Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Obama: 7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes



cmblake6 said...

Would have been more, but he had to stop and bask in the applause.

Not a sheep said...

I counted eight.

Unknown said...

This man is sick. Clinton lied for a reason, Barry does it as part of his breathing process. You can hear the shredders still running at ACorn.

Robert Harris said...

Brandeis made his famous statement that “sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants” in a 1913 Harper’s Weekly article, entitled “What Publicity Can Do.”

Please do better research.

sbj said...

barry is one experiment that should not be repeated in 2012. his free spending on everything will put this country back into the dark ages.

Freedomvoice said...

In 1913 that was all they had. There were no antibotics or much of anything else until later.

Originally noticed by a French medical student, Ernest Duchesne, in 1896. Penicillin was re-discovered by 1928.

heydebhenry said...

None of those things are untrue. They're all still goals he is working towards.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Clandestiny...and my name is Helen Keller. WAKE UP.

Freedomvoice said...

Don't get mad get educated.

Felipe said...

Clandestiny, Oh PLEASE! wake up and smell the toilet!

Unknown said...

Clandestiny - What planet do you live on? The newest healthcare bill will not be online for the public to view. So far, there has been very little transparancy in this administration.

SHOW ME said...


Bill Walters said...

You can tell when Obama is lying. His lips are moving

Toad734 said...

Its been 9 months...Its not a lie until these things never come true.

WMDs however...Complete lie worth about 4000 American lives.

How many people has Obama's "lies" killed?


Unknown said...

Toad734, how many Americans exactly are there, I would say about 110 Million Lives. That is how many are soon to be facing the harsh and undue punishment he will have caused with the national debt from his stimilus bills. And why did ACORN get millions of dollars, to open illegal small business. I hope you work hard for the taxes to cover that debt.

Stuart said...

Toad -

He didn't wait to start pushing for socialized health care, so why wait in doing something as simple as posting something on a website?

True enough, W was a horrible president, without question. But make no mistake, O is just as dangerous. The man supports the U.N.'s anti-basphemy resolution for crying out loud.

As for those casualties of war, I assure you that if O's healthcare plan is ever passed, deaths resulting from misdiagnosis and improper treatment will FAR surpass 5,000 (which is what that deaht toll it is closer to now 0 approximately 1,000 more since O took office)

Unknown said...

Toad 734 were you on another planet 10 years ago? Or do you blindly follow the lib's propraganda? Everyone in DC thought Hussein had WMD's. Just a cursory search on the internet would confirm this. For example Google Clinton Iraq 1988 her's the lin,DGUS:2006-14,DGUS:en&q=Clinton+Iraq+1998k:billions more if you check. All the Dems Kerry,Hillary, Bill et al

ol bob

Griffin93C said...

He is following Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals" perfectly. Tell the people what they want to hear, tell them you are from the middle class and can relate. Get elected, then eliminate the middle class.

SnowMan said...

Hey;ToadFace734 you are a man of great IGNORANTS,your man obama is a lier,plan fact, he has lied to the American people face's,you and him have two things in common;first big mouths,know it all's you both ARE thivie's,by you owen addmission of words,for one that would lie to your face has in fact stoled from you. lIsten up,my friend don't want you to miss this;it's called, trust in ones word, faith in ones word,honor in ones word,apperently something that you and he know nothing about,by your own addmission of words. When one knows nothing about what one is speaking of,then one should keep ones mouth shut,in this case it would be best if you both never spoke again. you two only show your ingorants of facts,HE(OBAMA) DOSE NOT SPEAKE FOR ALL OF AMERICA,BUT ONLY FOR HIS TRAIN LOAD OF FOOL'S,GUESS YOU MUST BE THE HEAD FOOL OOOP'S (ENGINEER)

Unknown said...

WMD'S???? Where were all the 'major' news organs when my 2nd cousin and his Cav unit found 350 TONS of chemical-fiiled 130 and 152mm artillery shells in 3 bunkers, just waiting to be transported to front-line Revolutionary Guard artillery batteries during OIF??? Fox was the only one who responded by sending a film crew out before the bunkers had to be demolished. Not their fault they had a POS vehicle that broke down enroute!
The others, ABC, NBC and CBS declined when they found out no GI's were killed during the capture of the bunker complex. Talk to me, just TALK to me about media bias and agendas.... Somehow, things like this get lost in the cracks when it's 'inconveniet' history.

Unknown said...

Clan, Toad, and other socialist sheeple... Just a quick question... IF this president was any good for America, why, oh why, is he still pushing so hard for legislation that will more seriously hurt this country when a vast majority of Americans polled don't want it? And why is he dragging his feet so badly on putting into action legislation that will begin to turn us around and make us a BETTER, STRONGER, and MORE PROFITABLE country? Why? Take a moment to pull your heads out of your collective anal aperture and take a look at the bigger picture - he's killing this country, along with his socialist czars! WAKE UP AND PUT THE KOOLAID DOWN (or is it KOOKAID now?)

jspurr01 said...

@Roland: what specific legislations are you talking about? It helps your cause if you provide the details so the rest of us can fully evaluate your issues.

Unknown said...

This needs to be a Public Service Announcement from now thru the next elections. In time, more current and future lies can be edited in.

jjmcdonn said...

He's a good, possibly great, politician! Just what about Politicians don't you folks understand? Show me one that has told the truth or addressed the realities of our political system? Get real!

Jan said...


Clandestiny, you are what is known by the Marksists who laugh at and use people like you, as "A useful idiot". Take your head out of you dark place and if you have any intelligence or critical thinking ability, WAKE UP NOW!!!

Robert Harris said...

Jan--I'm interested in knowing where your critical thinking was for the last 8 years. And I have a feeling that your "critical thinking" is of new origin and it comes from Hannity/Beck/Rush trio of clowns.

Unknown said...

Wow I can't believe these Obama lovers still can't see the writing on the wall. This country is going down in flames and they just can't or won't see it. They all must have their collective heads up their ass. And I believe they are all under 40 and they are going to have to pay for it. Not only our 12 trillion dollar debt, but also the loss of freedom if this idiot we have as our president continues on the present course.

Unknown said...

I wish everyone would quit looking at party lines and start paying attention to the s**t that's really going down. Not to ignite an old fire, but the only birth cert we have on Obama is the short form that does not have the attending doctor's name on it... the short form provided by Mr Obama is not legally enough to qualify him to hold the office of President of the US. Each member of the Dem party that went through the steps with him said it wasn't their place to confirm the existence of the legally required long-form birth certificate... legally he is not our president. By his actions, he is actively trying to destroy our country. Check out news sources from around the world, those same sources that critically blasted the Bush administration are asking why Obama hates the USA... a question I have asked as well. As for his lies, this is his MO. He was politically birthed in possibly the most corrupt political machine in existence in the USA today. His origins and support come from that political machine, from the ACORN organization, from an ex-WEATHERMEN(a 60's terrorist group) member, along with other sources that he will not reveal. His college records have been sealed, but Occidental college broke the seal and revealed that Obama attended their institution of higher education with a "foreign student" aid package. He has spent millions to hide his history, we know nothing about him except what he says, and his words mean nothing because his actions clearly refute them. It has been noticed by many, reported by few, and is a source of black comedy here in the US and abroad. Of course he lied on the campaign trail. I think most politicians do to a degree, but his lies were so seductive and offered so much hope to those who had none left that they were bought hook, line and sinker. A drowning man will grasp at anything, and a dying nation is no different. Mark these words, the USA as we know it is dying, and I don't think the rebirth will be as painless as that of the pheonix of legend... if it can be reborn at all. Did you even see the SNL skit where "Obama" says Reps and Dems are mad, the Reps because he (Obama) is doing everything they feared, and the Dems because he (Obama) is not doing anything he promised. Lol, look at this mess we've gotten us into this time, sunshine!

Unknown said...

PS, I like to read the comments, but please don't send me hate mail. How can we fix anything if we can't talk without calling each other names and getting violent verbally and/or physically?

Unknown said...

america was had...i didn't vote for him but was a bit hopeful that he wouldn't be COMPLETELY full of crap. he made a lot of hard would it have been to keep the one about not larding up bills at the last moment? or the one about letting us read them for 5 days? all the stuff he blathered about would have been easy to achieve...but he has proven to be a world class liar. he has declared a "health care crisis" and is peddling an 1100 HUNDRED page bill that is standard issue favors for the special interest groups. 1100 hundred pages?!?!

Bhakta said...

He is sure a great orator; but he definitely has not kept his promises in any way, shape or form...

My lesson in life, well learned now, is NEVER trust a politician.

Jan said...

Hay Bob;

Sounds as though you think that anyone who isn't a politically correct liberal is a republican, or what the lefties call right-wingers. All of the politicians in DC are totally corrupt. Collectively they are sending us into the black hole. Maybe you should open your eyes and ears to hear what is truly going on although it appers to be too late.

Unknown said...

Send Obama this video & demand he do what he said he'd do.... or IMPEACH HIM!!! for lieing.

Unknown said...

I don't like to hear his voice. He scares me.

waneboon said...

