Thursday, 2 October 2014


Report: Border Patrol Agent Says Classified Intel Proves Terrorists Infiltrate U.S

Cops: Islip man who travelled around the world killed by strangers in North Carolina

White Lesbian Mother Sues Sperm Bank After Having Black Baby

QUESTION: When Obama Leaves Office, What Job Will He Excel At?

Everything You Need To Know About the GOP’s 2016 Candidates On National Security

This Could Be the Navy SEAL’s Boat of Tomorrow

Obama's Loose Lips

Finally, Some Accountability

Kim Jong-Un's Sister Takes Control in North Korea

Occupy Central Is Doomed to Fail

India Develops Long-Endurance, Low-Altitute UAV

Peshmerga fighting Islamic State say they're still waiting for heavy weapons

US tanks arrive in Baltics, Poland requests greater US military presence

CDC Spokesman Admits Screening Inadequate, Won't Ban Flights From Liberia

Former Liberal Filmmaker Eric Allen Bell: “Islam is absolutely our ENEMY” (Video)!...from TPC

Video of former liberal filmmaker Eric Allen Bell who learned the truth about Islamic extremism and how, unlike Barack Obama, now recognizes that “Islam is absolutely our ENEMY”!

At The Political Commentator here.

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97 Percent................

In his latest TV ad, Mike McFadden calls Senator Franken "the most partisan Senator in all of Congress." McFadden promises to come home if he votes 97% with any President or party

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While Nero Fiddled, Obama Golfed…........

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Woman Wears Cleavage Camera Mounted on Hot Pink Bra, Catches Strangers Checking Out Her Magnificent Rack

Shoot, I'd have been busted ogling that lady's fabulous knockers!

Here: "Nestlé Fitness Breast Cam Captures Stolen Glances All Day Long."

A great looking babe. Huge tits. Who's gonna turn away? And all for a great cause!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sleepy Man Banjo Boys - Same Same Stars (Music Video)

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Turkey? Antisemitic? Who, Me?

White House Security Replaced By Ugandan Contractors

Iran: Ayatollah Boroujerdi Being Prepared for Execution

Senator Mary Landrieu Claims Pro-Gun Stance Despite Voting Record

NASA photo: Fall colors! From space! (+ more from a more Earthly perspective)

Will GOP party like it's 1946? Republican​s aim for historic House majority

The White House Won’t Meet With Marines But They Will Meet With Beyonce!

In Praise of Benjamin Netanyahu

Rand in South Carolina: Obama Acting Like 'Third World Autocrat' Who Does 'Whatever the Hell He Wants'

2300 Marines to be sent to Middle East

Stevie Nicks Confirms True Abortion Story Behind Song 'Sara'

NASA: Mysterious disappeari​ng object on Titan has scientists stumped

Is Baghdad about to fall to ISIS?

Report: Government unprepared for pandemic

Government Desperation Is Increasing

Triton, Poseidon, & UCLASS: The Navy’s ISR Balancing Act

Ron Kessler: Obama’s Life is in Danger

German soldiers 'stranded' in Afghanistan as more planes breakdown

British special forces join fighters on Isil front line

Tony Abbott shows support for burqa ban in parliament

Tab for trucks Pentagon doesn't need could top $100 million

Fight against Islamic State raises Air Force’s profile during funding crunch

State Dept. Rejects Netanyahu's Mideast Diagnosis

Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders

The Elon Musk interview on Mars colonisati​on

Boston Herald Apologizes For Obama ‘Watermelo​n Toothpaste​’ Cartoon

In China, Hong Kong protests out of sight, out of mind

Venezuelan stores fingerprin​t shoppers to stop hoarding

New York Times to cut about 100 newsroom jobs

Uniform Change Verdict and Middle East Task Force (The Corps Report Ep. 41)

This week's episode of The Corps Report discusses a new Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force deployed to the Middle East, the commandant decides on new uniform changes, Amphibious Landing Exercise 2015 kicks off, and Marines compete at the Warrior Games

Iran: Everything Else is Commentary..................from Dan Friedman

[Obama and Israel, two objects moving in the opposite direction at warp speed. Has Netanyahu caught on yet, is he a willing participant in the game, or is he trying to run out the clock on Obama’s second term? I think we’ll have the answer before long. Time is of the essence - and it’s not on Israel’s side. df]
Differences over looming nuclear talks deadline likely to dominate Wednesday’s Obama-Netanyahu meeting

What is a Reasonable Tax?

