Monday, 29 June 2009

Unemployment...............from Rico

We're six (6) months into Obama's reign and I'm STILL running into deranged Obamunista's who are blaming Bush for between fittings for their new T-shirts, that is.

Here's a simple fact [after you accept that Buish is in a political state of adiosis]:
- Nine (9) million Americans are now getting unemplyment checks...TRIPLE the number who got checks at the beginning of the year. The numbers WILL be increasing for unemployment.

Now, for that Hopey-Changey thing...howzit' workin' out fo' ya' bro'?


zeno said...

Six months? That's nothing. We still have people here who blame Thatcher for everything, and she has been out of office for twenty years.

korblimee said...

Thatcher? HAH! I blame Disraeli!