Communism is heroin for the mentally challenged [read: dumb shits].
The latest Socialist Rose is Dyslexia Ocrazio-Retardez, who is too dumb to understand that Socialism is like a cut's only 'pretty' until it isn't.
- Freedom allows you to cut roses, but with Socialism roses cut you...

H/T Liz B

Woof-woof Nancee, you Shitbird.................from Rico

Nancee 'incoherent is her middle name' Pelosi is a shitbird, and it's high time her wings were clipped a little.
- The last time she was 'Speaker' she racked up million$ in 'free' Air Force travel making weekly trips to/from Commiephonia along with hundreds of thousand$ in top-shelf booze for her & friends. [read: taxpayer abuse]
And meanwhile, she babbles complete nonsense like 'protecting the border' with electronic dogs. Clearly the Botox has been injected too deeply, too often.
- Will she next do the Hillary 'woof-woof' thing?
Crazy bitch is lucky Trump hasn't yet fitted her for a shock collar...

SCOTUS News.................

Can you imagine the uproar from the Dems if a Republican were to do what Justice Ginsburg is doing.  
We presently have a Supreme Court with just 8 members and Lord knows how long it will remain that way.  The Dems can act and behave any despicable way that they desire and the media is silent.

If Justice Ginsburg retires, unable to return to the Supreme Court, or dies, President Trump will no doubt nominate another constitutional conservative to replace her.  If that happens, be prepared for all hell to break loose.  While there's good reason to suspect that the Senate Democrats on the Judiciary Committee will attempt to hijack the proceedings again, not only does the Senate Judiciary committee remain in the hands of the Republican majority, but Senator Lindsey Graham is the new chairman.  This is the same Senator Graham who delivered a righteous tirade over the obscene behavior of Judiciary Committee Democrats, the debacle instigated by Senator Dianne Feinstein, and the felonious grandstanding by Democrats (and protesters) in order to railroad the Kavanaugh hearing process.  Senator Graham has most likely learned a thing or two since the Kavanaugh hearings, and perhaps he will take measures to ensure that the next round of Supreme Court justice hearings are held in a civil manner, without drama and minus the banshees.
For starters, there is no rule or law mandating that the hearings be open to the public, nor before television cameras.  Senator Graham can easily quash the protesters by locking the doors.  More importantly, the only role of the Senate committee is to advise and consent.  That task doesn't require an audience.  Most if not all of the preliminary questioning is completed on paper and prior to nominee appearing before the committee.
At this juncture, the Democrats are zero for three; they irrevocably tarnished their reputation during the Kavanaugh hearings and then failed to stop the confirmation.  Justice Ginsburg's failure to resign at the most opportune time is another spectacular strategy failure and may ensure a conservative Supreme Court for decades to come.

Cartoon Round Up....

Friday, 18 January 2019

H/T Doverthere

H/T Doverthere

Apologies to Walter & Peanut..................from Rico

In all honesty, this was so brutally funny...and apt, that I'm (a) still laffing, and (b) quite forget where I harvested this .jpg.
As the immortal Lily von Shtup would have said "It's twue, it's twue, IT'S TWUE..."

Cartoon Round Up....

Don't Let The Old Man In.................

I thought this was worth sharing. It starts with Toby Keith playing golf with Clint Eastwood. That sets the stage.

At one point, Eastwood said to Keith, “I turn 88 on Monday.”

“What are you going to do?” Keith asked.

“I’m going to shoot a movie,” Eastwood replied, with filming scheduled to begin the following week.

“What keeps you going?” Keith asked him.

“I get up every day and don't let the old man in,” Eastwood said.

“I’m writing this down right now,” Keith replied.

Keith didn't ask him if he could contribute a song, Keith just went home and wrote it, sent it to Clint and hoped that he would consider it. And, he did.

Here it is:

H/T Doverthere

Prototype of Border Wall....................

