Monday, 29 February 2016

Theo's February Fundraiser.................

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Investor Fear: The One Picture In This Article Is Worth One Thousand Words!...from TPC

When the Federal Reserve hiked rates in mid-December, what has happened to the global markets was not supposed to occur!

The chart in this article tells the entire story!

Investor Fear: The One Picture In This Article Is Worth One Thousand Words!

VIDEO: Cam Newton Walks Out of Interview Following Super Bowl 50 Loss

Not good.

The dude's got some growing up to do.

Here, "WATCH: Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton Walks Out of Press Conference After Loss in #SB50 (VIDEO)."

H/T Paul B

Natural Born Liar.....................from Rico

HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) Hillary Clinton seems to have been "born to lie" (in some circles this is known as congenital liar, but pathological liar works too).
- She simply cannot help herself.
Some who actually want to help her have considered duct tape as one option, while the rest of us are looking for a cork big enough to put in her mouth.
Doubt this?
- Think about it for a moment.
If she ever told the truth about all the rotten and criminal things she has done so far (and plans to do), would there be enough tar and feathers?

2016 Rezvani Beast - Jay Leno's Garage

Ferris Rezvani stops by the garage to show Jay the Rezvani Beast, a supercar born from the bones of the Ariel Atom.

Cartoon Round Up....

Crude Oil Instead Of Mortgages: Is Another 2008 On The Horizon?...from TPC

Let's hope not but if we operate on the premise that history repeats itself, the anecdotal evidence seems to point to the fact that banks may once again be in trouble!

Only this time, instead of bad mortgages, it's bad oil loans and derivatives bets.

Gyne Illogical

Media Guide........................from Rico

Here is a brilliant MSM "media guide" to the Obama Recovery.
Res ipsa loquitor.

Why is Cruz Unpopular With Senate Colleagues?.....................from Dan Friedman

[The truth and background of complicated subjects do not lend themselves to sound bites or cut through to people with short attention spans. No one knows that better than the leftist media and the Republican establishment - and both take advantage of the phenomenon to pull the wool over our eyes. For instance, whenever I express my support for Ted Cruz, his detractors ask me why he doesn’t enjoy the backing of his Senate colleagues. Here’s their answer, if only they can sit still and watch this for 15 minutes. df], July 24, 2015

Pucker up, buttercup.................................from Rico

A Hillary Presidency would set more records than the Obama Presidency already has.
- Criminal records.
Let's skip all the guaranteed future pain and BS and just throw her arrogant criminal ass in jail right now.
- In a just, honest, and non-corrupt system this would have already happened. If it does not, well.......y'awl might just as well pucker up and kiss America's ass good bye.

Who Will The Establihment Back if Rubio Tanks?..........................from Dan Friedman

The field is narrowing in the Republican race for the presidential nomination. Last night the establishment’s ringer, Marco Rubio, shot himself in the foot and the bullet caromed off a rock to hit him in the mouth too. He showed clearly why he is not made of presidential material, even if Karl Rove thinks otherwise. A look at the latest polls this morning show Trump still has a commanding lead, way ahead of the pack. Cruz and Rubio are now the only viable candidates remaining with a realistic chance to replace Trump atop the leader board as Super Tuesday and the nominating convention draws nigh. This brings up a tantalizing question. If the Republican elites see their stalking horse fade in the stretch, who will be the next nag they’ll put their two dollars on? One look at the landscape tells you they’re quickly running out of options. Serves the momsers right for selling out the country to Barack Hussein Obama!

Death Wish 2016 - Wild Bill

Civilian crime fighters?

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sunday's Political Cartoons (11+1 Non-Political Bonus)...from TPC

Eleven cartoons that, through political humor, point out just how critical the 2016 presidential elections is. 

And, if you happen to have forgotten the horror of the past eight years of an Obama presidency, remember that Elections Do Have Consequences!  

Debate Winners & Losers

Last night’s GOP debate was many things to many people. I am a Cruz guy so, in my opinion, Cruz won. If you’re a Trump guy, then you believe Trump won, and that goes for most of the other candidates as well. For Rubio supporters, however, not so much.    (continue reading)

Cartoon Round Up....

Cleavage Wars! Piers Morgan and Susan Sarandon Trade Twitter Barbs and Partially-Nude Photos in Response to Actress' Low-Cut Ample Display at SAG Awards

Piers Morgan's being bombarded with breasts and cleavage shots on Twitter. What a Guy!

And who knew Susan Sarandon not only had such a beautifully bodacious rack but that's she's all big on letting it all hang out? Yowsa! That's what I'm talkin' about, lol.

Here, "Piers Morgan and Susan Sarandon Trade Twitter Barbs in Response to Actress' Busty Display of Cleavage During SAG Awards in Memoriam Segment."

Seriously nice rack, heh.

Brazilian Playboy Model Hellyda Cavallaro VIDEO

Nice, "Tour Seville, Spain, with Brazilian Playboy Model Hellyda Cavallaro (VIDEO)."

Brazilian bazongas, lol.

