Sunday, 28 June 2009

Cap and Trade Bill......from Rico

Congress appears to be in a "race" to intellectually collapse before the Climate Change fantasy does...and they appear to be winning that race.

This means "we" are the losers.

Our feckless House of Representatives has seen fit to give us our 4th of July wieners early. Rammed them down our throats actually (with apologies to Bawney Fwank who prefers his be rammed 'elsewhere').

Largely UNREPORTED BY THE MEDIA this Energy TAX bill was 'passed' without having been read (remember the "Stimuless Bill being handled the same way anybody?). UNREAD. Apalling.

Obama sez "the climate change bill will transform the economy and create jobs." This is partly truthful: [the transformation part] (1) It will absolutely kill our GDP, (2) Homes and businesses will pay much-much more for energy (watch your electric bills skyrocket), (3) there will be increased unemployment as industries shut down and/or move I guess hiring MORE gooberment employees to process the ever-increasing numbers of unemployment claims 'could' be considered creating least in Obama's world.

The "it'll only cost each family a postage stamp" lie being promoted by the Dem's(C) is just that...A LIE. When you look at the real costs and read the CBO's own study, it's pretty clear that each-and-every family will be lucky to get off with "only" having to shell out-of-pocket an additional $3,000 and change.
- The "hit" to our national GDP will be felt eventually, and will be 'transformationally HUGE'...just not in a "good" way (unless your goal is to keep the masses huddled at home, shivering in the candlelight, and chopping wood for heat).

Is it clear yet that Obama and Congress have DECLARED WAR ON AMERICA?
- Note the attached: In Obama's mind and those of his zombie-like followers EVERYTHING YOU HAVE BELONGS TO THEM....NOT YOU!!!!

Watch for a national VAT (value added tax...another oxymoron, since the only value this tax has is to the ov't (shocka) to raise revenue, it has no value to the consumer) next!

Wearing my Obama-speak decoder ring I predict that his "promise" that taxes will go down for 95% of Americans will turn out to be just the opposite....taxes will go up for 95% of all Americans [hmmm...I'b better consider using Turbo-Tax the same way Timmy Geithner did]. Whether 'called' a tax or not....well, remember "a rose by any other name would smell just as ripe."

ANY asshole who voted for this insulting piece of legislative malfeasance is NOT getting my vote next election. I do not care if he parks a Rolls Royce in my driveway, gives me half the bribe cash from his freezer, the codes to some of his offshore Cayman bank accounts, and the private cell numbers of his just isn't going to happen.

I'm voting for a "dead dog" before any of these assholes and if we still are having elections, they have seen their last few days in office. [Hmmmmmare we seeing the transformation of 'yaller dawg Democrats' to "dead dog" tax protesters?]

rope+tree+politician=some assembly required

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