H/T Doverthere

Pelosi - Useless Baggage..................from Rico

Nasty Pelosi's baggage has just been returned to her office, in the wake of her Trump-cancelled boondoggle. [Wut? 3-weeks vaca during the dreaded government shutdown? This poster child for political mediocrity and mindless egoism just returned from a Holiday in Hawaii...]
- Useless baggage (that's a farkin' lotta Botox here Nancee). Her, too...


H/T Doverthere

H/T Liz B

H/T Doverthere

A matter of trust...................from Rico

Ideas so incandescently stupid they're doomed to fail:
- Trusting Muslim males with managing Women's freedom, safety, security, and well-being.
- Trusting Democrats (C) with your freedom, safety, security, and well-being.
- Trusting Gas Station sushi with your well-being.
- Trusting Hillary Clinton with anything.
Convince me I'm wrong.

When The IRS Asks For Your Income Source..................

H/T Doverthere

Heads Up America: After your gang-bang..................from Rico

Communism, Socialism, or matter what you may call it, is a political philosophy and theory with all the content and substance of dehydrated water.
- Doubt this? Just look at its most ardent followers, like Dyslexia Ocrazio-Retardez, Che Guevara, ad nauseum.
The 'new face of the Democrat Party' has just said she was going to further the 'progressive/socialist' program by 'running train' on America in Congress. [for normal people, read: running train means serial gang-raping; yes, this Socialist cvnt just said she was dedicated to gang-raping America for Socialism.]
- Think about that for one moment. 
Understand this about Communists, Socialists, and Progressives...whatever you may call them. Their motives and goals are so pure, that anything and everything (no matter how grotesque or inhuman) is justified to achieve their utopia. [think: the end justifies the means]
- They are willing to kill you to reach their utopia, and are always just one murder shy of attaining it.
At least Dyslexia intends to see that you are given a thorough 'seeing to' a la' Ambassador Stevens or Muammar Khaddafi first...

You can't fix stupid...............

H/T Doverthere

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Pert Sarah Snyder Bikini

She's tasty.

See, "Young and Pert Sarah Snyder in a Yellow Bikini with Tattoos (PHOTOS)."

Thank You DemocRATS..................from Rico

- I really mean that...
They gave America "OK" in 1840 in support of Martin Van Buren's re-election campaign.*
- He didn't get re-elected btw.
DemocRAT Queen Rat aka Hillary elected Trump in 2016 with her "deplorables" snarkiness.
DemocRAT Muslima Princess just re-elected Trump in 2020 with her 2018 MotherFucker tirade.
Yep! Trump is exactly the Mother Fucker America needs to flush-out the 'swamp' and all the Hate-America-First MFCSPOS critters that are infesting the place.
- Trump is MY MF'er for 2020!!!
That '60's Communist chant "up against the wall motherfucker" is finally going to karma-like turn around and bite these idiots in the ass.
- It's time...
*DemocRAT supporters claimed "OK" stood for Van Buren's birthplace in New York State (Kinderhook).

New Gillette Campaign Razor-Burns Men - Bill Whittle

Gillette wants it customers to stop displaying, and tolerating, “toxic masculinity.” Bill Whittle says the shaving-products company’s new campaign — The Best a Man Can Be — might produce the opposite result.

Gillette-Disposable Overnight.................................from Rico

Well, that brilliant new marketing campaign worked a treat. It didn't take very long [...what, 24 hours?...overnight?] for Gillette to become fully 'disposable' going from #MeToo to #BlowMe with their customer base [for progressives read: Men].
'Lecturing Men' on sexism...well, bad-mouthing them for 'toxic masculinity' almost on par with Hillary's 2016 Presidential campaign strategy of insulting her way to victory.
- Simultaneously using 'hot' female models to promote their product is symptomatic of the raging "progressive" cluelessness and cultural tone-deafness that marked Hillary's campaign as well.
Thank God these people are not nearly as 'bright' as they think themselves to be!
- [think: Dunning-Krueger effect]