Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Sunday Best....

Inmate escapes German jail in box. DHL will take anything these days.

Islamist rebels whip 32 dancers in Somalia. Islam the 'peaceful religion'.

The traitor in a headscarf: How Czech spy Agent Hammer worked secretly inside Parliament for years. No surprises. In the days of the cold war many Labour MP's were pro-Soviet.

'The Madam found fault with every single thing' - worker tells of 'nightmare' of working for Janet Boateng. I suspect the White House staff are about to suffer in the same way at the hands on Mrs Obama.

Gordon Brown's £1,000 Christmas present to poor families hit by the credit crunch. And where is all this money conning from and will the pensioners get any. My bet is that it will go to potential Labour supporters.

Serious violent crime is going up NOT down, Home Office chief admits. No S**t. Until we restore the death penalty, hard labour and abolish parole criminals will continue to thrive.

After five years, the first arrest in the Redcaps murder case. We should have wiped the village off the face of the earth when it happened.

Ministers tell councils to push contraceptive jabs and implants for 13 year olds! Just exactly what are parents teaching their children these days.

Hillary Clinton would face tough questions about Bill's finances if chosen for Secretary of State. The Clintons finances should be investigated anyway. As should Tony Blair's.

Iraqis accused of murdering British troops get thousands of pounds in legal aid. Britain is so f**ked up. That's what happens when you let lawyers and their cronies run a country.

500,000 deer must be culled to protect countryside from damage by herds. Venison anyone? The carcasses will probably be destroyed and the meat will go to waste.

Morale is damaged, head of Army is told. Hardly surprising. Labour hate the military and have done nothing to improve our military. Their cuts have left the military way too short of men and equipment.

Limo 'tank' shields PM from Al-Qaeda. Who is going to protect him from the British public?

Young Tibetans ‘will resist China with blood’. Now is the time to put pressure on China to get out of Tibet. There economy is slowing and they are economically vulnerable. Not to mention the 1 billion peasants who are still living in rural poverty and are none too happy about it.

‘Robin Hood’ dishes out Nato booty. Find him and kill him.

the Clarkypoos bit..

The daddy of all idiots at your child’s school sports day.

Audi RS6 Avant.

and James May

There's no need to reinvent the wheel.

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