Monday, 29 February 2016

Theo's February Fundraiser.................

Yes I know these pop up every couple of months, but without your continued support we couldn't survive. So please anyone with some spare change please make a small donation to keep the wolves from the door and let me keep this site running. It is shaping up to be a very interesting election and we would like to be here to watch how things pan out. Once again your continued support and generosity is much appreciated.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

From Porn to Last Nude Issue: Playboy Shifts to the Social Media Age

They've made a nice shift, a tasty shift.

Here, "Playboy Magazine's First Non-Nude Issue."

Be sure to click through to Sarah McDaniel, who is hot, "The Internet Is Losing It Over This 20-Year-Old Model With Different Colored Eyes."

Crude Oil, Banks And Another Financial Crisis?...from TPC

We've all been watching as crude oil prices have crashed.

But, at the same time that's been happening, the banking sector has been severely underperforming the overall stock market!

Is this just a sector out of favor or could it be signaling a potential new financial crisis that just hasn't hit yet?

Cartoon Round Up....

Sanders is a Delusion, Hillary is Not....................from Dan Friedman

[Kool-Aid, anyone? As crazy as it seems, there’s still solid support for Hillary among Democrats. The numbers aren't broken out by religion, but I'm sure Jews stand behind her in roughly the same proportion as they did for Obama. The prospect of another Clinton administration on the heels of BHO, should be enough to scare every sane person into the waiting arms of Ted Cruz. Sorry to say, but we’re not out of the woods yet. df]

I have a dream....

H/T Shelly

Get Off Me Guns - Wild Bill

Guns for women! To give them a solid defense against the dangers of Obama's new America.

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed Television Show

I'm still betting on Nina Agdal, but we'll see.

Sports Illustrated is going to announce its 2016 cover model on live television.

It's on February 13th, but the editors are rolling out all kinds of teases until then. The body painting, for example, is so sheer the women might as well be totally nude.

It's spectacular. See, "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Cover Model to Be Revealed in Television Special."

Preview click-through, "Best body-painted nearly nude swimsuit of all time?"

Sammy Braddy Naughty Schoolgirl Tease

She's naughty alright, heh. 

Friday, 5 February 2016

EIR on NFP Friday.......................from Rico

Once again we have the BLS and the Obama administration EIR (entirely ignoring reality) on NFP Friday.
- But never you mind, we're 7+ years into the Obama "recovery" and moving "forward" at flank speed. Full steam ahead!
Sure, the January '16 NFP sucked hard enough to remove the bend from the Potomac river, adding only 151,000 jobs (70% of them being minimum wage jobs, btw), but we're being told that the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.9%.
- If this continues we will achieve ZERO unemployment and nobody will even be working. Huzzah!
This "good news" was again the perfect opportunity for the wise guys to celebrate by kneecapping precious metals spot prices on the COMEX, an organization as dedicated to honesty as the government is. 
- Sell Mortimer, sell! Happy days are here again!

H/T Paul B

What's the Matter With Black History Month? | ZoNation

Slavery has ended, Segregation has ended, MLK has a holiday, we have a black president, but does the black community still need a special separate month devoted to them to feel like they matter? Do they want to feel special or do they want to feel like Americans? Stacy Dash committed the taboo for speaking against black history month. Hear what Zo has to say about the issue in this ZoNation

The Grubering contnues.................from Rico

ObamaCare's "Grubering" of America continues.
Aetna joins UnitedHealthCare and Anthem in announcing massive multi-million dollar losses caused by ObamaCare...another Democrat (C) idea so good, that it had to be made mandatory.
The problem?
Not nearly enough healthy people to pay for all the sick people getting artificially low health insurance policies.
Gee, who could have seen THAT coming?


Vietnam’s Master Plan for the South China Sea

Sweden: Death by Immigration

Facebook's War on Freedom of Speech

A (much) better year by Caroline Glick

Bernie Sanders Beats Hillary in a Lying Contest

ABC Announces GOP Debate Lineup with Fiorina Excluded

Iran and Russia in major falling-out over Syria

German UN Envoy on Islamic State's Rise: 'We Simply Can't Give Up on Libya'

Russian Submarine Activity at Highest Level Since Cold War

No Sweat!....................from Rico

Iowa was a tremendous effort on the part of the "Clinton machine" and HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) herself only to TIE with fellow Communist Bernie Sanders.
- And she never even broke a sweat. Maybe a few laws and/or kneecaps, along the way, but what does anyone really expect from America's number one organized crime family?
What this reincarnation of Stalin in a skirt could accomplish as pResident simply staggers the imagination.

Somebody Forgot They Were Playing in the Big League

I enjoy watching football, and I’m looking forward to the watching the Super Bowl this weekend. As much as I enjoy watching the game I know that, although I could probably survive a game with the neighborhood kids, if I suited up and tried to play Quarterback for either team, that team would lose and I would most likely end up crippled for life. Apparently, Donald Trump and Ben Carson don’t seem to understand that they’re playing in the big league. They’re not running for city council, they’re running for President.      (continue reading)

Cartoon Round Up....

Political Lies!...from TPC

This fact can be proven by the proposed $10/barrel 'fee' on crude oil today versus cries to break-up Big Oil in 2011 due to excessive profits.

But the words on the internet tell all…

Old Yellers

Misplaced priorities........................from Rico

TIME magazine, demonstrating their own misplaced priorities and illustrating the utter madness of the American "left" these days, has given HMF (Her Marxist Filthiness) Hillary Rotten Clinton her 29th cover.
- Has the Koolaid been spiked with LSD?
If no one can summon the huevos to "indict, prosecute, and jail" this career criminal, the very least that is called for is "garlic, crucifix, and a stake" to rid us all of this odious Communist harridan.
- This Marxist demon is far beyond mere "holy water" as a remedy at this point.

“Select, Don’t Settle.”...................from Dan Friedman

When I was a kid growing up in NYC, a big men’s clothing store (Barney’s) used this as its tagline: “Select, Don’t Settle.” Many years later, the thought now applies to Ted Cruz. It about sums it up for me. He’s going to be a great president. The antidote to eight dismal years of Obama’s regime. And best of all, if you are still trying to find excuses not to vote for him in November, you’ll have a chance to correct your mistake and reelect him in 2020!

Banjo's................from Rico

It's all good until you hear banjo's.
It's NEVER good when you hear the sound of dueling Marxist walkers.
Pathetic, that the USA has been diminished to a bad parody of its former self.
Whyn'cha drop them there pantsuits and squeal like a pig?

H/T Paul B

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Cindy Crawford's Stunning Instagram Photo Marking Her Retirement Shows That She Shouldn't Retire!

One of the hottest fashion babes of all times is hanging up her modeling boots, but she shouldn't!

See, "Supermodel Sextastic! Cindy Crawford Announces Retirement from Modeling."

Click through for the stunning hottest shot on Instagram.

Plus, added bonus at the link is Crawford topless in her Playboy shoot back in the day.

Cam Newton, Win Or Lose, Will Be Getting Sacked By California Income Taxes!...from TPC

After reading the story in this article that details the enormous financial hit to be faced by Super Bowl 50 players, win or lose, you will wonder why the NFL doesn't stick with low and no-income tax states as the venue for the game!

Cartoon Round Up....

New Victoria Sharp Interview

Following-up from yesterday, "'If You're Gonna Shoot, Just Shoot Me'! Victoria Sharp Says LaVoy Finicum Unjustly 'Gunned Down' by LEOs (VIDEO)."

Here, "Here's KOIN News 6's Coverage of CNN's Victoria Sharp Interview (VIDEO)."