Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New TAX Year?......................from Rico

The 'Cliff' deal raises taxes for most Americans, not just the rich.
- For every $1 cut, taxes increase by $41. What a 'deal' indeed!
- The average tax increase for almost everyone will be $1635. Warren (I should pay more taxes) Buffet could not be reached for comment.

This does NOT include the $1 trillion dollar tax increase from Obamacare (remember that it was 'sold' as NOT being a tax increase, then upheld by the Supreme Court because it WAS a tax increase?).

In short, I expected no less of Congress. Smaller paychecks for constituents because of their smaller brains.
- So, once again Congress turns chicken salad into chicken something-else, and the American Dream into the American Nightmare.

Eat the Rich!
- Bet you never knew that meant YOU too!

A repeat of the 2005-2007 'experience' in 2013-2015 should not be a surprise.

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