Sunday, 5 July 2015

Cartoon Round Up....

Ban it, the Democrats cry!...............from Rico

'Funny' how it's Democrats leading the charge to expunge the Confederate battle flag.
- The venerable and honorable 'Southern Cross" reminds them of States and individuals standing for their rights and freedoms in the face of an overbearing and oppressive Federal regime that would deny and deprive them of both, so of course that pisses them off.
- And let's not forget which political party had a vested interest in suppressing black rights and freedom and used the KKK to that purpose, and reminding anyone of that scares the piss out of them.
Instead, it's past time that Democrats were banned!
- Sen. and KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd could not be reached for comment.

Greek Referendum Begins

I don't know. I'm expecting a yes vote, which ain't gonna be good for Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

Here: "Voting Begins in Greece Referendum."

BONUS: "Greek Crisis: EU Warns of Armageddon If Voters Reject Terms."

Meet Stella Maxwell, Miley Cyrus’s Model Girlfriend

Can you believe that? And Miley Cyrus ain't even a lesbian?!!

I thought gays were all "born that way"?

I don't think these people care, except to make a spectacle of deviance. Sheesh.

Here: "Miley Cyrus Makes Out with Victoria's Secret Model Stella Maxwell."

At least that Stella lady's a smokin' hottie.

Freedom Festival at Point Loma Naval Base, San Diego

This is great!

Here: "Military Families Celebrate the 4th of July at Point Loma Naval Base."

Good for them!

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Happy Fourth of July from Topless Chelsea Handler!

Oh my goodness, you can't be a patriotic American woman these days unless you're going topless on social media.

And dang, Chelsea Handler's got a magnificent rack!

Watch: "Chelsea Handler Topless Waterskiing for 4th of July (VIDEO)."

Kendall Jenner Patriotic Perky Fourth of July

She's a hot babe --- and very patriotic!

Perky as hell too, lol

Here: "Perky Patriot Kendall Jenner Happy Fourth of July!"

Long legs and perky ta-tas!

Now that's a winning holiday combination!

Chrissy Teigen 'Free the Nipple' Protest

She got censored on Instagram for posting a tasty breast shot, complete with perky nipples.

That's not very patriotic, heh.

See: "In Defense of Chrissy Teigen's 'Free the Nipple' Campaign."

Be sure to click through to spy those perky nipples!

She's got a nice rack, dang!

Emily Ratajkowski Gets Intimate | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

A Banquet of Consequences................from Rico

The "Financial Times" is reporting that Greek banks are preparing to raid deposits.
- Remember Cyprus? That was the template for future 'bail-ins.'
It was a delicious meal with 30+ years worth of courses served by politicians who came around at every election with social program laden carts (welfare, healthcare, unemployment, free food and phones, social security, ad nauseum).
- "Help yourself" they said.
- "All you can eat" they said.
- "It's free" they said, (channeling their inner Bluto Blutarsky from "Animal House" who famously said "....hey, it don't cost nuthin!").
Then the waiter brought over the bill for the "free" meal.
- Taxes couldn't cover it.
- Borrowed money (bonds aka debt) couldn't cover it. In fact, money had to be borrowed just to pay the interest on the borrowed money (like the $1 trillion the US borrowed in 4Q 2014 to cover the interest coming due on their debt.
Greece just pulled a "dine-and-dash" by defaulting and skipping out on the tab, choosing to break some EUro plates instead of washing them in the IMF-ECB kitchens.
- They were the first, but they will not be the last, to face a banquet of consequences.

Celebrating what?....................from Rico

I'm not sure that "celebrating" the 4th of July is the right word to use today.
- Celebrating what? The freedoms we "used to" have? The country we "used to" be?
The founding fathers must be rotating in their graves to see today's "progressives" run amok, and the three independent branches of government they had given the Republic turned into a merged politburo no longer led by a person of George Washington's character and caliber (he refused an offered kingship) representing an independent and self reliant people, but by an ignoranus du jour (who has self-appointed as dicktator) representing the dependent, lazy, stupid, and entitled majority.
Freedom is not free.
Free men are not equal.
Equal men are not free.
Why not grill a hot dog, even if it does smell like freedom's goose being cooked....but that's nothing to celebrate.

