Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Basic Skills For Women

1. Know which devices are controlled by each remote control
2. Start a petrol-powered lawnmower
3. Crochet a hat
4. Create a frequency distribution in Excel by using a pivot table
5. Prepare huevos rancheros
6. Speak a few sentences in French
7. Reinstall Windows without losing everything
8. Give a good backrub
9. Use all the features on their digital camera
10.Parallel park
11.Create a custom ringtone and upload it to your their phone
12.Hang pictures on the wall
13.Use Google efficiently
14.Cut hair



Minicapt said...

"7. Reinstall Windows without losing everything ."
That's more of an Advanced Certification.


Anonymous said...

Where do I find one of these women? I never saw one who could get more than half of these things right!!!