Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Manufacturing v Government in Britain.....

...continuing on from yesterdays question. In a nutshell, we are f**ked. Our economy is now based on the public sector, financial services, house building and shopkeeping. The last three aren't exactly doing so well right now. Over a decade New Labour has wrecked Britain and I don't see us ever recovering. Where is the wealth creation going to come from?

H/T Iain Dale


Unknown said...

Perhaps from the obamessiah's wealth redistribution cure-all. Once all is ideal in Fantasyland, he could save the rest of us as well.

Lola said...

I'd be a bit careful with this one. I know it looks good and nails the ballooning bureaucarcy bit, but...

In theory manufacturing should require less and less people as capital investmentment makes them more and more productive. Whereas services like healthcare are very labour intensive and as the population ages and becomes more and more infirm proportionately it is likely that employment will rise.

The real argument to make is the one between employment by the state and private business.

By this I mean it is well understood and accepted by everyone, apart swivel headed lefty loons, that the State employees are wildly inefficient and that state 'industries' suffer endemic producer capture. So it would be more appropriate to work out how State employment has ballooned versus private employment and then how much of that could actually be done by private business.

In fact looked at coldly private business could do pretty well everything, even the military if we thought that mercanaries were a Good Thing. But such thinking is an anthema to Brown Darling and their henchmen and fellow travellers.

So, as you say, basically, we're f****d.

LifeoftheMind said...

Just commented on something similar about Gaza over at The Belmont Club. The loss of the Wealth Creating sectors of society could be an indication of the Islamification of Britain.

Bill O' Rites said...

I guess I'm bucking the recession quite nicely:
Turnover in 2008 was less than 1% down on 2007(my best ever year), despite the poor weather.
The first three weeks of 2009 have seen a 20% INCREASE compared with my five year average & I'm not discounting prices or having any kind of promotions.
I sell fishing tackle - not exactly an "essential" item.