Friday, 31 July 2009

While we've been distracted........from Rico

While everyone has been 'distracted' by the waste of taxpayer time and money on the "Bud Light" PR fiesta, several more important things are looming (more than the ones mentioned here, actually).

The U.S. is having an increasingly difficult time laying-off it's growing debt onto foreign buyers via securities/bond sales. I know you're as surprised as I am. What this potentially means has to be causing somebody sleepless nights.

But it gets even better! If we thought the popping of the housing bubble was jolly great fun, just wait for the coming commercial real estate bust! The Treasury and the Fed are already trying to figure out how to deal with what could be a truly legendary crash coming our way, expecting a $3 trillion dollar bust!
- The deep damage done to the American economy is better reflected by the tanking of demand for office space than the grisly unemployment figures.

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LifeoftheMind said...

The story in these graphs is simple. We got hit hard on 9-11. President Bush held things together and when the Republicans took over the Congress the economy began to get back on track. There was much foot dragging and when the Democrats got Congress back in '06 they proceeded to break up the ship and cut holes in it while Bush was helpless to stop them. The Democrats used the economic disaster that they created to take power. Once in power they have insulted our allies and coddled our enemies. Now everything is melting down completely and the US is being left with no financial, military or moral power while the world runs either away from us or over us.