Officials Seek Cause of Deadly Crane Collapse in Lower Manhattan (VIDEO

Background here, "Construction Crane Collapse in Lower Manhattan Kills One Person (VIDEO)."

And the update, "New York Crane Collapse Investigation (VIDEO)."

The Air Force Will Use F-15 Eagles to Patrol the Airspace Over Super Bowl 50 (VIDEO)

Here, "U.S. Air Force Fighter Jets to Patrol Skies Over Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, California (VIDEO)."

Saturday, 6 February 2016

From Porn to Last Nude Issue: Playboy Shifts to the Social Media Age

They've made a nice shift, a tasty shift.

Here, "Playboy Magazine's First Non-Nude Issue."

Be sure to click through to Sarah McDaniel, who is hot, "The Internet Is Losing It Over This 20-Year-Old Model With Different Colored Eyes."

Crude Oil, Banks And Another Financial Crisis?...from TPC

We've all been watching as crude oil prices have crashed.

But, at the same time that's been happening, the banking sector has been severely underperforming the overall stock market!

Is this just a sector out of favor or could it be signaling a potential new financial crisis that just hasn't hit yet?

Cartoon Round Up....

Sanders is a Delusion, Hillary is Not....................from Dan Friedman

[Kool-Aid, anyone? As crazy as it seems, there’s still solid support for Hillary among Democrats. The numbers aren't broken out by religion, but I'm sure Jews stand behind her in roughly the same proportion as they did for Obama. The prospect of another Clinton administration on the heels of BHO, should be enough to scare every sane person into the waiting arms of Ted Cruz. Sorry to say, but we’re not out of the woods yet. df]

I have a dream....

H/T Shelly

Get Off Me Guns - Wild Bill

Guns for women! To give them a solid defense against the dangers of Obama's new America.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed Television Show

I'm still betting on Nina Agdal, but we'll see.

Sports Illustrated is going to announce its 2016 cover model on live television.

It's on February 13th, but the editors are rolling out all kinds of teases until then. The body painting, for example, is so sheer the women might as well be totally nude.

It's spectacular. See, "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Cover Model to Be Revealed in Television Special."

Preview click-through, "Best body-painted nearly nude swimsuit of all time?"

Sammy Braddy Naughty Schoolgirl Tease

She's naughty alright, heh. 

Friday, 5 February 2016

EIR on NFP Friday.......................from Rico

Once again we have the BLS and the Obama administration EIR (entirely ignoring reality) on NFP Friday.
- But never you mind, we're 7+ years into the Obama "recovery" and moving "forward" at flank speed. Full steam ahead!
Sure, the January '16 NFP sucked hard enough to remove the bend from the Potomac river, adding only 151,000 jobs (70% of them being minimum wage jobs, btw), but we're being told that the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.9%.
- If this continues we will achieve ZERO unemployment and nobody will even be working. Huzzah!
This "good news" was again the perfect opportunity for the wise guys to celebrate by kneecapping precious metals spot prices on the COMEX, an organization as dedicated to honesty as the government is. 
- Sell Mortimer, sell! Happy days are here again!

H/T Paul B

What's the Matter With Black History Month? | ZoNation

Slavery has ended, Segregation has ended, MLK has a holiday, we have a black president, but does the black community still need a special separate month devoted to them to feel like they matter? Do they want to feel special or do they want to feel like Americans? Stacy Dash committed the taboo for speaking against black history month. Hear what Zo has to say about the issue in this ZoNation

The Grubering contnues.................from Rico

ObamaCare's "Grubering" of America continues.
Aetna joins UnitedHealthCare and Anthem in announcing massive multi-million dollar losses caused by ObamaCare...another Democrat (C) idea so good, that it had to be made mandatory.
The problem?
Not nearly enough healthy people to pay for all the sick people getting artificially low health insurance policies.
Gee, who could have seen THAT coming?


Vietnam’s Master Plan for the South China Sea

Sweden: Death by Immigration

Facebook's War on Freedom of Speech

A (much) better year by Caroline Glick

Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary in a Lying Contest

ABC Announces GOP Debate Lineup with Fiorina Excluded

Iran and Russia in major falling-out over Syria

German UN Envoy on Islamic State's Rise: 'We Simply Can't Give Up on Libya'

Russian Submarine Activity at Highest Level Since Cold War

No Sweat!....................from Rico

Iowa was a tremendous effort on the part of the "Clinton machine" and HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) herself only to TIE with fellow Communist Bernie Sanders.
- And she never even broke a sweat. Maybe a few laws and/or kneecaps, along the way, but what does anyone really expect from America's number one organized crime family?
What this reincarnation of Stalin in a skirt could accomplish as pResident simply staggers the imagination.

Somebody Forgot They Were Playing in the Big League

I enjoy watching football, and I’m looking forward to the watching the Super Bowl this weekend. As much as I enjoy watching the game I know that, although I could probably survive a game with the neighborhood kids, if I suited up and tried to play Quarterback for either team, that team would lose and I would most likely end up crippled for life. Apparently, Donald Trump and Ben Carson don’t seem to understand that they’re playing in the big league. They’re not running for city council, they’re running for President.      (continue reading)

Cartoon Round Up....