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Spreading ebola, w/ utmost humility .... the idiot doctor, and the idiot nurse ....

Ebola obama, obama ebola, fee fie foma, obamo, obama

Guns OK in Nebraska Senior Photos If 'Tasteful'

Incumbents​, Pray for Rain

Chamber unleashes 13 ads to influence congressio​nal elections

Long-conse​rvative Latin America is turning liberal

Normalization between Ankara and Jerusalem? Guess Again.

Iran's Nuclear Program: Chief Obstacle to Iranian Hegemony

Microsoft lays off 3,000, ending latest round of cuts

What is to be done about a world where everything is for sale?

Spending in N.C. Senate race tops $100 million

Major Cyber Attack Will Cause Significant Loss of Life By 2025, Experts Predict

That mess in South America known as Venezuela

Who is Going to Investigate Biden’s Boondoggle?

Saudi Arabia finds six new MERS cases as outbreak grows

Relearning Anti-Submarine Warfare

Is North Korea Developing Sea-Based Ballistic Missiles?

Nato jets track 'unusual' Russian bomber sorties

Syrian helicopter bombs aid camp, say residents

New Alignments: The Kurds' Lonely Fight against Islamic State Terror

Mistral deal: France says delivery of warships to Russia still on hold

Cartoon Round Up....

Andrew Klavan: Is Obamacare Working, Or Are We All Going to Die?

In which our inquisitive host, Andrew Klavan, ferrets out the truth to the question on everyone's mind: Is Obamacare working, or are the death panels that the administration swears don't exist already heading to our houses to "cut costs" even as we speak?

FOMC Day 2...MEH!........................from Rico

Why does ANYONE pay any attention to the perfunctory Day 2 pronouncement of the FOMC any longer?
- Maybe it's like talking about the weather. It's meaningless, pointless, and ineffective in any practical way...just like anything the FED ever says.

They haven't been honest and forthcoming with their public statements for 100 years.
- Why start now?

There will be some hand-wringing about how there is NOT ENOUGH inflation, and no talk at all about real deflation and/or their manipulation of the equity markets to mask things from public perception.
- Look at the attached and decide how much MORE inflation is needed to "fix" everything and make it all better.

Your best guess will be better than anything the FED says today.

MILE HIGH CLUB - Mile High Bacon Thickburger.................

Moments from Cpl. Nathan Cirillo funeral in Hamilton...............

Thousands of people lined the streets, some wearing poppies, others carrying flags, to pay their respects to the reservist who was gunned down as he stood ceremonial guard in Ottawa last week. Here are some sights and sounds

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Netanyahu Responds to "Chickensh​**t" Attack.........................from Dan Friedman

"the attack on me only comes because I'm defending Israel"

Watch this two-minute video for Netanyahu’s response to Obama’s low-rent attack on the Prime Minister of the Jewish state.

Is Obama 'beheading' the United States?...from TPC

Is the euphemistic question 'Is Obama beheading the United States?' too harsh to be asked about a President of the United States? 

Or, are the actions and inactions by this administration over the past six years sufficient to raise a question in peoples minds about what the motives actually are?

This article offers some examples and invites opinions that can refute the overall premise.

Thursday Totty................

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Scatology as Diplomacy.....................from Dan Friedman

[Things have gone downhill faster than I thought they would. I expected Obama to ratchet up his hostility toward Jews and the Jewish state after Tuesday’s election. But as often is the case, Jew-baiters can’t control themselves. They’re in a frenzy, after all. Still, to be fair, Obama probably doesn’t hate all Jews. Just Jews and especially Israelis who act like Jews should. df]

A new low: Senior U.S. official calls PM Benjamin Netanyahu "a chickenshit" • Israeli official: Netanyahu will continue to stand for Israel's security interests and the historic rights of the Jewish people in Jerusalem.

Early Toons.............

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Early News..............

Palestinians: Stop the Children's Intifada!

