Monday, 25 July 2016

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Let them eat confetti.......................from Rico

Awesome. Just awesome!
- The "borders? borders? we don't need no stinkin' borders" Democrats (C) put a 4-mile long, 8-ft high fence around the DNC convention in Philly.
Why? Because obviously:
- Keeping average Americans away from their own convention is a GOOD idea.
- Protecting the American border from terrorists, murderers, rapists, and other assorted criminals is a BAD idea.
These folks are immune to irony:
- Barry's White House added 5-feet to the height of his fence in April of this year (defending him from Americans that he won't defend).
- The DNC's fence in Philly protects a site named after a BANK - the Wells Fargo Center.
- The DNC fence is a rental fence installed by the party of rental politicians (more "pay-to-play" is revealed in the last batch of Wikileak DNC e-mails).
One wonders how many GUNS their security will have on site while they discuss ways to repeal the 2nd Amendment?
The message is clear here:
- Laws are for you "little people" and fences & guns are for protecting your "betters."
But take heart Americans!
- You are FREE to watch the historic first coronation in your nation's history from a proper distance, probably on TV where you will be allowed to 'see' and 'hear' exactly - and only - what the DNC and their media whores decide you should hear and see.
Call it the Democrats (C) "let them eat confetti" moment.............

2016 Motus MSTR - Jay Leno's Garage

Brian Case and Lee Conn of Motus Motorcycles stop by the garage to give Jay the full tour of their motorcycle product line including the sporty 1650cc liquid-cooled V4, 180 bhp MSTR model.

Dear Bernie Sanders Supporters: A Simple Question!...from TPC

Dear Bernie Sanders supporters: 

Will you be the Democrat Party lapdogs they are counting on and support an extremely flawed candidate who doesn't share your vision and whose political machine screwed your candidate Bernie Sanders out of the nomination? 

Answer this question at The Political Commentator here.

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Now It's Getting In Tents

What is WITH These People?...............................from Rico

What is WITH these 'people'?
CNN (Communist News Network aka Clinton News Network) commentator Donna Brazile is taking the reins of the DNC from Debbie Hyphen?
She's qualified, as far as Democrats go:
- She is herself now implicated in the current DNC-Wikileaks scandal, but how many remember that...
- She had to resign from the 1988 Dukakis campaign because of her LIES about Bush.
She's currently a "big shot" at the DNC (no wonder she's also being paid to spout leftist Democrat drivel by CNN....anyone see a 'conflict of interest here'?).
- Oh yeah, she's just the one to "fix" things and make them all better for the DNC. You can trust her. And them. 
Note: Terry Gilliam of "Brazil" fame could not be reached for comment.

Not For The Faint-Hearted Liberal (Jew)...........................from Dan Friedman

[While Jewish “progressives” are dropping the ball on Israel, millions of American Evangelicals are more than offsetting them and picking up the slack. Israelis should remember that the next time J Street or the Reform's "rabbi" Rick Jacobs tries to blackmail you. We’ll have no faux Judaism at the Kotel or anywhere in the Jewish state! df]

Sunday Night in Philly.........................from Rico

Boy howdy, am I ever having a great day...and it's not because of the cheese steaks! Team Grifter and Debbie Hyphen of the DNC? Well, probably not so much.
- And for the exact SAME reasons. E-mail. You've got 'e-mail' Debbie. You too, Hillary.
Moving beyond their disingenuous blaming of the Russians for 'leaking' the hacked DNC e-mails (instead of blaming the DNC assholes that actually 'wrote' those e-mails and 'implemented' the policies), which is even insulting to the intelligence of many DemocRATS, here are a few "highlights" of the PHL-DNC pre-convention delegates 'mood' on-the-ground there this Sunday night.
- Another Former Democrat - dws.dnc
- democRATS
- Destroying Nation's Confidence
- not with HER or HER big banks
- wikileaks NO DNC
Not the least fun is watching them eat their own, as Debbie resigns as Chair of the DNC on Sunday (because Team Grifter doesn't want the distraction of her departure during "Hillary's week"), only to be hired by the Hillary campaign (don't even ask WTF?, Hillary does NOT care in the slightest what you little people think).
The democRATS are being buried under their own BS, and they have no one to 'blame' for it except themselves...........