Happy Independence Day America - Celebrate Your Greatness With Pride.......from Daniel Thomas

It wasn't long ago in historical terms that the Founding Fathers of America wrote these immortal words on a piece of parchment before signing the Declaration of Independence:

"And for the support of this declaration, with firm Reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor"

The rise of America to be the greatest and most prosperous nation on earth in just two hundred and one years is a testament to the farsightedness of these great men.

The decline of America into its present state began in earnest with the Carter administration in 1977 when American exceptionalism was put into question and its reputation for spreading its good fortune abroad began to be portrayed as arrogance and even imperialism.

The enemies of freedom outside America who worked tirelessly to counter its efforts to spread liberty abroad were now being supplemented by enemies within who were equally determined to degrade America and its influence.

As the American people are finding out to their cost, while they enjoyed the blessing of liberty guaranteed them in their Constitution, these same enemies within have been burrowing away beneath the surface slowly but surely chipping away at the bedrock of their great country.

As a demonstration of how confident the enemies within have become they are erasing the very history that was instrumental in constructing the greatness of America.

The history of all countries has its dark moments and America is no different; the majority of the good people of America regardless of race and creed acknowledge this and concede. These historical wrongs have long been put right and the opportunity offered by the American dream is available to all that desire it and are prepared to chase it.

American history and traditions are now under threat with everything from innocent television programs to the names of sport teams being censored or erased.

To end on a positive note, let the enemies within burn the flag and continue their war on America.....but only for today.Tomorrow the fightback should begin.

Today patriots should honor their Founding Fathers by pledging again 'to each other their Lives, their Fortunes and their sacred Honor' then celebrate the birth of their great nation with pride and fireworks but without guilt. Enjoy the day but start preparing tomorrow for the battle ahead.

This new battle for independence will not be against a demented British King and his colonial army, but a nameless, faceless enemy dwelling in your midst with malice aforethought.

To the American people, stand tall, America will prevail, have a great day and best wishes from myself and my fellow countrymen.


Cartoon Round Up....


Israel’s populist energy crisis by Caroline Glick

No Trump Apology Tour

The Myth of Slavery!

Islamic State’s Sinai ‘province’ claims responsibility for failed rocket attacks on Israel

The Greeks Invented Mathematics, and Now It’s Bankrupting Them

Dukes of Hazzard—Falls to Flag Hysteria, Anti-South Mob Action!

Israeli policymakers' alarming over-reliance on Egypt to grapple with Hamas and ISIS

Angela's Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe

Russia's Deadliest Sub Will Have a New Home by October

That's no lady, that's................from Rico

That's no lady, that's Hillary.
She's not smart enough to work a fax without Huma's help, but wants to be pResident?
Well, her secretarial skills suck better than she does (so sayeth Bill and Monica), but she sure is one 'killer' of a broad judging from all the dead bodies she leaves in her wake.

H/T Paul B

Krauthammer: Iran Prognosis Very Poor...............................from Dan Friedman

[Overall, Krauthammer should be commended for this powerful, unequivocal piece. But Krauthammer is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist. So why does he describe Obama’s symptoms but stops short of diagnosing his underlying disease? df], July 2, 2015
Obama will get his “legacy.” Kerry will get his Nobel. And Iran will get the bomb.

By Charles Krauthammer

Liberals Are Taking Liberties with Freedom and the Constitution - ZoNation

Zo tells you why the Democrats are rewriting the Constitution. He reminds viewers that the Democrats rewrote the constitution once before, when they seceded from the Union and formed the Confederacy.

Lindsey Pelas Demonstrates How to Perfectly Celebrate July 4th..............

Kathryn Steinle Murder

Ms. Steinle was a foxy babe.

I mean any murder is sad, but particularly in this case. Her family said she was just the sweetest, most caring...

Here: "Kathryn Steinle, Vibrant 32-Year-Old San Francisco Woman, Murdered by Illegal Alien Suspect Francisco Sanchez."

Also: "Deported 5 Times Previously, Illegal Alien Confesses to Murder of Kathryn Steinle at San Francisco's Pier 14."

Plus, watch this: "KTVU News Crew Attacked at Gunpoint, Cameraman Pistol Whipped While Reporting Live From the Scene of Pier 14 Homicide."

George Takei Apologizes

Recent times have been pretty bizarre. And I don't think the left has peaked quite yet.

Still, George Takei stepped back. Not quite enough and not genuinely so. But he did step back a bit after the massive backlash.