His teachers were Marxist, His mother admired Marxism, His friends are Marxists, His advisers are Marxist. His czars are Marxist. He is following Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals". Working hard with other Marxist sympathizers(Pelosi and Reid) to destroy this economy, and the dollar(at the behest of and with the financial backing of the former Nazi collaborator and master currency manipulator and internationalist thug George Soros)(Soros provided the money to start Acorn and has been bankrolling Obama since his senate days).
We all need to be very aware that they are using the phoney climate change scare as a tactic toward their totalitarian,one world goals.
Wake up all you good freedom loving Americans and lets expose these nefarious characters for what they are, and in so doing save America and our individual god given liberties.
To prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future, there need to be 2 new constitutional ammendments.
#1 A guarantee of the complete separation of education and state. Government sponsored education will always teach a pro big Government propaganda is only natural for it's self-interest.
#2 The guarantee of the separation of business and government. There is no other way to preserve a truly free market and ensure prosperity and innovation.
God bless America.

Luhgnut said...

Shirley says,

The country is going down in flames.

Let's see, last administrations big achievements.

Lie about WMD's
Invaded a country that has never fired a shot at the US. Which has claimed thousands of American lives for no reason.
Electronic wiretapping and surveillance INSIDE our own country.
Ousted Federal prosecutors based on their political beliefs.
Didn't heed the warnings to get control of the mortgage finance market when warned.
While invading Iraq, allowed Iran to rise in power to a problem even bigger and more dire than Iraq could ever be.

Tell me, just what has Obama done, or said, that even comes CLOSE to any of the great triumphs of GWB and his cronies? GWB was in office a horrible 8 years. Obama for what 9 months? And you blame Obama for putting the country in jeopardy.

Where were you the previous 8 years? and I'm sure GWB was just peachy wasnt he?

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

@waneboon: Would you also propose that we go back to having a separation of church and state? If you start with the Constitution, any future Amendments would have more teeth.

Oh, and btw, global warming is backed by science. A color-driven arbitrary "win 2004" terror alert system would be an example of a scare tactic.

papabigjoe said...

Did I hear someone say IMPEACH OBAMA?Why not tar and feather, run him out of town on a rail. We need to save money.

Rednex said...

@ Squigibo

Lie about WMD's
- THE WORLD, not just GWB believed that Saddam had WMD. The British bet on it, the Canadians rallied to it, and many other countries bet their service mens lives on it. In the end, Saddam was a WMD, killing 100,000's of Iraqi's during his regime.

Invaded a country that has never fired a shot at the US. Which has claimed thousands of American lives for no reason.
- If you give a man a gun and tell him where his enemy lives, are you not just as culpuable in his death should the man shoot him? Saddam backed the terrorist org's that hurt this country. Provided safe haven and supplies for those that brought harm to your country men. Never fired a bullet, maybe not, but had hands not covered in blood, absolutely not.

Electronic wiretapping and surveillance INSIDE our own country.
- When your enemy lives amoung you, how else are you to protect your country? Those wiretaps and surveillance measures directly prevented another direct attack against this country in California. Why won't Pres Obama release the results of those measures? He said he would, then recanted? Why? Could it be that there was proof of success?

Ousted Federal prosecutors based on their political beliefs.
- Based on their political beliefs? If I wrote that the sky was falling in the New York times, would you believe it?

Didn't heed the warnings to get control of the mortgage finance market when warned.
- Here, you are just completely wrong. GWB himself stated that they needed to reign in the mortgage industry, but his mistake, he wanted bi-partsian support for the effort. The mortgage meltdown was a direct result of Barney Frank, Dodd and others "regulation" forcing the banks to make risky loans to those that could not repay. You liberals can't have it both ways. Your leadership cannot be the cause of the problem, then claim ingnorance to it happening. Frank should be in jail.

While invading Iraq, allowed Iran to rise in power to a problem even bigger and more dire than Iraq could ever be.
- Almost agree with you here. We should have given notice to Iran and S. Korea for that matter, but after the flack recieved for the invasion of Iraq to protect this country, it's not hard to imagine why they didn't. But now that your annointed one is in office, where is your disdain. S. Korea has fired missiles over Japan and all Obama has done has stated "That's a baaaaaad Kim Jong Il". Now that there is proof of a secrect nuclear facility in Iran, Obama has threatened to shoot down Israel's planes should they try to neutralize it. You profess hatred for one administration not doing enough, but ignore the fact that yours has turned it's back on the issue.

Tell me, just what has Obama done, or said, that even comes CLOSE to any of the great triumphs of GWB and his cronies? GWB was in office a horrible 8 years. Obama for what 9 months? And you blame Obama for putting the country in jeopardy.

- GWB protected this country. GWB provided more aid and help for the continent of Africa than any other single person. GWB promoted US Ideals and security to his own demise. The worse thing that GWB did was to pass the first socialistic bailout package, but this pales in comparison to Obama's spending. It pales to Obama's takeover of the banks and auto industry. It pales to Obama's world tour where he critized, put down, and demeaned his own country, and it pales to the pain that his "health care" plan will put on the Middle class and America as a whole. He is a liar and a paper tiger for the Democratic party. He is a Socialist whose only intent is to try and transform this country into a socialist utopia, which history has shown, will not prosper. True, Obama has only been in office for 9 months, but within that 9 months, he has done more damage to this country than any terrorist, natural disaster, or act of war could. Damage that I fear, may not be able to be undone.

Unknown said...

Replying to C's comment. yes C, a separation of church and state is also a good thing. As for global warming being backed by science, not really. It is backed by propaganda masquerading as science. There is warming, and there is cooling, it is called weather.
The ice core data proves that historically,a rise in CO2 occurs 800 years after a period of warming(not before). Al Gore's documentary is riddled with lies(a complete fraud). He is being sued by 30,000
meteorologist,climatologist,and scientists over this fraud.Not reported in the media..huummm The founder of the weather channel is the lead plaintiff in this suit.He has also been sued in England over the 9 major lies in his film..and he lost. In England"An Inconvenient Truth" now comes with the disclaimer that it is fiction not court order. C, if you are interested in hearing some real facts about the Green movement, go to you tube and watch the film series "Behind the Green Curtain" and "The Great Global warming Swindle"(this video also features comments from one of the co-founders of Greenpeace who is now working to get out the truth that the Environmental movement has been hijacked by radicals with a one world government agenda). Also look up "The Oregon Petition".
There is much more to know, but this is a good place to start for all the well meaning, honest Environmentalist out there.

TheRev1953 said...

8- I definitely counted 8.

Lord Nazh said...

Not sure you follow this thread anymore Theo :) but wondering why I get so many clicks from it to my blog o.O

Wendell said...

Obama and the entire Congress is a fraud. I only hope those who voted for Mr. Obamanation really do hate freedom, because he certainly does. This man is dangerous and a disgrace to the United States of America. If things don't begin to change in the 2010 election, this country just may not survive.

Diana said...

As laughable now as when they were first uttered by this vacuous liar. Absurd promises & a million more all broken, broken, broken. "Puppies & rainbows for EVERYONE!" I remain horrified & outraged that those who dare call themselves my countrymen - Americans - voted for this Marxist & the Thugocracy he has brought upon us all. Shame on your vote for the last coffin nail in our beloved now once-upon-a-time Republic & Constitution. All Obama voters & worshippers, "Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen."

Unknown said...

One of the main questions that should be asked is, "how much damage will this clown and his cronies do before their time and his is up and will those that take his place be willing and /or able to rectify the mess."

Anonymous said...

I cant believe any of these people...don't any of you read the newspaper, or watch news channels on TV and read Internet postings about this man????? Most of them are proven statements about what he is trying to do to this country????? get real people before it is to late!! This man is an exact replica of Hitler, same fast talker, same communistic desires...example: trying to make it impossible to own a gun and wanting to know who does and making us pay a tax to own it!!! This way he can disarm most of the Americans. Less of us to fight back when this country is finally owned by China....(headed that way now) But he can get us in line because only his army will have weapons!!!! Example: why Czars for everything Auto Czars, health Czars, homeland security Czars, bank Czars....etc., etc..... all controlled by the President only and answer to the President only!!! None I might add knowing anything about what they are "Czaring"...LOL Frankly as a 70 year old woman very involved in politics it scares the heck out of me!!!!!

Unknown said...

Rome wasn't built in a day...U guys sound like a bunch of Fox news Oboma haters. This guy has only been in the "Big House" for ten months...Get a grip. He has more on his plate leftover from the previous illusionists than any previous guys. If anyone is a disgrace it's people who speak before they think...which happens repeatedly by those who have very little knowledge or ability to project any positive thinking. Good luck to all of you; looks like you're in for a bumpy ride....

beangid said...

why should I be penalized for my very limited success with more taxes to spread my so called wealth to those that receive it cannot pass the same drug screen I must take just to be able to go to work.

dlrunner said...

Obama is a liar, but the truth is, the liberal idiots and gullible toadies voted him in.

Typical of the liberal stupidity is the assertion that Bush lied about WMDs. The following were published by major news organizations. Do your research.

Sadam used them on the Iranians;he used them on his own people after the first Gulf War; they were found after the invasion of Iraq; an entire cargo ship filled with WMDs was sized some weeks after the start of the second Gulf War...I don't think the cargo came from Sri Lanka.

The NYT stated that there were WMDs several months after the Invasion.

