Wednesday, 12 December 2018

European Leaders Give Theresa May The Bums Rush...................from Dan T

Anyone watching the Parliamentary debate on the Brexit betrayal will have seen in all their ignominious glory what an inarticulate bunch of self-promoting charlatans these politicians are. This was supposed to be democracy in action, the Mother of Parliaments that the rest of free world should aspire to emulate.

This was not a debate by any stretch of the imagination. What we saw was speaker after speaker charlatan after charlatan making the same demands of a discredited Prime Minister who answered each question by rote. What also became clear was that most of these charlatans were unashamedly breaking the solemn promises they made in their party manifestos on which they were elected in 2017.

These promises were unequivocal therefore they cannot be misread or misinterpreted. If elected they will honour the result of the Brexit referendum of June 2016 and take Great Britain out of the European Union. Also implicit in this promise was that there would be no second referendum to overturn the result of the first.  

After cancelling the debate on her surrender document and its subsequent vote, and in addition to being found guilty of contempt of Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May continues with the deceit that she is going to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement.

Prime Minister May’s refusal to listen to anyone outside her circle of loyal civil servants is legendary. She refuses to acknowledge even the truth when it comes straight from the pages of history.

Read about it here

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Hired Hams

M'kay, if YOU say so....................from Rico

The 'leaders' pushing the Climate Commie Agenda against fossil fuels are possibly dumber than they consider the people they 'think' they are fooling with their faux-science BS to be [read: bull shittery].
- Their 'do as we say, not as we do' behavior is one reason they're unable to 'sell' their  shtik to reasonably sentient folks.

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The EU Does Not Negotiate – Vichy Britain Here We Come...............from Dan T

For the benefit of Theresa May and the party of duplicitous cowards she leads in Parliament, most of the British electorate are fully aware that the European Union is a political project where the goal is the replacement of the independent states of Europe with a single, centrally controlled state.

As the people of Europe have learned to their cost, this United States of Europe will be borderless and governed by anonymous appointed bureaucrats using the outdated Soviet Union model.

It is with that in mind that the British people voted in the Brexit referendum to leave this political union being imposed on them much to the horror of the globalist ruling elite at home.

It was not only the ruling elite at home that were horrified at this desire of the people to be free and self-governing. The ruling elite at the EU headquarters in Brussels and at the spiritual home of globalism, the United Nations in New York, were also given a rude awakening.

Read about the treachery here

Brexit withdrawal map

H/T Liz B

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Why MEN do not listen!..................from Rico

Have you ever said "didn't you hear a word I said?" or "you aren't listening to me!" or "you never listen."
Have you ever heard "didn't you hear a word I said?" or "you aren't listening to me!" or "you never listen."
Here's WHY.
- The honest answer to all this is: Uh, no. I am not...

Understanding the Electoral College.................from Rico

Make no mistake about it.
- When the Democrats (C) whine that "Hillary WON the popular vote" or "it was HER turn" (like elections were a game of duck-duck grey duck or something) and scream loudly for the dismantling of America's Electoral College, they know exactly what they are doing/saying. Oh, they KNOW.
They perfectly understand that the Electoral College prevents 319 square miles of condensed-Blue Socialist derangement from dictating 'how things are going to be' to the other 3,797,000 square miles of an otherwise sane Republic.
- And, if possible, it drives them even more nuts than they already are!
Deranged bastards...

H/T Doverthere

H/T Doverthere

Ex-FBI Boss Comey Rallies Dems to Dump Trump - Bill Whittle

Former FBI Director James Comey tells an MSNBC audience that Americans should go all out to make sure the liar-in-chief doesn’t get reelected in 2020. Bill Whittle tears Comey a new one.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Alexis Ren Topless of the Day

See, "Fabulous Alexis Ren Topless on Instagram."

Padma Lakshmi Tight Abs, Tits Out, and Topless

This woman is frankly amazing --- I had no freakin' idea!

Here, "Padma Lakshmi Tight Abs, Tits Out, and Huge Honking Topless Titty Photos (NSFW)."

That site with topless tits out Padma is totally NSFW, so be careful on clicking through to those humongous honkers.

1931 Duesenberg Model J Chassis - Jay Leno's Garage

Without the body, this naked but very powerful Duesenberg Model J was one of the fastest and most expensive American cars ever built at the time.

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The Sound of Muzak

Here, pull my finger....................from Rico

The Pretty Socialist Prime Minister of Canada just sold-out Canada to the Useless Nitwits (UN) on their mass-migration scam [read: native population displacement], which in my book makes him a useless pussy.
Trump isn't falling for the 'here, grab the pussy' gag again...

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Jennifer Aniston Hot Braless Pokies in Wife-Beater on the Cover of Elle Magazine

She's still got some excellent tasty nips, heh.

