Monday, 16 February 2009


Nuclear Submarines 'Crash In The Atlantic'. The Frog was making so much noise that our guys couldn't hear where they were going.

Mystery 'Fireballs' Fall From The Texas Sky. It all happens in Texas.

Hugo Chávez wins referendum over extension of presidency. Translation: Chavez successfully rigs ballot. Expect them Dems to pull the same stunt in the US.

Squaddies hit by online chat ban. As if that is going to stop them

A father in a devil mask, lurid claims over Chantelle's sex life and growing fears over 13-year-old Alfie's baby. Welcome to modern Britain.

£100bn 'black hole' predicted for Government as it tries to bring recession under control. It is missing a zero.

Shoppers switch to own brands as food prices soar. And the supermarkets are exploiting this by sticking up the prices of the 'own brands'.

'We ran out of shavers': Doctors' extraordinary excuses for axing 1,000 NHS operations a week. The NHS is a shambles and always has been. We need to make private health care tax deductible.

Men really do see half naked women as 'objects', scientists claim. No objection here.

North Korea to go ahead with missile launch. They really want to see how far they can push us. Sadly with the present mob in the White House I don't see any response other than begging them to behave.

Taliban in Swat valley call 10-day ceasefire. Ultimately we are going to have to go into Pakistan to eradicate the Taleban.

Price of farmland falls as City workers abandon dream of rural retreat. Good. Keep the townies out. They bring nothing to village life.

First Sea Lord says Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts have delayed new aircraft carriers. The last thing we should be delaying are the carriers. If their is a cash flow problem raid the MP's and civil service pension funds, it is not as if they have done anything to deserve a pension.

Life in Zimbabwe's Mutare jail. There truly is hell on earth.

Somali radicals 'importing terror to UK' say intelligence analysts. Why the f**k are these people getting into the country?

Russia's super-rich down to last few billions as fortunes slip away. Ahhhhhhhhh......

Robert Mugabe henchmen bent on sabotaging fragile partnership. They must be targeted and killed.

Take me to your leader. You badly need one. Cue Bonnie Tyler.

OSINT flash: Obama dropped military sanctions against Iran How long before Obama gets impeached for treason?

Tripp Research. Gun pron at Boomers and BS

and finally....

The most outrageous US lawsuits. OMFG. I though things were bad over here. We need to get rid of no win, no fee.

Anglers banned over fears their could catch passers-by. Silly season is early this year.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget Tony Blair the $1m scratch card winner.