British Intelligence, independently of the CIA, stated there were WMDs.

At various times in the 1990s, the following politicians stated categorically that there were WMDs in Iraq: Bill and Hillary Clinton, Daschael, Ted Kennedy, Bill Kerry, to name a few.

At the end of the first Gulf War, the coalition allies discovered an atrillery piece that a British engineer had designed and installed for Sadam. Based on the caliber of the gun, predicated range, and its orientation, the only possible ammuntion to be used with this weapon would have been nuclear, biological, and/or chemical.

So go ahead libs, prove that these facts are wrong.

Unknown said...

Very well said Diana!

finn226 said...

Where are the anti-war protestors? This about GW being a bad president (I think he was) this is about obama selling folks a bill of goods which are just flat out lies. There is less transparency in this administration in 9 months than there was in 8 years of Bush/Chaney.

Linda rogacki said...

To Shari, yo are telling people to think before they speak, maybe you should do the same. In Obamas 10 months he has spent more than all of the presidents combined. If you work which maybe you don't, this is yor tax money too. How can you believe transparency when everything he does is behind closed doors. Do you also believe that he sat in a church for 20 years and did not hear a thing his pastor was saying. Either that makes him a man who lied about his faith or lied about what he heard.
We are not all FOX news people. You believe too much of what you hear on all of those news stations that are INVITED to the white house. Don't you get it, he is trying to make our country look bad every time he makes a speach in anothe country. I guess you don;t listen to his speaches. Do you apologize for being an American. If so maybe you should move to another country.

Zippy the giver said...

BUSH created TARP, not Obama.
Other than that, yeah, so far, nothing, BUT, name one freshly seated American president that got anything done that wasn't already underway by another president in the same stretch of time and I'll be impressed.

Unknown said...

How about Andrew Jackson, Zippy? I don't think he had anything on his plate...

Freedomvoice said...

Now that the Health Care bill will go on the floor. Something no one wants. We will go under the government thumbs.

DJK said...

This video and this man give me gas.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Anyone hear about the Free Obama phone to welfare recipients?

Another example of "Redistribution of Wealth" - Those who worked for what they have will give it all to the deadbeats. That's the hallmark of this current administration. I'd say God help us but I'm sure He's abandoned us by now & who could blame Hiim.

clpierce said...

It is obvious to about half the country according to the "poles" that Obama is a one of the most decpetive presidents ever and we are extremely against where he is determined to lead this country which is towards socialism / marxism. What is perplexing to those of us who clearly see this, it how that 40 something percent of the country are so blindly still supporting Obama. No one is mentioning the main stream media who is a huge culprit in perpetrating Obama and his agenda on this country. They got him elected, refused to vet him, protected him against anything that would make him look bad to the people, refuse to expose his lies, make excuses for him at every turn and attack anyone who doesn't support Obama to the point of destroying them if possible. It isn't only the media, but it is Letterman, Oprah, the flaming liberals on the View, TV & movie makers, most of Hollywood, musicians, the liberal educational system who are preaching to our children in schools and universities across the coutry, and on and on. I believe that if the Ameriacn people were actually told the facts, Obama's ratings would be 20% for him ( there will always be those who buy socialism and the lie that it is as an answer to making the world prefect and easy for everyone) and at least 80% against.
I don't think we can get through this deep split we have in thinking. Just looking at the comments and dealing with people myself, everyone seems deeply felt in their beliefs and it is almost to the point of fighting angry on both sides. What is the solution?
I would like to see the country split physically down the middle, East and West, in a fair way of course. Conservatives take one side, "Progressives" take the other side. They can run their countries as they like and we would see fairly quickly which side has the most successful country. Personally I am tired of trying to live with the liberals who have no common sense at all and who don't appreciate what freedoms we have enjoyed and what has made this country great. They have no respect for the Constitution and don't seem to have a real grasp or understanding of what it says. Individual rights and freedoms and responsibilities don't register with these people. They believe the world will be better when the government is taking care of everyone. I think we may have reached a time in our country when we are so spoiled that we many of the people don't really understand that they can lose the rights, freedoms, opportunities, and priviledges we have had.
The progressives can also have all the illegals that they are so hell bent on giving the farm to without any form of naturalization that others have had to go through. The conservatives will gladly take all the naturalized citizens who appreciated being an American citizen and went through the legal channels.

Perceptions and Misconceptions do not = Truth said...

WMD's??? Iraq had 'em. They killed thousands of Kurds with chemical weapons, they just didn't have the technology (yet) to launch them over great distances. And EVERY major country's Intelligence services agreed that Hussein had WMD's. Global Warming??? Scare tactic by Enviromental groups to get money. There was supposed to be a coming ice age in the '70's, pollution in the '80's , ozone layer in the 90's and now global warming. When they say "go green", I laugh because thats whats its about "the green" . There is Urban warming due to something called the Urban Reflective Heat Index (most global weather measuring stations are located in major metropolitan areas btw) , as for global warming its crap. In 938, the vikings colonized greenland and lived there for nearly 500 years when it was a much warmer climate. You gonna tell me that was due to the burning of fossil fuels? Since the start of the Industrial Revolution in England in the early 18th century and the burning of mostly fossil fuels since the late 18th century, have you heard of one island dissappearing (don't give me the monsoon islands either, that disappear during every rainy season). Its called the cycle of the planet, not global warming. I could go on forever on the lies and how everything said about global warming is b.s. 85% of the world's ice is contained in Antarctica and its INCREASING in size. Global warming is a THEORY at best and everything they say about it can be directly disputed if you are willing to look for the truth not the perception of the truth.

p.s as for politicians, they all seem to be liars. My rant about global warming in this forum is due to the fact that alot of congressmen are "personally" and monaterily invested in "green energy". Obama blasted Bush for running up the biggest deficit in American history (which he should have) and then he goes and doubles it in less than 6 mos. HUH??? After the last two presidencies I sure appreciate Clinton more. Although at the time I didn't think he was that great. Politicians look out for themselves, not for the people they are supposed to represent. NO I am not a republican , nor am I a democrat. NOT strictly conservative or strictly liberal, just someone who can't stand "lies". Perception is reality but unfortunately it is rarely the truth.

Freedomvoice said...

That is why the Tea Party is out in full color. We are tired of the lies and Government takeover.

Freedomvoice said...

That is the problem. He is moving too fast. Meaning he is hidding too much. Big Government is NOT the answer. Have you ever heard that when it gets on the books that it never gets off? The economy is worse because the $ is fallen down to .60 and the more spending Obama does the more in debt to China (foregin nation) we become. America needs to elimate the rules of the EPA so we can get jobs started in America. Obama is placing large taxes on small business and if they have to give up profits to pay for taxes where do you think you job comes from. There are extreamly large bills out there and no time to read them is dangerous. Usuall when they do this NC included they have something to hide from the publlic. There is too much, too fast, too soon and people cannot even get a grip of the laws being shuved down our throats. This is the push back. We feel they are hidding something to do this and history usually says they are and it will be too late to change it.

PragmaticConservative said...

Reading all the Obama Kool Aid drinkers say its only been 9 months makes me wonder after 4 yrs will they want 8, after 8 will they want 16? "but he's trying, and his wife's arms look so fit and trim. And he reads the words that others put in front of him so well."

Rush this through, pass this without looking, yet when men and women in uniform are dying in the field we have all the time in the world to "get it right".

But of course, this is all Bush's fault. Unless it turns out good, they it was Barry's doing.

Time for Barry to put his big boy pants on and own up to the job. Campaign time is over..

Unknown said...

Freedomvoice you are right, they do have a lot to hide, and none of it is healthy for our's up to us to try and expose what they are really up to.

Unknown said...

Why do people (esp. the main media) want to give this guy a free pass??

Why do we not demand a higher standard?

It's stunning! We are living in the Bizarro world from Seinfeld where everything is upside down...or right is wrong and wrong is right...amazing!

PragmaticConservative said...


The reason that the media gives Obama a pass is that they are run by people far more liberal than you would believe. News depts. used to be a cost center of networks. Not important for them to make a profit. That changed a long time ago, now the bottom line matters and nothing sells like strife and dissent.

As for individual journalists... they were afraid of questioning Obama's background because they knew that they would be labeled racist. Plain and simple. If you attack Obama it must be because you were some kind of red neck racist, who feared that a black man might become POTUS.
Didn't Janeane Garofalo say exactly that?

Unknown said...

For general consumption, please read Animal Farm. Pay attention to Napolean the Pig. Review the clip on Nobama's lies. Whatever your political persuasion, this should affect your opinion.

PragmaticConservative said...

Animal Farm, Brave New World and 1984 should be.. no NEEDS TO BE required reading for every high school student. It should also be read every few years by adults.

Best of luck getting this in past the current school boards though. LOL

Volunteer Beacon said...

Toad734, every day that your boy Obama doesn't change the course of action in Afghanistan and make a decision, lives are being lost. They are being lost, now its his war, now in spite of Obama. He said that Afghanistan was a 'war of necessity' and 'a war we must win.' So why can't he make a decision? He spent more time in NJ and VA helping Corzine and Deeds lose than he has spent with the generals on the ground in Afghanistan. Don't make excuses that he is trying to take into account all the information at hand or that this is Bush's fault.

