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Monday, 16 October 2017

Restoration Blog: October 2017 - Jay Leno's Garage

Jay gives an update on some of the restorations going on in the garage.

Cartoon Round Up....

But it's different this time..................from Rico

I'm hearing from most corners 'but it's different this time'...
Why sure it is.
- It's 2017, not 1987, so it IS (in any way a Clinton can define "is") a different year.
Whether the bottom drops out of the market yet this year, or sometime next year, whenever it happens (not IF it happens) it will be a different year from 1987.
- I expect the numbers will be much larger than those of 1987, there's another difference for you.

Privilege on display.................from Rico

The very next time you hear the "white privilege" drivel from a progressive pansy (ignorant student OR professor in the halls of macadamia, or equally ignorant denizen of the conjoined sewers of the DNC and Congress) - and there will be a next time - think of THIS [attached] and remember that THIS is what privilege really looks like...hard work. Elbow grease, and the equal opportunity to apply it productively.
And NO, liberals, elbow grease is NOT to be confused with that KY you're so fond of...

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Nina Agdal's Hottest Moments: Nothing But Vajazzle, Bare Shoots & More | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Pure CNN.....................from Rico

This is pure CNN.
- Incredible, unadulterated, steaming and fragrant BS.
CNN says Hillary's 2016 coronation was derailed by the Russians using Pokemon Go? F**
- I suppose Pokemon Go made Hillary 'skip' Wisconsin, too, huh?
Unless they can show visible lobotomy scars, there simply is NO EXCUSE for these charlatans who know exactly what it is they are doing, to whom, for whom, and for what over-and-over again.
- This goes beyond "willful, witting, voluntary, and intentional" malfeasance and certainly justifies viewers with two wits to rub together to cut the cable/cord and tune these clowns out.
We have seen the decline of what used to be a Cable News Network as it oozed from being a journalistic enterprise into becoming the Clinton News Network, then slid past being the Communist News Network to become the Crap News Network it is today.
- I long ago thought they had fallen as low as one can go, but they continue to plumb new depths. 

In H’Wood, Can the Liberal Purge be Contained?...................from Dan Friedman

The mistake was thinking that only one ugly fatcat producer could be capable of such embarrassing attempts at debauchery. That somehow Harvey was a lecherous outlier and gave his pristine calling a bad name. But as I pointed out yesterday, that meant ignoring 100 years of movie business history, if not thousands of years of biology, psychology and anatomy. Liberals like to do that until it turns around and slaps them in the face. Then, like boy scout Matt Damon, they feign shock and ignorance. “Really!? Who knew?!” And get this: "If I knew, I would have stopped it!"
But now that the sky has fallen on Harvey Weinstein, pieces are cascading down all over Hollywood and Vine. And since this has become a place that is as much a liberal/left ghetto as it is a cloistered movie colony, the vipers are far from finished spitting venom at each other. In only a day, we’ve already seen some of the big lions dragged into the arena, The red meat is out there and the aggrieved put-upon actresses, and their vengeful feminist lawyers, all smell the scent. And being morality's great champions, they will all want a piece of the action for themselves - and climb over each other to get it.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Samantha Hoopes Rocks Back & Forth In CuraƧao | Irresistibles | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit

Cartoon Round Up....

This is what they DO...................from Rico

Those that CAN, do.
- Those that CANNOT, are Communists.
Communist Zimbabwe seems jealous of Communist Venezuela's ascendancy to the throne of highest inflation in the world, and may be seeking a re-match to reclaim it's inflation-queen crown. 
- Zimbabwe's annual inflation rate just hit 332.62%, bringing the prestige of "we're #2" in inflation and completely hosed Communist economies to them.
Face it, this is what Communist dictatorships do.
- It's not only all they do, it's the only thing they do well...apart from killing their own people, that is.
Bernie Sanders and Che Guevara could not be reached for additional comment.