See: "Homosexual Racist George Takei Issues Non-Apology for 'Clown in Blackface' Attack on Justice Clarence Thomas."

And ICYMI, "George Takei Should Stop Gaysplaining Black History to Clarence Thomas."

Early Babe-Blogging for 4th of July!

Had to get this party started!

Here: "Red, White, and Bikinis."

Friday, 3 July 2015

Greek Beer versus Bonds...from TPC

Sunday the Greeks will be holding a vote on whether or not the country wants to stay in the Eurozone (as I write this the outcome is termed to close to call)!

But certainly the story, regardless of whether the vote there is yay or nay, likely does not end there.

Read about it at LI here

It's Still Hot...............

Cartoon Round Up....


Robot Kills Worker in VW Plant

Texas Farmer Killed After Tractor Disturbs Bee Hive

New Revelations From Hillary Clinton’s Latest Emails

Palestinians: More Missed Opportunities

The newest U.S. export may leave Russia with excess gas

White House Renovations Rugs & Interior Design

South China Sea: China’s HD-981 Oil Rig Is Back

We Are All Californians Now

The Future of Sex Tech Looks Awesome/Terrifying

Addiction is not a disease: A neuroscientist argues that it’s time to change our minds on the roots of substance abuse

Boko Haram massacres praying Muslims

Some 200 dead – Egyptian troops, Islamists, civilians - in major ISIS-Egyptian battle in North Sinai

Who Is Damaging Relations Between Arabs and Jews?

Future of the office

Dear Editor.................from Marshall M

Dear Editor,
Two recent rulings of the United States Supreme Court have sounded the death knell for our Constitutional Republic. The rule of the mob prevails. A mob has no brain, no ability to reason or think and is unwilling to restrain itself. Since 1973, four rulings by the court destroyed the Republic and rule by law. The first was Roe vs. Wade that declared murder legal so long as the crime took place in the womb. The second was a ruling on the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, which allows the federal government to force individuals to purchase health care insurance. It is reasonable to assume that if the government can force citizens to purchase one product or service then other products or services can likewise be mandated. It would be no surprise out here in the woods if a national movement is started to force citizens to visit Disney World or purchase a new automobile. If such purchases were ruled to be a legitimate function of government then subsidies similar to the ones for the purchase of healthcare would be in order. After all, the argument would go; everyone is entitled to have what everyone else has. The latest and probably final challenge to ObamaCare ended when the justices ruled that language in the law did not mean what it said. The language stated that federal subsidies could only be paid to individuals who enrolled in ObamaCare via exchanges established in each “State”. There was nothing in the law to compel the States to establish an exchange and thirty-four States did not. The correct ruling would have been the end of ObamaCare but, thanks to the left wing political activist sitting on the court, the atrocity is alive and well. By declaring that the law meant the “state” which with a small “s” would have meant the federal government not the “S” as it was written, which meant the individual States. The new “Supreme Court of the United States Care” has been re-interpreted by the SCOTUS which is not what they are supposed to do. Their job is to rule on law not rewrite it which is what they have done in this case. Our supreme court is now completely out of control and we have to find a way to solve this problem. The final blow to the Republic was the redefining of marriage. The Constitution says nothing about marriage. Thus, there is nothing on which the court justices could rule. Marriage is ordained by God. Advocates for same-sex marriage have defied God. Marriage is a religious issue. Government had no business being involved in the institution but now, God has been rendered irrelevant in the affairs of our shameless government. What all this means is that the basic founding principle of America, such as the rights of the individuals who believe that unnatural acts against nature and things going against the word of GOD no longer mean anything. Along with the elimination of those believers’ individual rights, the states have been deprived of the authority to make law. Now there is only one government, one loyalty, one ruler. Life in America is now controlled by a handful of people in Washington, DC. America was born out of rebellion against too much government and the authority of the ruling elite but over the last few decades that has been eroded. We have now returned to exactly what the original patriots fought against. Beware! The next and final target of the progressives is the elimination of organized religion. There is already a push to remove the tax free status of churches. This is the first step and if that ever takes place you can count on the next step being “traditional” worship services of Christians and Jews alike becoming illegal. The almighty church of government will soon be established all across the land and no person or group of persons will be able to stand against this corrupt, almighty government. Stand up America because the peace, freedom and tranquility that we have known in the past are quickly being taken away! Sam Rawlins

A Fourth to be Reckoned With

Today's Government Recipe....................from Rico

An unconfirmed source claims that this recipe is THE "secret recipe" served by the kitchens of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme many of the federal alphabet agencies, on a regular (if not daily) basis.