The U.S. tax code is four million words long. What’s a reasonable tax? Listen to Andrew Klavan and Bill Whittle discuss

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Bridging the Conservative/Libertarian Divide

GOP Factions

Ending the Progressive stranglehold on the GOP is going to be absolutely necessary if we are going to elect a President who will get America back on the right track. Progressives, who like to refer to themselves as “moderates” regardless of which party they are in, are currently able to maintain their hold on power because the other two major factions of the GOP are divided between Conservatives and Libertarians. This divide has to be overcome, and I believe that is entirely possible. For purposes of illustration, I will refer to the Progressive, Conservative, and Libertarian factions as the Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul wings, respectfully.       (continue reading)

Cartoon Round Up....


Another aspiring head chopper offer in oklahoma ... oh, joy, let's bring more of them here ... just what we need to keep things lively

Kicking the PLO habit by Caroline Glick

Science is for Stupid People

There’s Really No Way To Screen for Ebola at Airports

Yes, Obama Knew about ISIS

Fence Jumper Ran Through the East Room

Turkey may let foreign troops use its bases in Islamic State campaign

The Killing of the Sikhs

Why Isn’t North Korea Angry About Its Isolation?

Kim Jong-un 'so fat he has fractured his ankles'

Operation Fill-in-the-Blank: why doesn't the campaign against Isil have a code name?

Germany's Disarmed Forces: Ramshackle Military at Odds with Global Aspirations

The Road to Bamiyan: A Public Works Debacle that Defines Afghanistan

Salmond's Legacy for Scotland: Civil War

Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders

Why worry about 'no boots' when Obama's heart isn't in the battle against radical Islam?

What You Need to Know About Ebola

Homegrown - Wild Bill

Homegrown terrorists! Who does that refer to?

Missing Inaction

Multiculturalism: What's in a name? (Humor)...from TPC

Politically incorrect humor about multiculturalism and the student roll call done on the first day of school.

At The Political Commentator here.

A Matter of Time....................from Rico

"People have been genuinely sickened and slightly stunned by how massively they have been betrayed. There is something which leaves you feeling winded for a moment when someone betrays you. But this moment is passing, and what might follow frightens the over class." David Malone

The attached cartoon reminds me of what is happening in Hong Kong right now.
- This, or worse, will happen when people understand how they have been swindled by the Central Bank fiat scheme.

Meanwhile, it is EOM (end of month), EOQ (end of quarter), FYE (fiscal year end for the USG), and the onset of a week-long holiday in China.....and Friday is the NFP (non farm payroll) exercise in meaningless 'cooked' and fraudulent official reporting.
- Silver bullion spot price has been hammered (naked-shorted) to a new 4-yr low breaking below $17, and Gold bullion spot has likewise been brutalized by the unbacked paper supplied by the wise guys. Did you perhaps expect any other behavior from the TBTJ (too big to jail)?

Besides, maybe some Muppets can be 'skeered' out of their physical and will run back to the welcoming arms of Central Bank fiat for safety? Hey, it's worth a try.
- Well, while fiat is not safe it IS a sure're sure to lose real purchasing power to currency debauchment and real inflation (not the fake inflation being reported) despite the nominal face values on the notes. The really stupid ones I suppose will run headlong into equities, that toxic blowfish inflated by FED hot money.

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Elbert Guillory: Mary Landrieu is Not Helping Blacks

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Anjem Choudary, in His Own Words

Why State Dept. Defends UNRWA's Artificial "Refugee" Designations


Consumer confidence drops sharply in September

Ebola Hits the U.S., First Case Confirmed In Dallas

Ebay to spin off PayPal into separate company

Burson-Marsteller Rejects Israel as a Client; Accepts Muslim Brotherhood

Who Will Show Leadership on Iran?

The Source of Bad Writing

Burglars steal DeKalb family’s blind Boston Terrier

Microsoft unveils first look at Windows 10

For next attorney general, reach across aisle

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