Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Less than nothing.........................from Rico

New year, same old, for Gold?

The fun never stops because the teleprompter readers just can't stand the thought of anyone escaping their paper hamster wheel. Must herd the Muppets back into stocks! Paper good. Gold bad. Repeat as needed.
- Bloomberg: "Americans Miss $200 Billion Abandoning Stocks"
- CNBC: "Look for equity prices to rise 10% - Analyst"

Look at the performance of the Dow vs. Gold [chart attached] over time. Look specificly at the end of 2012 and Fed-inflated equity markets [read: mispriced] vs, the Fed-suppressed Gold price [read: manipulated].
- Withstanding concentrated, consistent, and coordinated market manipulation, Gold still gained almost 7% in 2012 despite the biggest 'last day rally' for stocks in 38 years, making Gold the ONLY asset to gain every year for the last 12 years (Gold's longest bull run of annual gains since 1920).

Ignore the faux Fiscal Cliff Follies, the faux pundits in the financial media, and well...patently idiotic statements from politicians and the MSM alike.
- Anyone dumb enough to be holding worthless paper promises to 'pay you someday for your wealth today' instead of physical Gold (bullion or in the ground) deserves what they are going to get (BIG hint: Wimpy won't be paying you back). It will be 'something less than nothing.'

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