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Monday, 21 May 2018

2019 Corvette ZR1 - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay took the Corvette ZR1 to over 200 MPH at the Milford Proving Grounds, so he asked Chevrolet to bring it to his garage for a closer look with Shad Balcher.

H/T Doverthere

Friday, 18 May 2018

Huge Honkers Chantelle Connelly Side Boob Nipple Slip on the Beach

Somehow I don't think these huge side boob nip slips are accidental.

Her braless tits are just too dang big for that skimpy tank top, lol.

See, "Chantelle Connelly Massive Side Boob and Pierced Nipples Slipping Out on the Beach."

Makes sense he was a Paratrooper . . .

"Evidence, including almost-daily discussions over a 14-year period and 3+ hours of audio recordings featuring the skyjacker, was compiled by Reca’s best friend. It was then analyzed by a Certified Fraud Examiner and forensic linguist," the publisher said in a news release. "The audio recordings, created in 2008, include Reca discussing skyjacking details that were not known to the public prior to the FBI’s information release in 2015."

Read it HERE

Cartoon Round Up....

On the Origin of the Feces................from Rico

America and the Free World is not only now witness to history being made, but 'living' history in this moment.
- The almost daily revelations of abuse of power, criminal conspiracy, violation of every existing ethical and moral standard, and still-emerging worse activities by the Democrats aka the Obama Regime (and the presumptive-but-aborted Hillary Regime) are much like peeling an onion.
In other words, the 'unmasking' of Democrats for what they are at their very core today.
- Thoroughly rotten.
More to the point, we are observing first-hand political Darwinism in reverse...the devolution of "progressive" Democrats into something even lower than the Leninist-Socialist pond scum we already know them to be right before our very eyes.
Presented are the dust-jackets for Volumes I & II of the now-being-revealed "On the Origin of the Feces."
- Watergate and the Blue Dress have become minor footnotes in a story so YUGE none of us have ever seen the like.

H/T Doverthere

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Red Tsunami - Intellectual Froglegs

Red Tsunami - Intellectual Froglegs from IntellectualFroglegs w Joe Dan on Vimeo.

Cartoon Round Up....

This is NOT good...................from Rico

This is NOT good, and not for the reason you might first think.
- I refer to the blatant and obvious manipulation of the Precious Metals on the COMEX [charts attached]:
Nobody wanting to make a profit [read: in their right mind] dumps $1.75 billion of paper Gold (+13,500 contracts) in ONE minute, ONE hour, before market open.
OK, merely on the face of it, owners of physical Gold and Silver might be slightly distracted by these games, but at the end of their trading day an ounce is still an ounce, and retains an intrinsic value that digital, synthetic, rehypothecated, virtual 'commodities' do not and never will. Meh, BFD would be the logical response to the above.
- And holders of paper contracts are interested by virtue of being 'long' or 'short' on them [think: in, or out of, the money] which are not yet due, so a WTF from them might not even be warranted.
So what am I talking about here? The word is BLATANT.
- Something, somewhere, is very wrong when the 'cartel does not even try to hide pushing the spot price around like this.
This 'rigging' or 'managing' or whatever you want to call it has been bad enough, but when someone gets a 'tap' on the shoulder and is told 'just fuck it, then' and OPENLY makes the paper markets puke, this is NOT GOOD and something is VERY WRONG [read: going, or about to go] for TPTB to be so openly DESPERATE.
- Wish I knew for sure what was happening deep under the surface of the roiling CRIMEX water.

D is for: Dis is Hilarious.................from Rico

Snowflake (pictured below) is clearly delusional...yes, obviously a Democrat, and still 'ready for Hillary' too, one presumes.
Glossing over the incandescent retardation required to adhere to a demonstrably failed political idea, let's cut to the chase.
- At 500 yards? You have GOT to be shitting me! Dumbass cannot make it 5-feet to dispose of her own trash (look in the background) in the dumpster.
I do appreciate that Commie beret with the red star though, it makes a wonderful aiming point!
- That was most thoughtful of you sweetie.
Let's get together sometime and discuss that Democrat "blue wave" that doesn't exist and won't'd be hilarious to talk to in person!

