Friday, 21 November 2008


Faux Coconut. Jules has gone nuts.

Darling threatens to FORCE banks to lend to firms and families. Asshole. You can't lend money to prople who can't afford to repay it. That's how we go into this mess.

Fury over £100million plan for hundreds of gipsy sites across the country. Ridiculous.

Uproar at Cambridge University as student magazine puts topless blonde on page three. Great idea.

Outrage as the BBC says Ross is now in the clear. Another nail in the BBC's coffin.

Even with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama will find Middle East peace elusive. Peace in the Middle East is a fantasy.

Bonanza for jobs, but only in public sector. More expensive non-jobs. The Socialist State is expanding at an alarming rate.

Human rights laws prevent 19 terror suspects from being deported. The Human Rights Act must be repealed. It was introduced by lawyers for the benefit of lawyers.

One in eight pubs could close over next three years as recession bites. The smoking ban hasn't helped either.

National Intelligence Council report: sun setting on the American century. Let's hope not.

Iran 'has enough uranium to build a bomb'. As predicted. We are failing to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions and the world is going to be a far less safe place as a result.

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