Giant Tortoises Are Back From Near Extinction

More Evidence the Government Hacked Sharyl Attkisson'​s Computer

Police Won't Say If Alleged Killers of 9-Year-Old Girl Are Illegal Aliens

Eric Holder, Jeh Johnson to Give Final Input on Executive Amnesty One Week After Midterms

Seoul: N. Korea's Kim Jong Un had ankle surgery

Seattle FBI admits to faking news report to drop spyware on teen's computer

A 2-to-1 statewide lead for Initiative 594 in KCTS-9 Washington Poll

Iraq officials: Islamic State group kills 30 men

Marine Corps Whistleblo​wer in Taliban Urination Video Case Promoted

Obamacare sends health premiums skyrocketi​ng by as much as 78 percent

Anti-Israel activist chosen as Tory candidate in Rochester

Sarah Palin on CNN’s Carol Costello: Mockery May Lead Her to Run for Office Again

NY woman beheaded in what horrified witnesses first thought a Halloween prank

Oil Prices Outlook for 2015

Immigratio​n Services Union: Amnesty Will Lure More Terrorists​, Criminals, Disease Carriers to US

La Raza Circulates State-By-S​tate Guide On Where To Vote Without ID

Fed ends bond buying but keeps low-rate pledge

Maine state police dispatched to back nurse's quarantine

Obama, Not Bibi, Created U.S.-Israel Crisis

Pope: Judas a sinner, but no worse than anyone else

Murky Pentagon contract to build silencers ends in guilty verdicts

After Storm, Empty Red Cross Trucks Drove Around for Show

Investigat​ors: We've Got a Piece of Earhart's Plane

Kid Isn't His, but Man Must Pay $30K in Child Support

Walmart: Sorry We Advertised Costumes for 'Fat Girls'

Dale Earnhart #3 Smoker on trailer

The health hazards of sitting

Bull Dogmatic - Wild Bill

Some truths are so important that we should be Bull dogmatic about following and defending them. Bill gives a few examples.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Totally Hot! Danish Model Nina Agdal Rockets the Sextastic Off the Charts for Leonisa 2014

Man, her tush is rocking those skimpy nighties and bikinis, heh.

Here: "Smokin' Nina Agdal Sextastic Hot in Leonisa Lingerie and Swimwear October 2014."

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Anarchy If ISIS Killers Are Not Allowed To Return 'Home'.............From Daniel Thomas

It seems such a long time ago but it was only August 20th that PM David Cameron was being lauded around the world for cutting short his summer vacation in order to take tough action after American journalist James Foley was beheaded by a British documented Muslim killer known as Jihadi John.

Just to recap - Cameron's tough action was going to prevent the radicalisation of Muslims in Great Britain by banning preachers of hate and by teaching British values in the schools. He also promised to prevent British documented Muslims from going abroad to fight on behalf of Allah and his prophet.

In addition to this tough action he promised he would confiscate the passports and cancel the citizenship of Muslim killers who were already raping and butchering their way across Iraq, Syria and other Islamic hot spots around the world.

Those who are familiar with Cameron's modus operandi, myself included, warned at the time that this was a calculated PR exercise put together by his media management team in order to create a tough image, at least until the news cycle moved on.
(See herehere and here)

The news cycle has indeed moved on and to date, as predicted, Muslim preachers of hate, including the celebrity shariah advocate and ISIS supporter Anjem 'Andy' Choudary, are still on the streets and in the media spouting their filth. In the meantime Paul Weston of Liberty GB remains charged by the police for quoting from Sir Winston Churchill's book, The River War.

Cameron's coalition partner and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of the increasingly lunatic Liberal Democrat party, claims that teaching British values in British schools will somehow offend Muslims. In addition to this, not a single radicalising mosque or madrassa has been closed down, not a single passport has been cancelled nor has anybody's citizenship been revoked.