This is Obama's war now. He knows it which is why he can't make a decision. He is a boy in a man's world right now. It's similar to a rookie relief pitcher in the 7th game of the world series, bottom of the night, bases jacked, 2 out. He is called in to get the final out because the team is all out of pitchers. He takes the mound and then continuously steps off the mound to a chorus of boo's. Then when he looks like he is about to pitch, he calls for his catcher to come out because he must be misreading the signs being called. He waves off the signs then the manager (in this case Emanuel/Axelrod) has to visit the mound and tell him what to do. Finally he throws the ball...the rest of the story is a mystery since reality is, he hasn't even made it to the mound yet. He is still playing in the bull pen with big league chew, sunflower seeds and his balls.

Enjoy your commander in chief, I can sure tell you that our military doesn't

Roosevelt Island Reality said...

Well it's a law of Islam, called taqquiya, and that is the duty to lie to the khuffar or infidel.

Surprised that the lefties in showbiz can't see the guy is over-rehearsed, a soulless puppet.

Regarding penicillin - Dr. Hahnemann developed a system of medicine called Homeopathy, which does require some skill. However it still outperforms the strongest antibiotics today...and had a 94% survival rate in the Spanish Flu epidemic - that includes patients dumped at the doors of Homeopathic Hospitals by the "Old School."

Too bad Pharmatech keeps that information from our troops and seniors. Then they'd lose the argument for euthanasia...

Obama's a cut from the Hitler mould alright. His methods match, line by line, and his Islamic mentors mirror Hitler's inspiration - "The Mufti of Palestine." toujours la meme chose!

Unknown said...

The Black racist are the ones who voted him in, AND the unracist whites alsdo voted him in, same as my Dad and my goody two shoes Sister,
The man is not even American and his wife has no faith in the white people, She said as much.......

but she sure likes her collard patch and the government housing she is living in now... LOL,
They are users just like everyone else
Obama may have meant well, But the man has been bought and paid for many times over........

Bill Walters said...

This is exactly why we NEED to write, email, fax, call our Senators and Congressmen to push Obama into action, before we lose more brave American patriotic soldiers.

ScriptCreatpr said...

The fear mongering, back biting efforts against Obama, backed in part, by deep seeded corporative interests,and the confusion of many Americans who don't know their history, as well as a smattering of racism, are dividing the country deliberately, This is a "democracy" of big time financial interests, cronies who run the country and can't stand the idea that a true sense of patriotism is an ongoing sense of shared humanity. Obama is no angel, he does make mistakes. If you voted for the Bush/Chaney regime, and haven't got the guts to admit it, then get out of the dialogue, or admit to it and get out of the shame. Decent health care is a right for all citizens. Period. The drug companies are still making a fortune. The war munitions companies are still going bananas. And many Americans are deluded by big slogans that white wash the sad viciousness of what is going behind the "patriotic" manipulation of gullible Americans desperate for answers.

PragmaticConservative said...

I voted for Bush because Al Gore turn out to be the flim flam man I knew him to be and Kerry was the most un-American candidate I ever saw until Barry showed up.

When I disagreed with what Bush did I was never called anti-white. When the media went after Bush like a pack of rabid dogs, Bush didn't say that they weren't news agencies. Barry hates to be unloved, can't stand it, is completely consumed with it.

Health care insurance is a right? Where is that written? Learn the history. Employers began paying health benefits when the government capped wages. Now the government is going to mandate employers give these benefits or be fined? What gives the government the RIGHT to do this?

What is the next RIGHT? Food? Don't you think that is more important? I would like the government to provide me with steak or lobster every night, and I would love if you would pay for it through higher taxes.

2000 pages that no one will read, no one will know who wrote it, no one is allowed to know what is in it. This is what you consider good government?

by the way. America is set up as a republic, not a democracy. Learn the difference before spouting out on what you think is your right. Period.

DJK said...

Well said, PragCon.

Blogengeezer said...

The health care bill is in reality a bill to guaranty the Trial Lawyers association a very high standard of living for the coming years. The ineptitude of Government managing anything is always a 'Deep Pocket' for lawsuits. The taxpayers will pay and pay and pay for the Tort law suits, so that the Trial Lawyers association can pay even more in Campaign donations for the next election. They paid for 1/3rd of this last one, so they are on a roll. Don't You even Wonder why Tort Reform was NOT in the bill????

Andrew33 said...

To everyone here check out KOOKS Manifesto. Google it. We are like mined PRO LIBERTY bloggers with lots of LIKE MINDED FELLOW PRO LIBERTY BLOGGGER FRIENDS. Come join the club. We discuss, debate and we act. We were in DC on 9/12 as Representing our blog. We stand up to communism and the Anti-liberty forces behind it. Don't you? We don't take squat from flaming libtards. If you agree or disagree with this, come tell us why.

Unknown said...

Toad734 Please tell me you are not that stupid... You know that a chemical weapon is a WMD right? You do know that Huesein used Chemical Weapons on his own people right? So suddenly when we are able to get in and look there are No WMDs? How stupid do you have to be to think there weren't any? You do realize that he was convicted and executed right? Why do you think he was executed? I love how all the people that were all for going and kicking his butt in the beginning and that includes the senate and congress... suddenly have memory issues. He was a VERY evil man!

Unknown said...

Are you enjoying "CHANGE" yet? How's it working for you?

Lynn Maria Thompson said...

Sadly, I wonder how many of those cheering and clapping for these statements even realize that they are exactly the opposite of what he's actually doing. Most of them are probably too caught up in "American Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars", or whatever other reality TV shows are running now, to have noticed. And that's fine with him; he's moved on to bask in the adoration of other audiences.

Unknown said...

That's so funny. I just saw a post on a lefty blog that also was slamming the red states for watching the American Idol and Dancing with the Stars type junk.

Perhaps the very reason our politicians are partisan is that they are reflecting what their constituents are doing?

Partisan rhetoric is easy--we could teach parrots to repeat without thinking. Intellectual dialogue is tough and many people skipped the prerequisite courses.

Why talk about a balanced budget when I can tap into your fears and emotions?

I've paid $42k in Fed taxes this year. My taxes aren't enough to cover debt service, military, and health/human services budgets.

We certainly need change, an actual change, not the slogan.

This board seems active. Without using the words Bush, Hussein, WMD, Rush, FoxNews, Socialism, Marxism, or otherwise playing into the hands of those who don't want us to think....

....does anyone have a thought on how to fix it?

Which taxes do you increase? How do you layoff x% of the US Government? How do you cut the military budget by x% and increase our security?

Anyone feel like thinking or is that too 1776 for us these days?

Unknown said...

To C, et al: I fear our country is too far blemished with socialism now, but that doesn't mean we can't forestall our total demise.

I've read the above passionate entries on both sides and that implies that voters still care, but, I also haven't seen many practical suggestions offered.

I suggest this: convert our current tax-code system to a National Sales Tax (a consumption tax) where you're taxed at the point-of-sale. It's not perfect, but it would probably eliminate the need for 75% of all accountants and attorneys. It should also help prevent Congress from frequently tweaking voluminous tax codes to suit their constituents' or personal purposes. Everyone would know, esp. at election time, what their representatives are collectively charging them for 'federal' services. A Nat. Sales Tax should also probably reduce overhead of the IRS by about 80%, and it should certainly reduce total US paper consumption by 20%. Almost all vendors in all states are already established with procedures for collecting and remitting States' portions, so it shouldn't be that much additional time and expense to add a National portion.

Unknown said...

I agree that something must be done.

Talking about this with my spouse, we agree that the single biggest thing that can be done towards curing our economic etc national woes would be to eliminate the "Golden Fleece" that members of Congress and the President currently enjoy. Make them subject to Social Security just like everyone else instead of having their own set aside that is separate and inviolable. Can you think of ANY other group of people who are entitled to keep the same level of income when retired that they earned while working on a government backed retirement plan? There are none. Yet these members of Congress - House and Senate - get this wonderful perk/benefit after serving only one term -- they cannot lose it unless they commit a crime! It also needs to be mandatory that they cannot exempt themselves from any laws they pass. How can they possibly have the gall to call themselves representatives of the people when they do not participate in the same life experiences and indeed go out of their way to keep from being subjected to these laws they are forcing on the "masses"? Case in point, Obamacare: if it is such a good thing, why are all of them exempt from the mandatory participation that is being forced on the rest of us? It is bogus.

If everyone in the country were indeed equal, then equitable laws would be created. Vocal minorities would not be able to effectively shut down the not-so-vocal majority and gut our nation so that is has become a shadow of what our founders intended. Dissatisfaction and unrest are at an alltime high in the USA, and I believe we are approaching a crucial turning point in our national identity. Being president of the USA does not make it right to treat the office as a mirror of your personal convictions and beliefs, nor does it make it alright to behave as royalty with no regard to the expense being footed by the citizenry.

In short, there needs to be some accountability and responsibility demonstrated in everyday life by our elected officials with penalties up to and including loss of office with all the associated perks and benefits for violating the national trust.

