Monday, 14 July 2008

What is it with the 'coffee''s all dish water.

When I am town I pop into Fortnums and buy their Sandringham Blend of ground coffee, which works out at 25 pence a cup. It is possibly the best ground coffee available in Britain. Why would anyone want to pay £2 for a cup of watered down froth? Hell instant is better than most of the poncy coffees flogged in these 'coffee shops'.

H/T Mark Scott


Robin said...

Now a good cup of coffee is a treat. Unfortunately Starbucks isn't that cup. They overroast their coffee given it a burnt aftertaste in my opinion. There are better coffee chains in the US, and a lot of better small independants. I've no knowledge of the UK coffee scene however.

Thud said...

I seem to be one of the few who admit to liking coffewise in my neck of the woods was pretty dire before.

Bill O' Rites said...

If you want to sample baaaad coffee, then Manchester Airport is the place to go.
Surpassing the mud British Rail passed off as coffee must have taken some doing but they've managed it at Terminal 2.
The old guts wont allow more than one large mug of coffee a day, so I'm quite happy to pay for decent beans & make it myself.