It is the issue of passports and citizenship that appears to be attracting the most attention while at the same time exposing the yawning chasm between the remote political elite and the people they are supposed to be representing.

It is fair to say without fear of contradiction that outside of the 'progressive' elite and the inadequates of the self loathing community, the British people are heartily sick of all things Muslim.

They are sick to death of constantly hearing the words Koran,  sharia,  halal,  burqua,  hijab,  jihad, Ramadan, Eid,  Haj,  Mohammad,  ISIS,  beheading and Allahu Akbar. They are sick of their politicians constantly caving in to Muslim sensitivities regarding pork, alcohol, dogs, music, dancing, dress codes and the rights, or non rights, of women.

Most of all they are sick and tired of being smeared as bigots, racists or Islamophobes for voicing a contrary opinion of Muslims and Islam.  In the final analysis, they didn't ask for this, they weren't consulted and they don't want it. Many regard Islam as a medieval desert death cult which is being imposed upon them by a remote, agenda driven political class for their own social engineering ends.

The vast majority of the British people do not want British documented Muslim killers to return to Great Britain from the killing fields of the Islamic world. Neither do they want the government preventing Muslims from leaving to join ISIS. Having made their choice to leave, the British people want the killers' passports cancelled and their citizenship revoked on arrival in their beloved Islamic State.

Unsurprisingly, the political class, as represented by the Labour MP Emily Thornberry, take an entirely different view and as the British people know to their cost, their view will be disregarded because only her view counts.

An archetypal 'progressive' technocrat, Thornberry is a barrister by profession specialising in human rights law; it shouldn't come as a shock therefore to learn that in her mind the human rights of the Muslim killers come before the safety and security of the British people.

Her must see interview with the BBC's Andrew Neil reveals a remote political elitist who has no concept of how real people think or what their hopes and fears may be. She has an unwavering belief that international laws made behind closed doors by technocrats like herself are unquestionably correct and must be obeyed.
(Must see interview here)

Thornberry was bemused by the suggestion that the safety and security of the British people with regard to returning killers takes precedent over some obscure law made up by unknown technocrats in New York or Geneva.

As a socialist she put her natural authoritarian instincts on display when she claimed that without the total  obedience of these laws there would be chaos and anarchy. This is almost as if the situation in Great Britain and these Muslim countries is one of peace, tolerance and social order.

She is unable to comprehend that these jihadis are, in the main, British educated adults who are quite capable of making a personal decision. They have made it plain that they despise Great Britain, its people, its culture and its way of life. They have made it abundantly clear they believe in the supremacy of Islam, the teachings of their prophet as written in the Koran and their duty to die in the name of Allah.

It should be re-emphasised for the benefit of people like Thornberry and the 'progressive' elite, that the jihadi's loyalty is to the Islamic State and not to Great Britain, they are in effect renouncing their citizenship in spirit if not in actuality.

These fanatics have made it crystal clear that they intend to bring their blood soaked jihad to Great Britain and state that they will not stop until the ISIS flag is flying over Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street.

Everyone is familiar with the barbaric brutality of these killers and for those with a strong constitution graphic images of their methods are available on the Internet for all to see. One is entitled to ask why these savages who are doing what they left Great Britain to do, now want to return to the beer drinking, pork eating, infidel infested country that is an affront to their religious sensitivities.

Firstly, some are cowards who, like bullies and thugs the world over, are happy to rape, torture behead and kill innocent women and children when unopposed. When there is a prospect of meeting an opposition who are just as ruthless, seventy two virgins in paradise doesn't seem quite so attractive.

Secondly, to the more fanatical ones, getting killed in the desert or some sh*thole of a mud brick town without taking a hundreds of infidels with you will not please Allah as much as returning home and letting off a bomb in some crowded arena or similar venue.

This murderous scenario and the trepidation of the British people is beyond the understanding of people such as Emily Thornberry and the political elite who believe that these sub humans should be brought 'home' and subjected to a judicial process focused on their human rights.