A sharp revamp would not be out of line, to my mind. Get rid of the special interest and pork barrel add-ons! I like the idea of point-of-sales consumption tax, but how would you make that fair to everyone? Maybe the yearly taxes could take income and necessary expenditures into account and tax only the excess. Grant tax credits for created jobs and manufacture INSIDE the USA instead of overseas. Come on, people, maybe we can come up with something that will get some positive attention and maybe some positive change!

Unknown said...

A lots has been said here and some of it worthwhile.

However, let's start by taking positive action to reclaim our nation!

Remember, next year, 2010 is election time for the House of Representatives. It's NOT too early
to think about replacing most of what we have now!

DO something positive to get us back to where we'll all feel better about our government.

Unknown said...

@1DT: I don't mean to throw out an insult, but you're thinking like a Democrat...they never do anything today, they always want a huge project that will take 2 years to debate :)

So, IRS budget is $12B. You could save $9.6B a year after enactment--if that is 80% easier to administer. IRS today fails to collect $87B. That's the cash we need.

@J: You and your wife need snopes nearby when you are talking. I'll talk you off the ledge, brother. Don't sweat that congressional stuff. No part of it is true. Since 1984, they have paid into Social Security, they cannot receive more than 80% of their salary as pension, and the average was below $70k just a few years ago.

DON'T follow the urge to compare what a congressman gets compared to the private sector. From an economics perspective, all you care about is what incentives/disincentives would need to be in place to prevent a congressman from "selling out" their vote.

Again, DON'T follw the urge to say it's due to campaign contributions. Economically, a congressman is much more incented, in office, to do what would get them a K-street job afterward than what they need to do to "repay" a corporate donor. Economically, what you would want would be a pension large enough to entice a congressman to golf in Boca Raton for the rest of their years and stay far, far away from DC.

Unknown said...

Anyone that believed in Obama in2008 must have been under 50, black, histanic or on drugs. Those are the very voters that soon will begin to pay. They sold out their generation and their children's generations to a smooth talker. It will take 30 years to undo the damage this administration has done.

ChristianPatriot said...

Not too many years ago, practically any American would shun a liar and have nothing to do with him. As a result, fewer people lied. Not too many years ago, most Americans either believed strongly in God or at least had some belief in Him and their lives were affected by that belief. In other words, knowing that there is an ultimate judge of right and wrong, they usually lived better lives, less dishonest, less selfish, and more moral. Not many years ago, criminals were taught like criminals and people were less likely to be criminals. Mot too many years ago, we had morals in America, and people were much less likely to cheat on their spouse (which has ruined many many marriages and lies), to commit homosexual acts (which undermine the family and society terribly), to watch porn (which tends to pervert the thinking and to lead to worse acts), or to otherwise behave in an immoral way.
What do we have now? A nation of liars, who shrug it off when our so-called leaders lie; a nation of selfish people, who want to take what you have, by way of redistribution of wealth, who want the government to provide everything for them; a nation of immoral people, who chase after the rainbow of self-satisfaction and pleasure, leading them to be more selfish, more untrustworthy, and more untruthful, as well as more frustrated; a nation of people who think it is O.K. to steal a little, to cheat a little on taxes, or to otherwise commit crimes. In short, everything has turned upside down in America, and it is all due to one thing. We turned our back on God, as the One who rules us, the One who decides what is right or wrong. We listened to the modernists, who told us that everyone is equal, which led to people thinking something is wrong if you have more than they do, if you score higher on a test than they do, or if you are happier than they are. We then listened to the post-modernists, who told us that all ideas are equal, which led to fools telling us that we should not be angry at terrorists who crashed our planes into our buildings.
Where did this all come from? Again, we turned our backs on God. We kicked Him out of the classrooms, out of the government, and, to a great extent, out of society. And we are reaping what we sowed, a secular society that behaves like a secular society, with no controls, no rules (other than the law of the jungle, the strong survive by eating the weak). And this is what has led to the worst point in our nation’s history, the election of a racist, self-obsessed, anti-American, extremely dishonest, communist, Marxist fool as our president. And he is doing to us exactly what we should expect from a nation that turned its back on God. He is being the instrument of God’s judgment.
Government cannot save us. The only hope we have – the absolute only hope – is to turn back to God, to repent of our sins as individuals and as a nation, and to beg for His mercy and forgiveness. If we fail to do that, we will lose America. And, worse – far worse – we will be a nation without freedoms, without direction, without hope, ruled by a man who hates and despises us, and WITHOUT GOD. To have nothing but God is to have everything. To have everything but God is to have nothing.

Bill said...

Read the book published in 1991, titled "Behold A Pale Horse by Milton William Cooper" ISBN 0-929385-22-5 Like Paul Harvey used to say when he was alive, Now you have the rest of the story. Mr. Cooper, reportedly was shot and killed in front of his home due to the highly sensitive nature of the book and his on going speeches throughout the nation. Was the book be the judge. I did not write the book...but I did read it. WOW AMERICA !

DJK said...

Bill, I've read it. Good book. Thought provoking and very interesting look into what might really go in in government. Weak ending though.

DJK said...


Actually, the book I read, of the same title, was by Franklin Allen Lieb.

Strange....different books. I'll need to read the one you're talking about.

Unknown said...

This man is very VERY good at making pretty speeches, he knows how to use cadence and rhythm with the right words to strike an emotional chord in all who listen. His speeches are so seductive, they make you want to believe. But it's like Christmas - kids are told they gotta believe in Santa Claus if they want presents, so they believe until they can't. My sister works in a non-profit organization, she believes in Obama Claus. She will not listen to or read anything negative or even potentially derogatory about the man. She will turn 50 this month, she is white, comfortable middle class, with 4 children in a blended step-family ranging from 7-24 years of age. Hers is not the profile that I hear about Obama supporters, but her support for him is typical among many people who have voted in a reactionary fashion against the republicans who held office so long. How to get through to them is beyond me. How to fix things so our country is right again is apparently beyond me as well.

Historically speaking, socialism does not work, capitalism does. The Great Democracy, the foundation and roots of the USA, works. It works for everyone better than any other form of goveernment I have studied or even read about. Without positive incentive for growth and change, people coast until they drown. As a country we are drowning, and our hands are going up for the third time. We've gotta take this country back and strengthen our own infrastructure, attend to the needs of our own people, create manufacturing industries based in the USA using primarily materials from the USA, adjust the tariff system so that US made products can compete on an even playing field with imports of a similar quality. We need to get away from a service and information based economy and back on the track to be a strong, united nation once again. We have the ability and the resources to provide jobs for everyone, we do not appear to have the ability to provide a living wage for the majority of these jobs not do have the ability to make people choose to work instead of living off the government dole when there are other options available. The whole mindset has to change from the entitlement mentality to that of innovation and a strong work ethic. This can't happen overnight, but it can happen. We need to make it happen.

To C, you seem well informed. How about some ideas from you? What do YOU think would help reverse the downward spiral of our economy and our social structure? How do you think we can stop out of control inflation and destabilization of the dollar? How do you propose to get the majority of our citizens to feel that their efforts make a difference, to speak out and leave behind the apathy learned from greedy corporate bludgeoning and the apparent governmental relegation of our concerns to limbo? Please, your statements and the points you've made are valid, but they feel like sarcastic wit and don't seem to offer any ideas.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Unknown said...

I'm sort of a simpleton. I can see what isn't effective, I'm not sure that I'm smart enough to walk through 100% of the blocking & tackling of the macroeconomics of how and when to implement the phases.

Apathy is not actually a problem. Imagine that all the people with awful ideas and bad morals were apathetic. That would be good.

Obama He will receive zero blame. So will Bush. So will Clinton. We will let historians argue that one out 100 years from now. Right now, the country isn't ruined or destroyed, it's just a mess.
Mess Management The best way to fix any mess is to attack it and take out the biggest problems. It is important to distinguish between "biggest problems" and "what bothers me."
What Bothers Me Pet issues have to get dropped. Illegal aliens are not the biggest issue, it's just a hot button. Pork is absolute BS, but it isn't the biggest problem--it's just an annoying waste of incremental percentages of a large, already wasteful, budget.

The US would be a huge company. Run it properly. Faced with bad economic times, a corporation might identify the four real problems, but successful organizations call them "opportunities." Our opportunities are:
Treasury, essentially debt costs
Dep't of Defense

Treasury pays a lot of interest. Fix that, we're good. Don't fix that, only a prolonged global recession can keep our borrowing costs low enough to float the $12 Trillion that we owe.

We have one revenue producing department: The IRS. Give them $2 billion to collect the $87 billion that goes uncollected. That's an incremental $85 billion.

Everything else is a cost center. Administrative cost of delivery is what kills government agencies. That's the problem. Governments are essentially charities. I don't like charities who blow half the money on admin and fancy buildings.

Force HHS ($800b) and SSA ($700b) to cut budgets by 20% and deliver the same or better service. Federal labor is huge. The problem is the inability to promote, terminate, and treat employees like you would in a real business. But 20% is $300B. Find a way.

Eisenhower said the biggest threat we faced was the military-industrial complex. Worse, their goals (big prolonged wars) fight my goals (efficient solution to the security threat).
We agree who the bad guys are, we spend a lot of time arguing about how to accomplish the goal. In the mean time, the US military is not underfunded. It uses its vast resources with the efficiencies of the Big 3. Forget the politics of war. That's a separate issue. You can simultaneously support the troops and want the bureaucracy to drop 20% of its waste.

