Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Broke Britain: How soaring bills have left cash-strapped families with less to spend than for 17 years. Thanks Gordon!!

'Excessively loud' TV adverts to be banned in crackdown after viewer complaints. About bloody time too.

Gunman shot dead after six-hour standoff with armed police on London's fashionable King's Road. Why did it take them 6 hours. As far as I am concerned, if you commit and armed crime you have the right to be shot dead. No warning, no rights and no mucking about.

Boris hires police chief who cleaned up the mean streets of New York as he puts crime at the heart of his manifesto. He has got a lot to do.

Truancy reaches record high as 60,000 children go missing from class EVERY DAY - despite £1bn crackdown. Fine the parents £50 every time their kid doesn't turn up. If they don't pay 60 days in a chain gang cleaning up the streets.

Top foreign footballers could be banned from the UK unless they speak good English under new immigration points system. This should also be applied to Labour MPs.

Labour's tax on drivers up £600 a year. That's more than my bloody cars worth.

Gorbachev: US could start new Cold War. Oh absolute bollocks. Russia and China are both looking for trouble and think that can get away with it while the US & Co are fighting the 'Islamic War'.

Burmese prisoners 'executed after cyclone hit'. I seem to remember predicting this yesterday.

Johnson plans boot camps for troubled teens. Looking Good, Boris.

John Bolton: US should bomb Iranian camps. What's the point of MOAB if you don't use it.

55% of Labour voters want Gordon Brown to resign. So loyal these lefties!!!!

Barack Obama tightens his grip as Hillary Clinton falters. Don't count on it. the Clinton's are the masters of dirty tricks.

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Anonymous said...

Please give it a rest Theo, this must be the third time recently that you've posted this picture, and I'm finding myself wishing I was stood behind Chelsea each time!!!