Despite the possibility that they may have committed horrific crimes in the course of their jihad, prosecuting them in a British court will be difficult if not impossible.

In her technocratic brain, Thornberry believes that these jihadis can be found guilty of 'something' then be made subject of a control order which will include some kind of de-radicalisation program.

If past form is anything to go by, the most likely scenario will be that some liberal, bleeding heart judge will send them on a cultural sensitivity course then release them with an order to report to the local police station once a month.

In conclusion I would suggest that readers avail themselves of the BBC interview, watch Emily Thornberry's performance closely and be afraid, be very afraid.


Obama's Amnesty Travesty


By Alan Caruba

People really need to read the U.S. Constitution. It says, “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”

The Constitution makes no reference whatever to executive orders (EO). George Washington started the practice mostly because he had to. Traditionally executive orders have been treated by Congress as having the legal status of legislation, but only insofar as they apply to the management of how the government operates.

The Constitution makes it quite clear that the President has no power to enact laws, but as long as an EO does not unilaterally alter or negate existing legislation or run counter to the Constitution Congress usually accords it legitimacy. Those that do not honor the separation of powers have been struck down by the courts or by legislation that opposed them.

As is widely rumored and reported, if President Obama does attempt to issue amnesty to illegal aliens he would be over-riding or altering existing immigration law. He does not have the power to do that.

Such an executive order would be immediately challenged in the courts and if power in the Senate passes to the Republicans in the midterm elections, Congress would oppose it. With an eye on the 2016 elections, incumbent Democrats might not be willing to go along with an Obama amnesty EO.

Recent polls all demonstrate opposition to amnesty. In a September Investors Business Daily/TIPP poll 73% of the public said that Obama should work with Congress on immigration reform. After the invasion of an estimated 150,000 young people and others from Guatemala and San Salvador earlier this year, comprehensive immigration reform went from 54% approval last year to 48%.

When word leaked that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency had requested bids on a minimum of four million blank work permits and green cards a year for the next five years, there was an outcry in political and immigration policy circles. “There aren’t enough federal employees from here to Pluto to do adequate background checks on 34 million,” said Bob Dane, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

In September, the Census Bureau released new data on the U.S. population finding that the nation’s immigrant population (legal and illegal) hit a record 41.3 million in July 2013, an increase of 1.4 million since July 2010. Since 2000, the immigrant population is up 10.2 million and double the number in 1990, nearly triple the number in 1980, and guadruple that in 1970, which it stood at 9.6 million.

It’s no secret President Obama has wanted to get as many immigrants as possible, especially those from south of the border, into America. He has winked at the laws that determine immigration and citizenship. In 2011 many believed he had “enacted” the Dream Act by EO, but he had not. His administration instead adopted a policy regarding the deportation of illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, granting them the option of applying for two-year work permits. Even conservatives could find some merit in this, allowing them to gain legal status and apply for citizenship.

The amnesty issue would play havoc prior to the November 4 midterm elections, so Obama will wait until after them to announce his intentions. I doubt he thinks an executive order will go unchallenged, but at that point it will not matter to him since he will not be running for reelection in 2016. His indifference to constitutional restraints on his power as President is well known.

On October 22 Iowa Rep. Steve King, a Republican, predicted Obama will “violate the Constitution, break the law and grant executive amnesty.”

“If the President takes this action,” said Rep. King, “ (that) he’s threatened to take we will have abandoned every pretext of the Constitution of the United States and if the American people take that setting down or lying down, then our constitutional republic has been destroyed.”

Rep. King is right, but the Obama EO will be challenged in the courts and in Congress. If that effort is opposed by Democrats in Congress, their midterm losses will barely rival what the 2016 election will hold for them.

© Alan Caruba, 2014

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NewsBusted 10/29/14.............

