Thursday, 14 May 2009


Man arrested for citizen's arrest. And you wonder why the Police are so unpopular.

MoD 'still failing' on kit supply. The MoD continues to fail our forces.

I Guess You Had To Be There The Barack Obama Celebrity Roast
from Iowahawk.

The Coming Ice Age. So much for global warming.

Slurred by the adoption Nazis: Critics of gay parenting are branded 'retarded homophobes'. Bulls**t.

Time to go, Gorbals: As calls to axe Speaker grow, respected Betty Boothroyd joins critics. Drag him out.

We face biggest slump since Depression, warns Bank chief as he stamps on recovery hopes. I think we had already noticed.

Crowds pay silent tribute to four fallen soldiers killed in bloodiest day in Afghanistan for nearly a year. A great tribute to our fallen.

Elliot Morley claimed £16,000 for mortgage that did not exist: MPs' expenses. Jail time.

Aung San Suu Kyi taken to jail to face trail. The Burmese Junta need a good slap.

Pakistan president accuses Taliban of trying to create 'new world order'. No s**t.

Hugo Chavez threatens to take opposition TV station off air. Time for Hugo to have a rest.

Exercise Flying Rhino cements Army and Air Force links for Afghan battlefield. All we need now is a lot more troops and kit.

Russia warns of war within a decade over Arctic oil and gas riches. More bullying bull from Putin.

Moderate Muslims in Pakistan stir silent majority against Taleban. About bloody time too.

Catholic TV Says Vatican Will Step In-- Obama Will Be Disinvited to Notre Dame. Good.

and finally

"little phil" sheridan and yasser arafat, on israel waging nuclear war against the arabs.

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