Saturday, 13 June 2009


Why not honour the REAL heroes? War veterans recognised by French, snubbed by Britain. A disgrace.

Feminist who thinks men should bring up babies is new Labour family guru. Another assault on family values.

Britain should join the Euro, says Mandy, as he praises 'great success' of single currency. Not a chance.

Victory for Prince Charles as £3billion Chelsea Barracks development is scrapped. Should be kept as a barracks.

BNP in power - immigration and this insidious conspiracy of Max Hastings.

Most candidates have had their hands in the till - this grubby race to become Speaker reveals MPs have learnt nothing. Our political class is riddled with corruption and arrogance.

Peter Mandelson warns Gordon Brown 'will face another challenge to his leadership'. By Mandelson's lapdog.

UN imposes new sanctions on North Korea. Which will achieve nothing.

Bletchley Park Enigma heroes to be honoured by Government. About time. Their contribution to the war effort was massive.

US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive. Sounds like social engineering to me.

Ministers accused of 'sea blindness' by Britain's most senior Royal Navy figure. We need to double the size of the Royal Navy.

China accused of secretly salvaging sunken British submarine containing 18 lost sailors. The bodies of the dead must be returned.

New US commander in Afghanistan 'wants more British troops'. The British Army would also like more troops.

Top nuclear expert missing in India. Not good.

Ahmadinejad set for Iran poll win. Nothing like a spot of vote rigging.

N Korea to weaponise nuclear fuel. They are looking for a fight.

....and finally. Clarkypoos on Saturday.

Brown won’t surrender... he’s a rhino.

Kiwi pilot's action lives on in France.

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