'Chickenshit' thy name is Obama, not Netanyahu!...from TPC

In another example of Obama truth being stranger and more far-fetched than fiction, this administration had the nerve to call Benjamin Netanyahu a 'chickenshit' when no term would be a better adjective for Barack Obama. 

Unless of course you considered incompetent, unethical, scandal-ridden, etc!


The paradigm of the self-righteous health worker ..... humbly spreading ebola

Black Activists Blast Urban Community Organizers

Official quits over prostituti​on incident

GOP's 2014 White Share: Only Fair So Far

Md. Board of Elections Probe Republican​-To-Democr​atic Ballot Switch Claims

Nashville Police Refuse Secret Service Illegal Search of Obama Critic

Don't Want Your Laptop Tampered With? Just Add Glitter Nail Polish

Friends: Woman Who Died Working 3 Jobs Had Untold Story

Woman harassed 108 times in 10 hours on NYC streets

This Is the Ancestor of Today’s Military Helicopters

Does Obama plan to transfer Ebola to the U.S.?

Obama Launches Drive to Counter Quarantine Movement

Australia’s Delicate Soryu-Sub Balancing Act

Whose side is Qatar really on in the war against Islamic State

Turkey sets conditions for helping West in Kobane crisis in Syria

Canadian jets set to strike ISIS by the weekend

Mankind Has Suffered More from Bugs than Battles!

Unmasking the Communists

“Don’t let anybody, don’t let anybody tell you that, ah, you know, it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

When this quote from Hillary Clinton made the news a few days ago, it instantly met with derision from Republicans and just about anyone who has ever built their own business. The utter absurdity of the statement makes it unnecessary to refute, it is best left just hanging out there for everyone to see. If Hillary decides to run for President in 2016 you can be sure you will see the quote featuring prominently in Republican campaign ads. What you will not see however is Democrats lining up to disagree with her.     (continue reading)

Cartoon Round Up....

Why We Must Vote Republican (American Voter Guide Video 2)..............

Left & Right on BHO's Hostility to Israel......................from Dan Friedman

Here are two wrap-up lines from two columns about Obama's hostility toward Israel that appeared in publications today. Before you click the links, see if you can guess which was written by an Obama sycophant and which by a right-leaning supporter of Israel.  

Term Limits

Coffee crisis at the UN!...from TPC

This is what happens when there is a dispute at the United Nations involving Israel?

Wednesday Wenches.............

Overnight News..........

Geert Wilders' Plan to Save the West

Man Calls Suicide Hotline; SWAT Team Kills Him

Supply rocket headed to space station explodes

Some rural Georgia towns policing for profit

Homeland Security steps up patrols of federal buildings

Obama begins last campaign week for midterms

How quantum computing could change everything

Heart-wrenching scenes from Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s funeral #CanadaStrong

Meet the midterms' 42 megadonors

Election countdown: Runoff in Louisiana? Dems hope not

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Smokin' Newcomer Xenia Deli Poses for Sexy New Yorker Lingerie Photoshoot Fall 2014

Oh boy!

Where's this lovely smokin' lady been hiding!

See, "Incredible! Xenia Deli Smokin' Hot Bodied Revealing Lingerie Photos for New Yorker."

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership...............

Chicago activists Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward recently went on the record with RebelPundit to deliver a message to black communities across the country.

H/T Doverthere

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Plutocratic Populism Pays by VDH

Obama and a Republican Senate

U.S. soldiers isolated for Ebola screening after Liberia mission

Kerry, Qatar and the poisonous tree by Caroline Glick

The paradigm of the self-righteous health worker ..... humbly spreading ebola

New York Post: Ex-CBS reporter: Government agency bugged my computer

Cuba builds first new church in 55 years

After Decades Of Lagging Modernizat​ion, The Air Force Is Losing Its Edge

Germany: Silencing the Critics of Munich's Mega-Mosqu​e

The Sayings of Barack Obama

Nancy Pelosi, DCCC to make final cash plea to colleagues

Attkisson: 'Governmen​t-Related Agency' Triggered Skype, Spied on Her at Home

Supportive care may help American Ebola patients survive

Slight Overkill: Authoritie​s Send Armored Car and 24 Deputies to Collect Civil Judgment From 75 -Year-Old Man