Trump Derangement Syndrome Explained................

Trump Derangement Syndrome Explained

                                                                                    It's pathetic and a little creepy               
By Michael Dalton Johnson

The term Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS was born when college kids needed safe places, playdoh, coloring books, and hot chocolate to cope with Trump's political success.
It has now grown into a seemingly full-on epidemic without a cure. There are some pretty ugly symptoms. Trump Derangement Syndrome is rapidly spreading from – a social media joke – to a psychological affliction affecting the general population. TDS is no longer a laughing matter.

At the onset of the illness, victims take leave of common sense and nearly all things Trump are blown out of proportion  The president's every tweet is a stick poked into the media monkey cage that triggers hysterical howling and feces slinging.

When Trump made a phone call to Taiwan's president, without hesitation, TDS sufferers were saying our "One China" policy had been canceled by Trump. Of course, a phone conversation isn't the same thing as an official diplomatic action. In their eagerness to show Trump's recklessness, the critics misunderstand US policy. They don't know their collective asses from a hot rock. "One China" simply means we don't view Taiwan as a country or that it establishes China's sovereignty over Taiwan. The US has never recognized Taiwan as a sovereign country however the Taiwan Relations Act obligates America to defend it.

Even Trump's way of feeding fish (based on a doctored video)  became front and center news in the liberal media. Every possible opportunity to zing him was, and still is, eagerly taken. Trruth is not a required element

Another stage of TDS has a profound influence on the victim's vocabulary: Sufferers speak a language riddled with emotionally charged hyperbole. One liberal website recently ran a piece that noted Trump's decision to continue using his private security force, which provoked a liberal pundit to tweet: "A predictable move for a kleptocratic authoritarian who wants to operate outside the bounds of law and basic ethical standards." Other verbal slings and arrows include homophobe, misogynist, Nazi, bellicose, Islamaphobe, xenophobe...the list goes on.

I recently had lunch with an old friend,  He is an intelligent guy and a writer of considerable talent. When our conversation turned to politics and Trump's name was mentioned his face turned red and he loudly spewed forth a stream of invective that described Trump as an asshole, idiot, liar, MFer, son of a bitch, cocksucker, traitor, and bastard. Spitting and sputtering, his visceral hatred of Trump surprised me. As the conversation continued he described Trump as "Putin's sock puppet" and went on to claim the president has an incestuous relationship with his daughter.

I had witnessed a dramatic example of advanced Trump Derangement Syndrome. At this stage of TDS, the afflicted lose touch with reality. Opinions come from raw emotion and have little to do with the real world.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Phenomenal Petra Nemcova Leggy Upskirt Snatch Reveal on the Cannes Red Carpet


See, "Tasty Petra Nemcova Snatch Reveal Upskirt at Cannes."


Cartoon Round Up....

Cadence..............from Rico

Old-timers will remember when combat boots were actually worn in BCT (basic combat training) and not sneakers, and running to a called cadence. Running a lot. It helped break-in both the boots and the recruits.
- Ditties that have surely disappeared in today's PC-stress card Basic Training, like "If I die on the Russian front, bury me in a Russian _(ahem)_" for just one example, or the truly 'classic' call immortalized by GYSGT Hartman about 'Ho Chi Minh being a son of a bitch' in "Full Metal Jacket" for another. Yeah, we really DID sing that one, too.
One cadence call that actually might have survived Barry's 'feminization' of the military came to mind when I looked at this below picture of C-130's. You may remember it fondly, too:
- "C-130's rollin' down the strip,
   Airborne daddy's gonna take a little trip"
And I can still 'hear' those fuckers taking off and flying right overhead of us in those WWII-era wooden barracks at Ft Bragg all god-damned night, one after the other endlessly it seemed...