Here, "HOT! Jennifer Aniston Tasty Braless Pokies in Wife-Beater on Cover of Elle Magazine (PHOTOS)."

"Get OFF Our Backs" Riots Spreading..............from Rico

I recently said 'keep an eye on Paris'...but it turns out that the riots have spread to Belgium and the Netherlands too.
- Meanwhile, back in Paris on Sunday (9 Dec) the last report I heard was that there had been 1,400 arrests.
To reiterate: The riots are NOT about hiking the petrol tax at the pumps in la belle Fwance. Nor are the riots spreading for that reason, either.
- The "invisibles" [think: deplorables aka the little people] are fed up with being abused, sold-out, and forced to support and pay for their own replacement and cultural genocide by their so-called 'leaders' [think: parasites].
However the lying FAKE media presents it, these riots are GET OFF OUR BACKS riots.
- Macron and the muscle-heads from Brussels are hiding behind their walls. They 'know' the truth...

( Italy Too)

A Lump of Coal..................from Rico

'Save the Planet' the Ecotards and Climate Nazi's exhort us.
- 'Fossil Fuels BAD' they lecture us.
How about 'Save the Humans' instead?
- Try enjoying Winter aka Mother Gaia without fossil fuels you science retards.
Now off with you, go hug a tree or something you consider useful. Bugger off!!!
- You all get a lump of COAL in your Christmas stockings this year. [You can use it in your otherwise empty fireplaces.]

Stop Teasing Me!!!................from Rico

But of course Occasional-Cortex performed a criminal act/broke the law!
- She's a Democrat and a Socialist. You expected something else from her?
She recently violated US Code sec 1983 by threatening Donald Trump Jr. with retaliation [read: subpoena] for (a) exercising his First Amendment right of free speech, and (b) teasing her. The horror! The horror! 
- She later displayed a complete ignorance of the US Constitution in her defense.
Perfect. Just fucking perfect!
- Nice going NYC for electing her to Congress. Oh yezz, America 'needs' more like her in Congress. You betcha!
Kid Rock's apt "Dumbfuckistan" lives.....

Alpha-Beta, German-Russian, Past-Present..................from Rico

The eternal schism within 'Socialism' explained.
- It is much like the one between Sunni and Shi'ite. They HATE one another, but they are both Muslims.
- Or, the difference between Beta males and Alpha males. Beta's often HATE Alpha's, while Alpha's often ignore Beta's, yet they are both males.
The Communist [Russian] Socialists HATE National [German] Socialists, but they are both Socialists.
- Mainly, I think it's because the Nazi's were so very good at kicking Commie ass!
Now, consider my theory in the current context of Ukraine.
- Here are some Ukrainian Paratroopers very recently photographed wearing Nazi Waffen SS division insignia.

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Actual Competence [Trump] vs. Incompetent BS [Democrats & RINO's].....................from Rico

After eight years of HOPIUM happy horse-shit from that Communist twinkletoes Barry Omoron, after a mere two years we can reach out and touch some very tangible CHANGE thanks to Trump and the competent crew he has assembled to replace the "well, in theory this should work" incompetent nincompoops of the prior mis-administration.
Take a good look at the list Sean Hannity has compiled, you've probably NOT seen this in print or on TV. It simply does NOT fit the false narrative being pushed "orange man BAD; Red Queen Hillary (or Barry, if you swing that way) GOOD."
- All of this accomplished with the "Swamp Things" [read: MSM, Democrats, RINO's, the unelected-entrenched Deep State, and Professors from the Halls of Macadamia] arrayed against him and 'resisting' tooth-and-nail every inch of the way.
If I were Trump, I'd not worry about the enemies in front of me, but would worry instead about assholes like the above behind me.

Do not even.................from Rico

Do NOT even:
- Ask me 'what color' her eyes are.
- Admonish me with 'my eyes are up here.'
I am genetically forced to look at breasts. Unlike 'Globull Climate Hysteria' this actually IS settled science.
- Not 'looking' is no more of an option than becoming a constituent of San Fran Nan Pelosi is!

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Paris Burning: French Revolution 2.0....................from Rico

I'd keep an 'eye' on France.
- The "people" (the working stiffs who have had enough of the force-fed multiculturalism that has turned their country into a 3rd-world shithole before their eyes by their traitorous 'elites') are having no more of the Socialist-NWO.Globalist-Econazis telling them to "Eat Carbon Taxes! Let them eat Multiculturalism!" and threaten their elites with Revolution 2.0, possibly with the Guillotine.
- If 'leaders' cannot remove their heads from their asses, the "people" may well do it for them. The old-fashioned way.
The French "Invisibles" [think: Deplorables] are in the majority, and are the tax-donkeys $upporting the Rapefugee's who are sitting on the "people's" shoulders and living off the state - in turn 'protected' by the traitorous "elites' and "leaders" who are steering the destruction of France directly into becoming the French Caliphate.