Friday, 17 July 2009

Loggers (and Rebs) for Palin

Sarah Palin: The Only Man Left in America

Are We Lumberjacks? is Hooked on Palin! It's the first thing that's made me feel hopeful in awhile. Maybe there will be a Surge in America.

Newsbusters Sends this Greeting From Jackie Mason. I liked the way he says 'hullabaloo.' He nails Obama!

via Lucianne

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ajdshootist said...

It is a fact that the Dems are terrified of Sarah Palin every time she speaks they wet themselves trying to say she don't know what she is talking about and generaly trying to run her down, why because they are worried she will show BHO for the fake he is and people will start to realise they have been had.