Burning down the house................from Rico

The latest BS from BLS (today's NFP) makes me want to channel my inner Lewis Black and say "You have GOT to be SH*TTING ME!"
- This should also be followed by "Now pull the other one, but please not with a straight face this time...that mightily offends me."
The gooberment headed by the BSOTUS claims the unemployment rate has now dropped from 5.5% to 5.3% after adding 223K crappy jobs (and losing 640K more workers from the labor force...for a 38-year 'record' of 93.6 million workers currently NOT in the labor force).
Now in its 7th year of 'recovery' these lying popinjays would have us believe the US economy is going like a house on fire.
- And it certainly is. Just NOT in a good way.

Will Israel Throw America a Lifeline?....................from Dan Friedman

[From what I understand, the brilliant David Goldman is an observant Jew with a Torah perspective. df], July 2, 2015
Without a sense of exceptionalism, a country of chosen people cannot prosper

H/T Paul B

Jobs Thursday - BFD...................from Rico

The NFP report is being released today (Thursday) because of the three-day 4th weekend.
Yesterday saw the usual heavy-handed games being played on the CRIMEX, and no less can be expected today as we see in the Gold and Silver charts from this morning.
Greece? Puerto Rico? is Non Farm Payroll day and the financial media myrmidons MUST make the Junta look good!
- Corruptio Optimi Pessima
Gee, wow. Just look at the Dow and S&P futures. All must be well, right?
Yeah. Moar bread and circus, please.
Of course, if you do not own any equities because you're employed in one of the top four US employment sectors (that pays $10/hr or less, btw) you may be less dazzled by the sparkly headlines and react with a BFD. Maybe.
- The 'rigged' markets have taken their place alongside EBT and other entitlements in the three-ring-circus of 'media' that is meant to, entertain, but not inform the crowds.

H/T Bob C

"Agreement? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Agreement!"....................from Dan Friedman

[Our president is a renegade, that’s for certain. The only question is, with a craven Congress that’s afraid to confront Obama, and the Supreme Court in his pocket, what if anything do we the people have left to stop him? My own preference is going into the streets en masse, just like we did in the 60s and 70s to end the Vietnam War and drive a president from office. Of course, there’s a real difference between now and then. No one worried about Ho Chi Minh getting nuclear weapons. Which is to say today the stakes are higher. All we need now is a leader to get us organized and mobilized ASAP. The point of no return is staring us in the face. df], July 1, 2015
By Adam Kredo

H/Ts HJB and Old Dude

Indoor Smoking Ban Halts Scientific Research on Smoking (Nanny of the Month, June 2015)

Anastasia Ashley, the World's Sexiest Surfer

Hey, I can go for sexy surfer chicks!

Watch: "Surf's Up with Anastasia Ashley in a Bikini."

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Message To The Greek People - You Should Have Listened To Maggie...........From Daniel Thomas

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money" - Margaret Thatcher

This is probably the most famous quote used by the former British Prime Minister whenever she needed to highlight the truth about the world's most destructive and bloody economic philosophy.

The quote is actually a contraction of a sentence she used during a television interview back in February 1976. If politicians and their client communities had listened to her then they would have saved themselves and their posterity a lot of poverty, misery and distress.

The full quote is as follows:

"...and socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other peoples money. It's quite a characteristic of them".

Love her or loath her one cannot ignore her political message which is as true today as it was in 1976; in fact it's as true today as it has always been throughout recorded history.

As the Greek people wallow in the misery of their own making, it's worth reminding them that since successive governments in Athens ran out of other peoples money their country has taken over the ignominious mantle once held by Great Britain of  "the sick man of Europe".

One would have thought that the Greek people would have learned from the British people's experience and consigned every socialist politician to the dustbin of history where they so rightly belong.

Prior to the Iron Lady assuming the British premiership, the socialist governments of Harold Wilson and James Callaghan had instituted a policy of managed decline of their once great nation into mediocrity and welfare dependency.