Just my $.02...

Unknown said...

I skipped one point, J. The destabilization of the dollar---there's a mad rush between every gov't to weaken their currency right now and prop up their markets. We just happen to be "winning" that global war.

Great article

Unknown said...

to "c" & "wayne":

the constitution says nothing about "separation of church and state"--it reads, "...shall not form a national religion." it's ok; common mistake.

i believe most libs have a lack of lateral thinking. we shouldn't "play world police", but yet insist that we give food and financial aid to 3rd world countries and believe that, if women are being beaten in burlap sacks somewhere, we should prevent that 'inhumane atrocity'. doesn't that fall under the rubric of "world police".

W = crappy speaker but indeed had country's best interest at heart. he said what he was going to do, despite how unpopular this made him to all of our "just-give-our-enemies-a-hug-and-a-flower-and-we-are-sure-to-have-world-peace" citizens.

O = slick speaker; looks good in a suit. i can't think of any 'real' answers he gave during the debates as to his problem solving agenda.

anyway, if you take out the fact W was a bad speaker, and you take out the fact you may not like war, name 5 things that made GW "the worst president".

please be sure to have your facts straight (remember: the WHOLE WORLD thought SH and WMDs; remember: harboring an enemy makes the 'harborer' our enemy; remember: he tried preventing the economic slide; remember: wire tapping a GOOD thing if it will save americans' lives).

Unknown said...

also, the next time i hear "we inherited..." from BO or any lib will be too soon. pass the blame. what about the "buck stops here" approach to being a president (truman and, believe it or not, a democrat!)

maybe, at work, we all should blame our predecessors or other departments for why we are behind or why something isn't getting done. i am sure that would be justifiable to our respective bosses!

Unknown said...

"Toad734 said...
Its been 9 months...Its not a lie until these things never come true. WMDs however...Complete lie."

by that logic, toad, WMDs could not possibly be a lie..they just haven't found them yet (as time has not expired on them "never coming true").

Mark Mumma, the WebGuy said...


He didn't say that they were goals he was working on.... he flat said certain things WOULD happen and that other things WOULD NOT happen.

Put your Kool-Aid® glass down for a moment and watch the video again.

Michael J. McFadden said...

Most of these were just vague promises, not "lies."

However Obama HAS lied, quite blatantly and openly on national television, but no one cared because it was about a minority group no one cares about. One of his proudest first acts upon becoming president was promoting and signing the SCHIP legislation that raised cigarette taxes on most smokers by 150% per pack. He raised taxes on the poorest of smokers, those forced to roll their own from scraps of paper and shreds of loose tobacco, by over TWO THOUSAND PERCENT. . . .

but no one said a word.

See the 30 second video from the July 21st, 2009 Today Show at:

and then think about how a lie THAT blatant compares to simple broken promises. To see more lies told by the "Antismoking Movement" see

Michael J. McFadden,
Author of "Dissecting Antismokers' Brains"

Yachtmaster1 said...

734, do not worry or even be concern about illiterate people like snowboy.He just needs alot of attention, that he did not get as a child. Besure to take safe care of yourself. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

He's only been in office for one month.......he's only been in office for three months.......he's only been in office for six months.....he's only been in office for one year.....he's only been in office for one term.....
He said it best can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig. Time for another million+ tea party before they try to pass the Government Control Act of 2010 (aka "healthcare" bill).

Unknown said...

I know he might not have all the facts exactly right. He is an important and busy man and doesn't have time to do all the research. But he is such a dynamic speaker. and very handsome black man. I would follow him whereever he leads. I think he is a nice guy and means well.

.....Okay, can I get a government check now?

legutt said...

So many people...Ignorance is running rampant...Waiting for the lies to come to pass...I'll bet that they're all still waiting for the tooth fairy too. The country that I knew and loved is in it's death throes...Good luck with your new one...Hopefully I'll be dead by then.

Unknown said...

Justin, been away for a bit. You had comments...

"shall not form a national religion"--agree. i pinky swear that i won't start a financial war and go the red states and convince them that it is a holy war. ideally, it would be great if we could avoid any holy wars. even better sign of intelligence, avoid wars. that is, of course, if you support the troops.

"i believe most libs have a lack of lateral thinking. "--sort of agree. i think half the libs, half the conservatives have precisely that same lack of lateral thinking. invert your argument and you can find a bunch of people that want us to be soldiers and not police, etc.

"W"--it would be a fool's folly to try and evaluate him today. let the historians do it. nixon looked better in hindsight, heck, carter's energy policy looks genius today. my opinion AND yours are irrelevant today. if W was a genius, we won't see it for 10 years. if he was not, we won't see it for 10 years.

"we inherited"--extend the same logic to 9/11 and I'm with you. all presidencies are related, but ultimately individual. we can fully agree Clinton didn't create 9/11 and it happened on Bush's watch. NOT GW's fault. 20 terrorists can always attack a bigger target. the only thing a president can decide is what to do and when to call it "mission accomplished." i may not have liked GW, i thought the banner was a really stupid idea, but man did i hope he was right. he wasn't, but i never rooted against my country or said it was over and we were through. that's not very american.

Justin, precisely, possibly with a number or two, what would you propose now that would be effective?

Anonymous said...

Good ole Barry, shoulda known, "if his lips are moving, he's lying"

pentalin said...

Let me see this so clearly that even a cave man can understand it.

Socialism Bad! Capitalism Good! Capitalism can fund the needy through tax dollars. Socialism go out of business quickly! Only one reason to try to get control over arms, financial institutions and health care system! Ug! Okay, enough cave man chat. That one reason is because you have your heart set on complete control. Our institutions are set in stone. They cannot change quickly. For the people who fear Obama is going to destroy America, Let him try. We are too strong to let him do it!

I have to admit, I am appalled and shocked at his complete lack of any honor at all for our country. Yet, he runs for president of it. He kissed the hands of our enemies. He seems ashamed of us and apologizes like we are bad. He should hold his head up when he talks about us. He didn’t even know what the Boston Tea Party was! Keep in mind, he really isn’t an American. He didn’t attend school here and he has no idea of the actual American way. If we were going to allow this we could have voted Arnold for President! By not understanding the American way, he doesn’t realize we are to keep him in check, not he keeps us in check. Here, uh we the people run things. Hello!!! He is to carry out our will, not his.

He really thinks he’s trixy. He gives us money that we already just paid in and then taxes us back for giving it to us. Like the cash for clunkers, and the checks to people buying houses. I actually feel sorry for the people that got themselves into those situations only because they failed to have the financial savvy to see the deal for what it really was, no deal at all. And what is this new level of government? Czars?? Which one did you vote for? I didn’t vote for any! And why did he say he was Baptist? Why didn’t he say he was a Muslim? Why did he say he is an American? We have really never had any politician stoop this low in their lies. Have we? He better be glad he is black, because if he was white, we would have already thrown a net over his crazy head and put him in a padded room.

He is trying to take away our arms, so we can be sitting ducks like England. England told us “Don’t do it America!” Crime is rampant there, way worse than here. At least here, a criminal doesn’t know If I am armed or not. He or She would be taking a chance to rob, they might get their head blown off.

Our Media isn’t giving him a buy anymore just because he is a black democrat either. They are telling the truth about him. I have been amazed and I don’t mean Rush or Glenn.

Also Blacks are standing up and speaking out about him. At my work alone, lots of them were talking bad about the president. I was so happy to hear them say that because I knew they were intelligent people and I wondered how they felt about him.
The financial industry is fighting back. Some banks are not taking his regulations and they are starting their own insurance to replace the FDIC. The people will prevail!!!
Ask the people in Canada about how they feel right now. They have been slipping over here for years for some private health care. They are panicking right now about us maybe going to socialism. Other parts of the world that look up to us are wondering , What?! The whole world sees this as a step back for America, as they should because it is.
Advances are fewer in medicines and breakthroughs without private money. 6% of our economy would take the shift to socialism. That is huge. What we need is a huge group plan to cover the uninsured with insurance. All people could pay based on their income. But all would pay something for their share of the health care. That way we would still have the checks and balances of insurance in place and we have a private run system.
Even the economy is springing back. But that is not what he wants to happen. He needs us to be down, way down so his plans look more fabulous to us. Think of his inauguration speech, it was gloom and doom. It was not the speech I expected at all. He is not the man I expected at all.

Unknown said...

clpierce: You said what a lot of people are thinking: Fine, some of you are dumb enough to want the socialism that brought nothing but poverty and misery to Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Nazi Germany, etc. Go ahead and split the country and watch the socialists destroy themselves while the free people take care of themselves.

Sounds tempting. We can't let that happen though. What you're talking about is undoubtedly civil war. It would destroy the USA and that's exactly what Obama has always wanted. Don't let him win. Just take back our country for the people. Lincoln did not lead us past the civil war so that we would split up later on.

Make government accountable. Term limits. No giving tax payer money to groups like ACORN and Fannie Mae who turn around and give it to politicians. If elected representatives don't actually represent the views of their district's voters, remove them.

People vote on Congress's pay and benefits - don't let them write their own pay package (while demonizing others' pay packages).

They don't rule us, they represent us. It's OUR country, not the politicians' country. We can make it that way.