Biden admits middle class left behind by Obama policies

It May be Lights Out for the Wind Energy Come the Midterms

EUROPE IS SICK OF ISLAM: Thousands Take To The Streets To Drive Out Islam

The Fat Terrorist Will Sing

Pass The Salt.....................

Video short about technology and relationships... don't text at the table kiddos!

H/T 45 Govt

Lewiston Idaho veterinarian's Letter to the Editor re: Ebola, Nails it!..............

The present Ebola crisis in the world is frightening. I have submitted the following letter to the editor of the Lewiston Morning Tribune:

Editor, Lewiston Morning Tribune:
If I wish to import a horse into the United States from Liberia or any African country other than Morocco, the horse needs to undergo a 60 day quarantine period at a USDA approved quarantine facility prior to mingling with the general population of horses in this country. Africa has a disease called African Horse Sickness that does not exist in the US; this is the way we have kept it out of this country. African Horse Sickness does not cause disease in people, only horses; our government has determined that it would be devastating to the US horse industry if it were to come here.
The United States (and virtually all other countries) require a myriad of tests and often quarantine prior to bringing in a foreign animal.
I can’t legally cross state lines in the United States with a horse or cow without a health certificate signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian stating that the animal has been inspected and found free of infectious disease. In most cases blood tests are also required. In fact I can’t legally cross the Snake River and ride my horse in Idaho without a health certificate and a negative blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia.
I’m not complaining; the United States of America, the States of Idaho and Washington as well as the other 48 states take the health of our livestock very seriously, and we have a very good record at keeping foreign animal diseases out of our country. I am happy to do my part to maintain biosecurity in our animal population.
If I am a resident of Liberia incubating Ebola, to enter the United States all I need to do is present a valid visa, and lie when asked if I have been exposed to Ebola. Within hours (no quarantine required) I can be walking the streets of any city in the United States.
I feel very fortunate to live in a country that values our animals so highly.
David A. Rustebakke, DVM

H/T John J

Bibi Goes Toe-To-Toe With BHO..................from Dan Friedman

[Of course, with Netanyahu you never know. But clearly there is a more aggressive tone to the exchange between Bibi’s Israel and Obama’s United States. At the very least, it means Bibi has been reading the political tea leaves and is giving the Israeli people what he thinks they want to hear. Face it, it’s not everyday a head-of-state tells his most important ally he’s “detached from reality.” The last time I can remember anything like it was a few months ago when Defense Minister Ya’alon said John Kerry was “obsessive.” Makes one wonder if we are headed for a showdown. df], 10/28/2014 
PM says criticism of plans to build 1060 new units in Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond Green Line is “detached from reality” and feeds false Palestinian hopes. 

H/T Paul B

H/T Doverthere

ZoNation: Black Lives Matter, So They Should Vote Republican

Zo's tired of the #BlackLivesMatter folks protesting their situation, while voting Democrat. To follow in Malcolm X's footsteps, stop voting for the lefties!

Is America in Decline?

By Alan Caruba

In case you have had the feeling that America is in decline and will make way for a new superpower, you may be right. At least you’re right if you agree with James MacDonald, the author of “When Globalization Fails: The Rise and Fall of Pax Americana” (due in January 2015, Farrar, Straus and Giroux). Given his review of the rise and fall of previous powerful nations, history, and a current analysis, they come together to say our days of global influence are over.

In a way, the election of Barack Obama is the perfect example of failed leadership, both as President and as a nation that others used to rely upon to maintain world peace, protect the sea lanes necessary for trade, and intervene when rogue players threaten their neighbors and the world.

