Monday, 16 March 2009


A guard of dishonour. This man should be removed from Britain along with his family.

Keith Vaz and the damning letter: How senior Labour MP 'abused his position' to help crooked lawyer in court. Vaz has always been 'bent'.

First picture of the teenage burglar 'stabbed to death as he broke into house'. Good riddance. There shouldn't be charges again people who defend their homes.

Families across the country are £45,000 poorer as credit crunch continues to bite. Bloody hell.

Signs of 1930s-style depression as families battle debt deflation trap, warns Bank of England. Nothing like a spot of scaremongering to start the week.

Violent attacks by children rise by third under Labour. We must restore discipline in schools and hold parents accountable for their childrens actions.

Russia could deploy bombers to Cuba and Venezuela. What next the Cuban Bomber Crisis.

Thousands of girls mutilated in Britain. So arrest and deport those responsible.

Marxist Muricio Funes is new President of El Salvador. Central America is going to hell. Time to remove Chavez from the equation.

Hugo Chávez tightens his grip on transport hubs. He must be 'stopped'.

Names of misbehaving judges 'should be made public'. And they should be sacked.

Barack Obama's policies leaving US vulnerable to attack, says Cheney.

Britain's first electric supercar gets ready to roll. But for how far?

and finally......

Man Builds 747 Flight Simulator in His Warehouse, Earns Guinness Record. Cool.

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LifeoftheMind said...

Cheney is 100% right. Things are not the same everywhere. In fact the Left agrees and then says that we are the bad guys. The US and the UK are nations inhabited by people who create a culture that expresses itself in a specific set of values and laws, for the US expressed through a Constitution. That created a web of laws that helped support a civilization that encouraged trade, creativity, personal liberty and a respect for life. It is protected by laws both domestic and by international treaty. Those who are at war with these nations are not equal parties to a civil dispute. Insofar as their conduct violates the Law of War they are unlawful combatants and should be treated as such.