Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Sunday Best...

Angry man shoots lawn mower for not starting.

British Muslims 'fighting with Taliban in Afghanistan'. And hopefully dying with the Taleban.

Spy-in-sky patrols over British cities in hunt for Taliban fighters. That's what you get for giving away citizenship to all and sundry.

Renewed fears over terrorist renditions after flight to Guantanamo lands at RAF base. What fears. The only place better than Gitmo for terrorists is hell.

Troops on standby in Burma for massacre anniversary. Expect another massacre. China must be held to account for propping up the Burmese regime. There are those who think that part of the regime is made up of Red Army Officers.

Chicken run: Hen racing is the sport of wings. Only in England. Makes you proud!!

James May: The caravan conundrum.

RAF sends air rescue crews to Afghanistan. Either start spending more on defence or give up. I know which one Labour would rather do.

Rogue Pakistan spies aid Taliban in Afghanistan. No S**t! The Pakistanis invented the Taleban and have supported them since day one.

Beijing Olympics: the spying games. We should not be going to the Olympics. The Chinese cannot be trusted.

the Clarkypoos bit.

Peep in my wife’s knicker drawer and see what you get.

Citro├źn Berlingo Multispace

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