As is the case with Greece today, the British government ran out of other peoples money causing, among other things, a Sterling crisis; they were forced to take a begging bowl to the International Monetary Fund for a loan - they in turn imposed the required government spending cuts as a condition.

The all powerful public sector trade unions, who were ideologically opposed to any spending cuts whatsoever, flexed their muscles by striking work in selected industries. The government's hands were tied by the IMF imposed spending cuts leaving the unions with no choice but to strike work again.  This action brought the entire country to a halt imposing misery and hardship onto the people, including their own members.

As a salient point of history, it's worth noting that most of British industry was nationalised after the WW II by the incoming Labour government in a drive to impose a socialist economy on the nation.

These industries were run by the trade unions who were in turn run by communists or communist sympathisers. In fact some were directly financed from Moscow. They were grossly overmanned, inefficient and a drain on the entire economy.

The whole shambolic mess came to a head in 1978 with what has gone down in British history as the low point of British socialism, 'the winter of discontent' and the title of "the sick man of Europe" was bestowed on a dispirited nation. Whatever is happening in Greece today, the British people endured the same or worse almost two decades ago.

Mountains of rat infested, uncollected rubbish littered public spaces, transportation came to a halt, power cuts crippled the nation, food and other commodities were in short supply, industry was reduced to a three day week and - most shamefully - the dead were left unburied delaying their journey to the hereafter.

The rest is history, the Iron Lady believed Great Britain was still a great nation and the people deserved more than managed decline and the ignominy of socialist imposed mediocrity. She believed the British people were still capable of innovation, hard work and wealth creation.

She believed that free market economics and less government interference in peoples lives and businesses would deliver prosperity for the many and history proved her to be right.

She took on and beat the ideologically driven political class and the establishment along with the vested interests that thrive on poverty, mediocrity and misery. Prior to their conversion she earned the enmity of millions, including your humble corespondent, but only until the fruits of their sacrifice became tangible.

She went on to win two more election victories before she was stabbed in the back by the Europhiles in her government because of her resistance to forced integration into the European superstate we see today.

So why didn't the British people heed the advise I am giving to the Greek people today? The answer lies with the long planned project to install a pro-EU government in Westminster for long enough, not only to dismantle and reverse the Thatcher successes, but to make them irreversible in the future.

This became the New Labour project fronted by a manufactured, telegenic political phony named Tony Blair. Despite claiming to be a socialist he set about cleansing the Labour Party constitution of any contentious vote losing articles including the infamous Clause 4. This clause committed all future Labour governments to the wholesale nationalisation of British industry. Socialism in one clause as it was labelled at the time.

The New Labour project included stuffing the establishment and national institutions, including the NHS, the BBC, the judiciary, the police, local government, government departments, the civil service, charities etc. etc. with Common Purpose trained operatives dedicated to replacing the traditional way of life with a so called 'multi-cultural society'. This was in preparation for integration into the European Union superstate. Better known as the United States of Europe.

As we know to our cost the EU itself uses the old Soviet Union as a template with its out-of-control spending, its suspension of democracy and its unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy.

Blair was completely in thrall to the EU and did their bidding without question. In addition to surrendering swathes of British sovereignty, he negotiated Great Britain's adoption of the Lisbon Treaty, opened the borders to mass immigration and spent like a drunken politician on expenses until he too ran out of other people's money.

The British economy has yet to recover from the Blair/Brown Labour Party years with inherited deficits and debt still at record levels and no let up in sight for the hard pressed taxpayers, consumers and savers.

There are other examples of governments around the world spending other peoples money into oblivion but it would require a tome larger than the tax code to document them all.

It must be heartening to know that the socialist President of bankrupt Venezuela, Nicholas Maduro, has sent a message of solidarity to the Greek people. That would be the same oil and resource  rich Venezuela that has managed to engineer a shortage of money, utilities, food supplies and consumer items including toilet paper and condoms.

The Greek people are in a unique position whereby they can not only to change their own destiny for the better but also that of the entire peoples of Europe and the world.

They should vote to restore their dignity as well as their democracy by rejecting the terms of the EU/IMF stitch up in Sunday's referendum. They should vote not just leave the flawed Eurozone, but to leave the EU disaster period and re-engage with the world.

With luck this will set off a chain reaction and bring the whole totalitarian EU empire crashing down, freeing almost five hundred million people from the suffocating shackles of socialist tyranny allowing them to breath the free air of liberty once again.