Tuesday, 5 May 2009

More handouts with our money.......from Rico

Handout specialist and professional nose-wiper Obama is tossing MORE taxpayer money at irresponsible home buyers (you cannot call them home owners because these folks don't 'own' anything except debt).

"The Second Lien program."

This is more hopey-changey help for...you know who I mean...the money morons and Obama voters who, having no money for a cash down payment, used a second mortgage to close their home purchase. Now the poor dears are "upset" because the governments $50 billion dollar mortgage rescue plan isn't working for them. [They can't have their 1st mortgages re-worked because that 'mean' old 'unfair' 2nd mortgage is in the way. Dayumn...who'dda thought?]

But never fear, First Comrade Obama and his "team" are on the job. When it comes to HOPE and CHANGE and FAIRNESS for Americans who are financially reckless, their largesse with our money knows no bounds!

Taxes are going up. I s**t you not!

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