Saturday, 30 May 2009

Slow-motion death march.........from Rico.

I doubt very much if that 'relic' of reality from days past (the Laffer Curve) means very much to the current Team Obama, so let me translate it for them:

The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) says Obama's 'exploding' debt may hit 100% of America's GDP [read: ability to service debt] in 5 years.
- Translation=we ARE running out of money! This is the first factual thing Obama has said in public.
- Obama and Congress have a 'solution''s called raise taxes! (never mind that raising taxes decreases tax revenue....that's so reality-focused; Look! There's a unicorn!....was that Bawney Fwank or Harry Pelosi's voice?).

For the rest of us:
- When government needs 100% of OUR income to sustain itself, the incentive to work is destroyed and one of two things happens: (1) National Collapse , or (2) Government Seizure of "We the people" at gun point. I think either result is desired and intentional on Team Obama's part....and, they consider this a win-win proposition for them. Call it a slow-motion national death march.

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