For the first time in most people’s memory, our former allies and those nations looking toward America to see what action it will take or not no longer have any confidence in our willingness to take any action. More specifically, what action President Obama will or will not take. The rise of the Islamic State is a response to Obama’s abandonment of the Middle East.

Obama arrived in office with the belief that America was the problem and has proceeded to diminish Pax Americana (Latin for ensuring peace) in every way possible. He began by apologizing for America for having been too aggressive in the past and not having much good to say about it except in the most perfunctory and obligatory way.

MacDonald’s book is a historical review of previous world powers like Pax Britannia and the rivalries of colonial powers like Spain, Portugal, France and Germany. Bit by bit nations began to regard world trade as a brake on potential wars—they were wrong as in the case of the last century—and as a way to lift all nations toward greater prosperity. International organizations like the League of Nations and the United Nations have demonstrated no ability to ward off combat or the threats posed by rogue nations like North Korea or Iran.

“If the world’s great and rising powers are going to avoid conflict, it will require a determined effort to avoid the pitfalls of history,” says MacDonald.

MacDonald offers eight elements that produced the era of peace that began in post-war 1945 when the U.S. emerged with a thriving, growing economy while those in Europe and Asia were devastated. My generation looks back on those years knowing they were likely the best America will enjoy and hoping our economy will not be devastated by a national debt of $18 trillion and unfunded liabilities of $127 trillion!

It takes a historian to remind us that “One of the main lessons of history is that history lessons are eventually forgotten.” One need only look around the world for proof of that. The U.S. is not the only nation spending itself into a black hole. MacDonald reminds us, too, that it was the Cold War between the U.S. and then-Soviet Union that helped maintain “an unquiet peace” because neither nation would ever use its nuclear weapons. MacDonald fears “an equally intense Sino-American hostility” as China flexes its muscles. Don’t be surprised to see Japan acquire a nuclear shield or other Asian nations in China’s sphere of influence.

MacDonald has little faith in the United Nations which “can be effective only on the basis of consensus among the major powers, and it is not clear that any such consensus would prevail in a multi-polar world.”

As for Pax Americana, the rise of China is a major challenge. “Now that capitalism (euphemistically described as ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics’), has been adopted by a rising power that rejects the idea of Pax Americana entirely, its future is uncertain.” China, “the new hegemon has so far shown itself to be far from benign, displaying a tendency to bully its potential clients over such things as offshore oil resources, water supplies, and access to rare earths.”

“If states are not to return to self-destructive competition for resources, free trade remains a sine qua non of peace,” says MacDonald. “Compared to the nineteenth century, free trade has the advantage of being embedded in international organizations and agreements, in particular the World Trade Organization.”

The future, as always, is clouded and there remains the threat of financial meltdowns. The U.S. had one in 2008 that required massive amounts of federal bailouts to avoid a worse outcome. We have been in the Great Recession ever since.

MacDonald notes that decolonization played a major role in the period following World War I and II. “The breakup of the European empires, even though it has often created its own sources of conflict, has contributed to the postwar peace among the Great Powers by breaking up economic blocs and reducing the causes of friction and envy that helped spur wars.” The lessons of U.S. intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq demonstrate that what was easier in the past is no longer.

At the moment when the Obama administration is desperately trying to arrive at an agreement with Iran that will not permit it to make its own nuclear weapons, MacDonald believes that the threat of nuclear weapons may be the chief means to enforce any peace worldwide. The flaw in this is whether a fanatical Islamic power would resist their use.

MacDonald concludes that “The United States will, in all likelihood, remain center stage in world affairs” for some time to come.

Ridding the nation of its current, unpopular President and unlocking the hold that the Democratic Party has imposed on Congress, will be a major step in the right direction for the nation. Finding a leader who will encourage economic growth and resist our enemies will play a major role in restoring the power and influence we have had.

© Alan Caruba

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