Saturday, 30 May 2009


D-Day - and the Allies are at war. Like squabbling children.

BBC offers £30,000 and an apology for Question Time 'slur' on Islamic leaders over anti-war protest. Pathetic.

Guilty: The gang that doused teenager with petrol and burned him alive because he fell in love with wrong girl. Hang them.

Extremists behind anti-war protest driven off the streets by moderate Muslims. There is no place for islamo-nazis in Britain.

MPs' expenses: Phantom mortgage MPs must face fraud charges, says David Cameron. And jail.

N Korea prepares site for launch of ballistic missile. If we do nothing every other tinpot dictatorship will know that they can do anything they like.

Armed Forces recruitment highest since Iraq invasion due to recession. We need all the troops we can get. All we need now is to increase the defence budget.

Barack Obama's great uncle criticises him over Buchenwald visit. It's a photo-op and nothing more.

Gunmen attack Iran president's campaign offices. Trouble brewing in Iran.

Iran executes trio for mosque bombing. And blames the US.

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez plans marathon TV talk show. Someone should jam the signal.

Poll reveals Labour heading for election humiliation. Assuming anyone bothers to vote.

SAS take on Taleban in Afghanistan after defeating al-Qaeda in Iraq. The Taleban are in for a good kicking.

General Motors agreement looks set to save thousands of UK car jobs. That's what they said with Rover.

My Week Kim Jong Il*. Funny.

U.S. embassy to hold first-ever gay pride party tonight -- in Iraq. WTF!!!!

American capitalism gone with a whimper. A MUST READ. H/T Jeff H

and finally...

Get real, Mr Politician or you’ll find yourself sitting next to a Nazi. Clarkypoos on next weeks elections.

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