Anonymous said...

I knew this man was evil when I first heard about his background and racist connections. It was obvious the media was protecting him. He is truely trying to destroy this country. He hates our constitution and has openly spoken against it. Protecting our constitution is the main job of the president. I can't tell you how much I despise this man and his appointments to office. Holder is aiding him with covering up voter fraud and investigating corruption. Personally I don't associate with anyone that voted for this man and I hope you all do the same. They're all nothing more than traitors.

PragmaticConservative said...

These next few elections will spell our freedom or our doom. I am heartened by the vast numbers of those people who have never been involved or concerned before waking up to what is going on.
It is not something that can be done overnight, but this Federal Government has to be dismantled step by step. It isn't just Obama's government, its been too big for too long.

It amuses me that Obama has taught Constitutional law. This would assume that Obama knows and understands the Constitution. Nothing he has done, proposed or anything in his agenda comes close to being constitutional. I think whatever university gave him such a job needs to be investigated and defunded of taxpayer funds....

Unknown said...

There is a difference between not liking what I agree is a bad bill and does not resemble "reform" of health care and just being ridiculous and calling it socialism.

The existing health care system is so far removed from free market that you wouldn't call yourself a Republican AND say it doesn't need change.

What would differentiate a person as helping the problem would be suggesting a solution. I get it, no one likes the bill.....anyone have a suggestion???

Unknown said...

There is a difference between not liking what I agree is a bad bill and does not resemble "reform" of health care and just being ridiculous and calling it socialism.

The existing health care system is so far removed from free market that you wouldn't call yourself a Republican AND say it doesn't need change.

What would differentiate a person as helping the problem would be suggesting a solution. I get it, no one likes the bill.....anyone have a suggestion???

PragmaticConservative said...

While I have initial distaste for those that voted for this Obamanation I also understand that they were fed by an in the pocket media and rode the tide of "I hate Bush". They got suckered in by a slick talking, well choreographed campaign.
McCain was not much of a better choice at the time. The tremendous voter remorse that now exists in this country is like a bad hangover. It is hard to find an Obama/Biden '08 bumper sticker anywhere around. On the other hand I dare anyone to show me someone who voted for McCain who would now change their vote to Obama.

The conservatives need to bring the Rep Party back from Dem Lite and accept all those that will come along, and shed all those who won't.

Keep your disdain for anyone who still supports his agenda.
We need to accept and educate the independents and the middle of the road democrats that held their nose when they voted for this guy.

Granny2010 said...

It won't load. I'm using IE V.8. Any suggestions? Or has it been taken off?

Theo Spark said...

Granny it should be ok

PragmaticConservative said...


The common thread being sold by the liberal media outlets is that Republicans have no solution, they just say NO. This not true, not the case, and not the history of health care initiatives.

There are plenty of things that could be done to lower the cost of health care and health insurance. Tort reform? Not in the bill because the trial lawyers support the democrats 95 to 5. Allow the purchase of health insurance over state lines. That improves competition. Some states have 3 companies issuing 95% of the policies. It's a monopoly and when you have such small numbers of providers prices are not competitive.

Give the same tax breaks to individual policy buyers that employers get. This effectively lowers the cost of health insurance for millions of Americans.

In March of 2008 there was a bill on the floor of the Senate, introduced by Jim DeMint, a Republican that would have done just this. Lower the cost of health insurance for self employed individuals, or individuals that would rather purchase their own policy than to take the policy offered by their employer. It was voted down. Guess who voted against it. Barack Obama. ( I can get you proof if you need it) Yet just a short year later the cost of health insurance is a crisis. What changed in that short year, from when Obama voted NO (meaning he didn't think lower insurance costs was a good idea) to 2009, when the cost of health insurance was a crisis? The only thing that changed was that the Democrats... no. strike that.. that the Radical Left of the Democratic Party was in control of the House the Senate and the White House.

You see.. its not about controlling the cost of health care. Its not about controlling the cost of health insurance. It's about control and its about setting up a system that will collect Billions of dollars of taxes years before giving out a dime of benefits.

Do you think these tax dollars will be set aside for their intended purpose? Really? Where is all the Social Security money, where is all the Medicare money? Gone, spent, it was never segregated, and this won't be segregated either. It's a ponzi scheme, plain and simple.

Our government has the right to levy taxes for national security and to sustain a limited government. That's all, not to study water rats in San Francisco Bay, not to caulk windows, not to entice people to buy cars from a car company that the government took over. If you cut out all this "necessary BS spending" we'd have plenty to spend on health care for people who would rather purchase IPods, Wii's, IPhones and the latest fashions. Until then, I'm a better judge on what to spend my money on.. not the fools in Washington.

Unknown said...

I haven't seen anything from Obama that might indicate he is trying to achieve the goals he speaks about here. On the contrary, he seems to be doing everything to go the opposite direction. Those Democrat Senators who are not calling for CSPAN to cover the healthcare negotiations behind closed doors are are also not suporting these promises. READ MY LIPS this will come back to bite them in the midterm and 2012 elections.

LadyofIB said...

Today Obama, Clinton and Bush all came together to show support for Haiti. All three of them spoke at the podium, Bill and George used notes and spoke from their hearts, Barry read from the teleprompter! What a joke!!! I cannot believe that I look back at Jimmy Carter, (the former worst president of all time), as the good old days!!

hahadaddy said...

I have a degree in criminology with a specificity in "tells", like the show lie to me. The most troubling thing here is that Obama knows he's lying here, these are not promises he couldn't keep, these are lies.

So that you can tell to, here's how:

You can tell Obama is lying by watching his lips, if they're moving, he's lying.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading these comments for about an hour and I am simultaneously nauseous and enraged. You want to talk about transparency, how about flying around on taxpayer's dollars to stump for Martha Coakley? That to me is VERY transparent... pushing his agenda, regardless of whether a majority of Americans approve. I just hope that Massachusett's voters can think for themselves and realize it's not Ted's seat it's OUR seat.

PragmaticConservative said...

Obama is so toxic that anyone running on the Dem ticket will ask him to stay home.
The polls prior to Obama's trip to Taxachusettes showed the election to be a dead heat. Obama shows up and his candidate tanks.

Look how much money and carbon foot print this will save!!!

The Sander's. said...

All I say, is that we ought to all be on our knees praying for some kind of revival for all the horrific things that Obama has done in one short year! He was known as a liar from day one, yet a lot of people did not see it but are seeing it now and sad to say that theres so much damage that has been done already! We all have to believe that its never too late, and then ask ourselves, "Why are we allowing this hypocrisy from our President of America?" We really need to put our heads to our hearts and make sure that Obama does not for the love of our country, make it back into the White House ever again! We need to take back our rights and our dignity!!!!

Bob said...

Barry Soetoro's big lie is that he's an American citizen. After that one, none of the other lies are worth much. Barry's a compulsive liar, and everyone knows it. The fascists don't care about lies if it furthers their fascist takeover of the US.

A Common Tater said...

J. What do you mean, attending physician? Wake up, when there's an immaculate conception and birth, you don't need no stinking attending physician!

Unknown said...


or even one PERSON for that matter.
...Obama is doing the best he can. You're acting like he's TRYING to do bad things to us. I agree that our health care isn't near fixed, but Obama can't just change EVERYTHING with the snap of his fingers. He didn't realize how screwed and money corrupt our Government really is. Are things really worse now? Let's face it...things have been bad since 9/11...2001!! It's been 9 years with no improvements, only losses. Let's help each other, vs generating hate through political football. e.g. picture link below.

DJK said...

But...that's exactly what he said he was going to do..."FIX EVERYTHING".

PragmaticConservative said...

John, I agree with what you say. Name one politician who doesn't lie. But Obama hasn't yet told a truth, all he does is lie.

I also agree that we need to band together and help one another. Notice you didn't say we need to band together and demand the government help us.

America is the most charitable nation EVER. The picture you posted underscores that. But when a government that has gotten way to big and over reaching (this did not start with Obama) it strips from you the very dollars that you would give to charity. We lose out through excessive taxation and devaluation of our savings by excessive debt spending which weakens our dollar and makes everything cost more.

Small government and lower taxes creates jobs and benefits everyone, even those that dont have.

Unknown said...

Lies Lies and more Lies, Spend and Tax and more taxes what the heck are we the people waiting for? March on D.C. and run them all out of office.

Unknown said...

Wouldn't it be a lie to say you were going to pay of the debt and reduce taxes? "small government" sounds neat but it's childish. No matter what, you're going to have, relatively, a huge gov't. The biggest the world has ever seen.

I agree. I said defense, debt and social welfare a long time ago. Messing around with tiny pork programs is just rearranging the deck chairs. You eventually need to address one of the big boys:

1) Are you going to give up the $1Tillion in war
2) Are you going to cut Social Security Ponzi scheme right before mid-term elections?
3) Are you going to raise taxes to pay off the debt

A lot of it is lip service unless you tackle something big. I don't blame the GOP or the Dems, but there's zero chance they'll tackle those three. They're politicians and want the office--not what's best for the country.

And I'd switch to that cleaners as well. That is pretty cool.

