Saturday, 18 July 2009

1st SPECIAL FORCES GROUP, Torii Station, Okinawa

This post is a part of an on-going series History of US Army Special Forces on STORMBRINGER

Given the maritime nature throughout their Area of Operations and Responsibility (AOR), 1st Group SF teams are proficient at maritime operations; surface & sub-surface swimmer infil supported by Zodiac boats and kayaks launched from "mother-ships", submarine lock-out, ramp-launched from MH-47 or MH-53 Special Operations helicopters, or even via parachute from MC-130 aircraft. The teams also infil via fast-rope insertion - allowing them to land directly on top of their target - and military free-fall HALO (High-Altitude, Low-Opening) parachuting, exiting aircraft at 25,000 feet and landing within 75 feet of the objective.

The twin Torii Gates at the front gate of Torii Station, Okinawa.

Somewhere in Pyongyang is a desk drawer filled with photographs of me flipping the bird at the guy who used to take our pictures as we drove out these gates - S.L.

The History of 1st Special Forces Group.

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Cargosquid said...

There was a great little restaurant just down the road from Torii back in the 80's...Good times.