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Summer of Swim 2016 with Erin Heatherton (VIDEO)

She's tasty hot.

Watch, "Erin Heatherton Summer of Swim 2016 (VIDEO)."

Syrian Refugee Hacks Pregnant Woman to Death in Islamic Jihad Attack in Reutlingen, Germany (VIDEO)

This is horrific.

German authorities won't to be able to spin this one as an Anders Brevik knock off attack.

Here, "Machete Attack: Syrian Muslim 'Refugee' Murders Pregnant Woman in Reutlingen, Germany (VIDEO)."

Blue Eyes................

More Than A Fashion Statement......................from Rico

This is MORE than a "fashion statement" by these ladies.
- Ivanka Trump wore a $135 dress to address the nation on prosperity.
- Hillary wore a $12,700 jacket to address the nation on poverty.
Remind me again WHO the "elitists" are?
- And while you're at it, tell me again how Hillary is "fighting for us"...but convincing me "she's just one of us" will get you bonus stamps.

Att: Jews. Great Chance to Screw Yourself Again!.....................from Dan Friedman

[As it turns out, Jews might vote for Hillary & Kaine for a lot of reasons, but being pro-Israel is not one of them. Obama's great Iran deal was just the beginning. Pass the baton to Hillary & Kaine and they'll finish the job, once and for all! df]

A Good Day - Wild Bill

Stupidity should be painful.
Liberals on the Internet get their due rewards.

The next time.......................from Rico

The next time that unindicted felon lectures you on how the 'rich' need to pay more taxes, think of Hillary's own tax-avoidance position and forget about her unending lust for money.
And since she HAS been certified as 'stupid and incompetent' by the FBI, and called "often confused" by her personal assistant Huma, why NOT vote for her because she wants you to?
Yep. That Kaine and Unable ticket looks mighty compelling already, but you might want to wait and listen to them justify the unjustifiable for a bit's pretty amusing to hear.

The Voting Dead........................from Rico

The jokes write themselves, about themselves.
- You just could NOT make anything like this up...even if you were heavily self-medicated.
Michael Moore, best know for his work as a body-double for Jabba the Hut, but the otherwise full-time "progressive" looney-tunes poster child, is saying that "progressives" will stay home and not vote after SHillary's selection of Kaine as her VP running mate.
- He may actually be right for once, since this is a pretty 'lame' ticket by any standards, even for "progressives" who are reputed to have NO standards.
And, in the wake of the latest Wikileaks about the DNC intentionally screwing Bernie from day one, his "progressive" looney-tunes supporters may also stay home and not vote.
- At least the ones who don't vote for Trump because they're pissed-off.
There is a "wild card" however, that the DNC and SHitlery are both counting on:
- DEAD DEMOCRATS ALWAYS VOTE, so "what difference does it make?"

What's in a Quilt?

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the USA in 2016. Based on the John Hopkins Study, more than 250,000 Americans die each year from medical errors. In my opinion, the John Hopkins figures are misrepresented because Hospital Safety Score stated in their  article on October 2013 that 440,000 Americans die annually from preventable hospital errors, making it the third leading cause of death.  In 2008 The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine stated in their release 1.5 million people are harmed each year by common medical errors.  Where is the outrage?  Where are the protests?  Where are the people wanting to hold their representatives accountable for the mass carnage of their loved ones? 
Unfortunately our representatives are the problem, not the solution since many are in bed with the medical community.  Our state medical boards which are the first line of defense are failing to discipline their doctors and taking measures by eliminating the problem and look the other way with the countless number of errors their doctors are committing, including the  collateral damage of dead bodies they leave behind.

Dianna Puente Colbert, a patient safety advocate,  made a beautiful quilt as a  remembrance to  all patients who either lost their lives or were maimed because of preventable medical errors.  The inspiration for the quilt was her father, Mr. John Puente.  He was born August 8, 1944 and died October 11, 2007.  After the death of her father, she became involved as a patient advocate, much like myself for almost the same reason, and found that those who either  lost the quality of life or died because of preventable medical errors, were not acknowledged in any way and became  hidden statistics by the medical community.