Inflation....would they LIE? Say it ain't so.................from Rico

Of course governments lie. They lie all the time when it suits their purposes, and "inflation" [read: cost of living] is but one example of this mendacity.
- When a government is in debt...not just up to, but far above, it's eyeballs then low interest means lower payments to service the debt.
No 'official' inflation is a good thing. For government.
- For you, not so much.
Take a good look at the chart below reflecting the US inflation rate. Recall that the FED's 'target rate' is 2% (that 'joke' still makes me laugh every time I hear it, talk about liars!...not that a privately-owned, for-profit, bank would lie about anything mind you).
- Doesn't sound so bad, or very scary, does it?
Except to everyone else who actually has to pay for their cost of living (instead of borrowing endlessly like government does), they know better.
- Go here to 'see' what your real [read: no offishul BS] cost of living actually is:
just put down any beverages, swallow, and be sure you're sitting down when you go to the link.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Cartoon Round Up....

Up your...legacy...Barr​y..................from Rico

Our friend BRANCO...again...captures the very essence of what many of us have HOPEd for, ever since this pompous parasite first appeared.
- "Up Yours" Barry!
Why of course I meant his "legacy" whatever did you think I meant?

Wrong side of reality....................from Rico

Today's Democrats aren't just on the wrong side of history, but the wrong side of reality.
Sure, their demented "Russia-Russia-Russia" and Porny Daniels ravings have been a real 'hOOt' but even funnier...and more their "blue wave" fantasy.
Ain't gonna happen.
I agree with former Bill Clinton advisor Dick Morris who opines:
"There is no blue wave coming. There's a red wave. And what makes it red is the blood of the Democrat Party."
You heard it here first...

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Little Busty French Fashion Model ChloƩ Nicolas in Sublime Topless Photo Shoot by Guillaume Gaubert

Here, "Tasty Topless Tart: Busty French Fashion Model Model ChloƩ Nicolas in Sublime Nude Photo Shoot."

Usually, these little luscious French fashion models of small titties, but this wench is packing on the pert honkers.

Curiouser and Curiouser, the Iran Nuke 'Deal'...............fromRico

- Now things are getting really interesting!
The Iranian regime has just threatened to release the names [read: out the crooks] of Western officials who took bribes to pass the Iran Nuclear 'Deal'...
- How very interesting would THAT be?
Is the hysteria and vitriol over Trump walking-away from a very bad obviously bad deal...that never was a 'deal' at all but a SCAM making sense now?
- Or those pallets of CASH Barry flew to the Mullah's?
- Or the 'mystery' of Kerry secretly meeting multiple times with Iranian officials about the deal?
- Or the EUropean 'leaders' breaking with Trump and saying they're staying with the deal?
What can one really expect from people that are fundamentally rotten to their very core?
- You can take Vegas-odds that Kerry is NOT the only one shitting himself at the prospect of being revealed as CORRUPT and a TREASONOUS wretch.
The 'special sauce' topping this entire shit souffle' is Iran 'admitting' that it paid BRIBES just after having been revealed by Israel as massively cheating on the self-same 'deal' Barry and his co-conspirators cooked up...and profited from.
This is almost worth tuning in the MSM to see how they manage to not cover this story and/or tap-dance around it.
- Almost.

That 'sucking' sound is.....................from Rico

Thank you once again, Democrat-run & controlled ILLINOIS, for providing a stark 'reminder' why Democrats should never be allowed to hold any responsible positions or elected office ever again.
- To 'save' five state (over-obligated/under-funded) government pension plans, Illinois is 'thinking' about [read: can we get away with this?] raising their already confiscatory taxes on the public.
Yes, THE highest property-taxed state out of 50 (or 57 if you voted Obama), is broke and needs more money.
- Hmmmmm...guess it never occurred to them to spend LESS money, huh? Well, we ARE talking about congenital Democrats here.
WHAT? I mean WTF?
- To understand, let's play a "game"'s multiple choice, so Libtards, er the mentally-challenged, can participate too. 
The game is called "That sucking sound is [__answer here__]."
a. Tax-donkeys LEAVING Illinois because they are taxed       too much.
b. Illinois running out of OPM (other people's money)           because it spends too much.
c. Illinois 'thinking' about raising taxes some more               because people are not taxed enough.
d. Democrats.
e. All of the above.

Pic Dump..................