PragmaticConservative said...

want to tackle something big? How about the Dept of Education. Who do they educate? Not sure what state you live in but I guaranty that you have a dept of ed in your state. how many levels of the same bureaucracy do you need?
The EPA budget has doubled over the past few years, these are the people that claim you pollute just by breathing. All that money, where is it going? I guess it costs a lot of money to fudge data.

We collect taxes to build infrastructure but it crumbles anyway. Where is this money going?

Dept of the Interior, Dept of Indian Affairs, Dept of Agriculture that gives billions to Archer Daniels to save small family farms. When is ADM a family farm? Isn't it time to end farm subsidies? If the free market says milk is expensive more dairy farmers will emerge. This is only common sense. We're paying for more expensive milk anyway through subsidies, except that the middleman, the gov't gets a huge cut while doling out to their friends.

If politicians had less money to dole out, there would be less incentive to be a politician. And in their stead, we'd get statesmen.

Unknown said...

Seems very Obama-ish to say "let's tackle education" and then go on an unrelated rant. What else do you care reform by providing more insurance and no reform?

Unknown said...

Well spoken PragmaticConservative, in your response to c's comment on cutting Government waste.
Of course Obama lies, he even lies to himself, he has to. Neither He, nor anyone, could believe them-self to be truly evil without in the next moment going insane or committing suicide. What he (George Soros' finger puppet)and his fellow traveler czars are doing is pure evil. Trying to destroy Capitalism(the major force for good and human betterment in the world today), is their obvious goal. They hate Capitalism, not because they think it is bad, but because they know that it is other words they hate the good for being the good(which is the true definition of evil). God bless Capitalism

Unknown said...

Geez John, you crash into the worst liberal/socialist/headed toward communism individual of our time, and use your head as an air bag. When you were a kid, you probably closed your eyes so your Mama couldn't see you. This is the real world Hoss, wake up. It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." It's been over 230 years since Americans rose up against a tyrannical King George and declared their freedom. Americans have a high tolerance for pain but it appears Barry has pushed them to the edge of the envelope. Put that in your bong and smoke it!

ACI said...


This is the most interesting thing I've read in a long time. The sad thing about it, you can see it coming.

I have always heard about this democracy countdown. It is interesting to see it in print. God help us, not that we deserve it.

How Long Do We Have?

About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years earlier:

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government."

"A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury."

"From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship."

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years"

"During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith;

2. From spiritual faith to great courage;

3. From courage to liberty;

4. From liberty to abundance;

5. From abundance to complacency;

6. From complacency to apathy;

7. From apathy to dependence;

8. From dependence back into bondage"

Professor Joseph Olson of Hemline University School of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the 2000
Presidential election:

Number of States won by:
Gore: 19
Bush: 29

Square miles of land won by:
Gore: 580,000
Bush: 2,427,000

Population of counties won by:
Gore: 127 million
Bush: 143 million

Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
Gore: 13.2
Bush: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory Bush won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of this great country.
Gore's territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare..." Olson believes the United State s is now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy"
phase of Professor Tyler's definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation's population already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase.

If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegal and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.

Unknown said...

@ACI: No, he never said so much as a word of that and your laziness is the real threat to the democracy:

An actual quote from him:
Olson: There is an e-mail floating around the internet dealing with the 2008 Obama/McCain election and the 2000 Bush/Gore election, remarks of a Scottish philosopher named Alexander Tyler, etc. Part of it is attributed to me. It is entirely BOGUS as to my authorship. I’ve been trying to kill it since December 2000. For details see:

Unknown said...

He put up a website that lists all visitors the White House each week- including lobbyists and other people of influence.
-He is not allowing lobbyists to sit on boards that influence policy decisions that affect us, the citizens- an obvious conflict of interest of which few of us were aware.
-Obama is pushing a bill to publish all 'earmarks'- those being perks that a senator or congressman will tack on a bill that usually will only benefit his constituents- on a website for everyone to see BEFORE the bill comes up for a vote.... See More
No more of the back door politics of Darth Vade... I mean Dick Cheney (even you have to admit that guy is creepy ;-D )

-In his speech, the president announced that he also wants to set up weekly meetings with the leaders of both parties in Congress to discuss upcoming legislation. He wanted to do that from the git-go, but the Republicans turned him down.

Transparent enough?

Ted Kennedy, one of the most liberal Democrats in the Senate counted Orrin Hatch from Utah, one of the most conservative Republicans as one of his best friends.
Democratic Speaker of the House Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan had political differences, but when it came down to it, O'Neill and Reagan had a fondness for each other- they said- their words- that when it came down to it "they were both just a couple of old Irishmen".
Just because you have a different political orientation doesn't mean you can't work together for the good of the people. There is such a lack of civility in politics today and Obama is trying to bring it back- you can't deny it.

In a recent Massachusets poll, 67% of the people who voted for Scott Brown said they picked him because they thought he was a Republican who would go to Washington and work WITH the Democrats- which is what he proposed in his campaign.

Can't we all just get along? :-D

CiaoGino said...

ciaogino sez: in defense of gwb: although there are a number of things i would disagree with, the one thing he did and for which the entire world owes him a debt of gratitude, is he held the line in the middle east. those who say there were no wmds have not read the documentation nor remembered history (the kurds).now we have achieved a fledgling democracy in the middle of a sea of thugs and if that democracy survives, its impact will be unprecedented. certainly we lost some of our finest in this mission but at the same time, how many iraqis are now free and how many now have an opportunity denied them under the previous regime (and that's in addition to the worldwide impact of the action). gwb made mistakes - but the hallmark of his presidency was the war against terror and his stand will gain him a favorable view when his history is written. bho came into office with an opportunity to build on what had been started, to undue the mistakes and to lead the country to greater heights. so far, he has failed miserably (imho) but he still has a chance to redeem himself and, God willing, he'll do that. he has said some encouraging things recently but based on his performance so far, i'll wait to judge what he has said by what he actually does.

Unknown said...

Almost all politicians are corrupt. Their only interest is POWER. Obtaining it, and keeping it.

To me, it is sad that every election it is a choice of - Lesser of two evils. Who do I dislike the least? What party will do the least damage?


Serve your community. Then come home to live under the laws you created.

Anonymous said...

You are right Stewart! Unfortunately it's the fox guarding the hen
house! No congressman is ever going to introduce such a bill. I wish
there was a way to get the American people to pass it on their own.
You know term limits would pass with flying colors! Too many people
in government simply campaigning the entire time they are in
Washington instead of doing the job they were sent there to do. Plus
when they have been there a while they forget that they were sent
there by the people and they are supposed to be there as our voice.

Sacrifice said...

Obama ran his campaign as St. Paul:

“I am no man’s slave, but I have made myself a slave to all, in order to win the more for
Christ. To the Jews I have made myself as a Jew, in order to win Jews; to those who live
under the law I have come as one under the law, in order to win those who are under the
law — not that I myself am under the law. To those who live without the law I have come
as one without the law, in order to win those who are without the law — not that I am
really under no law in relation to God, for I am bound by the law of Christ. To those who
are weak I have made myself weak, so as to win the weak; in fact, I have become all things
to all people, in order that, one way or another, I may rescue some of them. But I do it all
for the sake of the gospel, so that I may share its blessings with others” (1 Cor. 9:19-23,
Bruce, Expanded Paraphrase).

Having promised everything to everybody in order to win souls for Christ (himself), it was obvious from the start that someone (perhaps most) will have to learn to live with disappointment.

QUEEN said...


Unknown said...

J: You are right on. Of all the words used to describe O, this one fits: Sinister. Who and what is behind his agenda for America?

PragmaticConservative said...


Who is behind Obama and his agenda?

George Soros.. all roads lead back to him. Follow the money MoveOn, Media Matters, Wikipedia, and on and on and on.

Soros plays with countries and their economic systems for fun and profit.

When you realize who and what he is you know what the true definition of evil is.

Unknown said...

Judy, I would say that George Soros and his billions are behind Obama. His agenda has always been currency manipulation. He wants to crash the dollar so he can profit..Lord knows why...The old Nazi collaborating, bastard already has more money than he can ever spend...His money started Acorn..Move Clinton and now Obama and scores of other left wing propaganda clubs..He wants power and wants to prove his fathers belief that there is no good or evil..and that the end justifies any means...Destroying the greatest country in the history of mankind, and the greatest economic system(capitalism)are his goals..I sure hope that there is a very very special hell for that evil creature and his fawning moronic followers(Obama and co.).Damn them all for eternity, for proliferating the largest scale of evil in history. God bless America and her defenders.

Anonymous said...

We can't change the past. Forget about who/which party caused this mess. BOTH parties are culpable.
Instead VOTE IN NOVEMBER to elect candidates who will exercise good judgement and have the will to stand up to entrenched power in washington.
If you don't know your candidates, just vote the incumbent out.

Anonymous said...

I voted for this man and now he makes me sick to my stomach. Though not as sick as George Bush made me.

Anonymous said...

Liar of all liars!! 100% phony!!

Anonymous said...

Barry has proven himself to be the most prolific liar ever seen in our Presidency.

Ex-President Clinton stated the following yesterday “...who wants a president who will knowingly, repeatedly tell you something he knows is not true?.” To which I say, YES, it's just one more reason to vote for Romney / Ryan.

Anonymous said...

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