Ms.Colbert wanted to donate her Memorial Quilt to The Health Science  Museum, located in Houston, Texas.  Since victims of medical errors do not have any memorials or anything to acknowledge their deaths, like the Holocaust Museum in D.C, donating a quilt to  Health Science Museum seemed like a logical choice, or so many patient advocates thought.
Here is the response she received:

Hello Cilla,

Our management team has reviewed the offer to donate the commemorative quilt to the Health Museum. Unfortunately, we must refuse the donation.

It is beautiful work, but we feel the subject matter of the quilt is a little too controversial to display at our museum. Our museum is a member of the Texas Medical Center and most of our Board and donor base are doctors. It is possible that the quilt could offend some of our stakeholders.

Sorry that this is the outcome, but we very much appreciate your offer.

Thanks much,

Peter Feher - Director of Exhibits

The rejection of the quilt was not the issue, because  rejection is a common part of life.  However, the fact that the donor base of the museum are doctors and could offend them because some are "stakeholders" is a sad commentary as to how deep censorship penetrated every facet of our lives.  When museums deny exhibits because the exhibit is offensive to their "stakeholders", how credible are the museums?


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Jeanne Robertson | Don't Hang with Left Brain

She is sooooo funny.....

The PLAN....................from Rico

Some may be a bit 'dismayed' that Hillary's replacement as SecState is more worried about the threat from refrigerators than from ISIS.
- One can only wonder IF he is 'in' on "the plan" or just really stupid.
Then there is "aloha snackbar boy" who still cannot bring himself to say the words "Islamic terrorism."
- There should be absolutely NO 'wondering' about this one by's both of the above, plus he is heavily self-medicated into the bargain.
But LUCKY for everybody in America and the world, Barry and his 'third term' aka Hillary DO actually have a "plan."
- Plan? What "plan?" Americans may very well ask (even if they didn't bother to ask 'CHANGE what?' or 'HOPE why?' or 'FORWARD to where?"....the dumbasses), well, it involves sand and glass as lubricants...and while they are an important part of "the plan" and are scripted to be on the receiving end of "the plan" they're really NOT gonna like "the plan!"

A Plague Called Hillary - Wild Bill

See the movie "Hillary's America"....Dinesh D'sousa does a masterful job exposing the evil of the Clinton plan to bring down the USA...especially our religious freedom.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Official Wonder Woman Comic-Con Trailer (VIDEO)

It's smokin' Israeli actress and model Gal Godot!

Watch, "'Wonder Woman' Trailer Debuts at Comic-Con (VIDEO)."

She's so hot!

Gal Gadot photo proxy_zpsdcqrlfgc.png

Say Hello to Breakout Brazilian Supermodel Aline Weber (VIDEO)

She's definitely freakin' tasty!

Here, "Aline Weber Maxim Magazine Cover Girl August 2016 (VIDEO)."

No Bra Bike Ride: Kelly Brook Goes Cycling with Tight Yellow Braless Top, Boosting Deep Cleavage on Roman Holiday

She's put on some weight, but her honking breasts don't seem to be any worse for the heft, lol.

Here, "Kelly Brook Shows Off Her Huge Assets, Struggling to Keep Massive Breasts Inside Tiny Tight Yellow Top on Bike Ride in Rome."

Her tits are literally spilling out of the tight tiny top.

Bring Motel 6 Carpet Out Of The Shadows..................from Rico

The fact that America 'needs' whistle-blowers like Wikileaks ought to tell you a whole lot.
- Thanks ONLY to the Wikileaks release yesterday of 19,252 DNC e-mails and their 8,034 attachments (and absolutely NO thanks to the so-called 'media' or the so-called 'honest-as-the-day-is-long' Hillary) do we now KNOW FOR A FACT that the DNC "rigged" its primaries and extensively "conspired" with American media. And 'they' said it wasn't so!
Here's where "conspiracy theory" once again becomes "conspiracy fact"............
1. There WAS a plot designed to shmear Bernie Sanders and hand the Democratic (C) nomination to Hillary on a platter.
...stealing the process is OK when we do it.
2. There HAS been repeated collusion between the media complex and the DNC. much for media "objectivity."
3. There HAS been illegal fund-raising by both Hillary and the DNC, against the advice of legal counsel.
...laws apply to thee, not to we.
And nation-wide, Motel 6 carpets live in constant fear today.
- Won't you please help "bring them out of the shadows?"

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Presence of French special forces in Libya sets off controversy

Germany: The Terrifying Power of Muslim Interpreters

The Dream of Muslim Outreach Has Become a Nightmare Read more at:

THE 15-SECOND MP3 THAT CAN DESTROY HILLARY'S CAMPAIGN: I suggest using it as a ringtone

Turkey and NATO — the end of the line

Munich SHOOTER was a MUSLIM who lured children to their deaths on Facebook, Police probe fake ad for free food at massacre McDonald’s

Erdogan's Putsch: Turkey's Post-Coup Slide into Dictatorship

The Black Heroes Who Took Down the Freddie Gray Hoax

Barack obama explains why there is no public safety concern in america justifying "gun control" ....

Global Warming Expedition Stuck in Arctic Sea Because of Too Much Ice

France: After the Third Jihadist Attack

DNC Convention. Hillary's Coronation.......................from Rico

As America's slimy "progressive" left oozes towards what is openly known as the DNC 2016 Convention in Philadelphia [and is privately known by everybody as HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) HRC's (Hillary Rob'em Clinton) Coronation -h/t Diogenes Middle Finger for the graphic attached], it is worth observing that forty years of SLEAZE, LIES, SCANDALS and CORRUPTION have given the New Communist Party, aka Democrats, a very deep bench.
Of course the rape-hoaxer Lena Dunham will figure prominently, supported by Blacks (Rachel D.), Indians (Liz W.), Women (like, Caitlyn), Religious figures (Al 'Tawana' Sharpton), Scientists (Al Bore), former Clinton Democrat insiders become infotainment Journalists (George S), faithful Husbands (Billy BJ), and an alleged pResident (Barry Whomever) ...all in praise of the smartest (can't operate a fax), most honest (she's a lifelong, world-class, serial LIAR), murderous political woman in HISTORY since Lucretia Borgia or Elizabeth Bathory (Hillary) supporting her personal ambition of becoming DELETER OF THE FREE WORLD. 
- Oh, yay......
The rallying cry ending the convention will be the traditional Democratic salute to voter fraud:
- Vote Early, Vote Often!

Leaked DNC Emails Reveal Democrat Secret Plans to Take Down Bernie Sanders

Man, this is despicable.

Bernie's Jewish!

See, "Hacked Democrat Emails Reveal Plan for Hillary Clinton Attacks on Bernie Sanders' Religion."

The system is rigged!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Stunning 'Real Housewives' Babe Joanna Krupa Nude Photo Shoot for Treats Magazine

Joanna Krupa nude?

Are you freakin' kidding me?

This woman is spectacular. "Real Housewives of Miami" is beneath her. She should be lighting up the silver screen.

My lord this woman's a goddess!

Here, "Spectacular 'Real Housewives' Star Joanna Krupa for Totoal Nude Treats Magazine."

Her naked breasts are taut and perky.

Holy cow I'm going go Google more photos of this babe right now lol!


We live in a global economy. Is America competing in huge free market, or are we the World's Biggest Chump?

Corporate Thuggery.....................from Dan Friedman

[Look who has become the enforcers for Obama's twisted PC party line. A new and dangerous trend that's speeding America's decline into confusion, immorality and sinfulness. df]

(Reuters) - The NBA has canceled plans to hold its 2017 All-Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina, over a state law decried as discriminatory against the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, according to a report on Thursday.
The National Basketball Association is focused on moving the midseason showcase to New Orleans, which hosted the game in 2008 and 2014, but other cities are still vying for the extravaganza, according to a report on Yahoo.

The Hillary Clinton Bullshit Bingo Game!...from TPC

The Hillary Bullshit Bingo game in this article will hopefully help those Americans who may tragically be moved to pop their own eardrums during the DNC when hearing the shrill, 'nails on a blackboard' sound of Hillary Clinton's voice!

The same warning of course holds true for the voices of her minions who will appear onstage in addition to the shills in the mainstream media!

Play the game (or create one of your own) at The Political Commentator here.

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